May 29th, 2014

by chickadee115

5 packages + Pokémon Center Paris in a week o/

Hello everyone o/
*weird preview to make this post more colorful*

I was expecting those packages so much, but it was really funny to have 4 delivery notices in the mailbox yesterday x)
Thus, there are 3 packages from hobby_japan, 2 from Noppin and a little package from nightmare_chan :3
But in the other hand the stuff quantity is not so big compared to the number of packages. Because as you'll see, most of the plushies are DX/Large ones :D

Let's not wait any longer, here are my babies !!!

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And now a reminder of the next week event : a Pokémon Center in Paris o/
Here is the meetup post

In addition, I let you know that chain will clone my Pokéball Vivillon o/ Thus I think he'll be able to give you one if you are sweet :3
Besides, there is a facebook page for the event
(2,600 participants at the moment o/)

By the way, I created a facebook page for my collection (more into gets, events, merch announcements, ...)
(it's written in French but you're really welcome :3)

For more details you still have my collection website
(send me a message if you want to share links)

And take to look at my sales o/
(especially if you are planning to buy some PC Paris merch ^^)

Thank you for reading :3
Have a good day/night o/

PS: I would be grateful if someone could translate me the green and blue writtings (with romaji) :)

The production of Handmade Keychains

Hi there! I'm a crafter who returned for this community last week with new offers for personalized pokemon keychains!
I want to give my thanks to all the new buyers who placed their requests in my new sales entry and kindly replayed me quickly so I can work in the orders the quickest as I can! So as gratitude I would like to show how the crafting process is doing so far!


Those are the models which each buyer who already paid chose for their keychains out of the options I gave! The bigger ones are for sturdy keychains and the little ones are the regular variety. Those models are actually photocopies from the original sketches since those will be delivered among the keychains as free offer! So last night I cut every model and currently I'm dealing with the wooden bases! It's a very time consuming process since I have to cut the wood exactly before the shape of each keychain. Then goes the fun part!

That's all! Since I might be quite busy for the next one-two weeks to clear those and others upcoming keychains I only make another sales entry within the next month, hopefully to include one new variation! It will come a time which will be way more than keychains!

In case you would like a keychain, please check this sales entries with all the details! I would like to say I can do any pokemon in your choice! (Ocs or characters from others franchises are okay as well!)
Fennel&Juniper// <3

Collection Update

Hey everyone :) I realized it had been a long time since I made a collection update! I've been making sales posts and buying things, but it's been a very long time since I posted pics of my collection proper :D

My main collection is Tepig/Pokabu.

I haven't been buying much of it lately because I've gotten sucked in to a few cuties from XY~ But I am always on the look out for Pokabu items I don't have! Feel free to show me your fire piggies for sale!! Just a note, though, I only collect items that only have Pokabu; if he is with other Pokemon, I don't generally buy it ^^; I don't really buy TCG, either, sorry!

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My other main collection is eventually going to be Mega Charizard X but there isn't as much stuff out for it right now. Like many of you, Charizard has always been a favorite of mine. When I saw Mega Charizard X when I watched Origins, I seriously teared up. I felt like this was what I always wanted Charizard to be! Don't get me wrong, I love original Charizard all the same, but there's something about Mega 'zard X that I can't get over.

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And then...

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But, yup, that is most of my collection!! I hope you enjoyed seeing it. I have a few other things that need organized, but that's the bulk of it. Thanks for looking!!! I need to organize/take photos of my Prof. Juniper & Fennel collection one day, too, as I mostly have flats of them and a few customs and their TCG x3

I also have a few wants, maybe some of you can help me out!! These aren't in any particular order.

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First things first: thank you SO much to everyone who was kind, patient, and understanding during my entire box of pillows GA/extras debacle. I was a mess the entire day, but pretty much everyone was so great and made it so much better. i am happy to say that it's (mostly) over and i have shipped everyone's items yesterday! Yay!

That being said...i received my last box every from FJ (no way i can go back after that fiasco)'s time. MEGA PLUSH AUCTION AND SALES. I have a LOT of different plush for sale/auction - pokedolls, canvas, pokecen plush, tomy plush, banpresto, and some other items too! Here we go!

* I was granted sales permission by dakajojo 7/2011
* My feedback:
* I ship from MI, USA and ship everywhere!
* I accept trades for customs of Klefki/Groudon and stuff from here:
* I accept paypal
* First come, first serve.

Auctions will end June 3rd, 5:00pm EST
Countdown Timer Is Here!

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Opening Livestream: Flipz Series 1 and Advanced Challenge Topps

Hi, everyone!

I'm about to do another booster pack opening livestream. This time it will be 22 Flipz Series 1 and 8 Advanced Challenge Topps packs. I recently discovered the Series 1 Flipz and Premiere Flipz are different. I believe I have a complete set (minus the Rares) of Premiere Fliipz but no Series 1 Flipz (except for four I recently purchased from the community that should arrive soon. :D). So! I'm rather excited about these. ^^

Livestream Link As usual, my dogs will probably make an appearance at some point. My livestreams are silent, so don't worry about your sound. I will be typing in the chatroom as "maitaidelight" or "risha." Livestream over! We'll probably be chatting for a bit if anyone wants to join in though. Also, if anyone is interested in selling or trading Series 1 Flipz, let me know. I'm also missing 1 Rare Flip from the Advanced Action set, I forgot which number at the moment.

Also -

Does anyone have the Fletchling card from the current McDonald's promotion for sale or trade? That is the last one I need to complete the set. I might also be interested in Honedge and Bunnelby since the ones I got were damaged.

I have an extra Snubbull I could trade. Or I can trade the McD toys - I have Pikachu, Blastoise, Xerneas, Fennekin, Pancham, Charizard, and Chespin. I could also trade regular TCG as well.

Also looking to trade my Flashfire Mega Charizard Y card for Mega Charizard X.

And I'm always looking for anything of Houndoom and Houndour that I don't already have. AND I'm also looking for two Sylveon TOMY figures.

~ Risha

Venusaur Stuff?

Hey guys. This is kind of a want post I guess.  My boyfriend has a birthday coming up in June and I want to get him some awesome pokemon stuff.  He loves Venusaur, but also really like Dragonite.   If anyone has any awesome items of these pokemon that are not plush, I would love to see them.  I just want to find him something awesome for him.  I would prefer a US shipper as his birthday is in about two weeks, but I will also consider any international stuff if it is really awesome.  I get paid on the first so I am not able to buy anything until probably the 2nd, but I would like to start viewing my options.  If you have anything please let me know!
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joicebradley's (re)introduction post!!

Hello community! Figured I'd make a formal introduction post. :D

My name's Joicedelle (or Joice for short) and I've actually been a part of this community since 2011 under the screen name bunglebearz. I am currently stationed with my husband on the beautiful island of Guam and we're planning a little vacation to Japan soon  (while I secretly pick up more Pokémon goodies at the Pokémon Centers...).

I kinda took a "hiatus" from collecting and actually sold most of it to cover bills back then. :( But over the past month or so, I've been thinking about collecting again and then just a couple weeks ago I rejoined this community under this screen name and started to get my collection going again - a few of you have already sold me some goodies (thank you very much again)!

I mostly collect Pikachu and Raichu merchandise, but I've got a few others in my collection such as Sylveon, Reshiram, Joltik, Salamence, Fennekin, and Drifloon. Right now I'm on the hunt for a Raichu Pokédoll, but no luck so far (very expensive on eBay and Amazon). :( Plush toys are my favorites!

To close, here's a picture of my very small collection ;A;

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Thank you all again for letting me be a part of this wonderful community again, I hope to buy more 'chu's from ya'll soon! ;D

KurokoTetsuya's Introduction Post!

Hi everyone! :D Nice to meet you all!

A little bit about me: My name is Laurin (ChibiArmin on dA and bunnyblock on Tumblr, for those of you who know me from those sites) and I've had a tiny collection of Pikachu and Eevee merchandise for a few years, but I only recently started really getting a collection together. I have extremely specific things that I look for, but I have a weakness for anything Pikachu-themed - it's just such an adorable Pokemon ;w; I also really like Eevee, Leafeon, Zangoose, and Meowstic, but I haven't collected much in regard to those four. I've just been mainly focused on getting together what I really really like and then divvying out funds to miscellaneous other things. I'm really trying to get more focused on my main Pikachu collection but it's so hard when there's so many other things that are so cute OTL

Anyway, if you'd like to see my tiny baby collection, pics are under the cut! (Please forgive the watermark on the pic of Skitty; it was posted to my old dA account but I don't have the original picture or a better one of Skitty ;v;)

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Thanks so much for looking and I really hope to get to know you all! :D
Alola Vulpix

Sales sales sales

Yet another sales post from me this week, I swear I'll have a collection update one of these days!  Just need to get my new shelving!  I am going on vacation in a couple of weeks and wanted to get this sales stuff all up before I go ^^

All paid for orders have been shipped, but I can combine these sales with anything still left from the following posts:

Sales Information:
★ Sales permission granted back in 2008
★ My feedback is located here!

Sales Conditions:
★ I ship from Japan and accept Paypal only.
★ Quotes/inquiries will be given a 12 hour temporary hold before they pass to the next buyer in line.
★ Items will be shipped in a regular mailer by default unless a box is requested/required. I usually ship within one week but may take up to two weeks depending on my schedule.  I will update the bottom of this post when packages have been shipped.
★ I cannot provide refunds for lost/damaged mail, but as a courtesy to the buyer I will try to replace lost/damaged items for shelf price if a replacement is available -- however often times this is not possible, so I recommend EMS (insured & tracked shipping) for any large orders. EMS starts at $15.

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And to wrap up this post, I have a couple of Sylveon items for auction super quick!  A Sylveon Watch and Deco Tape!

The watch will begin at $15 and the tape will begin at $5.  Auctions will end on Sunday, June 1st at 7PM EST (countdown)

Thanks everyone!  Happy collecting!


SHIPPING UPDATE 6/10: All packages have been shipped!

Collection update/huge want

Hey guys! finally got around to taking pictures of my collection, which ive been meaning to do since my vulpix tomy arrived :D i also just ordered sylveon/vaporeon kids and figures off of animeraro and i'm super excited, i can't believe how cheap shipping was!

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HEY also if anyone has the sylveon backpack- this one
i'm looking to buy one, if someone even just has more pictures of it that would be great, as i'm hoping to actually use it to carry stuff to and from work, and i dont know how high quality it is or if it has any other pouches or anything inside. any info on it would be great :)

collection update + some wants

Hello again! I have finally managed to get my collection in (somewhat) order, and would love to show it off!
The pictures are pretty large because of my terrible camera, sorry!
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Lastly, I have a couple wants!

Due to limited funds, as of now I can only get one or the other of these.
If these are your photos, please let me know and I will take them down immediately.

I'd love a Reshiram Pokedoll! The hang tag is not necessary, but the tush tag is. I will buy both the Japanese and American versions, but will pay more for the Japanese one. The highest I'd like to buy it for is about 30 US dollars(not including shipping, 25 for American), but feel free to go higher if you want!


I'd also love the Jakks Pacific 16 Inch Dialga! This is much lower priority, seeing as I can't offer as high as some other people for this guy, but right now I have 40 dollars i could spend on this, not including shipping!

Thank you all for looking! :)
Casual Shoto

Takara Tomy or Pokemon Center? + update sale post

I have a question for all Virizion collectors!
I really love that pokemon and I would love to get one of the big plush they made of Virizion :) the problem is I don't know which one to get, the Takara Tomy version or the Pokemon Center version?
Please tell me what are the main difference and which version you like best and why :)
Thank you! :D

I also added plushies to my sale post ^^

Link ->

Tiny preview

Price for plushies now include shipping to Canada and US :)
Phantom R, Rhythm Thief

Mcdonald's Pokemon toys in Canada? + Xerneas Pokedoll question

Hello! Sorry if this question has been asked before. In the US, you can get Pokemon toys with your Happy Meal. However, I went to several of the McDonald's in my area, and all they had were some Soccer toys. Does anyone know if Canada will be getting the Pokemon toys a little later or something?

Also, a few days ago I made a post, asking for help identifying a plush, and it turned out I had purchased bootleg plushies from a convention. I was able to refund one, and exchange the other. I was hoping this wonderful community could help me one more time, and help me determine if the Pokedoll I was sent is real or not.
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Bondra's Re-introduction post!

Hello everyone! This post is LONG overdue. For the last few months I have gone between lurking and commenting here and there. But I've been posting very little. So it is high time I posted something about myself and my collection!

My real name is Bonnie. I have a nickname, Bondra, that has kind of become my Internet alias. I'm almost 20 years old and am now a sophomore fashion merchandising major. I've been into Pokemon since I was 4 years old. (So 16 years!!! x__x) Although in middle school I did go through a bit of a "I'm too cool for that" stage. -__- I starting actually collecting Pokemon merchandise from Japan my freshman year of high school (also when I joined this lovely community).
My top 3 Pokemon are Absol, Sneasel, and Flareon. Others I adore are Raichu, Charizard, Vulpix, Ninetales, Snivy, and Espurr. I'm not a completionist when it comes to them. I just collect whatever catches my eye pertaining to them. Although I DO wish my Absol and Sneasel collections were a little bigger. T-T

BUT without further adieu, here is a peak at my collection:

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Mommy Dialga GA Payment 2, Custom clearfiles, Gets and ART!

Hello everyone! I'm here today to publish the second payment of the Mommy Dialga share some of my recent gets and put a reminder of my art comissions.

First of all, the second payment of the Mommy Dialga GA has arrived so it's time to pay!

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And know, into the gets
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Also, I'm still open for art commissions over HERE:

If you want directly buy one of this stickers they are only for 48 hours at 1$ each and the bookmarks that I have already printed for 3$ since I need some money >.<

You can see them under the cut:

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Also, I've tried to make custom folders/clearfiles (they are on cardboard so they aren't actually clearfiles. They are made to order, so more details under the cut

ss (2014-05-29 at 10.34.12)
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Also, I'm looking for a base for the Arcanine/Growlithe zukan. I won the pieces but now I need only the base

And that's all. Thanks for reading!