May 30th, 2014

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Auctions and Sales Reminder!

Hello everyone! I thought I'd pop in and remind you guys that I have a few auctions for some rare VS. Cards going on at the moment. They end in about 24 hours, there is a countdown for your convenience. Please follow the link below to go to the auction page, there are also a few Psychic Type Promotion items for sale!
Auctions and Psychic Sales:
I've also got a ton of things still available in my Flats Sales.
Scan 102
And to anybody who previously bought from me your packages have been shipped out! (I sent Paypal notices to all of you as well.)
Thank you for taking a look and I apologize for such a short, boring post. XD
TTFN, Kittay752~

Keshimon get and some Typhlosion wants

Hi guys :) Just a quick update this morning since my first ever parcel from Y!J just arrived! I ordered a little (series 2?) keshimon - although it was open, I didn't actually know what Pokemon was inside it. I seem to have a thing for blind bag/lucky bag items, so I was always going to buy this! Pictures under the cut....

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I'm sure that I'll do a collection update later on this afternoon now that pretty much all my parcels have arrived :D I'm working on updating my wants list, but in the mean time, I was wondering, are there any Pumpkaboo kids out yet?

Thanks for reading!~

Edited to add a couple of quick wants.
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Sales update and Pokemotion up for offers!

Hey guys! I'm still in the process of downsizing my collection and so have decided to weed out some more things. I updated my sales today with some new plush and figures, including some customs and lowered some prices again. Parting with some of it is hard but I don't have the room anymore and would rather they go to someone who can display and hug them more! ): Plus I'm really trying to keep focus with my collection!

On that note, I've also decided to take offers for my Pokemotion since it's just sitting around. It's a fun little toy though! ^_^

You can find more info and my sales in my journal or click on the image below!

Just a note, I am open to haggling and trades, including trades for customs particularly if they can be Greninja related. Feel free to talk to me about this if you're interested. :)

I need to charge my camera up and then I'm hoping to do a re-intro/collection update now my collection is becoming a bit more organised! XD Until next time, thanks!

Wants Post

tomy wants
*Togepi Metallic
*Pikachu Metallic
*Darkrai Glow in the Dark
*Magikarp Shiny
*Zorua Clear with stars
*Pichu Brother
*Nidoking Different Color Tone
*Jigglypuff Different Color Tone
*Butterfree Different Color Tone
*Groudon hyper size
*Palkia hyper size
*Raichu Pokedoll
Dropped the price on my mega tomy sets click on the link for my sales
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4 years of walls of Yellow and Orange.

I can't believe I've been collecting for 4 years :"D my collection has grown so much compared to the first year where I only had movies,games,and a spattering of tomy figures.

I've met some really nice people who share my passion and it's amazing <3.

I collect a lot of different pokemon but my main passion is Pikachu,Charmander,and Charizard.
Though Hydreigon comes close to becoming a main if I ever get off my butt and add to my miniscule collection haha.
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Auctions end in under 2 days (charizard just for size references)

Derpy-chu, I choose you!

Hi community!

So, today, my parents have asked me to tidy out my room of ALL of my plushies. I am not kidding when I say my mountain of plushies almost reaches the ceiling 0.0

Anyway, I found some plush from my childhood including this 'pikachu' which I've nicknamed Derpy-chu.
Here's a preview:

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Can anyone identify Derpy-chu? I got him from a car boot sale in the UK when I was little. Any help is much appreciated!

Thanks for reading! Let's see if we can solve this mystery! ^ ^

Also, I've received a package in the mail today and have one more I'm expecting any day now. When my last package arrives I'll be doing a gets post. :D

pokemon sales/wants
1.i was granted sales permission on 07/02/11 by dakajojo044


                                                       >> clearfile with the purple silhouettes



TRADE WITH ME WANTS-  i only trade with members who have good community feedback


Wants! (TFG + Chess Pieces + Suicune + Tyrunt)

Hello everyone! I'm looking for some plushies and figures!

I'm hoping to purchase some of the Trading Figures and Chess pieces. I only have the Groudon chess piece and 8 trading figures. So please let me know if you have any of them!
Trading Figures I have: Tyranitar, Turtwig, Pikachu, Meowth, Raticate, Chimchar, Groudon, Zangoose.


Is anyone currently doing pickups for the Tyrunt Plush or just selling one? I'm looking to spend about $30 with shipping to Canada. If that can't be done I have a US address it can be sent to. I'm looking for any Suicune plushies too! I would really like the Pokedoll to go with my other two legendary beast @_@.

Thanks everyone!
Ash and Serena

Tiny and quick reminder!

Hello there guys!
Just wanted to let you know that the newest dice that I have received in the mail are auctioned off and will end in less than 24 hours!

Please CLICK HERE to go to the auctions!

And for the next time, a very special package should arrive to me on Monday (why must it be Friday, no mail during weekends), which will be absolutely worth it for the wait!

What could these beauties be? <3<3<3<3<3<3

Until next time, thank you so much guys!

It's been awhile~

Hello community!

I've been out of the loop for quite some time, but I'm happy to be back! I'm so excited for the upcoming remakes ^^ and a warm hello to all new members, it's very nice to meet all of you!

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Hope you all enjoy my sharing~

Does anyone have this adorable sleeping Chespin for sale (or any other non-Tomy, small Chespin figures)? Interested buyer here, as long as you are willing to ship to Malaysia~