May 28th, 2014


So much gets + grail get!

I got my first box from Yahoo!Japan today! It came while I was away, along with a whole bunch of things haha. I had like 8 packages waiting for me when I got home from the US today. (Although granted, some were plush and shipping supplies). I also painted my first Tomy! There's a lot of things under the cut since I've gotten a few things. My website is updated with everything I currently have in my collection c:

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Sorry for the long post, I haven't updated in a while so there was lots haha. Also, for anyone who has commissioned me I am back to working on commissions tomorrow, so they should be done soon c:

Thanks for looking!

Massive Pokedoll GA Ready to Ship!!! (payments adjusted, payment a-ok once again!)


The massive pokedoll GA arrived today! I managed to get everything all packed up, weighed and shipping is now available on the spreadsheet here:


A few of the plush have cut tush tags (otherwise the lot was just as described). A refund per plush affected is being offered for those with affected tush tags, refunds were calculated based on bid amount and then converted to percentages of the total amount available to refund, this seemed the fairest way to divy up the refunds, we hope you will understand. I apologize for this inconvenience :< Thankfully the plush are still beautiful and from what I can see all are 100% authentic, some are even minky <3 Pictures of affected plush are under the cut.

Please subtract your refund from the shipping costs and comment here with your updated total (I would do this myself, but work has me very busy >_<). I will then respond to you with the proper amount to send.

All those NOT affected, please send payment ASAP to
Since everything is packaged, items can be sent as soon as they are paid!

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Grand Opening of Furfrou's Boutique!

Good evening, all!
I come today to finally announce the opening of my shop!
Furfrou's Boutique!
Where our top priority is your satisfaction with our lovely and helpful Furfrou employees! (Not really!)
Please feel free to check it out! It's mostly weeding sales through a collection that is long overdue for a weeding, including things such as a copy of Pokemon White, a shiny orange Charizard Tomy, and a cool Charmander line flippy book thing I can't even possibly begin to describe because it's so dated!

Thanks a lot guys!
(Sales permission granted on 4/2/12 by entirelycliched.)
Seesaw Piggies

Small Charm Lot on ebay

Got another lot for you guys while I continue to weed down my collection. This time, it's charms, and a couple of small goodies!

All Charms Available in Lot: Swablu, Glaceon, Clamperl, Petilil, Sandshrew, Gastly, Venomoth

This time I'm taking offers instead of an auction. Unfortunately I can't upload a picture at the moment, so feel free to have a look here!

((I was granted sales permission for pkmncollectors by entirelycliched on 4/2/2012. My feedback page is right here.))

Litwick print

Reminder for the rare Litwick items!

I just wanted to throw a simple reminder out that the rare Litwick/Lampent/Chandelure items are still up for grabs! Their auctions will be ending tomorrow night at 6:00 pm PST! A few items don't have bids yet, so please give it a look should it be something you're interested in. :)

Link to the auctions:

huge want!

I've been looking for this guy for a while now and have had no luck! I don't want to give up too soon. I know they're still out lying around and would really love to add him along to my collection of canvas plush. I am willing and committed to pay WELL in your favor if you own one MWT. Even if it isn't perfectly MINT I will still take it as long as it has the hang tag attached. I love the little guy and he would complete my 2nd gen starters for the canvas series. Hopefully someone here would love to give him a new home and we can arrange a deal. Even if you just know someone that has one please let me know guys! Thanks so much :)
Cyndaquil Canvas Plush

Just a quick wanted post, maybe you can help!

I'm looking for a Magikarp Taiyaki pan! I know they're not so easy to come by, as I have already tried searching the interwebs.

I was wondering if anyone here has one they would sell maybe? and if not, does anyone know a good search term to find one on Yahoo Japan or something? All I did was google Magikarp and google Taiyaki to find the japanese terms, and then copy and paste. Nothing came up though.

Any and all help would be greatly appreciated! this is what it looks like:


On an unrelated note: I have a HUGE collection update coming soon. LOTS OF GATRS WOOO

Thanks for looking :D

pika cap2

TCG sale

Greetings all Got more cards for sell so check em out

1.Paypal only
2.I can ship outside the US
3.I can hold up to 48 hours
4.haggling's ok but no hurt feelings if turned down
Sales permission granted by denkimouse in 09

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New Member Intro!!

Hello everyone!!
I'm Maddy and I'm super excited because I finally had time to start up an LJ account and join the comm :D I lurked around for a looooong time and never had a spare minute to get my collection organized and set up so I can get proper pics and share my collection with you guys :) But, since college officially ended for the summer (and I got a summer job >:3) I figured I'd finally join!
Okay, so, a bit about me: I live in NY (about an hour or so away from Nintendo World) and I've been collecting pokemon plushies/figures ever since I was a little girl! Pokemon's literally my life haha. But, within the past year, I got into seriously collecting stuffs instead of just buying random things from eBay or Toys R Us or whatevs. I've got a variety of plushies and figures, but I've been trying to build a Charizard collection (hes my fave<3) and more recently a Froakie collection (I just fell in love with him after X and Y came out :P) Also, I LOVE Houndoom/houndour, but sadly there aren't many legit plushes of them TT_TT, i've got my eye on a few customs tho >:3
Now that I'm actually working again, I can save up my checks and order a bunch of X and Y merch and start buying from the community as well :)

I posted some pics of my collection under the cut, hope you all enjoy :] and I look forward to getting acquainted with the community ^.^

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wants post!

hello! im new to the community, haven't been here too long so hopefully i start this out right since its kinda my first post aha. im currently looking for a buneary pokedoll and a rotom wash pokedoll

(looking for japanese only)

rotom wash is my priority right now since i have all the other forms except that one aha. GOT!

id like them both to have their tags (attached), and if you could attach a quick photo of the doll id appreciate that too!! shipping is to canada, thank you!

SALES - Surfing Pikachu and Fennekin Lots, and custom price slashes. ^_^

Herro lovelies. :D
First of all, thank you SOOOOOOO much for the awesome birthday wishes last Monday, it just brigtened my day so so much. <3 :')
No really, it meant the world to me. ^___^

NOW ONTO SALES. :D I will have a gets post up soon, but this kinda took a long time, so I figured I'd do this first.


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ALSO, I have some huge price slashes on some custom stuff.
I am literally just trying to clear some space in my inventory, so I am glad to give EVEN better deals/haggling and bulk discounts with a purchase of 2 or more.
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Anyone interested in trading plushiesss? :3


This morning, I got my 2nd ever Y!J box in! :D There are some extras that I'm not wanting/have doubles of - so what's better than trading? :3

Here is my wants list. Please click the banner to go!!! :D

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Hopefully someone can give these cutiepies new homes. <3 And maybe you have someone I could give a new home to! Let's work something out! <3

Have a great week~!
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Grail get + not-so-small collection update!

A few of my Pokémon plush are packed away due to moving in a few months plus lack of space, and my tiny bookshelf that holds my collection is a little disorganized and messy... Or, very much so. Buuut, since I got a super mega awesome grail today, I figured I'd show off a little of my collection, and hopefully in a few months when I move we can all marvel at how much better and more awesome my collection looks, heh ^^

So, onwards to the pictures!

May as well start with the grail then... >:3

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I got something slighty related on Pokémon Platinum the other day too, a very special "grail" of sorts.

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Thank you for reading my stupidly long, rambly post. I'll probably try and update more often, but I might just do a HUGE update (bigger than this, but with more pictures less words) when I move and have a prettier collection... I might have some sales up soon though, when I work out the logistics. Just a few items, mostly trading cards!

May as well include this while I'm here too!

Wants list links;

General -
TCG (just Raichu currently) -

Question for custom kid painters + some yetis

The repaints I've seen on here are awesome, and they make me want to do some myself/commission someone for some. My question is, is it difficult if I have no artistic talent whatsoever, OR how much does it usually cost to commission someone here in the comm to do this? If I were to do this myself what would I need to get? I've been seeing a ton of snovers and abomasnows in sales posts and was hoping to repaint one of each type into the shiny form <3

Sorry for the boring post, here's my snover line collection to date, minus my charms and flats. (I packed them up since I'll be moving soon)
photo (2)

As always I'm still looking for snover line/phantump/pumpkaboo/mismagius/duskull items <3 oh and blue shellos line too!

wants list

Hello everyone!
I have not posted in awhile but i am back today!
I have wants list to present to you.
If anyone has these figures I am willing to buy it from you!
I am looking for zukan lines and ZUKAN pieces (from the 1st and 2nd and 3rd generation), and chesspieces and TFG's. If anyone has them please comment below :)

these are the specific chesspieces I am looking for!!

Koffing chess piece

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Thank you for viewing :)


Pokemon tomy collecton- Johto Compete!

Hi. I just wanted to share with you guys my complete collection! I'm super excited. :D

A little while ago I was finally able to get my hands on swinub and kingdra which were the last two I needed.

IMG_0261 <---look at those little feets!

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I had a lot of fun over the past year collecting these guys. Thanks to everyone who I bought from on the comm and who ran and helped me run GAs. I'm not sure what I'll do now. I'm a little low on funds at the moment so I think I'll be taking a break for a while unless I come across nidorino. I'm not leaving the com though, I'll still be around a'lurkin'. Maybe with the release of the new hoenn games they'll release the rest of the tomys for that region? Not very likely, but I can dream. I'm not really into collecting the other generations if I can't get a complete set though.

Thanks for looking, and good luck to the other tomy collectors out there who have yet to complete your set!

Collection Mini Update + Webstore Unveiling

Hello everyone! I have a fun post today, including a mini collection update (and a look at my TCG collection, which I rarely talk about!). I also have a new webstore that I will post a little banner for at the bottom. ^^

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(Sales permission granted on March 2nd, 2012 by entirelycliched)

And if you'd like to skip to my collection site instead, here's the header for that one too.:


As always, if you would like to be added to the Other links section on my site, just comment and let me know! I would greatly appreciate it if you added my site to yours as well. :)

Thank you everyone! <3
Chef, Charmeleon

Swingcharm winners and other stuff

So this is regaurding the post here ---->

So originally some of these swingcharms I had auctioned off a bit over a year ago, and these were the previous winners and how much they bid ->

Arcanine - steelfangs - $19 $12
Ninetails - Lady_Avii - $22 $12
Natu - mewisme700 - $7
Stantler and Togetic (Sealed) - psychtiger - $14
Spinarak - orangey_blue - $7
Ledian and Togetic (Opened) - elite_zak91 - $12
Yanma 1 - shuuichi_chan - $7 Withdrawn
Feraligatr - feraligroggles - $12
Chinchou - o_0digitidzx_x - $9
Yanma 2 - dialny - + $13.50
Ariados - ubi_chan - + $8.50
Magcargo (opened) - lavacookies - $6.50
Bellossom (opened) and Ariados (opened) - kittay752 - $14
Jumpluff (opened) - eevie_chu - $5
Pichu (opened) - bunnystrut - $5 Withdrawn

New Winners -

Miss10 - Mew Pose 1 picture 4, Lugia  - $25
kidgengar - Gengar - $8 + $3 for $11 total with shipping
finiee - Slowking - $7
Usagimakeup - $24

So some of them were pulled even though they were bid on, and I'm very sorry about that as I did originally forget about the original post, and I've been wondering really how to bring this up, so I just went with short and simple

Though one thing to people who had won some items previously, but some of the swingcharms I had auctioned off the first time were lost when I moved everything around here, mainly the Yanma one, so I only have one of them. So dialny and shuuichi_chan for now I will be withdrawing that Yanma swing and see if I can find the second one, or see what you two would want to do about it

As for the Arcanine and Ninetails swing charms, I do have doubles of those, and since they went for less this time than last time, I'm going to be reducing the ones that steelfangs and Lady_Avii originally bid on to match the values that usagimakeup got for this time (Which is Arcanine for $12, and Ninetails for $12)

So if anyone from the original posting would still like to get the ones they originally one last time, or if they would like to pass on them, either let me know here, or in a reply to a message I'll be sending those people soon after this

And again, I am sorry about the delay for this

If you won something, please post with your zipcode