May 27th, 2014

An overdue gets post

Hi everyone!

So my younger brother decided he didn't want his Pokemon plush's any more so I bought them off him and around the same time while searching EBay I found something that I didn't know I wanted until I saw it!

What could it be? Check out more under the cut!

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Thanks for looking!
Plusle and Minun

Gigaplush GA is in! Pics!

Hi guys, apologies for the week's wait for this, we're very grateful for your patience. Basically some of these plush are so epic-ally huge that we had trouble getting packaging.
We're working out Payment 3 as I type, we should have all of them calculated within 24hrs. I just wanted to give you guys some pictures to apologise for the wait.

Now some of you are also taking part in the Mommy Dialga GA -if you would like your items combined, comment on this post. A couple of you have items from my offers or sales on hold, likewise comment if you wish to combine them!

GApics (1)
Apologies for th pictures being a bit grey, the light was fading.

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Pokemon gets and wants

Hello everyone!

Sorry to post again so soon, but I just got one of my holy grails from kittay752, and it is this Pikachu eraser made by Banpresto


She was even so sweet to include some freebie Pokemon cards and a little drawing of Squirtle!!

Now I just need to find the rest of the set. Please let me know if you guys know where I can get these. I now know what they look like in the box.


Looking for McDonald's Chespin and Fletchling cards + Mega Charizard Trade?


Does anyone have the Fletchling card from the current McDonald's promotion for sale or trade? That is the last one I need to complete the set. I might also be interested in Honedge and Bunnelby since the ones I got were damaged.

I have an extra Snubbull I could trade. Or I can trade the McD toys - I have Pikachu, Blastoise, Xerneas, Fennekin, Pancham, Charizard, and Chespin. I could also trade regular TCG as well.

Also looking to trade my Flashfire Mega Charizard Y card for Mega Charizard X.


~ Risha
Mantyke + tea

Quickie Dice XY auctions + One sale + TCG wants!

Hello there guys!
I come to you today with some quick auctions of the new dice that came out this month! I have received them today mint, and it turned out to be 4 dice of the set I was after (Honedge line and Noibat). The others, I don't need them, so I thought of auctioning them off and get partially back some money I bought this set originally for :)

banner thing
This dice set included some very nice Pokemon on them! Here is just a preview of the few Pokemon that are available!

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Also, would somebody be interested in this adorable Lapras I <3 Marine plush? She will be 17$ before shipping, 21.30$ within Europe and 22$ rest of the world! She will be shipped in a regular envelope with no protection of her tag, as that would make the weight more than 100 grams and shipping would drastically change.

Also, I have some small wants!

I am looking for the soup sticker on the top and some of the TCG that came out! I got a few, but I am listing all of them, as I would love some in other languages as well :D
(these ghost swords need some tags! ;w; )

Thank you so much! <3