June 22nd, 2014

NW Pickups.. Again!

Hello everyone! Miss me since my last post? ;)

My family will be going to NY again next Friday, so I decided to offer another pickup even though it's so close to my previous one because of the awesome new stock! And even if nobody buys anything I'm fine with that because now they finally have pokedolls in stock that I don't own yet.

Click the cut for more!

(Artwork by the fantastic fluna_daiyunel)

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Also, a quick note to participants of the Goodbye Extras GA: I should have the items in by Monday/Tuesday, so expect your payment 2 totals posted by Thursday! If you want to combine shipping with anything from pickups, I can do so of course, just let me know. :) Hopefully my next post will be more of a gets/collection update post, since I just won a really awesome item on Y!J this morning.~

Thank you everyone! <3

Re-introduction, gets

Hi all,

It's been a little over 3 years since I joined this community! I wanted to make this post earlier but I hadn't had the time until now ;_; I finally finished my 2-year part-time study a little bit ago so hopefully I can get back to more active now.

To avoid taking up too much space on the comm, I am just making a single post for a re-introduction, some recent gets, and some thumbnails to my just updated sales + offers, Placed under different cuts ^^


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That's all from me, thank you so much for reading my post, hopefully it's not too boring ;_:

Sales! :D And important groceries.

Hello all! I've finally fully moved and settled into my house and job, so I have re-opened my shop and added a bunch of new stock!! Take a look!

In spite of settling in, however, I have yet to put my collections on display due to lack of shelving. I plan on buying some within the new few months, but for now I have one room with tons of boxes! ^^;;

Also here is a picture of very important grocery shopping I did last night:

Hope you all have a good day!! :D

Some Charizard wants and grail help?

I've unfortunately decided to leave my barely started heliolisk collection for a while and just focus on archen (this way I will have more money for custom things as well) and selected charizard lines, in particular pokemon time and pokedoll.
I can always trust buying from the com so before I go elsewhere to try and find these items, it would be awesome if someone here was selling or thinking of selling one or both of these items.

Charizard Ichiban Kuji figure and the charizard pokedoll charm. If there were other members interested in the other charms on his set, I would be happy to be apart of a group buy as I've seen a few of the whole sets around but I don't really want to pay for the others.

I live in Australia too so shipping to there as well please!

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Pokemon Town rescheduled!

So after the disappointment that was Pokemon town being called off last month, it's finally been rescheduled for July 26th and 27th. No new info regarding the events has been released other than the stuff already posted.

Additionally, On July 5 and 6, there's a little mini event for the release of the Korean dub of Jirachi Wishmaker (wait really? they didn't release this movie here yet?). I don't know if I'll go to this one, but if I do, I'll try to get some mini movie posters (korean theaters always have a bunch of mini movie posters with info on the back, usually for either what's playing or upcoming releases).

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Questions, Ga reminder, a custom finished, wants and a sales plug

First up is a reminder that the Korean paper craft Ga ends in 2 days and almost all the items are at the starting bid, a great time to try to get some rare unique items, click either picture or here to go to the Ga
 photo 2c1bd996-3d32-4a4d-829f-c6314e79ba1e_zpsc2882175.jpg
 photo 7a85fb69-606d-4db7-8a11-a50fb2942202_zps998f23f6.jpg

next is my custom 3D printed Dragonite figure that I made and designed
 photo 86a71570-beba-4cd8-b134-7c8d9f53c1a2_zps3b5938ac.jpg
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now lastly a link to my wants and a sales plug
click the banner or here to go to my sales
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Another Re-introduction!

Hi everyone! I haven't made a post in quite a long time, and my collection has vastly expanded since then, so I figured I'd re-introduce myself.

My name is Jenny, I'm 17 and I've been a Pokemon fan since I was really young. My older sister got into it around 2000 and I quickly followed behind- and when she got 'too old' for Pokemon, she gave all her stuff to me and my collection quickly exploded from there.

Almost everything in my collection has come from garage sales, thrift shops, etc. My sister and my mom run an antique store so every time they go out thrifting, I tag along and usually find something for one of my collections (I also collect Ninja Turtles, Ren and Stimpy, and superhero action figures). I hope someday to have the world record for the largest Pokemon collection, but I still have a long way to go.

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Also, I finally got my own paypal, so I can actually make purchases here! I'm looking for the Hitmontop tomy plush- if anyone currently has one for sale, please PM me!

Thanks for reading!
new pic

Auction Reminder!

Lots of awesome things are up for auction for a few more days! Check them out! Lots of cool plush including a Duskull and the recall Blastoise need new homes!

Click here to be transported!

Also, I've noticed a couple new things that have come out recently (or our going to) with Zigzagoon on them. Does anyone know if she'll be in a new movie or something coming out? I would just say it's because Hoenn remake, but one of the items was with XY Pokemon, haha. Either way, so excited! :D

EDIT: Also adding in a picture of some things from my collection. I know there is also a notepad, does anyone know of anything else from this release? It's from 2003 and I want anything from it, haha.

Bigger picture under the cut!

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New here - Eevee collector

Hello everyone, I'm from Belgium and I'm new to this group.
I bet you see this a lot, but I'm an Eevee collector.
On my journal you can see my collection so far =D
I'm looking for literally everything from Eevee.
If someone sells any stuff feel free to talk to me ^^

Handmade Keychains: Another Round!

Hi beloved community! Exactly one month ago I came back from the longest time for 100% customized handmade keychains and during this 30-days period I cleared almost ALL commissions so I'm back for more! And my goal is to make faster and faster now this is part of my living! (self-employed for now on, keychains is part of it and so new brand goods will come out in the next rounds!)

So to make it simple I make keychains of ANY pokémon of your choice! There's no restrictions as I can take your own personal designs as well! Pokémons, your Ocs or any characters of other franchises you like is equally acceptable! The sky is the limit!

I have now three different variations of keychains to present, so please take your time and check them out!

Regular Keychains!

sds ss ss

The simplest variation!
Those are called regular because the wood base's quality and thickness is average. In another words, in order the keychain become sturdy, the pose is simple. It's the cheapest variation I have to offer and the buyer has the right to pick one of 2 optional poses. After the keychain is done, the original sketches of the poses will be offered in the package for free!
Price (per keychain): 12 USD (plus 2 USD for shipping for any place!)

Sturdy Keychains!


a as

Sturdy keychains, as the name suggests, consists in a sturdier wooden base! With that, the keychain becomes much more resistant than the regular variation and allows more dynamic and creative poses for the character, with almost no limits! The buyer has the right to pick between 3 optional poses. The three original sketches are also delivered by free!
Price (per keychain): 20.5 USD (plus 2 USD for shipping for any place!)

*NEW* Double Team Keychain!
Recently I got requests about putting two pokemon together in the same keychain. That's possible, with the sturdy variation! So if you are interested in that model, you have right for 3 optional poses and the original sketches for free!
Price (per keychain): 29.5 USD (plus 2 USD shipping for any place!)

Payment goes for paypal please!

So those are my current offers! If you are interested, please comment in this entry stating which characters you would like to get as your unique keychain! Soon as possible I will enter in contact with you via message to start the production ;)

That's all! Feel free to grant me your requests!

I received sales permission on 12 January 2013 by entirelycliched
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Some TCG Wants!

I'm starting to get back into competitive tcg, so after some deck testing online I'm ready to start buying cards! I already bought a lot of the cheaper ones, and I thought I'd come and check if anyone was looking to sell the pricier ones here. Here's what I'm looking for, if you have more of a card than the number listed feel free to mention it, since I'll probably need them for other decks for the rest of my family :3

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I'm also looking to buy flashfire tcgo codes in bulk, for about 15 cents per code. Let me know if you have some to offer!

All I need now are 2 Yveltal Ex!! Let me know if you've got any and I'll be happy to buy!