June 9th, 2014

Love Bubbles

Auction/Sales Updates!

Updated my ebay sales and auctions again, folks!

Behold, Rotom Poke'dolls! (I bought these for my collection, but they're not as cute as I thought they'd be. So they need new homes!)


Heat Rotom Poke'doll

Frost Rotom Poke'doll

Both are in excellent condition.

I still have my assorted charm lot available for offers and a few other Poke'dolls that need new homes. Thanks for looking!

I was granted sales permission for pkmncollectors by entirelycliched on 4/2/2012. My feedback page is right here.


Owner Update!

Hi comrades!!!

Long time no mod post from me. Actually, as members who've checked the mod info lately know, I have not been an active moderator for some time now, but today I am returning to that job to do some cleaning up and some feedback request!

First of all, PLEASE remember the first rule of this community is that it is a collecting community, not a game news community!. Please do not post random Pokemon game news here. We have let the last few go because we as mods did not put up the discussion posts ourselves, and we want everyone to enjoy, but the next time Corocoro leaks/some kind of big news comes out (especially about ORAS), one of us will make an official discussion post AND sticky it to the top for a few days. We WILL have to delete any other off topic (not collection related) posts.

SALES PERMISSION! We know it is pretty backed up right now, and we are sorry about that! But, your patience will pay off and we hope to get through all of the sales permission requests in the next day.

MODERATOR REPLIES! We know have also been a bit slow. We apologize if you've emailed one of us and have not yet gotten a reply, or response time has been slow. Despite the community mostly being very calm and peaceful this year, all three actively working mods all had major life changes occur all at the same time, and thus, the backup. As these life changes are almost sorted, things should be back to normal response time soon. Again, we thank you so much for your patience!!

The ONLY reason the community has not completely gone to chaos while the mods have been so busy is because you guys are awesome. You follow rules, solve your own problems, act responsibly and maturely and in general, are the best. Naturally there are some troublemakers, and we'll try to help out when trouble comes up, as it's what we are here to do!, but overall you guys are all wonderful.

So in summary, keep posts on topic for me, and we slow mods apologize for slowness and hope to get everything back on track soon. Let me know if you have some other concerns or want to talk about anything, and I will try to help out.

PS... GA rules are now totally up to date!. Thank you to allinia for checking them over and getting them updated!

Question about your collection & searching for some flats!

Hello everybody ~ hope you enjoy the super-warm sommer weather! :D

I would like you to ask something about your collections, because I want to re-sort my collections and expand my bug-collection and thinking how to do this! Also because I haven't much place.
Do you collect ALL things came out from your favourite pokemon or only the stuff you like? Do you have your collection for decoration in your home? And then, don't you collect any stuff you don't like? (I by myself for example don't like the old hasbro and play-by-play plushies so I don't want to own them). Therefore I think I will never have a "complete" collection(?)
Do you want to collect only your favourite pokemon or only a special type but cannot do this because of other pokemon or things you like, who not fit in with your collection? :o
For myself its really hard to decide collecting only bug-type pokemon because I also like others - but having only one collection would be better to me U.U
Whats better to collect flats?? I made a folder for all my favourite tcgs and some other cards, also for postcards. But I want to decorate my bug-collection with some flats. I don't want to frame them - cannot see them so good through the glass xD I consider to stick them on the wall oO...how do you do this? Does it gives foils for smaller flats like amada stickers? I only have foils for tcg cards...
Anyone here have posted about those "stairs" for displaying figures...but its longer time ago. I would really interested in those if anyone own them or know how I could buy them, please tell me :3

I'm searching for the following flats:
- Heracross holo boomer sticker
- Amada (or kind of) holo stickers with heracross, caterpie line, venonat line, ledyba..maybe other bugs
- maybe other flats!

Please show me what you have! I can buy or trade!

Thanks in advance for your help! :)

Holy Moly Pokedoll GA IMPORTANT UPDATE! IMPORTANT shiny-repaints update!

Hello everyone, my apologies for being so inactive lately. Work has been super hectic and my hours just changed from the night shift to the mornings. I'm asking that you please bear with me while I ship out the rest of the packages (that have been paid for), this shouldn't be too hard as all packages are pre-packaged and only need lables printed and the mailman picks them up at my residence for free.

If you are due a refund, please provide me with the name as it appears in your Paypal so that I may issue those back to you in a more timely manner, it gets a bit confusing going through the paypal and having to click a transaction to see who it is and then come back to see if they're one of the ones due a refund and then go back to the paypal (and hope it hasn't timed out).

ALSO, I have received several PM's. I am doing my best to get back to everyone as soon as I can. Today is my only day off until Friday, if I do not get back to you today please contact me on Friday again! Thank you!

Also! Those of you who have commissioned me for shiny repaints, unfortunately with my new hours I am unable to dedicate the appropriate time for these. You have several options here:
1)Full refund of paint price/shiny repaint price and return of your figures at no cost to you
2)Patience while I slowly churn our repaints in my spare time
3)Open to suggestion

If you choose to be refunded please PM me your paypal email as well as your shipping address to speed things up!

Again my apologies for being so behind, I really do want you to get your things in a timely manner, I'm working on it >_

Main Collection Update

Hey guys! I actually have a lot of new things since last time I updated. I do have a lot of new plush in my plush collection and was going to include them until I realized how much more work that was :'D Today I will show you guys my main Abra-line collection so you can see how it has grown :)

Expect a plush update by next week!
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I'm also on the lookout for the Alakazam Clipping Figure and the Abra-line Zukan. If you have those and are interested in selling please consider me :D !!
Thanks for looking <3

I'm out of ideas ! How could I decorate my shelves ?

Hello everyone !

My collection is beginning to grow. I received 5 Eevee and 2 Sylveon figures in two weeks, and I wanted to post a big collection update to show you all the things I got. But my problem is, I can't find anything to make my shelves look good. Mind my room is really, really small, and my collection is almost my only decorations...

So I have some questions to ask you guys !

1 - How do you organize your collections ?
2 - How do you decorate your collections, especially the background ?
3 - Do you have any idea about a theme which would fit Eevee and Sylveon ? ( For example, my tiny Jolteon square-shaped shelf is video-game themed. There's a little Pac-Man arcade cabinet, Pac-Man and Mario coins candy sticked to the wall, an old yellow Game Boy, a yellow NDS stylus, along with small Pikachu figures all over the place. )

Thank you very much ! I'll post a collection update as soon as I finish to set my shelves up !
new pic

Gets! Lots of doggies, dinos, and more! Also, wants!

I was waiting until a package came in from Italy, but as that hasn't happened yet, we're going to proceed without it! :P

Come look at all the cute things~


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And, some wants!

I won't be able to buy until Friday when I get my check, but I figured I'd throw this out there! I'm trying to get my grails! That would be the Lillipup line AEON badges, and the ever elusive Zigzagoon plush! I'm also looking for anything Lillipup line or Zigzagoon line that's not located on my collection site! Most of what I have for Ziggy is up on there, but the Lillipup line is missing some stuff. Feel free to ask as I may end up wanting duplicates of it anyway! :) (Lillipup, Herdier, Stouland collections, and Zigzagoon, and Linoone collections)


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Wants & updated sales

Hi guys :)

Just a reminder of my sales post! Clicky clicky! As always, haggling is a-okay :) Rules etc are all on the page. Trades are also good! I have some pretty fancy and valuable cards in my sales along with a lot of bulk so go crazy and make me an offer.

I also have a few wants:
Vaporeon MWT Pokedoll
Vaporeon & Leafeon sitting Takara Tomys
Vaporeon, Leafeon, Jolteon & Umbreon pokedoll figures (Undecided as to which set yet.)

Bonus payday in a couple of weeks too, so also interested in any pokedolls/plush that you have for sale, however only MWT ones. :)
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Pokemon Center gets! Blind packaged pins, awesome find, and birthday bonus from the PC!

So I went to the Pokemon Center last weekend for the Japanese Design promotion and picked up a few things that I'd like to share :D It was also my birthday last week so I got a little Eeveelution surprise, and also picked up a post card that's a part of a promo going on for the mega's when you bring in your Pokemon software. Check the cut for details :D

I also found an awesome surprise that Psychic lovers will probably appreciate, and I pretty much freaked out over so check the cut for details :D
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Also I know a few have been curious about this Mega post card promo going on so I thought I'd share with you guys the one I was able to get on Saturday. This promo is also featured as advertisement on the back of the Japanese Design promotion flyer.
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Thanks for those who took the time to read my lengthy post~ I hope it was enjoyable! )^^(
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Quick rainbow colored Eevees auction and updated sales

I added just a few more new stuff so check it out:


On other small news I am still waiting on the demo entries from the judges for the contest. All I need are 2 more and the contest can be set up. And lastly I have tons of new stickers that'll be up for sale soon I just need to arrange them all and hopefully will have them up tomorrow or after tomorrow.

Auctions under cut
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back from japan!! PC pics and lots of gets!! (very image heavy, sorry!) and updated sales!

Hello community, I have returned from Japan! I've actually been back for a week, but I've been so ridiculously jet lagged.. Oh my gosh, it was amazing! There was so much to do and so much good food and so much awesome stuff to buy. If any of you follow my Pokemon Instagram, I'm sure you've seen some of the cool merch I saw already! I definitely dropped (at least)a paycheck's worth on Pokemon and anime figurines... -___-;; I was in Japan for 8 days before heading to Taiwan to see the family for 2 days where I also found some unexpected Enteis! Please click the cut for (a lot of) pictures from my trip! I was also lucky enough to meet up with two community members and hang out together, so that was really fun!!

Sylveon came with me, of course~ I also brought an Entei Pokedoll, although for the most part, I was way too excited about everything to take pictures with them. xD

resized_2014-05-21 10.24.43

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Also, sorry to everybody waiting on replies from me! I've pretty much spent the week sleeping or at work;; I have shipped all XY dice stuff for people who have paid and will get to updating shipping status on Paypal soon.. I am still waiting for payment from raz2b and noibatcutie!

Lastly, please come check out my updated sales! I have slashed prices on a bunch of items. There are a few new things like a Vaporeon MPC, an XY promotional poster, Pokemon candy and more! I also have some neat Sylveon items coming up for auction in a while, so please keep your eyes open for that. *u*

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3 Years of Collecting: A Re-Introduction + Collection Update

on June 9th, 2011 I joined pkmncollectors and started my pokemon collecting journey! I wanted to share with everyone my collection up to now and some stuff about me and my collecting history.

My nickname is Herar! I'm 22 years old and I live in Michigan. I am a textile artist and I actually make hats, plush, and many other things for a living (I run a business from my bedroom!). Like most people I have loved Pokemon from a young age, Pokemon Ruby was my HUGE obsession and even now I have more love for Pokemon than I did when I was a kid.
Over the past couple years I have collected several different Pokemon - I started with Drifloon and Swadloon, and collected a lot of others such as Munchlax, Spinda, Snorlax, Bulbasaur, Sylveon, Druddigon, Skyla, and probably a few others I can't remember!
As soon as I started collecting I fell in love with a particular Pokemon: Groudon! I have always loved Ruby and seeing all of Groudon's merch I was so in love with his grumpy cuteness and started obsessively collecting everything I could possibly find.
To this day, I have the largest Groudon collection on the community and possibly in the world? Who knows! I have tons of official merch and tons of customs, and I am still accumulating items.
I collect several other Pokemon as well: Vanillite, Vanillish, Vanilluxe, Pirouette Meloetta, Klefki, Pumpkaboo, Quilladin and Chesnaught. I also collect Pokedoll figures as well as rumble u figures, and have a tiny Steven Stone collection.

Anyway, with my collection anniversary I wanted to show off all my babies. ;u;

Come see my wall of babies!

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Okay, I think that's it for me today! ;u; thanks everyone for veiwing and thanks so much to everyone on the community who's ever sold to me, traded with me, and participated in group auctions with me! I have you all to thank for my collection today. <3

Also, one last thing - I need to leave feedback for a bunch of people, so no worries everyone, I will get to it by tomorrow! I have also mailed out all packages for those who have participated in my auctions, or bought from sales.

Looking for Slowpoke MPC or Tomy Dedenne Plush!

I'm looking for a gift for my friend and she loves Slowpoke and Dedenne! I'm mostly looking for these two since I don't think she as these. I know ebay has some but I would really like to help someone from the comm haha. I would prefer if the seller from the US if that's alright ;v; I've seen the MPC go around $11 shipped on here and I'm not sure about the Dedenne plush but I'm really okay with any slowpoke/dedenne plush as long as its around $12 or so. They can be tagless! I would prefer tushtag but I'm really okay with anything.
by viper_fox

Straight Sales ! (need money > <) + PC Paris sold out :( + Surprise o/

Hi everyone!
As the title mentions, I need some money at the moment :/
Thus, it's time for straight sales!

Click on the banner to be transported to my sales o/

Then a bad news, Pokémon Center Paris is out of stock :'(

"We are sorry! Out of stock - other products (of Pokémon, TCG and Tomy toy) coming in a few days. The Pokémon Center will stay open with its gallery and activities."
The event has been more successful than what they were expecting :O
So finally no pick ups I think, except for Poké Ball Vivillon if you're willing to send your file game ($2 commission)

But let's end on a happy note!
Saturday, weather was quite sunny :)
Thus I decided to go out and take a picture I've wanted to make for some time.
Yeah, Espurr in front of the Prism Tower (or as everyone must have recognized, the Eiffel Tower ^^)

Then I took a look at the Pokémon Center to see if they still had postcards. Unfortunately not :'( But I got a surprise...
Masuda was here o/ I'm really happy to have been able getting a photo with him :)
(But I should have paid attention to Espurr position because here he is hidden by his PokéPuff xD)

Thank you for reading :3

My collection website :

Fb page for my collection :
Doki Doki

Collection Update and Help Authenticating Shadowless Cards

I received my pokemon Settei in the mail, but despite the obvious DO NOT BEND...they bent it. :|

When I opened the package the Settei were still really bent. I feared that they were ruined.
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These are the shadowless cards, My friend and I were wondering if they're legit. They aren't see-through, but Weedle and Nidoran look like the shadow might have been removed? I've looked at this guide, but it doesn't seem to really address non-first editions.