May 26th, 2014

Pikachu 3DS XL- stylus issue/want

Good evening, everyone~ Once again I'm back with another weird want/NEED. I need a replacement, authentic Nintendo stylus for my Pikachu 3DS XL- I've seemed to misplace my stylus and now realize it'd make sense to have another.

The stylus in question should have a white body with a black tip, though an all-white version would suffice nicely.

Shipping would be to 46311, US~

PS: If this post violates the rules due to it being a game system, let me know and I'll take it down.

And to make this post less boring, my new Pokebox---- orz That will have to come another day - my phone is being a horrible thing and not letting me add images. Thanks! ♥
Violet Lotus

Kids for Cheap!

Coming to you with another ebay lot, comm~!


This time we've got a small collection of kids up for grabs. (A few of them are mildly damaged, but would make great bases for repaints or similar projects!) The full list, and their conditions, is in the lot description. ((I was granted sales permission for pkmncollectors by entirelycliched on 4/2/2012. My feedback page is right here.))

Thanks for looking! :)


Give these new homes Sales + Milotic figurine

After going through my collections for trimming, I come with some sales! There's quite a few "just pay shipping" items/figurines and other stuff to go. My most prized Milotic item is going to be up for offers so please give it a look! I'd love to give these things a good home before I move in a couple weeks. :)

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Hello there! In honor of Memorial day I've decided to have a bit of a sale.
Link goes directly to pokemon merchandise. :)

Granted sales permission for pkmncollectors on 01/26/11 by dakajojo.
My Feedback:

Use the code "yespls" to get 10% off on all items.
Let me know if you have any questions.
Code will likely end tomorrow at some point.

Another multipurpose post- gets, sales, and wants!


So this post is mostly for a quick sale, but I also wanted to include one of the many gets I've gotten recently, and an unusual want.

Here's the quick sale- a pokemon wallet!


More info below the cut:

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The get I wanted to share is a custom clock I got from ktmonkeyj <3

celebi clock

Look how perfect it is <333 I'll save the rest of my gets for my three year anniversary post in July ^w^

And last but not least-
Does anyone have any clear card set cases they could give me? I could make something in return along with paying shipping.
I've been using them to display my figures, like this:

Thanks for looking!

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Welll helloooo long time no post! xxxx

So in between making plushies, and dealing with RL stuff, I just ended up making myself a new bag. I always seem to end up making a new bag when I'm stressed......

Oh, who could it possibly be......


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Plus, I was chatting to a few of you about car boot sales a bit back, and you'll never guess what I found.....

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looking for tomy figure

Hey all, I'm looking for a tomy Garchomp and Swampert. I don't really know much about the tomy figures, so I would rather buy one from the community then ebay, but if someone also knows a reputable ebay seller, please let me know.

Wants list!!

How was memorial day for everyone?

I worked most of the day sadly.
But on a happier note , here are my updated wants! Also i have tons of action flipz i want gone asap. Pm me if you are interested. Sales permission 4/5/14 by aillana

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Sales Time!

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