June 17th, 2014


Wants and quick sales

Just a couple of quick wants.
I am looking for the attack jolteon sticker from the newest attack kids set....
...and a banpresto umbreon figure keychain! (Does not need to be in the package.)
Please leave me some pics if you have these items :) I'd love to pick them up!

Quick sales:
Feedback here please! http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/syminka/

Froakie MPC NWT- $5
Inkay/Pikachu sticker- $2
Umbreon tomy- $4
Taillow spin figure- $1
Meditite spin figure- $1

free custom anyone?

Hi there everyone!
I haven't really been active on pkmncollectors but I've been lurking in the shadows.
I've been pretty busy with school and I'm trying to save (but failing miserably). x:

But anyway, that's not the point. During my school work, I've re-kindled my curiosity of learning to make plushies and puppets.
I really like doing hands-on items so yeah. I wanted to try to improve on my work and share it. So far I've made 2 sock puppets, a few hand and finger puppets. I've also made a life size dratini.

Unfortunately, I do not have a complete picture of dratini and the other puppets are mostly animals (due to school project). I'm not going to post the pictures here as it's not related to pokemon. xD But feel free to request to see it!! Unfortunately, my sock puppets has been "adopted" by the school for displays and event showcasing and I have no access to it. ):

So, now I would like to open some custom slots for all of you and it will be absolutely FREE. The only thing you need to pay for is shipping. I ship worldwide. Shipping prices starts from $3. Also, since this is a free product, I will only be able to take in a very limited amount and some rules apply. Please ensure that you read through everything!!!

** NOTE: I am only using FELT. No minky.

Please watch this post for updates! :D

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Thank you for reading everything!
Just to sum up so that it is super duper clear!!!

  • Please do not expect the product to be perfect as I'm an amateur

  • Product is free but you will need to pay shipping.

  • Plushes are a maximum of 5 inches tall.

If you're still interested after reading through all the rules, please fill up this form!

Pokemon: (e.g. Shiny Pikachu)
Type: Hand puppet/ Finger Puppet/ Plush (If puppets, please state if you'd like 3D or 2D)
Measurements: (State the size of your plush. For puppets, please measure accordingly.)
Type of eyes: (Choose one) googly eyes, felt eyes, solid bear eyes
Other information: (You can add on details such as ribbons on ears, black and white pikachu instead etc)

Confirmed slots:
1. spiritbomb92 - sableye                      (100% complete - Last update unknown)
2. christabel93 - shiny bulbasaur          (90% complete - Last update 11:55PM, 22/10)
3. latias_latios_7 - furret                       (00% complete - Completed in - days)
4. kurukimi - vulpix                                (00% complete - Completed in - days)
5. riolu - shiny riolu                               (00% complete - Completed in - days)

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Thank you! :3
If this is not allowed, I am so sorry! Please feel free to delete it! :3


It's finally summer and I decided to auction off my clipping figures :) (i needed more space in my shelf to display zukans XD)
This auction will be pretty short because of my trip to New York on the 25th!

This auction will end on 6/22/14 at 4 PM PACIFIC STANDARD TIME (PST)

ALL OF THE PAYMENTS WILL NEED TO BE SEND IN 24 Hours from when the auction will end! or else I will not be able to ship your item out before my trip and so you will need to wait until I am back from the trip which is in a month!

I was granted sales permission on 4/5/14 by allinia. and my feedback is http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/haepbrosonearth/

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PIC #1
photo 4 (3)

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and Please do not bid until the thread is finished and this sentencccceeeeee is crosssseeeedddd offffffff!!!!

thank you and enjoy!!!!

Sorry this lot was BIN'ed!

A want + other stuff (updated)

Hi everyone :D

I have a want for you today~ I'm looking for a poster featuring all the pokemon made so far, or at least a poster that has all the pokemon up to Kalos. But if it includes Kalos pokemon, that'd be ideal. Ever since I was little I had a poster that had the pokemon up to Unova, and now I'd like an updated one. I don't actively search for merch of every single pokemon I don't have, but when I do get a plush or figure of them I like to circle them on the poster~
Here's a crappy pic of the one I currently have and am looking to replace.

And besides that, I have some other news too! I rarely make gets posts but I got quite a few packages this week so I thought I might as well post them!
Look at them all! <333
The 1:1 Celebi was a huge grail for me for some time, but all the ones on ebay were 80+, and with all the new merch coming out I didn't want to spend so much on one plush. My sister mentioned Celebi in a wants post on behalf of me and haybuddyy pmed her with this auction, that I won! Thanks so much for the PM haybuddyy, it never appeared in my search D:
The Cubone is a reeaaally huge grail of mine. I've wanted a Cubone plush like this ever since I became a pokemon fan and never found one that suited me. So when I saw this guy pop up on ebay I had to get him <333
The Caterpie is a palm plush by glacidea. I've wanted a cute little Caterpie plush for a while, so I'm very happy with how it turned out~
Sandshrew is in a similar position as Cubone, I got him from chariflame. The zipper is broken, but other than that he's a ball of cuteness :D
And Butterfree was made by kingfeebas, she's everything I wanted and more <333

I also have a Furret MPC coming in among a few other things... I can't believe how the price skyrocketed on this plush so quickly! I made a mistake by not preordering it when I had the chance, but one appeared on ebay for 20 shipped so I snatched it. Two days later, the seller makes the price 35 shipped instead for the leftover ones, so I guess I was lucky there 0_0

On another note, tdotakichan, our GB items came in! I know you said that tags don't work for you but please comment here if you see this post, I'm having a hard time finding the original one xD

And last but not least, I'm back from my trip and I started making perlers for all the people that commented on my June post, so you guys should see updates soon :)

Edit: I forgot to mention, I'm also taking offers on one of my games!

I bought it from ebay (it was listed as very good condition) and never really got to playing it. Being desperately in need of a Carbink plush, I decided to put it up for offers starting at 25. Manuals and everything included!
Can be combined with items from here: http://latias-latios-7.livejournal.com/3639.html
Hello There

Roving Manectric needs a home!

Hey everyone, nothing new or exciting from me today, just wondering if anyone could help me out with this quick sale.

Well it's a long story. But the super shortened version is that the Manectric I was commissioned to make a few months ago is looking for a home. I have named him Chaucer as he's prone to wandering and it seems to suit him, but I think he's quite lonesome and really needs a place of his own instead of his temporary home where he is surrounded by fire pups, electric rats, and thunder foxes.
I ended up having to eat the costs of shipping him to and from his previous home, but I really want Chaucer to find a place of his own, so I'll eat the cost of shipping to his new owner (if they're in the US sorry but overseas is too expensive for me to cover O^O *however if you are overseas and want to add him to your collection and are willing to pay for shipping, by all means he's yours! :D)

Chaucer is $25 shipped (within the US) Please give this grumpy displaced lightning dog a home!
additional pics here


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If you have any questions please feel free to ask
Thanks everyone have a wonderful day.

Exciting Get and Authenticity Question

Hi Pkmncollectors!

Do today, the pokedoll I have been eagerly awaiting has arrived! But now I have a problem. Is it official? His tush tag has been cut off with only a white thread remaining D:
(Just a shout out to moonlightpkmn you definitely need to get a hold of one, SO ADORABLE)


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Thank you for reading! Either way, Kyogre shall be loved to no end! (Especially with Alpha Sapphire coming up)
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flying pikachu plain

small Japanese style gets post

I was short on time and money, so I limited myself to the furoshiki and cookie tin this time. Actually, I didn't care all that much for the "feminine" design for this promo, but when I saw the tin in person, it turned out to be super cute. (The satsumaimo flavor cookies are quite tasty, too!) The folding fans are quite nice, and both come with a matching case. I'm also severely tempted to go back for some of the gachapon pins, even though they are a total money vacuum.

I'm sure everyone is familiar with the basic design by now, so I thought I'd show how the furoshiki looks in action!

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Massive pile of gets!

Hello everyone! Yesterday was super exciting as three boxes appeared in my doorstep at once, and thus a collection update shall commence!!

Raichu, will you do the honors?


Also a MASSIVE update at my collection site: http://mypokedolls.weebly.com/index.html

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auction reminder

Hello everyone, just a quick reminder for my auction of a laying Leafeon plush. She's only at her starting bid, so you can still get her for a steal! :) Click here to be taken to the auction.

Also, if anyone is interested, I have a small Yveltal lot for sale. It's $30 plus shipping/fees. I'm not willing to split the lot unless there's enough interest in individual items.

A few sales/trades: lifesize Marill and Pokedoll figure charms

Greetings! I have a few items for sale, including a lifesize Marill plush!

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Marill is mint with Japanese tag (tag has price sticker) - $100 shipped in the US (+$15 for international shipping)


Chimchar Pokedoll Keychain and Piplup Pokedoll cleaner strap - $17 each OR $32 for both shipped in the US ($20 each or $36 for both for international)

(this is a close up--the Pokedoll charm figures are tiny!)

Trades accepted! I'm mostly interested in Pokedolls/Pokedoll merch of Celebi, Togepi, and Marill.

Celebi Pokedoll with Japanese star tag (detached ok!)
Togepi Pokedoll with Japanese star tag (detached ok!)
Marill Pokedoll detached tag only (or mint with tag)

Celebi Pokedoll Can Badge
Togepi Pokedoll Can Badge
Marill Pokedoll Can Badge (does one exist?)
Any Pokedoll Can Badges I don't own
*if you're interested in swapping Pokedoll Can Badges, I have Pikachu, Noctowl, Phanpy, Pikachu w/pokedoll logo, Torchic, Mudkip, Treecko, Plusle, all mint in package to offer.

Celebi Pokedoll Charm
Togepi Pokedoll Charm
*because these items are rare I'm also willing to trade from my Plusle/Minun/Munchlax/Pokeball charm set!

Pokedoll magnets (they look like can badges)

...or? If you have something with Celebi/Togepi/Marill Pokedoll art, I'd love to take a look!
cute chespin

sales post updated with XY diancie movie metal keychains and keshipoke figures!

hello friends! just posting an update I made to last week's sales post. I've included some newly-released XY diancie movie metal keychains and XY keshipoke figures. I also updated the trozei sticker selection to include all 70 stickers, so if you're missing any of them, here's your chance to get the ones you need :)

click here (or the banner) to go to the post!

NOTE: all items ordered before today have been shipped so unfortunately I cannot combine shipping!

figures info

hello! how are you all? i got some figures that don't know what they are, looks like kids but are not hollow, rubberish material, and one has a blue "shopro" sticker on the bottom, so, how are this figures call? i tried to google them but nothing, only found 5" figures of dialga and giratina.
Here is a pic of the chimchar unknow figure with a monferno kid, and an infernape "super kid" ?? that don't know also how to call :P

Any help will be great and appreciated. thank you!
candle line

Plush Commissions Round 11

Hey everyone, it's been some time since I opened slots for my commissions, and since so many of you had expressed an interest during my recent auctions, I figured I would present the opportunity. =0w0= Now, I'm not opening as many slots as I usually do this time around due to my full-time job being very demanding, but anyone who was looking to get one of my plush, come have a look at my samples and I can give you a quote. ;D Follow the cut for more details please! =^w^=

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1. jen81489 - sleeping jolteon - complete
2. trigris - feraligatr - complete
3. vulpeslagopus - ninetales - complete
4. fabledkizmet - shiny ampharos - complete
5. agkelikos - greninja - complete
6. cosmicxlove - sleeping braixen - complete
7. jen81489 - sleeping umbreon - complete