June 11th, 2014



Hi guys! I am so excited! I just got a sale permission approved! I have been waiting for a long time! Finally I got it guys. So back to the point here are some figures (mostly zukans) for sale.
UPDATED : 25th June 2014

Sales Permission granted by Allinia and 10 June 2014
- All PKMNCollectors Community Rules Apply!!
- My feedback can be found here : http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/ongzaa55/
- I am not selling to people who got banned.
- I ship from Thailand and I ship worldwide!
- All prices are in USD and do not include shipping or pp fees
- I accept Paypal only.
-Remember to pay for the paypal's fee!
-Payments are required within 24 hours of sales confirmation. If payment isn't received within 24 hours, the item will get relisted
- After that it will belong to another person who want the same item(s).
-Do not edit your comment or post and reply to the people who came before you if you want the same item(s).
-After I ship the item(s), I will take no longer responsibility for the item(s). If you want a statement to proof how I ship, how I pack item(s), feel free to ask!
-I am a fast shipper, don't worry I will try to send item(s) asap after got the payment.
-If you want to trade some item(s), my want lists can be found here :
-If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask :)
-Every items in my sale post are officially authentic, I bought all my figures from Japan

Noted: My english is my second language, so I am sorry if I did a wrong grammar or make you confused by reading my sentence!

[Click to Open!!!!!!]Zukan
photo (11)
photo (27)
photo (28)


1. Aerodactyl SP3 piece [sold]
2. Weavile x2/Bonsly/Mime Jr. RSE SP4
3. Zigzagoon line (it glued to the base)
4. Skitty line (it glued to the base) [sold]
5. Absol line (it glued to the base)
6. Shinx line (x2)
7. Heatran 1/50 scale [sold]
8. Lucario DP01 [sold]
9. Lucario RSE SP4 [sold]
10. Mr.mime line
12. Porygon line

1. Gastrodon West piece : $6
2. Beldum piece : $6
3. Wobbuffet line comes with blue base : sold
4. Kecleon : $29
5. Eevee/Espeon/Umbreon comes with blue base : $17
6. Clamperl line : sold
7. Shroomish line : $37
8. Houndoom line comes with brown base : SOLD
9. Yanma GSC6 : SOLD
10. Arcanine piece : $42
11. Beautifly line : SOLD
12. Lickitung line : [sold]
13. Manaphy DP02 diorama : SOLD
14. Finneon line : $13
15. Sudowoodoo line : SOLD
16. Medicharm line comes with blue base : SOLD
17. Unown GSC 4 H/I/J/K/L/M/N : $10
18. Unown GSC 6 O/P/Q/R/S/T/U : $13
19. Hydreigon Piece : $6

New zukans!
photo (90)

1. explound piece - $13
2. psyduck piece - $12
3. marill line no base - sold
4. jigglypuff line no base - $17
5. mudkip chess piece - sold

photo (64)
photo (63)
ADDED : swablu piece - $4
deoxys normal form - $17
deoxys defense form piece - $10
PROMOTION! take 2 deoxys together for $25

photo (71)
photo (74)

1. Muk line - SOLD
2. Latios piece ( peg stuck ) - $2
3. Flareon gsc1 piece - SOLD
4. Blaziken sp4 piece - SOLD
5. Shinny Entei MIP (X4) - $12
6. Charizard Nintendo Tomy 2007 - YOUR OFFER

Bottle Cap
photo (12)

Manaphy (x2), Celebi, Deoxys (x2), Rayquazaa : $5 each

photo (15)

$4 each

photo (16)

Black Kyurem, White Kyurem, Kyurem, Reshiram, Zekrom : all together $35

photo (17)

All 6 pieces for $30

All 4 for $18

photo (18)
Mew : (sold), Mewtwo : $8

photo (19)

bonsly and weavile : $4 each
photo (20)
Nintendo mudkip : $2
photo (21)
Munclax : $3

photo (22)
Hyper size tomy Zekrom : $11

Tomy and Keychain
photo (13)
Weavile : $3
Arcanine : $6
Growthlithe : $6
Porygon : $4
Houndoom : $5
Leafeon Keychain : SOLD
Genesect Keychain : $4
Druddigon Tomy : $4

photo (14)
Pikachu TFG : $6

Poke dolls
photo (32)
photo (33)
Emboar Banpresto : $13
photo (31)
photo (30)
Ho-oh Nintendo WII : $15
photo (24)
photo (25)
Keychain Dolls : $7 each Banpresto

photo (58)
Pencil Topper : HITMONLEE - $2

Metal Pokemon

photo (91)
photo (92)

1. arcanine - sold
2. cubone green - $4
3. shellder green - $4
4. wartotle green - $7
5. shellder purple - $4
6. jinx purple - $4
7. starmie - $5
8. meowth - $4
9. cubone bronze - $5
10. charmeleon - $8
11. magikarp - $8
12. dragonite - $8
13. machamp - $8
14. poliwhirl - $7
15. graveler - $4
16. clefairy - $4
17. mankey - $5
18. geodude - $6
19. sandshrew - $8
20. voltorb - $8
21. chansey - $6
22. goldeen - $4

photo (62)
Togepi - $6
Eevee Gold coin - $8
photo (61)
Gold metal - Butterfree - $4 Vulpix - sold
photo (59)
Silver metal
lapras - SOLD
snorlax - SOLD
Kricketot - $2
photo (60)
Bronze metal
gabite - SOLD
quagsire - SOLD
golduck - $2.5
meowth - $2.5

photo (41)

NOTED : Can ask for more pictures and details if needed :D
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Questions about SMJ

Hey every just a couple questions about the proxy service, and yes I did already read the tutorials : P

1. Do the deposits have to be in USD? Paypal transaction fees are lame.

2. How much should I expect shipping to be for small items? To Canada ON. How about a large shipment say a couple of P.O.P one piece boxes (IK not pokemon but i will probably end up combining both shipments so...)

Thx for answering my pending questions :)


P.S: Collection update quite soon!
girafarig time

huge sales!

Hi, everyone!
I'm pleased to offer the first batch of my collection weeding sales! (LOL, this is what I call starting out "small"...)
Hidden amongst everything are very rare items such as a Hasbro Shiny Scyther figure and a Pokemon Time Cubone strap!

I ship same or next day, and I ship worldwide from the United States~

Click HERE or click on the image to go to the sales!


I'm not dead! But I did finally move!

I just wanted to apologize for not being very active here lately, moving has been SO much work. But everyone know's that. But I finally got my pokemon collection resituated in it's own special pokemon room! come and see :D

And my sylveon collection is finally all properly displayed and I've gotten a lot of new things!

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Also I've just missed all of you guys and I've been trying to keep in touch and comment as much as I can, I've only had internet in my new house for 3 days so xD

Hi again <3!

Can Moncollé figures be bootlegs ?

Hello !

I was looking at my Sylveon collection ( More like my 4 figures, my plush and my strap. ;w; ) and I noticed something about my new Moncollé Sylveon. Her color is sightly darker than my other figures. Then I remembered I bought it from Hong Kong... I looked at the Moncollé Eevee I bought along with the Sylveon, and there's small paint errors around one of his eyes...

Could these figures be bootlegs ?

Thank you !

Update of Sandshrew Collection!!

Originally posted by sandshrewgirl at Update of Sandshrew Collection!!
button sandshrew collection update zoom in on bottons
card sandshrew collection update shot zoom in on cards
sandshrew cards and figures collection update zoom in on cards figures and bottons
sandshrew figure collection update figures- tomys, stampers, kids, and keychains!
sandshrew plush collection update plushies- play by play, tomy reversible, master ball reversible, battle playset plush, and bell plush!
sandshrew whole collection update collection as whole!

It's been a while since I have visited the community. Thought I would update my collection and share it with you all! I am sandshrewgirl, and sandshrew is my favorite pokemon. I love to collect its merch. If anyone knows where I can find a sandshrew zukon, let me know! I should be getting more stuff sometime as well. Thanks! X)

Stray Cats, Faries, Ghosts.... n stuff... and Paint

Been a while since i posted an update seeing my collection expand in such little time I've been with the community it's gettin pretty big O.O i do plan to do a complete huge enormous update!! once I get my shelves any suggestions are greatly appreciated but for now a few little moncolle. today a little sunny shore package washed up to my door and inside was...
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collection update+wants!

I've been a member of this community for several days now and some of you probably recognize me from various comments/sales/etc. Today I've decided to show of my collection for the first time! So without further adieu,
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So now I'm gonna post as list of updates wants! If you have any of these you'd be willing to part with, please don't hesitate to comment!
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Wanted and Offers~

Hey comm! Just looking for a Siglyph Kid figure for reasons. If anyone has one that's relatively cheap to ship to Australia, do let me know~
As always though, I'm looking for anything crustacean pokemon related (Krabby line, Kabuto Line, Corphish line and now Clauncher line) and older retsuden stamps.

Also a tiny offers post - just some eevee chopsticks.

Least I'll take is $20 each?

Sales permission given by entirelycliched on April 02, 2012.
Shipping from AUSTRALIA. Shipping to the states should be around $3 and includes a little bit for packaging materials.
Offers period end in three days, or when offers die down.
Feedback is HERE

First Sales Post- Royal Ravine Sales!

Hello everyone!
I have been working hard since yesterday morning to prepare this post! I finally set up my permanent sales, after being graciously granted sales permission by allinia on 6/10/14!

Click the banner to be transported to my sales!

A few things to note:

~ I AM NOT SHIPPING OUTSIDE THE US AT THE MOMENT. I'm sorry about this rule, but I need to start off slow. I am already nervous about shipping domestically! I know a lot of you live outside the United States, so I will start looking into international shipping soon.

~When it comes to highlights, I'm selling a Vaporeon Eevee Collection plush, Skitty Pokedoll MWT, Mewtwo gashapon watch,many 10th anniversary Hasbro action figures, and much more!

~Haggling is accepted! Please make offers, I need this stuff out of my room.

Thanks for looking, and always feel free to message me with any questions/constructive criticism!

Looking for Shiny Suicune Pokedoll/Moncolle + Figure

Heyhey everyone, having a nice day? I'm on the lookout for a Shiny Suicune Plush or a Shiny Suicune Moncolle + figure. As for the Suicune plush I don't mind if it's missing it's tag with
the picture on it.
Prices can be in AUD/USD, please just specify which currency you are using. I use Paypal and am
not comfortable with most other payment methods.


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If I could get either one I'll be satisfied, thanks~!
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Quick Collecction Update


So I got 2 new Pokedolls off my want list for a pretty good deal. Take a look:


Altaria and Corsola! Been wanting these guys for a while. Corsola has the hang tag but it's in pretty rough shape. Love Altaria's soft belly ^.^

Still have to finish making cardboard shelveage lol

That being said, I'd down to the final countdown of Pokedolls I want. Only 2. Oddish and Houndour. Then once I get those guys I'm going to take a break from collecting. Going into college in the fall, so I really won't have much money/time. There's more that I am going to want in the future, but I have obtained the ones that have been on my want list- Im not really trying to collect all of them like some collectors. Oddish is a main priority though over Houndour- If anyone wants to sell me an Oddish (dont care about condition) throw me an offer. Dad trying to find me a graduation gift  :D


And a quick shot of my entire collection. Well, what's on my main wall. I also have 5 giant toy factory Pikas hanging off my curtain rod, lol

full photo

Thats all for now guys :D