May 21st, 2014

Harpie Girl

A Dragon-Sized Sales' Update

Hello, everyone~!

I'm reporting that I've decided to put up my big JAKKS Pacific Sinnoh Dragons, Dialga and Palkia, for auction on ebay. (You can also buy them immediately!)

Both of them are in very good condition, complete with all of their tags. :)


(Dialga Auction)


(Palkia Auction) Palkia sold! Thanks guys!

My small Poke'doll and Plush lot for auction is still active for a little under 2 days as well. (I have one bid already--the listing will be over by Friday!)


((I was granted sales permission for pkmncollectors by entirelycliched on 4/2/2012. My feedback page is right here.))

I'm also debating on whether or not to put up my Palkia DX Poke'doll for auction. If anyone would be interested, please let me know and I'll consider it!

Thanks for looking~!

jolteon, espeon

French Professor honhonhon and questions

Hey guys, long time no post. I've decided to collect Professor. Sexymore Sycamore. I know he got some merch a few days ago, and I'm really excited!  I don't have a whole lot of cash to spend, so I was wondering where the cheapest place to get these things. ebay is really overpriced. Anyways, I have a few questions.

Does anyone else here collect a human? Who?
If you don't, who would you collect?
Do some humans have more merch than others?

I lost my 3DS.  T.T    if anyone has the pikachu 3ds that they're thinking of selling, let me know!

as always, I'm always on the lookout for more Quagsire stuff :3.
Have a good Wednesday!

Hoenn Want!

Hello fellow pkmncollectors,

This for me isn't just another want. If you would like to read my back-story on this one feel free but I will put it under a cut in case it's too much reading for some people lol.

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So this brings me to my want. I really would like to have the tin that was stolen from me back again. If possible with all of the items inside too. I actually still carry my original Emerald members card in my wallet but I still would like the whole package. I know I can find them on ebay but I wanted to ask here first. Any offer is fine right now I am just curious to see if I can find one here.

 photo small-1.jpg
This was a pkmncollectors member picture if you want this removed let me know!

Interested in these Pokemon Battle Trozei stickers?

I am thinking of selling these as singles but I'm not sure if it's worth it. Is their much interest in these and what is their rough value? How many Pokemon were made in this series? I would most likely want to do offers on Sylveon because I kind of want to keep that extra. XD
I would also be up for trading for some eeveelution and various other 1st gens if they exist.


Hi Guys Remember Me?

Hey Its Little!

I am still around^^ I just wanted to let you all know that I am still looking for Eeveelution Cards. If you have any please let me know.

I should be getting a BUNCH here soon from someone on Youtube to add to my collection and Im still in need of Sylveon Cards.

So if you have ANY cards you would like to get rid of of the Eeveeluitions Please post them here with the prices and I will let you know if I want them,

Im looking for English, Japanese and any other language you may have of them.

Also a little bit of an update on myself... I GOT A JOB!!! YEY!!

I might post a couple of pics on here of a couple of cards Im looking for so you can kind of get an idea^^

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Im going to use links for some of the cards Im looking for if I cant find the images. But I will try to get the images.
pika cap2

TCG sale

Greetings all well I got my shipping invoice from Noppin and it's a bit more than I calculated so need to cover so I have some cards for sell
so check em out

1.Paypal only
2.I can ship outside the US
3.I can hold up to 48 hours
4.haggling's ok but no hurt feelings if turned down
Sales permission granted by denkimouse in 09

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Thanks for viewing
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Kalos Bootlegs :c

I didn't think that litleo or many of the kalos pokemon aside from sylveon and starters had any bootlegs made of them yet, but it appears as though there are! I just wanted to warn everyone because i recently bought a litleo pokecen plush that came in today and i noticed he was not the real thing! I was disappointed at first, but i'm not too upset because now i have a little travel buddy that i won't mind getting a little loved up. (He is also very soft) I still plan on getting a real one for the collection though!

Anyhoo, i just wanted to warn anyone who didn't know that these guys are indeed getting bootlegged already and to be on the look out. C:

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Thank you for looking and good luck plushie hunting! C:
Shiny Charizard

Shiny Magikarp Tomy

So, I found a Shiny Magikarp Tomy for sale....for $500 dlls. This is a ridiculous price....or not?
What would YOU be willing to pay for this figure? Myself, I think around $140, tops....and definitely not now. Maybe in a year or so.


Hey guys! + seller question

Hey! I'm new here, i was accepted maybe a week ago and just haven't had the time to post a real welcome. I just put up new shelves for my collection and dont have pictures yet, but once my vulpix '97 tomy figure (one of my holy grails since i had it as a kid) arrives i'll take some!
I collect vaporeons and sylveons, although i collect other pokemon too :) i've been collecting for only about a year now, with my collection really building in the past 6 months.

Also, i had a question- in the pkmncollectors seller guide to amazon, it lists anime n games as a legit seller. is this true? i'm concerned because i googled them and found a forum post where someone bought a nendo from them that came in a beat up box and was a horrible bootleg, and apparently when they tried to work it out with the seller, the seller accused them of trying to rip them off and lying etc. they refused to give them a refund. has anyone here dealt with them and can tell me either way for sure?
also i'm pretty sure i've gotten a bootleg pokedoll from toys and games outlet, another seller listed as legit, but i cant remember for sure if it was them because it was a gift to me, so i can't go check my order history.
if anyone could please share their experiences with these sellers that would be great, especially anime n games, 'cause my next buy is being sold by them :)

MORE stickers! Shop updated :)

Hi again! Thought some of you might be interested to know I've updated my little shop with more pan stickers. Here are a few of the adds:

may 21 a sm
may 21 b sm
Also, added mystery Pikachu stickers for .50 :)
Domestic orders over $10 automatically qualify for free shipping, otherwise shipping is $1 or $2 international.
Click the pics or here to check it out!

Sales permission granted 19 FEB 2013 by entirelycliched.

I'm back! Grail get and questions.

Hello again! After a nearly year long hiatus from the comm, I'M BACK! I have been gone from here, but by no means have I stopped my collecting. I plan to hopefully soon do a full re-intro and collection post. Here are just a few things about me for those that have forgotten, and to the new members that don't know me (whom I would like to extend a very warm welcome and hello to!).

My name is Rachel, or PikaFreakRachel, though most friends and some family call me Chu. I'm 25 (OH MY GOSH I LOVE MY AGE, CAN I STAY 25 FOREVER PLZ? Invisible cookies to those that know why!) and I live in Kentucky. I've been pokeobsessed since it came out in the US, though I didn't start seriously collecting until around 2012. I love all Pokemon, especially gen 1, but my favorite and main focus of my collection is Pikachu. My main claim to fame is my Pikachu Volkswagen Beetle, number 3 of the 10 made by Nintendo for their promotions, which I now own. HERE is a link to my collection album, but please understand it is extremely outdated. I was never able to take pictures of everything, and basically gave up trying last year and stopped adding new gets. It's sorted by date with the oldest pictures at the top (almost three years old). It makes me giggle to see the pictures at the top where I thought I had sooooo much.. now it looks like such a tiny amount. Makes me excited to see where my collection will be in another three years!

Now onto the reason for my post! I recently got an extremely rare grail that I didn't think I would ever own.

(teaser may be just a liiiitle obvious!)

Click the cut for my grail get, random get and questions!
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Wants post! Litleo, Pyroar, Entei and Garchomp!

I've got some money I need to spend, so here I am with a new wants list :D

I'm not looking for any TCG, as I already have all the cards I want.

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For Litleo, I'm mostly looking for flats I don't have yet. I own pretty much all the PC merch, but there's a lot of stuff out there I don't have yet! I've included a few pics above, but I bet there's much more. Same for Pyroar, though I don't think he has much merch yet.

Entei has so much I don't have yet, just throw anything at me xD

I have a lot of the newer Garchomp items, but I'm still missing the button that came blind packaged. They don't sell that set anymore ;.;

I'm from the Netherlands, so I prefer to buy only flats from outside of Europe. Shipping can be a pain, but if you have something special just show me!
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Last Payment Reminder for Red Gyrados GA and Blue Lot GA & Graduation

This post requires attention from echoalias, gundamshenlong, raichu_love, zorafinn, nasija, loveespeon, okgod, my_randomself, and ghostykins

I know some of you already contacted me about payment! That's fine! But I'm just double checking to make sure everyone gets tagged! Please see the post for details on payment HERE

Anyway, I've been saying it all over the community and I'm sure you're sick of hearing it, but you guys gotta see this! I finished decorating my cap today and it's AWESOME! Check it out!
Pikachu Cap
Is that not the coolest cap for Graduation ever or not!? Cutting that sparkly foam was a pain but man was it WORTH IT! Thanks for looking and have a great evening everyone!
Alola Vulpix

More Sales!

Since my badges for sale went so quickly I have quite a few more things up for grabs this week -- I have a really bad habit of buying lots of doubles that I never use and otherwise don't need ^^  Mostly Fennekins for sale below!

Sales Information:
★ Sales permission granted back in 2008
★ My feedback is located here!

Sales Conditions:
★ I ship from Japan and accept Paypal only.
★ Quotes/inquiries will be given a 12 hour temporary hold before they pass to the next buyer in line.
★ I cannot provide refunds for lost/damaged mail, but as a courtesy to the buyer I will try to replace lost/damaged items for shelf price if a replacement is available -- however often times this is not possible, so I recommend EMS (insured & tracked shipping) for any large orders. EMS starts at $15.

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I also have a quick auction for an Espurr badge from this set -- bids will start at $10.
Auction will end this Saturday, May 24 at 12 noon EST (countdown).

Unfortunately I can't combine anything here with previous badge/Kids sales as they are all set already!  I do still have quite a few Kids left for sale though that I'd be happy to combine with:


SHIPPING UPDATE 5/27: All packages have been shipped!