May 25th, 2014

so these came out (wants)

and i need three of them.
normal mpc
three of those furrets.

they just came out but for those of you in japan I'm wondering if you can get them from the ufo catchers, it would be much appreciated, or whoever can get their hands on one or maybe a website that'll sell them?? I know it's really early but just asking in case!! i'm trying to avoid y!j because darn surprise fees everywhere.scary

also I updated my wants a whole lot and made it all pretty so check it out please :)
i'm pretty low on funds right now so i'm only looking for specific things so If I decline something you offer from my wants please don't be offended D': <33
images (20)uFGplAd
(main want ^ are you tired of seeing him yet? I'm tired of not being able to get him yet so you will all suffer with me) >:)

and finally a update will happen once I get my sunyshore package. I can't wait :D.


also also, I can't add the furfrou tag, have all the 6th gen pokemon been added to the tags yet? I see some but don't feel like going through all of them, all I know is furfrou isn't there.

thank you all as always for looking <33

Oddish Tomy fuzzy plush auction & card lot sales

Hello all ~ I'm coming with small sales and an auction again! :3 I have a cute oddish tomy fuzzy plush up for auction and new card sales!
I have sort my cards by the pokemon-type! I have also some very rare cards sorted out from my personal collection! Feel free to take a look :3

>>>>>>>>>EDIT: Auction is over! <<<<<<<<<<

Oddish tomy fuzzy plush auction will start now for 1 week and ends next sunday on midnight 00:00 (middle-european time)

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- Sales permission granted by godudette on may 2013
- Shipping is from germany worldwide
- Paypal only
- Minimum purchase please is 5$
- New: Payment is done within 48 hours - if you have payment problems please tell/ask me before you bid
- I ship without insurance. If you want insurance, please tell me. Otherwise I'm not responsible for lost items!
- I ship by priority/airmail - it may take 1-4 weeks for international shipping
- All things comes from a non-smoking and cat-/dogless home
- Haggling is allowed!

Additional auction rules:
- auction starts now for 1 week and ends on next sunday, 1 june at midnight 00:00 (middle-european time)
- please bid in increments of 1$ or more
- no sniping!

All pkmncollectors rules apply.

Shipping fees (worldwide):
- up to 20 flats: 2,00$
- over 20 flats or non-flats: 4,50$

Paypal fees:
- 0,50$ per purchase

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Starts @10$!

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Sorry that the pics are so mini! >_< Please note that many of my cards are in german!

Minimum purchase please 5$!

- bandai cards oddish&gloom: 2.50$ each
- bandai card raichu: 5$
- rare sticker card with pikachu&co: 5$
- dedenne holo kid sticker: 1.50$
- bulbasaur pan sticker: 1$
- rare pokedex card clefairy doll: 3$

- tcg lot pidgey,pidgeotto: 2$ for the lot

cute togepi&togekiss: 1$ together

Bug-type pokemon lot 7$
Holos: Paras,Parasect,Weedle,butterfree topps&spinarak+tannza boomer
parasect has a bend!

Fire-type pokemon lot 5$
Holos: Rapidash topps,1 arcanine boomer, bootie cyndaquil/typhlosion card

Poison-type pokemon lot 5$
Holos: 1x gligor, 1x zubat

Ghost-type lot: 3$ no holos

Human lot 3$
Holos:1x misty,james,brock,1xcardlist

Bird pokemon lot 3$
Holos: 1xdodou

Normal pokemon lot 5$
Holos: 1xratticate,kangaskan toppsx1boomer,wigglytuff,togepy,damhirplex

Water starter lot 4$
Holos: squirtle,blastoise&totodile boomers

Water-type lot 6$
Holos: topps seel,1xtentacruel,1xpoliwag boomer,psyduck&marill boomer

Plant-type lot 7$
Please note: vileplume 3Dcard and weepinbell boomer are not mint! (bends)
Holos: Chikorita&belossom boomer,weepinbell topps,eggse..topps

Psycho-type lot 4$
Holos: 1x wobuffet, 1x girafarig boomer
hypno boomer has a bend!

Rock,ground&fight lot 5$
Holos: rasaff,machope,machomp,1xgraveler topps
marowak boomer has a bend!

electro lot 5$
No holos

ehm..fossil lot xD 1$
No holos, lapras has scratches

Cute gen.2 pokemon lot 2.50$
Holos: quagsire

Thanks all for looking/bidding/buying and have a nice weekend!!

Mostly flat sale

Mostly Flat Sale. Hope the cut worked.

-I was granted sales permission on Aug. 23, 2013 by entirelycliched.
-My Feedbacks can be found here:
-I ship from Puerto Rico, USA. I only ship to the USA at the moment. I use USPS.
-I only accept Paypal, when buying something include on the Paypal note your username and what you bought, send via "goods".
-Once I give the goods to the post office, i'm not responsible of what happends to the item/s.
-Shipping and fees are not included in the prices, ask for quote if curious. Quotes are not commitments.
-Don't send money until I tell you so and until I give you my PP Email address even if you already saw my email on someones comment.
-Once committed to a purchase, please pay within 24 hours of receiving a final payment quote/my Email.
-Backing out of a committed purchase may result in a negative or neutral feedback.
-Send me a feedback, if anything if wrong please let me know before putting a feedback, maybe it can be fixed.
-Please do not edit your comment, just reply to your own comment.
-I will not sell to banned members. I might choose not to sell to some members.
-Minimum to buy is $2
-Please follow the PKMNcollectors rules,
-Some photos have a PKMN TCG card for size reference.

Special rules/info for this post:
I want to inform members that right now I only have 2 toploaders, the rest of the cards will be on a sleeve and I will use part of cereal boxes and stuff like that for protection. I will get more toploaders next week or later this week. I have security envelopes that are 3 5/8 in x 6 1/2 in. Also have some bubble mailer.
Cards are mint/near mint unless otherwise specified.
I will most likely ship on Thursday or Friday.

 photo ba3e3144-da2f-4213-b698-6d367de0b463_zpsfcfda330.jpg
Well, mostly flat sales.

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This is my first official sale post, I made one months ago, but delete it less that an hour, so please understand if i'm a little slow replying or the prices are a little messed up, post something wrong or if I ask questions.
Stuff can be combined with stuff from my non PKMN post, but only with cards and stickers.
I'm looking for this Gyarados BK card, it's the only one I need from the 1rst movie promo card set so I could do a trade or partial trade for it.
 photo BKcard_zps2d1c09af.jpg

Thanks for viewing.
Herp derp
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I fell off the face of the earth ya thats it - Super Tiny Auctions

Has it really been 6-7 months since I've posted ohgod I've been so busy D:,I've sort of strolled through every once in a while to see what was up but my spending habits have been very limited so I haven't been buying/looking too much other than the occasional deal I couldn't pass up. Bought a couple lots here and there and now I have so much time I don't know what to do with it so I'm back :D.I'll be posting an update in a couple of days for my 4th year being on pkmncollectors <3.

buuut thats not what you're here for ;) you want to peruse my minuscule auctions

*I Ship from California
*I ship INT but be warned shipping starts at 6.55 unless it can be mailed in a letter.
*I accept Paypal only,I do take echecks but I will not ship until they go through.
~Sales Permission Received from lineaalba August 31st 2010~

All auctions end June 1st at 5:00 PM Pacific time
*All Community Rules Apply ( Bids 5 minutes before ending add another 5 minutes to the auction end )
*Payment will be required within 3 days of purchase
*I will leave negative feedback if you buy and don't pay.
* Please bid in increments on 1.00
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Quick Sales: Rumble Blast, Stickers, huge lot

Hi guys! Hope everyone is enjoying their Memorial Day Weekend! <3 I know I am :D My last day of high school is next Thursday and I turn 18 only two days after! <33 SO excited! :DD

I have a couple small things for sale~ Feel free to take a look~ ^ -^

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I also still have a huge lot of stuff back in this post~

Have a wonderful day ya'll~ ^ -^
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Flareon Jakks up for offers!

Hey, guys!

Up for offer today is my favorite Flareon figure - the Flareon Jakks!
This guy was removed from packaging and immediately put into a display cabinet. So he's in great condition!

Offers start at $40.00 USD. (Minimum increment of $1.00)

♥ All pkmncollectors rules apply!
♥ I ship from Alberta, Canada
♥ I will ship internationally
♥ All prices are in USD
♥ I only accept PayPal. No exceptions, sorry!
♥ Packages are generally sent in a bubble mailer
♥ I am not responsible for lost packages

**There is a new requirement for international packages being shipped from Canada. It is now required that you provide me with your phone number! If you are uncomfortable with this, please do not offer, as there is sadly no way around this :( **


Any questions,  feel free to ask! Thank you!