June 14th, 2014


Just a general update from me!


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As the title says, I just thought I'd post with a general update and I'll start this multi-purpose post off with my new collection additions!

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And now a bit of photography - something I need to get back into the habit of sharing on here! Open in a new tab to view better and I apologise in advance for all the Helioptiles. ;v;

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I've also recently been almost religiously playing on these two games... HeartGold so many times but this time I forgot how to Spanish, I cannot Spanish


Lastly, I wanted to note that the last lot of charm commissions I took should be on their way soon; a late payment meant a late start to some and so the whole batch takes longer to send as a result.

That's all from me this time!
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Pokemon Center Paris report #2 New stock

Hello everyone!

I would be back with a report of the new stock of Pokemon Center Paris and of course with some artwork from the art gallery. :))) Actually the tomy plushies have a really rough material,of which i am not fond of. Although they have something new which is posters :D Its limited to one per person again just as the plushies i think. The poster is surprisingly big, of 100cm x 70cm for 8 euros.
It was worth going again since there was no queue and i could snag Red's adventure manga what i was wanting to get ^^

The current stock is:
Plush - TOMY Pikachu, Fennekin, Froakie, Chespin, Helioptile.
Manga - Black and white 1-6 only in french, Pokemon le grand aventure the adventure of Red and pikachu 1997.

Also I might be able to do some pickups if requested, but it might be tricky due to the limitation of 1 plush/ person.

Anyway off to the gallery pics ^^

Follow the footprints ^^

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I hope you enjoyed ^^


New Zukan Sales

Hi people... Finally!! i was granted with sales permission xD!! So this is my first sales post and these are my figures that need to find a new home. Let's check them :D

Sales permission granted on 06/1072014 by allinia

my feedback page http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/zukadex330/

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Thank You :D

Sales, gets and a couple wants

Hi everybody!
It's been awhile, but I have a couple gets from the last week :D
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I am super excited for the news from Sapphire and Ruby, I finally have a mega I want to hardcore collect!
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What mega are you going to collect? Is it related to a pokemon you already collect or are you just collecting the mega?

Also anybody know where I could get this poster?!
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and if anyone is buying the movie xerneas/yveltal plamos I would love to buy the diancie that comes with it from you

I also updated my sales! Lots of new charms, figures and I lowered some prices :)
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question about play by play giant pillow plush

Hey guys!

It's me with a question again ^^
This time, it concerns the giant play by play pillow plush.
Does anybody know where they were actually sold back then in the 90s, especially in Germany? I heard that play by play actually only manufactured plush for amusement parks, but I've also often heard that the pillow plush were simply bought somewhere (you can't simply buy something at amusement parks, can you?).
So were there actually stores or something where one could get them?

My second question.
I found this Charmander pillow plush which I've been searching for for quite a while now.
It is in very used condition (which I don't mind), but what I noticed is the missing stuffing in his legs:

Can this be due clumped stuffing or so because of loved condition?
Or are there actually bootlegs or rejects of these plush that have flaws? Or do these kinds of plush simply differ in quality and looks like this?

Updated Sales + Possible Trade?

Hi guys! I've updated my sales with some new stuff and lowered 90% of the prices, I'm open to haggling too so don't be shy! >vO

Also, I've been on the real big hunt for the eevee version of this cookie pin. I have the umbreon one, but I'D REALLY REALLY like the eevee one, so if you have one for sale or are willing to trade with my NIP umbreon cookie tin - that'd be spectacular! (Although I'd prefer trades because I'm so close to being broke atm LOOL or unless you wouldn't mind holding it for me for a little) Otherwise, umbreon will also be in my sales post. c':
photo 2
Pokemon - Purugly - Happy Fat Cat

Tons of Pokemon goodies for sale on eBay!

I don't want to seem like a total jerk for only posting sales, but my collection is in a bit of a transition period seeing how I am selling off parts of it here and there. I also have not been buying much since I am saving for a 2 1/2 week vacation in Japan later this year, I also owe my fiance for my new laptop.

My eBay sales page is full of all kinds of Pokemon related goodies right now:

Click Here 4 Foxx's eBay Sales

Here are just a few things I have up for sale:

Plush & Charm Lot Link

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I have been a community member for over 6 years (7 years this coming August) and was therefore grandfathered in. Here is a link to my spiffy feedback...:3

Thanks for looking and good luck...;)

New gets !

I just got a package :) all of this are extras since I got anxious and finished my collection off of eBay >_> and thanks to some other members from the forum!

Anyhow look at the amazing collector cases I got and other stuff =]

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Went a little but overboard on the collector cases >_<

Oh and then I bid on a Shellder thinking I was bidding for the actual figure and I was just bidding on the stand Shellder was on! This only happens to me lmfao xD

Pickups Reminder~

Hi everyone! :) This is just a quick reminder that I am going to Nintendo World on Monday, and will be taking pickup requests until Sunday night! Click the image below to go to the pickup page~

grail gets + wants~

I haven't posted much lately, so I thought I would share some of my most recent gets, including a plush that I was super excited to finally get a hold of...

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I'm also hoping someone could help me get a huge want of mine! I'm looking for the Shiny bulbasaur and ivysaur kid figures!
I already have the venusaur, so i'm hoping to get the other evolutions I am missing! I'm interested in other shiny kid figures that I'm missing as well :3

Thanks for looking~
Ed and Chaboikan

Sales update and Want

Hey there! I want to do a collection update before ALL THE BLAZIKENS, so as soon as one last thing gets here, I'm gonna take pictures and do a re-intro. I'm so excited for all the new chickens thanks to ORAS~ (And I just reserved my copy of AS today.)

But for now, I just went and added some more things to my sales post. Click the banner to see!

I also have flats, pogs, and such in my flats post, here.

If you see something you'd like but don't like the price, feel free to shoot me an offer! I have a mountain of packing supplies that would be nice to lessen. haha

Now for the small want. I believe the next set of the TCG just came out recently, and there is a Blaziken in it. I want it not only because it's a Blaziken, but the picture is amazing. Look.

My boyfriend, slimenite, and I were looking at the new cards, and our conversation went something like this:
Me: "Oh, look, there's the Blaziken! Pretty~"
Him: "Huh, he's kicking something..."
Me: *squinting* "It's... It's a Dragonite!"
I burst out laughing "A Blaziken and a Dragonite together~!"
Him: ...

So my main collection is Blaziken, and his is Dragonite. I can't believe the two ended up in the same picture on a card. It is now my new favorite, and I would really like one. If anyone has any of Rising Fist and pulled one they don't want, I'd love to buy it!

Realistic White Kyurem

Wants, any information is appreciated!

Hello everybody, how's there it seems we're in the middle of the summer already, aaggh I hate the heat >.<''

So, I come today in search of some stuff, I want to warn about something though, I'm really picky about the looks of the plush and the condition of the tags / boxes, so please don't get mad if you have any of these and I say no because I don't like how it was made since every plush is different because they're in part handmade =S

If you have any of these I accept trades as well, so you can check out my sales post HERE to see if there's anything that interests you ^^ If you do not have anything I search you can check them out as well, since I've added some new stuff and you might be interested too =P

Note! If any of these are your photos and don't want me to use them, please let me know ^^
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Have a good day / night! =)
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looking for!

Hello all! Been a long time since I posted, but I do lurk...! Anyway I am looking for a Marill plush I've wanted since it came out. The one from this marine lineup:

If anyone happens to have a Marill Plush for sale from this lineup please let me know. I live in Canada so please let me know a quote for shipping as well. thanks!

Wants Post! :D

Hey Guys

I'm Looking For The Following Items:
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So I'm Looking For Any Of Those Items Really ^_^

If You Have More Than One Of Them It's Preferable As I Live In The UK And Shipping Here Can Be A Pain, So I'd Prefer To Buy More Than One At A Time To Save On Postage :D

Thanks For Reading Again Guys



Pokemon Trainer sales + eBay lot!

Hello, Pokemon Collectors! Long time no see! I bet most of you have forgotten about me already!

I haven't been very active lately, but now that I finally have a new shelf for most of my plushies and will have more room in the old one for figures, I'll probably make a long overdue collection post sooner or later! c: Until then, I'll just entertain you with some sales!

First, huge lot of figures and plush on eBay:

In case someone is interested in running a GA or something. ´v` I'll be more than happy to provide additional photos of things if needed!

Second, selling some merch individually, too! Lots of BW era Pokemon Trainer things (Pokemon Mate + Dot sprite promo) + Houndour DX Tomy! Check them out under the cut!

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Thanks for looking!