May 20th, 2014

Alola Vulpix

Kids and Badges and Other Things Sale!

Hello hello collectors!  A couple of weekends ago I went to the Pokemon Center to try for blind packaged can badges and I have lots of extras for sale today :D  We were able to get kitzune her Espurrs right away but I bought twenty of these darn things before I got a Fennekin (try number 17 was the lucky one)... so yes, lots of extras!!

For those not familiar with these badges, every now and then the Pokemon Center releases exclusive blind-packaged can badges that come with a handful of kids and a Master Ball.  These badges get notoriously rare as they tend to sell out very quickly!  Here is the full line up for this most recent set:

Onto the sales!

Sales Information:
★ Sales permission granted back in 2008
★ My feedback is located here!

[Click to Expand Sales Conditions]
Sales Conditions:
★ I ship from Japan and accept Paypal only.
★ Please allow up to one-two weeks for shipping -- I highly doubt I will take this long, but this is my first sales post from my new house so please allow for some buffer time ^^
★ Quotes will be given a 12 hour temporary hold before they pass to the next buyer in line.
★ I cannot provide refunds for lost/damaged mail, but as a courtesy to the buyer I will try to replace lost/damaged items for shelf price if a replacement is available -- however often times this is not possible, so I recommend EMS (insured & tracked shipping) for any large orders.  EMS starts at $15.

All badges are $10 shipped each:

Froakie Line
Chespin Line
Mega Venusaur

Xerneas/Yveltal (x2 available)
Team Rocket

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Last but not least, I have lots of Fennekin plush available!!!  Whenever I see them in the center I can't help but fill my baskets, but I really don't need *that* many around the house... they have been out of stock however so I guess it's better to have too many than none at all ^^

The Pokedolls (on the left) are $19 and the Pokemon Center plush (on the right) are $22.  (Or take both for $50 shipped!)

Thanks for checking everything out!


SHIPPING UPDATE 5/27: All packages have been shipped!
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Overwhelmed & Doggies

Few probably remember me. I rarely post and prefer to lurk. I collect doggies with a few randoms here and there. I'm a casual collector only getting what strikes my fancy but am picky and will not settle. My favorites are Growlithe/Arcanine and Raikou. Recently Furfrou has caught my heart however and jumped in a tie for first along with Growlithe/Arcanine. I'm a dog groomer and what better way to represent that than a poodle Pokemon you can groom! So Furfrou is on my highly sought after list. But I'm so out of the loop. I just can't keep up anymore. D:

All I want is furfrou. Anything else and it will be an impulsive buy that I don't need.
I bought the charm set and I know of a kid, clearfile, and small plush. Anything else?

Also Doggy update!
I got my box from smj finally with my goodies I got back in like February/March. lol



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And that's it! :)
Maybe I'll get around to making a proper update soon.
Thank you for looking! ~

PS Why is there no tag for Furfrou yet? D:

Pokemon Erasers

Hello everyone,

I am looking for these Pokemon puzzle erasers. I have no idea who the manufacturer is, and this is the only photo I have seen of them, which I found on a blog. The owner of that blog has not responded and their email appears to be no longer working. If anyone knows who made these or where I can buy them, I would greatly appreciate the information!
Noibat shiny

Totals for XY figures! + Extras and other things for sale!!

Hello there guys!
The XY metal figures came in!!!

And what did we get??

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One thing I am super happy about!!!

I was able to find this pretty glitter sticker set (all up up for sale, except for mine)!!!! AND LOOK WHO WE HAVE THERE!

HONEDGE BABY! He shines in all his glory <3333

I have a bunch of other metal figures that are left up for sale, AND I also have a small sales with some XY glittery stickers, small Pikachu and Eevee promotion things, Charmander walky, metal charms and others up for sale!

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Thank you guys for looking <3

Looking for this Pokedex plush case! halp!

A while back, I remember a member had this Pokedex plush 'carrying case' in their sales. I can't remember who, but I doubt they still have it today. ^__^'

SO! I'm actively looking for it!

Here's a picture:

The plush do not have to be included, and it doesn't have to be in box, or anything like that. I just want the Pokedex plush case! :D

If anyone has one, or know of where I can get one, all help is appreciated! :D

And, while I'm here, here's the rest of my wants:

Thanks all! Have a great week! <3

More earrings for sale!

Hi, everyone! I have a new batch of earrings done. Each pair is $10 each. If you are interested in purchasing, please comment below. I try to make these sets somewhat regularly, so if you are interested but it doesn't look like I have anymore, please let me know of your interest and I'll let you know when I finish another batch :D

Granted sales permission on 09 January 2013 entirelycliched

2014-05-18 21.35.41x4 pairs

2014-05-18 21.39.28x4 pairs
2014-05-18 21.36.25 x4 pairs

x1 pair

x1 pair
x1 pair

Collection Post c:

I posted my intro yesterday, so I figured I'd show you guys some of my collection today.(: There are a few things not featured that are flats and such or are still in storage, but this is most of it. c:
Soo, I tried and tried to make the cut work, but I couldn't :/
So the images are in my normal blog -> link: Anyway, hopefully I'll figure it out soon >.< , and enjoy(:
Houndoom so cute

Buying and selling again

Hello everyone! How are you all doing?

Today I am looking to buy a few items:
-Pokemon Heartgold and Pokemon X just the game (English) ~$25-30
-Hasbro Spheal plush: $20
-V trainers Houndoom/Dragonite figure ~$6 each
-Mega-Ampahros plush (would love to trade!)
-I love Eevee prize kuttari plush (New plush)

but I am also willing to trade; with the items I have listed below as well. ^-^

The Rules:
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The items that are for sale:
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A Quick Introduction and Want Post

Hi everybody! My name is Lauren and I'm from Canada. I've been collecting Pokemon since I was a kid. My dumb pre-teen self thought I was 'too old for Pokemon', so I shipped most of my collection out East to my cousin. Now that I've realized Pokemon is not for any certain age group, I've started collecting again! For now, my collection is Chamander-centric, but it will branch out when I start getting more pieces.

I have some very specific wants. I'm looking for Advanced Generation plushies of Treecko, Mudkip and Torchic (I had ordered a set off eBay a month ago and sent it to my aunt's work in the States, but she threw them out by mistake -_-). If anybody has some they would be willing to part with, I'd love to buy them because I was pretty bummed to hear that they were thrown out.

Here's a picture of the ill-fated plushies for reference
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Casual Shoto

Questions about Kuttari Pikachu&Eevee Plush

I know that they are prizes for a lottery (Ichiban Kuji?) and they are usually not cheap. I tried to do some research, but I can't really find any info other that they are A and B prizes which I don't know what that means. Is A like the number one prize? ^^'

I won a Pikachu on Yayoo Auctions for a great deal and I really can't wait till he gets here <3
That's what the title says: 一番くじ★I LOVE PIKACHU★A賞 ピカチュウくったりぬいぐるみ I am guessing that Pikachu is prize A?

In the description, Pikachu was describe as 33cm long, does that include the tail? Does one of you owns it? I would love to see pictures of it please ^^ and it would be nice if you could give me more info on his size too :)
If you have Eevee I would love to see pictures of it too :D Eevee is the next plush I would love to find c:

More questions that I have: How do you win them? Are they limited? How many were made?

Thanks for the help C:

Introduction Post and Collection so far

Hi everyone, I have no idea what to write here, so ill just start by saying i only recently found this site, and i already have a pretty big collection and after browsing on here and reading the tutorial posts, i realized like half of my plushies are probably bootlegs, haha oh well, i just collected cause their cute before, but after discovering this site ive got motivated to start properly collecting, and being a member would probably help.
so i guess i should talk about myself, im from australia, im 18 just outta high school, i bar tend and waste alot of my money on nerdy crap, haha. i like drawing, pokemon obviously, gaming, skateboarding, surfing, wakeboarding, sandboarding etc. my dad owns an outdoor hire business. thats probably enough for now, i cant wait to hopefully make some new friends and expand my collection! :)

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How to clean pokedolls/pokemon plush+ usps tracking issues

Hey I have no idea how to do this and I really want to clean or touch up my plushes so they are all beautiful and clean.
If you can leave me tips for cleaning minky and velboa that would be great.

i would also like to state usps has not been updating anything at all for any of my purchases. on EBAY and ON HERE. if i am not the only one this is happening to please comment
Haibane- Rakka Sprout
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XY: Flashfire Card Sales (Cheap cheap cheap!)

I haven't made a sales post in forever... but I also haven't purchased a box in forever! So here we go, cheap cheap cheap XY: Flashfire cards for you! I hope you all are having a wonderful week so far! :)

Super Cheap Cards for YOU!!
Holos only $0.75 each!!
Rares only $0.50 each!!
Uncommons only $0.25 each!!
Commons only $0.10 each!!

Also for sale: Recent Holos and EX cards and 150+ Online Code Cards!

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Plusle and Minun

Sticky flats offers, and GA News!

Hi guys, firstly some GA news:
Gigaplushes GA - Your items came in! I had to pay customs for them, and the box is roughly the size of a freezer. I will be photographing them and the prices will go up this weekend. I apologise for a few days wait, but some of the plush are extremely fat! I need to find a way of smooshing them into packaging sizes that will be accepted as Royal Mail.
The good news: All of the items are in lovely condition apart from my Minun (dirty, rusty), my electronic Pikachu (dirty, not working) and the smallest fuzzy pikachu (appears to have straps cut, dirty).
Mommy Dialga GA - Noppin still lists this shipping as 'processing'. I'll keep you updated.

Up for offers today is one mint 2012 + Pokebox + Pokedoll sticker-card.
3.5" x 6.5" approx ( 9 x 16.5cm) - colours much more vibrant in person, this is a scan. No longer sold by the artist.
b1gTq3YCollapse )
Offers starting at $10, and will accept the best offer if/when interest cools down.

Rainbow skies Sticker diorama set - this cute set of reusable stickers comes in a pack with a sky scene for your pokemon, and some japanese statistics on the back.
Unused - Each folded panel is 4" x 6" - click the pictures to see a full view of who is included. Comes folded up in packet as shown
kGnakG6 (1)
Offers starting at $10, and will accept the best offer if/when interest cools down.

Straight sale: Promotional, padded Pokemon Black 2 DS slipcase - never used - $12 shipped
(Click picture for bigger view)

- My Mum and I ship from the UK, from a pet and smoke free home
- Sales permission granted in June 2011 by Dakajojo
- My feedback is here


Good evening community! Hope all of you are well!
Figured I'd make a sales post including some MASSIVE collection weedings of mine, including a cubone line zukan! I'm still sifting through things to put up for offers, but for now, some great sales!



Happy shopping and thanks for looking! <3

2 Plushes, rare dvd and TOMY figure auction!

Hi everyone!
Long time no post!
I once again have some items to offer for auction!

this time 2 Banpresto Plushes , a rare dvd and tomy figures!

I was granted sales permission on 4/5/14 by allinia
and my feedback is

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This auction will end on Sunday (05/25/14)  at 11 PM PST




Starts @ $10
photo 3 (2)
photo 1 (2)

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Wanted: Lugia items

Hey! (:

I am looking for Lugia items.

I'd like to buy some figures that I don't have yet.
Some of those would be the TFG and bottlecap figures.

Here's my current colection:

If you have any items I don't have, please let me know (:
I'm not looking to buy anything overly expensive right now though. So please no items that are 50 to 250$ xD

Shipping to Germany (: