May 24th, 2014

Big sales again :3

So I was just supposed to quickly list a few things I'd like to get rid of and somehow it turned into a full sales post. Feel free to have a look! I've got lots of new stuff like XY keychains and Meiji chocoball charms mixed with older stuff I've had for way too long. Haggling is always welcomed if you buy a lot!

- Sales permission granted on 03/02/11 by dakajojo
- I ship from Finland. Shipping starts from $1.3 for flats (packages up to 3cm thick). For anything thicker than that shipping starts from $8 to Europe and $12.3 outside Europe. Plus possibly $1-2 for a bubble mailer. Most of the items in this sales post can be shipped as flats but there may be a few exceptions.
- If you ask for a quote, I will hold the items for you for 24h. If you don't answer within that time, the items go to the next interested buyer.
- Paypal only
- Feedback

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fist pump!

Looking for Pokedolls!

I can't believe I've been a member on here for about 3 years now and have never done a proper wants post.  Well, here goes ...


Espeon pokedoll (minky) MWT
Vaporeon pokedoll (minky) MWT

Other wants:

Mismagius pokedoll MWT
Eevee pokedoll (minky) MWT
Minccino pokedoll MWT
Buneary pokedoll MWT
Munna pokedoll MWT

I'm limiting myself to the ones I know I'll actually be able to afford but believe me, there are so many more.

Selling any pokedolls not mentioned that are MWTs and are generally under/around $40?  Let me know!  I have a habit of not knowing I wanted something until after I've seen it ;D

Edit:  Was able to purchase Vaporeon and Minccino!  Now I just have to survive the anticipation till they come in!  
Dewott - Happy
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Shining Gyarados - Priced to go!

I have this Gyarados listed on eBay:

He's priced for his value there HOWEVER as I am in a bit of a jam, I would like to offer it up to the comm for almost $100 less.

His sale price ~for the community only~ is $360, with free shipping to anywhere!

Thanks for looking :)

I also have a Baby London Star Weepinbell plush that I... might consider selling for the right price. It means a lot to me, but as it turns out, weddings are crazy expensive haha. If you are interested, just let me know!
Butterfly and Amaranth

More ebay goodies!

Hey everyone, I put up a few more things on ebay I'm ready to part with. Here they are!

((I was granted sales permission for pkmncollectors by entirelycliched on 4/2/2012. My feedback page is right here.))


Flareon Poke'doll, 2007 New York Edition, Original Poke'doll Tag, Velboa


Litwick Poke'doll (2011 Washington Edition, Square Tag, Minky)


2012 Valentine Pikachu Plush (1 of 2 Plush, and free Poke'mon Center bags.)


My big JAKKS Pacific Dialga is still up for grabs as well! Sold! :)

Thanks for looking!


I´m back^^

Dear all,

my last and again this year was not so easy. so i must leave the community for over 9 months. But i want to say: Hello again! I´m back.
But i move to a new appartmant which is really expensive and to small to have all my cutes here. so i will think about to reduce my collection (my heart broken -.-) but the most of my collection stay at the attic and i dont like it. what could i do? -.- i think i will reduce to only a few cuteys like the Eevvee´s and Mew maybe....-.- but i like to keep my big TCG collection with my favorite pokemon as well :D and want to grow up *hihi* so thats all frome me at this first time. And here a beautiful picture of my sleeping cute pikachu *.* I love it!!

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Dusting plush with duct tape?

Hey fellow collectors!

This is a very specific question addressed to all plush collectors and specifically those who dust their plush with duct tape.

My question is, does this affect the plush's fabric in any way? And if yes, in which way?

Please read my personal experience first:

I heard from another community member that they dust their plush with duct tape and that this doesn't affect the plush's fabric.
So now, I first tried duct tape on another non-Pokemon plush and it seemed alright to me and then I did it on a few minky Pokemon plush of mine.
Dustwise, the effect was really good. The plush appeared to be cleaner afterwards, and I noticed how the duct tape really collected a lot of the dust from them.

However, when I had a closer look at the fabric and compared it with areas on the plush which weren't dusted with the tape yet, the fabric appeared to be only slightly different to me. It seemed to me that it was "fluffier" (one couldn't see the individual fabric "strings" as well as before anymore), but as though the fabric was a little frayed or frazzled. This was only a very slight difference though, and you have to look really really closely to see it.
I also used duct tape on my Butterfree Pokedoll. The effect was really amazing there because the fabric got kinda softer and the dust was basically gone. However, I noticed the differences in the fabric even more on Butterfree. The fabric was less piled but somehow more frayed.

Is this actually bad or good? o__o
I am afraid that repeating this method will slowly ruin the plush's fabric?
Has anyone of you had similar experiences? Who uses duct tape to dust their plush?
Please share your experiences with me!

Other than that, people also told me that they dust their plush with a lint roller or even vaccuum cleaner.
However, Idk if this is just me but I always have the impression that the dust settles deeper in the plush than just on the surface. I always have the feeling my plush get "darker" and more grey over time. I mean these are only very sight differences.
Is there any way to get rid of this deeply settled dust other than completely cleaning the plush with water and all? I think if you do this, you can't call your plush mint anymore, can you?
Or is there simply no way of preventing this kind of dust other than putting your plush behind glass? (which I don't wanna do though)

Phew, sorry for that long post, any detailed help is really appreciated!

My Rayquaza is back! + wants list + first comm gets

Hello everyone!

I found new batteries for my Rayquaza talking figure, whose original batteries' life had already finished, so I cleaned him up a bit and added new batteries and now he can roar happily again :D
As I haven't found much information about this figure in the Internet, I thought I'd be nice to film him in case any Rayquaza collector needs a reference. I got him in a trade so I don't know where he came from, but it's a 2005 Bandai talking figure, his arms/neck/head are posable and he roars when you press one of his scales. There's him in action:

I decided to put up a Wants list in case somebody has got anything from it and is willing to sell it c:  You can find it HERE and it will be updated often.

I also received my first gets from the community this week! They are placed below the cut if you want to check them out~

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Nintendo World sale, & Trozei sticker wants! Please help!

I got a few extras at Nintendo World, here they are! I also have the legendary Pokedolls from a while ago, which are no longer in stock.

I can combine w/ stickers from my store! If you order stickers, just subtract the shipping fee from your Pokedoll order. (Let me know, of course!)

photo (20)
Megas are $28. w/ fees and shipping, one would be $33 domestic (USA) or $42 international.
Reg size Pokedolls & plush are $18, one would be $23 domestic (USA) or $30 international.
Legendaries are $32,  one would be $37 domestic (USA) or $44 international.
I can send multiple together, if interested, please ask for a quote. If you need more pics, please ask.

And finally I need some help with Trozei stickers! I'm missing 002 (Charmander), 24 (Drapion), 25 (??? Abomasnow), 27 (??? Glaceon), 31 (Shaymin), and 43 (?? Landorous). Does anyone know what the ??? stickers are, and have any of those 6 for sale? I have some duplicates to trade, if you're missing any!

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Looking for kids!

I got more money, so now I have more to spend on wants xD

I have 19 dollars to spend on Pokemon and shipping, so I'm looking for kid figures!

These are the ones I have:

Mew (laying)

These are the ones I want:

Everyone except Beedrill and Diggersby xD
(also any other bee pokemon...)

So if someone can send me some random kid figures for the amount of money, I'd be very appreciative :3 I'm thinking maybe 15 figures for that money, but the amount isn't set in stone. Also, if you have a Mudkip, please include it with the others <3

I can pay Tuesday (since the bank is closed tomorrow and memorial day)~

WANTS: Bulbasaur and Chikorita Walky Plush + Poke Box Stamps + Others

Hi everyone! I been trying to look for Bulbasaur and Chikorita Walky Plush for awhile and I couldn't find them anywhere >.< Is anyone willing to sell their Chikorita Walky Plush?

I missed out on +Poke Box+'s stamps and wondering if anyone has them in this picture because those are the ones I mainly would collect. I am also looking for other +Poke Box+ items, like the pencil case. If you have any, let me know! I am not interested in the charms thou.

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I missed out on the opportunity to win this plush in an auction, if you have a Chikorita on sled and are willing to sell, please let me know!

I am located in Canada btw. Thanks for looking! :)

Pokemon Erasers part 2

Hello everyone! I just wanted to share that after about 2 years of intense searching, I finally found these Takara Tomy Pokemon erasers I had been looking for. There is also a Pikachu to this set that I will be getting sent to me next week, as well as a Pikachu eraser from a different set that I will be getting (I believe the other is made by Banpresto). Anyway, I just wanted to share my holy grail :)

Screen Shot 2014-05-24 at 7.21.57 PM

Lot up on eBay

Hey there pkmncollectors! Its been a while.
Ive posted a huge lot up on ebay of basically, my whole collection that I had, so if anyone wanted to GA this leave me a message and ill remove this post for you.
Here is the lot. (who likes the main picture? lmao x'D)

(Deleted the link as it should be getting GA'd!)

Sadly Ive decided to stop collecting so I'm gradually weeding everything out. I still kept a few bits that are sentimental to me I just hope I can move on my old stuff to come collectors who are searching for anything I had.

Its been absolutely LOVELY here and Ive met so many friends, thank you all for the past few ….4 years? (wow)
Ill be back with other bits in the near future as I have stuff at a middle man service that I need to get shipped to me.

If Ive posted anything wrong here please let me know and ill revise it. I skimmed the rules quickly to make sure Im not breaking any rules (so out of the loop these days!)

Sales permission was given by Gin quite a while back and my sales feedback is here for you

Rare Litwick Line items up for action!

I am going to be moving soon, and as such I have decided to trim my collection of some items I have extras of/have only had displayed and would like to see them in other homes. There's several Halloween/other holiday items as well as Pitapoke, kids, and Halloween plush up for grabs!

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fennekin, christmas

Is my Eevee face cushion a bootleg?

Sorry if this is a silly question, but does anyone know how to tell if the Eevee face cushion is a bootleg or not? I got one today at a con, and after seeing 11,000 of them from Hong Kong I'm a little worried. I can spot bootleg plush pretty well, but I'm not so sure about the face cushion. Can someone look below the cut and tell me what they think?

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Houndoom so cute

Weeding some stuff out of my collection~

So I added a few more items mostly 3 Dragonite figures and a couple of plushies I do not need. :3
I was granted sales permission by: entirelycliched on 8/7/2013.

°˖ ✧◝(○ ヮ ○)◜✧˖ ° SALES TIME °˖ ✧◝(○ ヮ ○)◜✧˖ °
If you feel a price is too high then I am open to haggle, just let me know!
The Rules:
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The items for sale:
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McDonald's Cards, Vivillon and Mega Charizard Trade?

Hi everyone!

I realized today that the new McDonald's Pokemon promotion has started. I'm not interested in any of the toys, so I'm wondering if anyone will be buying the toys but doesn't want the cards? I'm going to try to get a complete set. So, if you're selling or trading the cards, please let me know. I'm looking for them any language. :D

Edit: Couldn't resist and stopped by McDonald's today. I got four toys (two Blastoise and two Pikachu) and got Inkay, Fennekin, and 2 Snubbull cards (traded one to a friend for Furfrou. :D). I already want to go back and get more. lol. If anyone is interested in the toys, please let me know. I don't plan on keeping them. </edit>

(I'm also still looking for the French McDonald's Eeveelution cards.)

Speaking of other languages, does anyone have any non-English Vivillon XY cards for sale/trade?

I'm looking to trade my Flashfire M Charizard Y card for a M Charizard X card. Please let me know if you're interested. :D

I'm also looking to buy two Sylveon TOMY figures.

And, as always, ANY Houndour or Houndoom merchandise I don't already have.

Also, if anyone is waiting on a reply from me, please let me know. I believe I replied to everything, but I recently discovered LJ ate a few of my comments so I don't know if I missed any of those.

~ Risha

In a couple minutes, I'll be hosting a boxopening Livestream here. *coughmlpcanterlotnightsboxcough*