June 2nd, 2014

Big gets,stamps for sale & trade with me!

Hello everybody ~ this saturday I finally got packages from the comm and from ebay, on which I worried that they never will arrive, because of problems with the postman who put packages on the floor for my door or under the mailbox(!!) where everybody could steal them!! So I worried because of the long shipping time, thought I will never get them -.-"
But then this saturday I got in my mailbox 2 packages. And a bigger package from the postoffice!


Yay! It was my pokemon stampsheets, for I wait a long time! I cut them off to separate each! So I have a cool collection of bugtype stamps now ~ and the others are up for sale or trade! Also some other cool stuff I have for trade!

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Want lists! Zukan

Hi guys! I need theses guys to complete my zukan collection. If anyone has one of these for sale, please contact me here or an email : nomercy_slinzman@hotmail.com

Thank you for your attention! :D

[for pictures!]
toxicroak piece
torkoal from rse8
milotic zukan
milotic zukan
ditto zukan
Rotom attack

Airkids and Mew and some more auctions owo/

Finally gathered time to start an auction!
Many Mew stuff (some are for straight sales as well!) and other random sorta popular Pokemon stuff~ Also have two "air kid" that I have no idea where to find info about @u@

Auction ends at Thursday/5th of June at 11:00pm (GMT+8) Hong Kong Time! It's around Thursday morning (11am for GMT-8) in the US timezone. Countdown here! (The old embed one I used isn't working anymore ;n;)

Sales permission granted by dakajojo on Nov 18. 2011!

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And as always, if you're bidding on the items, feel free to combine with stuff from my sales too ;)
Added Sylveon strap and starter zukans and lowered some prices ;3

Looking for a Japanese badge set pickup :)

Hey guys! I'm here today with a pretty seriously big want. To my understanding, about 300 XY framed badge sets were released in Japan about a week ago. A few friends and I have been dying to get our hands on them but unfortunately, they have not been put up on the Pokemon Center Amazon store, which is how I was planning to purchase them :( I am looking to have them shipped domestically within Japan to Fukui (way too far away from the nearest Pokemon Center, haha).
I was hoping that I might be able to find someone from the community based in Japan who would be willing to arrange to pay someone to do a pickup for me? Please let me know :)

Screen Shot 2014-06-02 at 10.10.30 am

(I've seen quite a few people asking for middlemen in the past but this is a bit different, so if asking for something like this isn't allowed, please let me know and I'll take it down. It's just that I've been searching everywhere and would really hate to miss out on such a fantastic item!)

Thanks! ^^
bulbasaur 1

Re-intro & Play-by-Play Questions

Hello! I took a hiatus from this community for the past 8 months-ish, so I figure I would reintroduce myself. My name is Nicole, am almost 21 years old, will be entering graduate school in the fall for a MS in Art Therapy, and I presently live in Florida. Pokemon Red version was the first video game I ever owned and the reason I asked my parents for a Game Boy Color (I had originally fallen in love with the television series/Pokemon toys). Pokemon has been a constant part of my life since that time. Because I still have all of my Pokemon toys from childhood, I technically started my collection back in the days of Hasbro plush and Tomy figures (especially my Bulbasaur collection), but I did not officially start "collecting" until early 2013 when I decided to actually join this community, as opposed to just staring at all of the pretty things. :)

As far as collecting Pokemon goes, I am primarily a plush collector. I have tried to minimize my collections to specific Pokemon/their lines, so for all intents and purposes I collect: Bulbasaur line, Oddish line, Victini, Eevee, Oshawott line, Scraggy line, Fennekin line, Helioptile line, and Dedenne with some side collections here and there. However, the Bulbasaur line, specifically Bulbasaur him/herself, is my *Main Collection* and takes priority. This is actually the reason for this post!

I am not the "I need every single piece of merchandise ever" type of collector, but I am interested in purchasing a wide variety of the Bulbasaur Play-by-Plays. What sizes of Play-by-Play Bulbasaurs are there? (I have done many searches on this matter, but generally either the size information lacks pictures or the pictures lack size information. What sizes do you all own? Could you maybe link me to pictures/provide measurements?

Anyway, here are the four Play-by-Plays I own (with a Bulbasaur pokedoll for size reference). Please click the picture for a larger one.

QuickShot 2014.05.28 at 15.27.13

Thank you for your help. I plan to actually get my collection site up and running at some point during this summer!

Big ol' sales time

Lots of sales today, including 35 Retsuden stamps, Togepi Pokedoll, 2 mint bell plush, Pracoro dice, Trozei stickers, cheap plush, and more! If I have listed a crazy price, feel free to make an offer (but I might not accept!). The stuff isn't in any particular order... so be sure to look at all the pics :)

Please note I am going out soon. Will reply to you later in the afternoon! Be sure to indicate if you are committed!

Tiny preview:
june sales.jpg
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Super Fluffy Grail Gets

Eeeee!!!! I'm so happy, Last week I got two of my most wanted ever grails! I can't even fully express how happy I am, It made my day when I got them. It's been a not so goodweek for me so Thank you to the two wonderful people I bought these from, It really cheered me up<3. Along with my fluffy grails I got a few other things for a few "side" collections of mine. On to the pictures!

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overdue mega gets post

Okay so here is the most image heavy update prolly ever. D:

4/11 I got married! We were able to have a
Pokemon themed reception which I was pretty happy about.
I'll include more on that under this cut~

((Please skip this entire next cut if you just wanna see my collection! It's in the second cut! :D
And please let me know if this type of update is not allowed! I'm totally fine with taking it down,
I just know some people were interested in a possible pokemon themed wedding. :) ))

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We were then able to move into an apartment together and so
I'd been waiting until we moved to do a gets update.
I still have several boxes to unpack,
but I know I'm just missing some cards I bought
so these pictures are pretty current/accurate. n_n

More under the cut!

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Thanks for stoppin' c:



So I joined really recently, and I thought I should make my intro post!

I'm Glitch I'm 14 and I'm fairly new to collect specific Pokemon, I've collected pokemon in general for a while. My main collections are the Chespin line, the Goomy line, Gilgar and Gilscor. The Pokemon I hope to also collect are Maractus, Corsola, the Chikorita line, Sandshrew, Sandslash, Chingling, Chimenco, Sableye, Cherubi, Cherrim, Shroomish, Breloom, Shellos and Gastroon. I hope to have pictures of my collection soon!
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Wanted 1rst Generation Tomy

I want to complete my collection of the first generation and I will make a list of figures that I need, if anyone has them and wants to sell them to contact me... ^^
[Spoiler (click to open)]
#10 - Caterpie
#15 - Beedrill
#29 - Nidoran♀
#33 - Nidorino
#35 - Clefairy
#36 - Clefable
#39 - Jigglypuff
#41 - Zubat
#42 - Golbat
#45 - Vileplume
#46 - Paras
#47 - Parasect
#53 - Persian
#59 - Arcanine
#64 - Kadabra
#66 - Machop
#67 - Machoke
#68 - Machamp
#69 - Bellsprout
#70 - Weepinbell
#71 - Victreebel
#72 - Tentacool
#73 - Tentacruel
#75 - Graveler
#77 - Ponyta
#78 - Rapidash
#81 - Magnemite
#82 - Magneton
#88 - Grimer
#89 - Muk
#90 - Shellder
#92 - Gastly
#93 - Haunter
#124 - Jynx
#129 - Magikarp
#132 - Ditto
#142 - Aerodactyl
#145 - Zapdos
#147 - Dratini
#148 - Dragonair

I know they are many and some are more prized than others, but I'm interested in getting before which are cheaper

Thanks :3

Huge Birthday collection update

Hiya collectors! I don't know where to start with this. My collection has grown so much since my first collection post and I thought this was long overdue. It was also my Birthday a week back and I was finally able to order some plushies online (milestone for me).

Anyways, here was my collection 9 months ago.
(you can read all about it over here: http://pkmncollectors.livejournal.com/15693648.html )

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Wants Post

I am looking to buy one or two items of my wish list since I just received my tax return. XD
I know I won't be able to afford all of it at once, but I hope someone has at least a few items for sale

Bootleg Ampharos. Yes, I know it's a bootie but I find it very cute.
If someone accidentally bought it, I'd love to take it off your hands.
Not going to buy any off ebay, though, because I only want to get one that has already been bought anyway.

Banpresto Ampharos 5 inch


Kyogre Pokédoll

Giratina Origin Form Pokédoll

Chespin Pokédoll (For less than 28$ shipped, as that is the Sunyshore price MWT)

If there are more than one version (US or Japanese Pokédolls), I don't care too much about which one it is.
I would like the plush to be in very good condition but since it is cheaper, I don't insist on hang tags. Tush tags are fine, since these are for keeps anyway.

Shipping would be to Germany c:
Photos are randomly taken from google images. If one of this is your and you would not like me to use it, please let me know.

Edit: The cut just turned all my photos into code... so I removed it. Please forgive me for posting these photos wihout a cut :<

Mega Collection update!

Hi everyone :) Time for a little collection update since the last time I showed you, I only had a Jakks Pacific Minccino and the talking Oshawott :p

Quick preview of what I've added :D
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And last thing is just my wants again, as usual I'm looking for the Typhlosion think chip figure and minicott as well as any Quilava or Typhlosion kids :D

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Sorry for the absolutely huge post, but I think an update was overdue :p

C&amp;H Autumn
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Auction Reminder | DX Arceus Pokedoll Sale | Paris Vivillon Cloning

A reminder that my auctions for two legendary plushies end in about 15 hours! No bids have been made yet. These are pretty hard to come by, especially that Heartland Dialga with both tags! So get your bids in before they're gone!

Please click any image to be transported to the auctions.

There is also the extremely rare Daisuki Club DX Arceus Pokedoll still up for sale.

Please click the above image to be transported to the sale.

--- Pokemon Center Paris Vivillon Event Cloning ---

Also, I read chromapika's recent post regarding cloning the event Vivillon. To clear things up, my original intention was to just make one clone of it for myself as cloning with 6th Gen games can be harder than cloning with previous gens. But after further consideration, I may open up some slots for cloning. I'm not so sure yet what kind of commission to ask for this, but I will not be asking for money (unless you're feeling generous).

I would send my own game, but I like my events to be in the language that they are meant to be received in - like French for the Poke Ball pattern Vivillon and either English, Italian, or German for the VGC Shiny Mamoswine.

If you are interested in getting a cloned Vivillon, let me know so I can get an idea of how many people here want this.

multi-purpose post. ;3 [ gets, trades!, and figure identification help!]

Hello everyone! :D:D:D

Before I move on to anything, I wanted to say thanks to all the people who helped me in finding a gift for my friend! I found something perfect, so I'm sure she'll love it!


Simple and sweet!

First off, I have a few gets I want to show off! :D

HOORAY! Here is my Shinx/Luxray collectio so far. I've managed to achieve the DX Luxray plush. BUT! He was missing his red nose! :c So I made one for him. <3 He looks handsome! :D <3

And, this Buizel Pokedoll I got from nightmare_chan2. Thank you so much! He's flipping adorable. I'm in love! XD


Next, I still have a few plush up for sale, from my last trades post. Unfortunately, none of the trades were successful.. :( so let's make something happen! :D

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I've UPDATED my wants post, along with new Pokemon that I'm turning into my main collection.. I've absolutely fallen in love with Shinx and Luxray, as well as Absol and MegaAbsol. YAYAYAY! Moar money spending! XD

That being said, I've updated my wants list majorly. Please take a look! :3 Any and all help is SUPER appreciated.

^ Click the banner to be transported! ^


Lastly, I need some figure identification help..

They're fuzzy, fit in the palm of your hand, but they're not banks.. Anyone know? There are some markings on the back of them..