May 31st, 2014

Wants ^_^

Hey Guys!

Just A Quick Wants Post

Currently Looking For Both Mantine And Staryu's Zukan Line

Any Other Zukans Anyones Selling I'd Be Grateful If You Let Me Know As I Collect Them :D

I Prefer Mint Ones But Will Consider Others If They're In Good Condition.

Cheers Again



Wants... the collecting never ends.

Hey everyone! I don't think I have posted in a couple of weeks aside from commenting.

Anyways, my wife and I are going to celebrate our one year anniversary in june and we would like to find some of our grail items.

So click the cut for some wants!

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Thanks everyone and I will be posting a collextion update sometime in mid june. :D prepare for sableye and metagross explosion

quick intro and finally a gets post :P

Hi everyone! My name is Hannah and I have been a member for a year now. I don't really post often (even though I should ^^), but I've been lurking almost everyday. I love reading everyone's posts and I often seek out awesome sales and group auctions! I'm currently 20 years old and I'm living in Canada. We just finished a long winter, pretty much skipped Spring and went into Summer! Haha!

My first Pokemon game was Pokemon Yellow, but my favourite game would be Emerald. That's why I'm so excited for Delta Emerald coming out soon! I also love all the Eeveelutions (come on everyone must have a favourite Eeveelution!!), Vulpix, Ninetales, Growlithe, Arcanine, Chikorita, Meganium, Latias, Chespin, Fennekin, Gardevoir, Milotic, and seriously I can't list them all....

I use to collect Eeveelution plush, Canvas plush and much more but I sold all my babies on Ebay a few months ago :'( I miss them, but its a way to start fresh! Here's some of them ^^ I keep pictures to remember them :P

past plush

Gets Preview

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C&H Autumn
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A nice get and two rare plush auctions!

If anyone remembers when I made that post regarding the Battle Trozei cushion, I was quite disappointed to see someone had BIN'd it before I could raise the funds to get it. I thought that since they were the grand lottery prize, I wouldn't be seeing another one for a long while.

Well, this just came in the mail today...


All I can say is YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =D This was only made possible thanks to the amazing superfluousmeg for telling me. This cushion was put up on Y!J about several days after the first one that had the $800 reserve price. I honestly thought that I wouldn't win this one since that first auction was pretty competitive. But to my surprise, only a few people participated in the auction and I ended up winning this for about 1/5 the cost of the first one. So not only was I happy to get this, but was definitely happy to have saved a TON of money!

I have included photos where you can see all the faces included on the cushion :)
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Also, I have two auctions up for you guys that you might like :)

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Pokemon Center Large Kyurem - Starts at $150 / BIN at $200
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TOMY Heartland Dialga - Starts at $200 / BIN at $350
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And finally, as always, my most recent sales post is here.


Sales Update!

Hey guys, I'm still around but mostly lurking. Been a busy year for me...
Anyhow, sales updates with TCG, figures, and random what's-a-ma-bobs! Collection update to come soon (just waiting for a couple more things to come in the mail).

Clicky to take a peek^^

very quick want post

I've actually been having fairly good luck finding everything on my wants list but there's one in particular I haven't been able to find that is top priority at the moment:

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Thank you for looking! Please contact me if you have one you wouldn't mind parting with or you know someone who has one for sale :) I would accept any condition w/ or w/o tags!

Green Birdie Collection video

I added another video to my channel- I did a collection video of my Natu and Xatu collection. I do a little mini review of everything I own so check it out!


cutcutcut here

in other news I got my hands on the small sleeping Pikachu kutakuta plush and I'm absolutely in love with it. Still after the jumbo one, but this guy is keeping me company for now :D I love how he can just sleep any where. He fits comfortably on my head ^.^


Thanks guys :D

Sales and Auctions post!

I have lots of new stuff for sale today, and I have adjusted the prices of lots of old things. I also have a few things up for auction. Here is a very small preview:

DSC02917 DSC02894

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I joined about a week (or 2) ago, and am finally getting around to making an intro post.

My main collecting focus is on Pokedolls, which all started with picking up 1-2 whenever I made the trip down to the kiosks in Seattle from Vancouver BC where I live. Having missed out on a lot of them, whether it be due to kiosk selection rotation, infrequent trips, and being fairly new to collecting these (early 2012), I eventually began buying online, and recently found my way here.

My collection as it stands today:

2014-05-31 18.29.32

Pokedolls aside, I also own a few Tomy plush, and play the Pokemon TCG competitively.

I have no idea if it's unusual for a guy to collect these things but I'm quite fond of them.
My gf likes them too so I guess it works out.


I am currently on the lookout for a LUCARIO pokedoll for myself, and a MUNNA pokedoll for my gf.
MWT is a must.

If anyone out there has extras for reasonable prices + shipping to Canada, please let me know!
EBay seems to have nothing but fakes / bootlegs / factory rejects, with the occasional legitimate but severely overpriced ones ;(

find/Question & gets

Hey Guys!
so today I was cleaning up my room and came across this tin pencil case from 2010 with every pokemon on it....
this pencil case is from japan and the company "showa note"( a stationery company)
and it sort looks like the map of the whole world with the pokemon living in certain regions and where they belong.
I am thinking about offering it to the community but want to know how rare it is first.

i was trying to find pictures of this online but there were none so I had take pictures of mine...

here are some pictures for more details...

(the front)
photo 1 (3)

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I also have a folder that is like the pencil case and feature every pokemon (1st-4th gen)
is this also rare? and if I offer it to the community, how much would it go for?

photo 3 (4)
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Today, I also received the "Ken Sugimori Works" book which has a section about pokemon...
its a short section but very enjoyable :)

photo 5 (1)

thanks for reading guys :)

Shipping update for the Hype Sales/Auctions

I'm so sorry that this notice is late! Work, car issues, and other obligations haven't given me much time to myself to unwind. @_@

As of Wednesday, all paid orders have been shipped out with the exception of shiny_zekrom's. Your order will be shipped out next week on either Tuesday or Wednesday, whichever day my credit union receives the funds.

If any of you want proof, here's a really awkward pic of the long shipping receipt. ^^; It was heard getting it all in one shot.

To make this post a little less boring, I'll provide proof of exactly how much of my Groudon collection I'm getting rid of.

Here's a pic of what it looked like before weeding:

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Taiwan middleman wanted

Hey everyone!

I'm trying to win a few plush from yahoo taiwan but the only middleman that I know of that does taiwan buying is shopping mall japan but they don't do bidding. So I'm at a loss. Where else can I get a middleman that bids on yahoo taiwan?

Any help would be appreciated!