June 23rd, 2014

Multipurpose Post: Sales Update / GA Update / Latest Gets

Hiya everybody! This is going to be a little multipurpose post from me. To start off, everything from my shop has been shipped out or will be shipped out TODAY. n-n International orders; please give it around two weeks or so, domestic; please keep checking up on that tracking! Secondly; sorry, but we were unable to win the eeveechu GA since we weren't even able to raise enough for the starting bid xD But that's okay, there are still many more GAs to come!

I've been spoiling myself a lot more than I should be... resulting in a near-dead wallet, so there will be a sales update at the end of this post (or you can just jump there now if you'd like) :') Haggling is accepted, so don't be shy!
Anyways I'll just stick in some highlights of my gets since there are too many~
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Sales Reminder! XY Kids (Mega Charizard X and more!)

Hi all, this is just the usual reminder that I have kids available from the latest set. I still have everything available except for Espurr/Furfrou, so please take a look; I'll be shipping these Saturday the 28th (of June).

(Take a look these figures at this link!)

I know I've been basically all sales for the past year or so, but now that I'm out of school on summer vacation, I will have time to post a reintroduction/collection update post. I can't wait to finally rephotograph/talk about my collection! Stay tuned, haha. Thanks a bunch everybody!
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My little Pokémon collection! :3

Hey guys!
The first thing I have to say is: I LOVE YOUR COMMUNITY! & sorry for my english grammar :D
Im from Germany and im a big Pokemon fan since over 10 years <3
My favorites are Umbreon, Absol, Houndoom etc xD I like cat and dog Pokemon hehe :D

Now I want you to even show my collection.
Small but beautiful:
[BIG ! pictures (click to open)]

You see i like Absol xD

The Mega Absol figure arrived today <3 love it *-*

I collecting mainly figures! Im not a big fan of plush o: (im too old xD) Umbreon and Sylveon were a gift of my friends ^^ I have set up my collection times better xD It looks terrible qq But I hope you had fun to see my collection :3

- Umbreeon
Hello There

On the Hunt for Some Wants

Hi everyone! today I'm on a mission to cross a few things off of my wants post! Mayhaps you can aide me on this venture, I do have specific price ranges I would like to stay in for these guys, but there is a little wiggle room seeing as I would rather buy from a collector than other alternatives.
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These are the things I'm looking for at the moment. However if my prices seem to low maybe we can work out some sort of partial trade? I make custom plush (as many of you know) and since I am maybe 20 more minuets of work away from finishing my last custom for this month I am happy to work out a trade or partial trade! (I also hoard anime and games so I might have something else you might be interested in)
Examples of my work can be found on my tumblr
My feedback is here for anyone that might want to check it ^^

Interested in trading but don't have the things listed above? my full wants post is here (when I say full I mean very full it includes my wants for pretty much every shiny random thing I see as I recently consolidated my amazon wishlist with it!)

To make this post less boring here is a picture of the most recent plush I have made :> Klefki! I made her as part of a partial trade I did with Herar for my DX Bulbasaur Pokedoll :>

Thanks so much everyone any questions or comments are more than welcome!
C&amp;H Autumn
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Auction Reminder

There is now less than 18 hours left for my auctions! Come and support a fellow collector in obtaining another massive grail since the giant lottery Eevee! So happy to finally find a Y!J middleman that I can do a payment plan with.


Please click on the image to get to the auctions (since it's Winter and it's blistering cold here in Australia - so cold that I can't sleep properly - thought this picture suits the occasion). I have added Politoed and Chimchar, as well as reduce the starting price on a few existing auctions with no bids. Hoping that helps!

Good luck to those bidding!
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Minicot auctions plus others!!!!

No international people, sorry.

Sales Rules


> Given sales permission by (allinia, (4/5/14)
Only selling to pkmncollector members that have less than 3 negative feedback
> Feedback: http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/12mermaid/

> I have 2 cats but they don't get to my pokemon stuff, smoke free home
> I ship from ohio, and will let you know when your things have been shipped. Will NOT ship internationally at the moment
> If a package is believed to be lost in the mail, I cannot be held responsible. I can offer insurance if you would like it (though i am new at this so i may consult ballerbandgeek)
If you think your things may have been lost, please be patient and feel free to PM me and we can work something out. Before you leave any feedback, if it is not good then please contact me so we can work it out! I am new to this so please have PATIENCE.

> All prices in USD
> Prices do not include shipping costs or fees
> I only accept payment through Paypal
> Since I am new at this I will not accept haggling at the moment.
> No payment plans.
> After I give a quote, I will only wait 24 hours for a response. If I get no response it will go back up for sale or go to the next person interested
Please notify me when you have sent payment and I will confirm the payment.
> I MAY hold items, depends case by case.
> When sending payment, please include your LJ username and won items in the Message field, not the Subject field
all PAYMENTS made to morgan.swoger at gmail dot com
Please include your address when paying on paypal
I can refuse to sell to anyone if needed
don't delete comments
bid in increments of one dollar
sniper no snipping!

Remember no international people!

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Thanks for looking and happy bidding!

Wants :D

Hello all, just coming today with a couple of specific wants ^.^

I'll finally get around to doing a collection update but it'll wait until the end of July I think, as I'm getting my grail in the next week or so!! :D So I'll wait until he's here <3

Today I'm after:

MWT Vaporeon Pokedoll
Takara Tomy Leafeon & Vaporeon sitting plush 2012 MWT
MWT JP Pikachu Pokedoll (I need two of these... I'm going to do something cute for my best friend :D)
And I hope I'm getting this right... Korotto Manmaru plush of Jolteon & Vaporeon (Possibly Leafeon & Umbreon too, I need to check my collection!)

And as always, interested in any and all canvas & pokedoll plush! Ideally JP tag but open to anything :D So *please* link me, I have the cash to splash as it's bonus month, woop!

On a more practical note, does anyone know of a good site that lists all available pokedolls and what tags they have etc? I'm curious as to what comes with JP tags as I like them a lot more than US ones, is there a JP Leafeon/Glaceon? I've no idea xD

EDIT: Just wanted to add.. I just found Dragonite EX and Full Art EX tcg... that I've never seen before.. are they legit? :O

Show me what you have for sale:3

Hewwo it's been awhile since I asked this.

I like buying usa for the most part but if you have something that I want I'll buy it.

I'm looking for a lucario pokedoll to go with my riolu.

I'm also looking for a palkia, giratina (non orgin form) pokedoll to go with my dialga and arceus.

But anyway show me your sales post and I will check them all out. Have a nice day and stay cool:3

Little Wants Post

Hello Comm! <3

I am posting today in search of a few items that I am hoping you guys can help me find. I have approximately 30$ to spend right now that is burning a hole in my pocket XD
Here is what I am looking for:

- ILM Buizel, Piplup, and Wailord
- Shaymin Pokedoll (MWT)
- Christmas Shaymin Plush
- Pokemon Time Growlithe

The PT Growlithe and the ILM plush are my top priority items right now but if anyone is selling the other two, I am definitely interested!

In other news, I was granted sales permission not that long ago so I will be making a sales post soon, so be on the lookout :)

Thanks for reading!
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Last sale

Hello all! I'm selling off the last of my collection save a few old mementos and this is all that's left.

Most of this sale is composed of unique figures and a few plush.

Feel free to haggle on any item- within reason of course!

I was granted sales permission on 7/27/2013 by entirelycliched

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Wants and New acquisitions

Hello pkmncollectors,
here I leave my latest acquisitions

and a list of figures I search
Jakks figure: Chimecho, Cacnea, Dustox and Beautifly
Zukan Pokemon: Yanmega line, line Dustox, Ekans Noctowl line and piece
Tomys figures: # 10 - Caterpie,
# 15 - Beedrill
# 31 - Nidoqueen
# 33 - Nidorino
# 39 - Jigglypuff
# 41 - Zubat
# 42 - Golbat
# 45 - Vileplume
# 46 - Paras
# 47 - Parasect
# 53 - Persian
# 59 - Arcanine
# 66 - Machop
# 67 - Machoke
# 68 - Machamp
69 # - Bellsprout
# 70 - Weepinbell
# 72 - Tentacool
# 73 - Tentacruel
# 77 - Ponyta
# 78 - Rapidash
# 81 - Magnemite
# 82 - Magneton
# 88 - Grimer
# 89 - Muk
# 90 - Shellder
# 92 - Gastly
# 93 - Haunter
# 124 - Jynx
# 129 - Magikarp
# 132 - Ditto
# 142 - Aerodactyl
# 147 - Dratini
# 148 - Dragonair

Thanks for all ^ ^
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Finally some new gets!

I think I haven't posted an updated in quite a while!

And note: I about a months I will make a big 1 year anniversary post, yay! :D
Before, I will make another update though since I've gotten a lot of stuff within the past few weeks ^^

See my mad Photoshop skillz as a preview! xD
Every Pokemon in this picture will be seen in my gets post (I am so creative lol)


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