June 12th, 2014


auction reminder; sales; looking for...

Hello, pkmncollectors!
Just a reminder that the auction in my sales will be ending on the 14th!
Loveable, jumbo Shinx and darling, female Pikachu!
No bids on either items. (probably didn't advertise it too well at the beginning) x_x;

You can click any of these to go to the post~! :D

 photo 6ca7a78b-9744-4484-b070-254d01732a8d_zpse980c295.png
I also have an awesome deal for Plusle/Minun current and future collectors.
An instant Plusle and Minun collection! The entire lot is up for grabs. As well as some interesting plush, like Jakks Lugia, here.
 photo b8d35298-bd32-4b61-b220-10bcb03fcb71_zpsc12b51f0.png photo 71fcfca6-d186-4b2f-93e4-2bc44b72089d_zps475412d4.png
I hope you'll check it out. ^_^ The sales will help me gather monies for collecting (hopefully) from the upcoming Onemuri Pikachu promo.

Speaking of collecting, does anyone have a sleeping Pikachu kid for sale or the sleeping Pikachu figure for sale? I really need one. ;-; plz
Hoping to spend less than $5 for either.
Here's what they look like:
 photo 14c2e344-4af0-4b5b-9cf6-7452529e9bd6_zpsf5178865.jpg

As always, show me your sleepy Chus and Pumpkaboos. XD
Thank you!!

NW Pickups!

Hello everyone! I am going to NY on Monday to celebrate Father's Day/my sister's birthday/my high school graduation (which is today!). I will be offering pickup slots for NW until Sunday night~

Click the cut for rules, pricing and slots!

(Artwork by the fantastic fluna_daiyunel)

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Also, if you are bidding in the Goodbye Extras GA, I can offer combined shipping if you win anything and claim a pickup slot. I will also combine anything from my webstore, PokeCenterUSA (which currently has free shipping within the US).

If I don't reply, I left for my graduation ceremony and I'll be back on later today~ Thank you! <3

~Holly Jolly Gets Post~

Hello everyone! It has been a little while since I have posted a gets post so I thought I would give you all an update on some recent additions to my collection. This month was like Christmas in June! Not because I got a lot of items but because...

[Fa la la la la, la la la cut]
THEY ARE CHRISTMAS PLUSH! The marill, pichu, and piplup were all comm purchases (thank you herar!). ILM Lapras and the Litwick were all purchased on amazon at Toys and Games Outlet. The little tynamo was won on the comm in a GA (I couldn't resist. He is too adorable!). I am so happy to finally have some christmas plush! I am one of those people that has the christmas spirit year round :)
I also managed to snag my first Sylveon plush! She is so adorable! Every time I look at her I get more excited about the Sylveon pokedoll.
Unrelated to the gets/christmas theme of this post, I have started making some perlers. Thought I would share!

Thanks for looking!! :D
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Pumpkaboo/ Gourgeist

It would seem that I've missed out on a very important merch release. Now my heart aches for a Pumpkaboo MPC D: I'm not as active as I used to be in this community to keep me from spending ludicrous amounts of money like I did two years ago ^^' Have there been any other major merch releases for these two Pokemon besides the MPC and We Are Team Rocket promo?
Palkia coke

Wanted: Zoroark Pose Figure *came Blind Boxed*

Hello :)

It's been a while since I posted here and right now Im collecting Zoroark. I quite have a lot of him right now but I'm missing one item right know that I highly want. During the 13th movie release there was a set of posablefigures. There were 2 sets and in each set you could get 3 pokemon. In one set you could get a Suicune, Raikou or Zoroark.

I ordered a box and sadly I got Suicune. So right know I'm looking for the Zoroark one. They are between 10 and 15 cm large. I hope someone if offering to sell him/her. Remember that I live in the Netherlands.

Hope I came to the right place. :) I need to post pics of my collection soon again.

Colorful Pokédex button badges!

Hey boys and girls! Time to turn on your collector's mode!
For a limited time come get these exclusive Pokédex button badges!

So....I am preparing my booth for Anime Expo, while I am making these badges I realized a lot of you can't attend the convention because you are too far away (or more like on the other side of the country), so I decided to offer these to all the members on here!
This is the only chance to get these button badges separately, since I always sell them as sets in my shop, and at conventions I sell the singles in a capsule machine...I am making an exception this time!

I already drew all the Pokemons in Kanto, Johto, Hoenn and Sinnoh region, I have not finished 5th and 6th gen yet, mainly because most people I met at the conventions do not recognize them, but I am still working on them! However, Sylveon is a special case; since she is part of the eeveelution I have her available to purchase this time :)

As you can see the style was inspired by Pokemon Time, I added the national Pokédex number on each one of them and they are really popular in conventions, especially the original 151.

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Order Status: CLOSED Thank you for your orders, please look forward to the Gen 5 & 6 batch!

I am now accepting orders thru this Sunday night June 15th, and all committed buyers will need to send in the payment by then. It will take me at least 1 week to make the button badges before I ship out your orders so please be patient!
Also, please feel free to combine anything from my shop with your order, who doesn't love save money on shipping, right?

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Lastly! At Anime Expo I will be selling tote bags and tumbler cups, along with prints and other flats so be sure to check out my table in Artist Alley G38!
Dragon&#39;s Crown - Elf Dwarf Co-op
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I didn't see anyone mention these yet, but within all the hype going on from E3, Nintendo announced the amiibo figure series, and Pikachu is in the first set!

(click for official link)
this post has some more shots

Honestly, I think the Pikachu looks SUPER ordinary. He's not even doing anything special! |D;; But I'm super hoping they'll have the other Pokemon SSB characters, in nice poses (the detail on the other characters...waaa!)... OMG I'd get Charizard in a flash, even if I don't have a Wii U by then (they're working on compatibility for 3DS too though).
Lucario and Greninja would be super sweet too, yes.
What do you think? Is this made to help Nintendo get out of its financial troubles? lol
And would they implement something with the main Pokemon titles too?
And I wonder how much they'll cost, etc etc... XD;;
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cheap plush sales

I have a bunch of plush left i want to get rid of. Most ALL of them are $5-$10! If you buy more than 4, receive free shipping within the US!

* I was granted sales permission by dakajojo 7/2011
* My feedback: http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/herar
* I ship from MI, USA and ship everywhere!
* I accept trades for customs of Klefki/Groudon and stuff from here: http://herar.weebly.com/wanted.html
* I accept paypal
* First come, first serve.

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Reintroduction and Collection Update!

Hello fellow collectors!

First, the reintroduction: My name is Leafy, and I'm an almost 16 San Diegian. I've been a member of PKMNCollectors for...5 years!? o.o Well, I haven't been active the entire time do to school, the finical constraints of having an allowance etc, but it's still been a long time. Now that I've gotten my own paypal and bank account, I've become a lot more active on the community, and so my collection has grown!

As the name implies, my favorite pokemon is oddish! I've been a fan of the little cutie since about the 3rd grader, when my mom bought me the oddish jakks plush. Over time, I've grown to also love Seedot, another little grass cutie, the Solosis line, especially Duosion, and now the Goomy line as well. Since I've been hardcore collecting oddish for several months, my oddish collection has grown exponentially:

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Now, a quick wants list:
Oddish Metal Figures and Mini Models-All colors I do not have.
Oddish pokemon Time Bookmark-The one with the big oddish
Oddish Croquet Kit
Solosis Reutsuden Stamp
Oddish plushplush-GRAILLL
All oddish items I do not already have.

Thanks everyone, you're all awesome! <3 <3

The Tomy collection complete! Plus, wants

Hey guys, you may be getting tired of my eraser posts, but I swear this is my last one until I find the ones I don't have, which could take a very long time. Anyway, I finally got the Pikachu eraser to complete my Takara Tomy Pokemon eraser set! I am so happy!!

Screen Shot 2014-06-12 at 9.20.18 PM

Also, my last really big Pokemon want is this set of Banpresto Pokemon erasers, but some people think they are just rubber figures (but they definitely erase). If anyone knows where I can get these, please, please let me know!