June 7th, 2014

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Saaales!! and rare 1:1 scale Chikorita plush auction!

I have moved my sales over to my personal journal finally, woohoo!

Right now I am having a big KIDS BLOWOUT SALE!! Get these things out of my house! They are all buy 2 get one free. The older or less popular the set is the cheaper it gets, they are all priced accordingly, but you can buy 2 get 1 free from any set of the same value.
I am also doing buy 2 get 1 free on metal figures from G1 and metal coins of all gens right now :>

That's all going on down here!!

feraligotorsales- knock out
Click the picture or follow this link: http://feraligroggles.livejournal.com/346.html

Secondly, I'm auctioning a 1:1 scale chikorita plush and a Phanpy pokedoll! See below the cuts for more info on them and more pictures!

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It's time to update the sales!

Hello everyone!

After some time I've updated my sales post witht tons of kids, including a clear mismagius and the glow in the dark plusle and minun, also I've included Eevee origami paper, you can take a look of these ones over here or go to my sales post clicking here or on the banner below to look for other things. Next week expect another batch of 120 kids and maybe some plushies!

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Also, I've still left some custom bookmarks and stickers for sale like these ones, you can look at them on the sales post too!

And as usual, here are the links to my sales and wants post

Thanks for reading!
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Plush Sales + Paris Vivillon Cloning Status

Here is my sales post once again. doryphish333 has volunteered to become a middleman again so anybody in the US that wants to combine shipping can do so. I will edit this post with a link to a spreadsheet soon.

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--- Pokemon Center Paris Vivillon ---

chromapika was kind enough to lend me their Poke Ball Vivillon to clone. I have already made several clones to start off with and I will give priority to those that have purchased from me in the past (some may need to remind me, especially if you didn't leave feedback before) and have expressed interest in this. I will pass a copy to aarux to clone more for everyone else I couldn't get around to. I've decided that I won't ask for anything in return, as long as the Pokemon you give me isn't hacked and was obtained by you (i.e. has your OT and ID no.).
So yeah, if you haven't already done so, please put your FC details in the 3DS Friend Code Exchange sheet found in this post. I (or aarux) will reply to your comment from my previous post when a Vivillon is available for you.

More Gets!

Hi Community!

I'm back once again with some more gets! I've been really excited over receiving these as they are pieces for my main collections (and myself which you shall soon see). I'm sorry that I haven't been able to post any earlier than now but I've been busy with exams -.- (its that time of year again).

Anyway, I just want to add that these items were SO hard to photograph so I apologize in advance. XD

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Well, that's all from me for now. Thank you for reading!

Pupstergirl ~

Big update to my Sylveon collection!

Hai guys! Long time no see. xD I kinda vanished off here for a while. I was still commenting on things but never wanted to do update posts because there was always something else coming in the mail that I wanted to wait for. Well... I'm *still* waiting for a few of my Sylveons. I bought the 12" Banpresto from samisales but it's either gone missing or it's taking a looooong time to arrive. >: Plus I have a shiny Sylveon perler coming, the Sylveon Pokedoll and I've just ordered a Sylveon hat from a lovely seller on Etsy. :3 The hat probably won't be part of my display collection though since it'll always be on my head haha.

Anyways, look under the cut to see how my collection is coming along!

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Wanted! PC Dedenne

Ok, I wonder if the community can help me with something. I'm looking for the Pokémon Center Dedenne plush, I've already checked everywhere else and when I was going to buy they tell me it's sold or the product was taken down (happened 5 times). :/ I've seen it go from $22-$30 (NWT plus ship) so I'd like to keep it around there. Does anyone here have one NWT/MINT they can sell me? c:

*image from ya-e on dA, hope it's ok I use this image, if not I will take it down and replaced asap!

Fixing zukan paint errors?

I got the adorable Mareep line zukan set recently but my Ampharos doesn't have whites in its eyes! :0 While it looks very cute all beady-eyed, does anyone have any suggestions for what kind of white paint would be best for giving it back its pupils (are they even pupils)? :) I'm hoping for something that wouldn't be washed off easily with water/soap! Thanks! <3
Chillarmy - Patchwork

Sylveons, Victinis...and other plush :3

A bunch of new Pokedolls (and new versions of older Pokedolls) plus Pokemon Center exclusive plush and the Pokemon x Japanese Design promo all came out today at the Pokemon Centers in Japan.

The blind package gacha pins were the main highlight of the day. Everyone went crazy for them. The Center staff were not prepared for how popular these things would be and had to first move the machines from the middle of the store, where people waiting for the machines just got in the way of everyone, to the front of the store near the door, and then they started making people wait outside to get in and use the machines.

The plush were all really cute in person, as I expected! Aside from the gacha machine issues, the Center wasn't really that crowded today, which was nice.

On the down side...it seems like the shipment of new plush got beat up at some point, or something, because a larger than average amount of plush had bent or misshapen tags. Of course, just having the plush out, it's naturally that some of the tags will get a little bent, but it seemed like every other plush I picked up had a bent tag. And this was the first day for this sale, and we got in as the doors opened, so unless one ghost kid went running through the store bending all the tags...

At any rate, pictures!

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After trying the pin gacha myself too many times and not getting any substitute pins the first thing I did after getting home was to take close-up shots of the new plush!

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Closing up this post...

- The next big thing at the Pokemon Center is pokedoll charms, which come out closer to the end of this month. For now, at least, I don't think there is anything too exciting happening between now and then.

- There was a display at the Pokemon Center for the upcoming Red nendoroid figure. (For anyone curious, I posted the picture I took to my Tumblr -> here)

- I can't wait for the Pokemon Time promo! It seems to be really early this year. The Raichu plush is especially adorable!

If you read this far, you deserve a cookie! Thanks for checking out my post, and see you next time :D

Looking for some volunteers+ question

With all the bootleg posts going around, I think it's time to do an updated plush guide, not that any of the ones we have here are bad, but since some of them were made, bootleggers have improved. :( so far I got j_ule to add some pokedoll info once she gets the time, but if someone would like to work with her, I'm sure she wouldn't mind ^^ I also would like for someone to add some pokecenter plush bootleg signs too! If anyone would like to team up with each other to research that's totally fine by me! Credit will be given to all those who contribute :) which is why I changed the title XP I got a lot of banpresto facts but if anyone knows something that I haven't put, or if I made a mistake feel free to tell me :) email anything you would like to add to ladyneko92@aol.com and I will copy and paste it :D


now for my question
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Quick Auction~

Guess who's back, back again? LOL
its haepbrosonearth with a short auction!

HI guys I'm back with a short auction with pretty rare stuff so dont miss out :)

I was granted sales permission on 4/5/14 by allinia.
and my feedback is http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/haepbrosonearth/

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this auction will end on June 13th @ 11 PM Pacific Time (YAY when I get out from school > <)

here's a little preview :)

photo 2 (2)photo 4 (2)

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You may bid now :)
Please don't bid until thread is finished and this is crossed off!

Thank you for viewing ;)
Fight, Umbreon

Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire - June CoroCoro / Wants!

Hey Guys!
I have some good news. The CoroCoro magazine have published some photos of Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire which shows some new Mega Evolutions and how the Trainers looks! I'm so excited! *____*

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Also I have a really really big want! I'm still looking for the Jolteon Chupa Figure with his Pokeball(?) I don't know if the has a Pokeball, Masterball, or anything else. :/


Thank you so much! 
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