May 19th, 2014


Custom Charm Commissions are OPEN!


I've finished exams for this year and have enough free time to open up some charms slots! I'm not taking a set number of slots as usual and will accept multiple requests per slot (in my last batch a user claimed one slot and ended up commissioning four charms!). Detailed information can be found under the cut, which is exactly the same as the sticky post in my personal journal - the one I'll be using to edit in updates as I progress so if you want to know what stage your charm is in during creation without contacting me directly, that'll be the place to look!

cinnabar pokemart2 DSC_1406222

Slot 1. kaffeina - Shiny Umbreon, Arbok - $45
Slot 2. trigris - Feraligatr - $25
Slot 3. salamence646 - Gogoat - $25
Slot 4. coiffwaff - Heart-trim Furfrou (sitting) - $25
Slot 5. altair_420 - Gengar/Clefable (half of each) - $30

Please send your payments to and include your username and purchase in the note!

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Robin and Batgirl

Collection Update

I got my Meowstic stuff from the Espurr Wanted! Promo, and I took some new photos of my Vulpix collection while I was getting ready to move. (Again, yeah. I move a lot, haha.) Click on the images for bigger pictures. :)

All my Vulpix stuff, sans the big Tomy Vulpix plush. She was already packed when I took this photo!Collapse )

IT'S MY BIRTHDAY. :D B-day gets and a Lapras story

Hey everyone! It's been a little while since my last post, but I am thrilled to say it's my birthday, and it has already been a SUPER one. :D
not ONLY did I get a giant package from pikachux with 12 blister packs, and AMAZING extra b-day goodies, including a mime jr and friends notebook from the Pokemon Center, AND a Blastoise ex, but I also got a lovely b-day card from classypersian . :D I really am so grateful, you guys are aweosme. ^_^ My day is already sooo special.

I also have a little Lapras story starring some gets from midnitekitten17 . Not b-day gifts, but a long time comin'. ;P

Hope you guys are doing well, and enjoy seein mah burfday gets. :D

Lil' sneak peak. :D


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Under this cut is the lovely mini-grail I've been looking for for quite some time. :D

-Sneak Peak-

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Hope you guys enjoyed. :D
I am already having a great day, so thanks a TON.

Electrifying get

Hello everyone!

I was going to wait for some GA plushes to make their way here... but it's going to take a while and I really needed to type up this gets post!

Why such need? Because I got at last a plush that had been eluding me for quite a while! It's not all that espectacular (afterall it's Gen5) but it sure proved to be hard to catch (this is what happens when you don't get a plush as soon as it's released |D; ).
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Fennel&Juniper// <3

PokéColle Caps Auction

Hi everyone! Last week I posted about my PokéColle Caps, not being sure what they were. Since there was some interest in them, and I don't collect any of the 4 pokemon featured, I figured I would auction them off to good homes!

I received sales permission from entirelycliched on 1/30/12; feedback can be found here!

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Now, on to the fun stuff. All 4 of my caps are up for auction - they will start at $10 each. The auction will end on Sunday, May 25th, at 8 pm EST. Here is a countdown in case you're not sure.

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If there's anything else you'd like to know or if I missed anything, just ask! Don't bid until I get the comments up. All threads are up!!! :D

Thank you and good luck :)

Collection update and Unfortunate Tomy News

Let's start with the fun news. I got my Whale of Tale GA items and I have a massive update :D

:D :D :D For years I've wanted one never believing I'd win one for so cheap (along with some other highly sought items)!!!
And for the sad news :/ The Red Gyrados GA, yea, there's a reason the seller kept the picture so small...
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Anyway thanks for looking! Also, the package from chain is in for anyone who used me to middle man for them along with the Blue Lot! As you can tell I have a lot of weighing and packaging to do XD I'm going to make one big combined post for all 3 things to be shipped so keep a look out! This is graduation week so I ask that you please be patient! Thanks!
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Major Update Gets: Pikachu Cards, music box, Dedenne plush and ??

Hello! Here is an overdue update on my Pikachu collection...been so busy haven't had time to really take pictures and post them up. :D So, without further ado, here we go~!

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Also, I was wanting help identifying this little Pikachu I had gotten a few weeks back. It looks like the surfing Pikachu buy Tomy but it's by Hasbro...any idea what set its from?

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Finally, some random updates non-Pikachu related (okay, I lie...)

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Hope you all enjoyed! :) Feel free to try to sell me your Pikachu cards if you have one that I don't have. ;)
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pre-japan sales!!

hey guys!! I can't believe how fast time flies - my flight to Japan is first thing Wednesday morning!! while I am gone, I will not be able to provide shipping quotes and obviously, i will not be able to ship! I plan on buying lots of cute PokeCen goodies to sell, so I'm putting up some sales to fund that! i've cut prices on a bunch of items and as always, all reasonable offers will be considered! please click the banner below for my main sales post, or click HERE for plush and figures, and HERE for stickers, flats and TCG! i have pokedolls, I <3 Eevee plush, Tomys, Kids, TCG, reward seals, and more for sale! Please don't forget to read the rules at the top of every post. You can find the answers to most of your questions there!

John super happy

Grail get, display update, and I need some help!!

So, my package from the "Whale of a Tale GA" came in today!!! I have been bouncing off the walls and checking the mail obsessively (even when there was no chance of it actually being in the mailbox...) because this package contained a grail plush!

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I also recently got bitten by the "I don't like how -insert section of my room- looks... reorganize!" bug. For a little over a year I've had some "old new" display shelves: my grandpa had made them, and they had actually been in my room for a while before I got new furniture (new furniture... this was like ten years ago) and then they got moved to my mom's closet. Well, when I started talking about wanting to reorganize my room and get some shelves, my mom was like "wait a minute... I've got your old shelves in my closet" and so we had the paint scraped off and got them stained and clear-coated! Ever since they've been in my room, I've been almost constantly changing the display (which seems to satisfy the reorganization bug for short periods of time) and so I moved some non-Pokemon (and very breakable) items, which I call "the pretties," to a much safer shelf out of the way of my dogs tails! And so... there's more room for my Pokemon! I was able to move some of the bigger plush off my bed (the amount of plush on my bed was getting out of hand) and onto the new space.

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Alright, now onto probably the most important part of the post: I need some help! My church is doing a musical for one of our summer things, and believe it or not, there is a gag in the script that calls for five Pikachu's! I didn't want to volunteer my own babies since it's a stage musical and I didn't know what they'd come back looking like, but I did promise that I could find them! I have one gifted to me already, so that leaves four!

I need four medium to large sized chu's! I don't care what condition they're in! Bootleg, backpack chu's that have gone through the terrors of Kindergarten, chewed up by your dog, missing an eye, drug in the dirt behind a car... it doesn't matter! I just need them to be cheap! I'd prefer to pay $5 or less before shipping for each one, but if you really need $6 or $7 that's fine too.

Thank you so much in advance! 
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Introduction Post

Hello, my name is Lindsay, I got accepted into the community awhile ago, but I got caught up with school and work. >.< But, now I'm finally getting around to my introductory post.(: I collect mainly Meowth, but also a little bit of Bulbasaur, Ditto, and then other Pokemon things I just find cute or interesting. c: I don't have a my pictures of my collection right now, but soon I'll get around to posting some.
Anyway, I just wanted to say hello, let you guys know a little about myself and hopefully meet some new friends.(:

1 step closer! Help me figure out what's left!

Hi guys, so recently I got another bunch of TOMY figures. And I'd really like your help in helping me figure out if the figures are authentic or not! There are a few that I'd really like to be authentic so that I'm a bit more closer in completing my 151 figures. :3

When these bunch of figure popped up I was REALLY excited. I really wanted to get it so I did.
Click the cut to see pictures!

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If the tomy figures above are authentic (with the exception of voltorb), I'd only be left with Voltorb to finish my 151!!! :D
Of course, if I am able to purchase Red Gyarados (can't believe I missed out the last auction) and the Golden Magikarp, that would be a plus. c:

Thank you in advanced!

Everything must go!!!!!

Hello! Here are my sales everything is obo!!!! I can't do international shipping right now. sorrwee :( . Please make offers on the action flipz, I would really like to give them a better home!

cards and action flipz!

preview! IMG_1767

Thank you very much for looking!!!

Want's post :3

Hi everyone~

I've saved up some money and am looking to buy some plushies. I've got 18 dollars- so it can't go any higher than that (including shipping).

I really like beanie type plush, like some of the older hasbros, but I'm up for pretty much anything, so show me what you've got!

Thanks :3
~my pokemonz~

collectors united!

Hello Pokémon Collectors!

Have you formed any awesome relationships with other members of the community? Are you best of friends, or friendly rivals? Do you want to show pride in your collections together??

In 2009, denkimouse made the first Collectors United post [and I updated it in 2012].

It's a reminder that no matter who you are, we share a love for this hobby together. Treat your fellow collectors as you wish to be treated. Act with respect. Old member or new, big collection or small, 10 holy grails or just McDonalds toys... :P Is it really worth it to hurt someone's feelings over toys?

Since this community is AWESOME we really don't see a lot of drama around here. So this has become just a friendly reminder! And of course... there's the fun part! We have an amazing collection of buttons representing collectors of all kinds! You can put these on your profiles, your collection sites, wherever. We encourage you to make your own for other collectors to use!

With new pokemon and new members, it's about time to renew this post. So today I bring to you an updated version of...

Sample Buttons!

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