June 21st, 2014

Harpie Girl

A Little Sylveon Sale Update

Hey everybody~!

Got a MWT Sylveon Poke'doll up for grabs here:


Frost Rotom Poke'doll

Frosty still needs a new home, too!

I still have my assorted charm lot available for offers, Gallade line zukan, and a few other Poke'dolls that need new homes. Thanks for looking!

I was granted sales permission for pkmncollectors by entirelycliched on 4/2/2012. My feedback page is right here.

by pikabulbachu

Straight Sales: 4 days left + New gets (including PC Paris stuff) + All my Chus :O

Hey all!
Firstly, my sales (I added some bottle cap figures)

Click on the banner to be transported to my sales o/

Before starting, here is a preview of my Pika+ collection ^o^

So I start with French merch
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Then, a custom keychain by anaildapinto
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Finally, some packages
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Thank you for reading :3

My collection website :

Fb page for my collection (don't hesitate to like or comment ^^):
C&H Autumn
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Auctions Away!

Hey PC,

So exam prep is driving me a little nuts now. Chemistry is just painful when it's only theory and no more labs. So, what do I do? Start listening to music! In saying that, I need a new pair of headphones (yes, I'm a casual audiophile) to help keep me sane. So almost everything that were in huge lots in my recent sales are now up for auction. All Pokedolls start at $2 and others start at $1 each. Besides that, most of the other items I've put in sales previously are put up for auction as well.

Combined shipping to the US is available. For all others, combined shipping is only available to those that volunteer with a sales permit.

Sales Policy
- Sales permit from entirelycliched on April 2013.
- Feedback is here.
- Shipping is from Australia.
- Allergy info: One dog, no smokers, lots of dust.
- All auctions end on Tuesday 11am AEST / Monday 9pm EDT
- Countdown timer for auction is located here.
- Payment is due within 24 hours of receiving total, unless we made other arrangements.

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Thanks for looking! :)


A las I have only a few more wants!
Okay so you know the flocked pokemon figures? Did they ever make a vaporeon one?

Also am looking for this last absol thing and some certain vaporeon stickers, though open to any vaporeon stickers i do not have.

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Thank you for reading :3

Yoshi! :)

Update on recent activity and X/Y retsuden stamps up for grabs

Hello everyone,

Sorry I've pretty much been invisible here lately (I have a tendency to lurk around here more than I talk. I do check this site everyday, lol.). I don't ever really feel like I have anything interesting to bring up and talk about to anyone (I think I'm a bit on the dull side when it comes to conversating with others. I've felt like that ever since day one in 2009 when I joined.). I do comment on some things here once in a while though. So yeah, that's what's been happening with me recently. I've still been collecting quite a bit in the meantime though. Was thinking about doing an update for my collections the last couple of months, but I never do good collection posts though. So that idea fell through. X)

I can say that did recently get some puffy stickers for Pokemon Battle Trozei & Super Mario 3D World/Mario Kart 8. Also picked up some plushes like Ho-Oh's PokeCen plush & Yveltal's Pokedoll. I also got a box of Retsuden stamps for X & Y. (Got it for Pikachu, Xerneas, & Yveltal's stamps. So I have a bunch of others I won't be keeping.) And I'm currently waiting for my rainbow of Yoshi plushies to arrive to me. In other news, I CAN'T WAIT for the Smash Bros. amiibos to come out (I've been a big fan of Smash since 1999 and wanted a Smash figure or plush collection since Melee). Anyone else excited for the amiibo figures? :)

And finally as I mentioned above, I have some remaining retsuden stamps from my box of the X/Y set. And since they're taking up space in my room, they are "Buy 1, Get 1 Free". So yeah, they need to go. XD

(The box was actually smaller than I thought it would be)

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I've been needing to get that off of my mind for a while. Thank you for reading/viewing. :)
Shiny Charizard

My Tomy Collection

After I finished my Tomy Collection (First 151...then random ones I like) I just never uploaded a pic of them all...so, after 6 months of being complete...here it is! :D
Sorry for the bad lightning....but meh, the space they are in isn't exactly fond of light.

Click pics to make them larger.

photo 1 (1)
photo 2
[batman] riddler

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I just got back from my mall here in Tacoma and they switched up the stock in the kiosk!

sorry about the reflection the skylights were bright

Wobbufet, Miccino, Celebi, Squirtle, Treeko, Glaceon and Litwick Pokedolls, and Goomy, Espurr, Dedenne, Clauncher, Litleo, Fletchling, and Tyrunt pokeplush. :D

Another gets post with minigrail! and a few small wants!

So, I got a bunch of stuff in the mail in the last couple weeks...a minigrail, saurs, chus, 'Vees, and lots of images ahead!

I was about to go out of town when my Noppin box showed up, so I grabbed it from the office so that it wouldn't be hanging around in there all weekend. No unboxing photos for this, unfortunately, because I was so excited that I opened it while I was up at BF's parents' house! I was a little concerned because there were a few things that I thought I'd asked to be included, but I hopped on Noppin's website, and they were still waiting patiently in the warehouse. I should probably have them shipped...

Anyway, without further ado...

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The rest of the Noppin box:

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Another, smaller Charizard...
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Some saurs...
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A flying Pikachu...
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And some love for Team Rocket:
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There were a few other things in there, but that's all I'm keeping for sure. (The dangers of buying lots. T_T)

I've been trying out FromJapan lately as a Noppin alternative. (I don't have a completely gelled opinion yet on it.) I got my first box from them a few days ago...and it looked like this:

Collapse )
Anyway, Pablo here is going to help me open this.

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A couple days later, a second FJ package showed up. No opening pictures, unfortunately. Considering what happened to my first package, I'm glad I split them up!

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And some small, miscellaneous stuff that didn't make it into my last gets post, for some reason:
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And now for some small wants:
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Thanks for reading! (And I apologize for some of the terrible pictures and internet references...)

World Cup Want

Hi guys! I've just finished my exams for the semester and have been celebrating by watching the world cup. I was thinking that I would buy myself a reward of sorts and when I saw this, I decided that I just had to have one! My only problem is that I am not in Japan at the moment and haven't been able to pick one up. I checked out the Japanese Adidas online store, Amazon and everywhere else I could think of but but no one seemed to have them :( I was wondering if anyone happened to either have access to them or know any other place I might be able to buy them online (even if it meant only being able to ship it domestically within Japan).

I read that they were only being sold in Adidas stores, is that true?


I hope you are all well,

♥1999 Amada sealed booster packs! ♥

Hello all, sry for posting again ~ but I cannot wait to make this post!!! Its so awesome (to me) what I got from ebay! I searched on ebay for amada stickers but there are not so many and the holo ones were expensive...
But then?
I found a BIN for 5 sealed amada sticker packs from 1999! :D
It was the last one...so I bought it. So cool that theyre sealed packs because theyre old...I never had ones because they never released here in germany.
They came from Japan really fast! And I saw that I got a big bunch of extra amadas o.o - this is so awesome!
It was fun to open the booster packs too!


In the boosters there was only holos and transparent ones! There are DX gold card special packs or something I didn't know xD
I got a super-duper cute raichu, a transparent venonat, dragonair and an attack rattata for me.
And all the others are for Sale!!

Is it raichu not cute?? *_*

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★Sale rules:★

- sales permission granted by godudette on may 2013
- my feedback: http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/leave/?user=pikabulbachu
Shipping is from germany worldwide
- Shipping price: start at 1$ worldwide
- Paypal only
- Payment within 48 h please!
- ♥ Trades are welcome ♥
- Shipping is without insurance - please tell me if that is a problem
- ♥ Haggling is allowed! ♥

> Please note that the unholos from the extra bunch aren't mint! They may have some scratches or something <

...and now onto the sales!

I must edit the post because the pics was uploaed false and I couldn't upload all pics because of bad internet connection or some problems with my smartphone...so I must sell them other way. But the prices are the same or lower.


First row 2.50$, except jolteon 3$, others 1$ each

Transparent stickers - 0,50$ each except slowpoke:1$

Attack stickers! First row 1.50$ each, second row 1$ each, rest are 0,50$ each

Jolteon 1$ all others 0,50$

Thanks all for reading and have a nice weekend! :D