June 6th, 2014

First sales post! TCG and custom art :) Mega Kangaskhan EX!

Hi guys! I've been lurking lately, but I've been here! :D

ALRIGHT... so I'm only comfortable with selling cards for now. I have lots of figures and kids etc. to sell later but for now we'll see how this goes.

Today I'm offering cards from HS Undaunted, HS Triumphant, XY FlashFire, and B&W Plasma Blast; wrappers, and custom traditional art done on artist trading cards (a small piece of watercolor paper the same size as a TCG).

I don't have any specific examples of this as I've not made any art on these cards before, but here is a link to my deviantart gallery for examples of my quality of work!

I have 10 cards and they will be $5.00 each.
What I WILL draw on these:
-An evolution line on 1 card
-A single pokemon on 1 card
-Pokemon OC's
-Realistic style, Toony style, Canon style

What I WON'T draw on these:
-Human characters

If you have a specific idea, just ask me about it and I'll most likely draw it! Just no humans please!

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MEGA KANGASKHAN EX! MINT/NEAR MINT! in a sleeve and a toploader (toploader isn't in the best condition, only one I had...)
Asking $13.00 USD!
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Thank you for looking! (◕﹏◕✿)
Noivern time

Recent gets and Noivern/Noibat collection update :)

Hi guys! I've been SUPER MIA lately because I've been buried in bills and payments butttt today I come to you with a Noivern/Noibat collection update! Customs galore ^__^ Image heavy I"m sorry :c

Here's a teeny tiny preview :>

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My next post will be a sales post! I will have a bunch of new kids to add to it along with some Pokemon Time straps and clearfiles! I'm probably going to start weeding out some of my eeveelutions as I'm primarily focusing on Noibat/Noivern, Charizard, Sylveon, and Absol now :c so be on the look out if you collect them! I have 2 small walky eevee plush now so one of them will also be up for sale! :)

Thanks for looking (at this very long post)!

Seeking Farfetch'd Merch!

Hello everybody! My name is AgentGoldfish, I'm a new member and collector of all things near-and-far-fetch'd. I'm looking to buy some Farfetch'd merchandise I don't already have, so please don't hesitate to comment if you've got some you're willing to sell. List of stuff I'm looking for specifically under the cut:
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EDIT: Also looking for someone to commission to make a replica leek. If you're willing to take it we can discuss further the specifics of what I want. Thank you!


Since My Zukan Posts Don't Really Get Much Attention At The Moment I'll Ask You Guys For Something Else!

What I'm Looking For Are Porygon/Porygon2 Merch

No Flats, Just Actual 3D Stuff!

I Wanna Surprise My Boyfriend With A Cute Present Of His Fave Pokemon ^_^

Cheers In Advance



AH! I wanna show off my collection! :D + BRING ME YOUR CUSTOM POKEMAN PLOOSH.


I realized that a lot of people do a 're-introduction' post; I haven't done one since the first time I joined, so here we go!

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Without further boring walls of texts, let's get on to recent pictures of my collection (that I just took a few hours ago! :D )

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WHEW. And that's it folks! I hope you all enjoyed. :D I also wanted to say that I love love LOVE this community. I appreciate every bit of help all of you have provided me with. More than 95% of my collection has been achieved through the community.. and I love every bit of it. The kindness here is outstanding! I love how we all have this thing in common - the love of Pokemon. I have made many friends for the short while I've been here, and all of you have been good to me in ways no words can describe! THANK YOU! I love you all. Here's to more great years of collecting with you guys!


Finally, I'm looking for some already made custom plush of these Pokemon:

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Please let me know of ANY custom plush you might have of the Pokemon listed! :D I NEED MOAR CUSTOMS. I love unique work! :D Let's work out a trade or, something! Anything!

And that's all for now!
*hyperness settles down*

HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND! (I'm going on a mini-vacation to the beach! Whoopee!)

pokemon: mamo!


(click for bigger view) (thanks kitzune for the photo!)

(closeups from denkimouse!)

Pokemon Time for this July!!


List of goods:
Plushies (Raichu, Furret, Dragonite, Zangoose)
A4 Clearfiles (11 kinds: Raichu, Dragonite, Furret, Scizor, Plusle+Minun, Shedinja, Zangoose, Blaziken, Sceptile, Swampert, Darkrai)
Stickers (6 kinds: Raichu, Dragonite, Furret, Scizor, Plusle+Minun, Zangoose)
Pocket Cover Notebooks (2 kinds: Raichu, Sceptile+Blaziken+Swampert)
Ball pen (4 kinds: Raichu, Sceptile+Blaziken+Swampert, Furret, Scizor)
Straps (12 kinds: Raichu, Dragonite, Furret, Scizor, Plusle, Minun, Shedinja, Zangoose, Blaziken, Sceptile, Swampert, Darkrai)
Hand towel (5 kinds: Raichu, Furret, Blaziken+Sceptile+Swampert, Scizor, Darkrai)
Sparkly tins with candy collection vol. 2 (No list)

Looking for XY01 zukan

I've decided to collect all the XY zukan, so that means I need XY01 too! I'm not sure if I even want those starters, since they're so small and the Kalos starters come in XY02 too. But I guess not getting them is cheating, I wouldn't have them all. Xerneas and Yveltal are a must have though! Anyone has them for sale? They don't have to be MIP, I will be taking them out anyway :P

sleepy time! sales, wants, and other stuffies!

Hello grand pkmncollectors community! Hope everyone is having an awesome day. :3
I have a few things I wanted to post about.
First off...
Next week, there's a certain Pikachu promotion that I'm in dire need of everything from.
Here's a hint, it's my main collection. What is my main collection? Here's another hint: take a look at my username/avatar.
That's right, folks!! Onemuri Pikachu
In order for me to afford this painfully necessary-to-have promotion, I've finally re-launched my sales post!
May I re-introduce you to...

Sleepy Sales!

You'll want to take a look, guys and gals. I've got some nifty things there. Sales and a couple of auctions.
(Plusle/Minun lot, Sylveon plush, jumbo Shinx, female Pika plush, TCGO codes, and more~)
Please help me raise monies for my addiction collection!

And speaking of collections, I'm still collecting Pokemon cards (Pikachu/Raichu/Pichu/Plusle/Minun/Emolga) and still have lots missing.
I want to also mention that I am not only a Sleepychu collector, but a Pumpkaboo and Sylveon collector!
Pumpkaboo is my main obsession right now. If you have any Pumpkaboo stuffies, please let me know. As always, I'm searching for Onemuri Pikachu merch! SHOW THEM TO MEEE~ *u*

Actually, here's my wish lists: Here, here, and here.

Thank you for reading this. I'm hoping to do a collection update pretty soon, and most certainly expect a massive one when if I make off with all the new Onemuri Pikachu merch! Wish me luck~