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Gib /// TylrStrr★
25 June 2014 @ 02:39 am
Alternate title: Working At A Toy Store Comes With Unexpected Perks
and wow is this mercilessly late

Greetings everyone! Today, I'm firing out a little post just to share some VERY unexpected gets that found their way into my collection...a couple months ago actually (as so suavely aforementioned...I'm quite late getting around to this. Oops. >w>).

Now, these items are completely outside of what I would usually purchase for my collection, they come with a bit of a back story as to how they ended up in my possession!:
I formerly worked at TRU not all that long ago with my position putting the Boy's Section under my jurisdiction, consequently our little Pokemon toy section as well! As such, a majority of the merchandise that went out to our shelves within my jurisdictions didn't go unseen by me long. My coworkers were all well aware of my Pokemon collecting hobby, so whenever a new Pokemon something came in, they would let me know in the off chance I had missed it. On one day in particular of them doing this, one of my coworkers came up to me with a large, freshly opened box in tow, simply providing the statement that it contained Pokemon, accompanied by a triumphant grin...


And what did it contain...?Collapse )

So to spice this post up a little bit more...Share with me your stories, guys :> :
What's the most unexpected item that you've had worm it's way into your collections?
Hi all!
I've altered some prices in my sales, do check it out!

Sleepy Sales!

Hoping to do an update soon-ish. Stay tuned.

These awesome guys are still up for grabs, even reduced!
 photo b8d35298-bd32-4b61-b220-10bcb03fcb71_zpsc12b51f0.png photo 71fcfca6-d186-4b2f-93e4-2bc44b72089d_zps475412d4.png

I'm counting on my sales to help my Onemuri Pikachu collection thrive. :P
Speaking of, who here has any sleeping Chu merch for sale/trade? Especially Onemuri Pikachu promo items? Show me anything, please! *u*

I'm also very eager to add to my TCG collection.
I collect Pikachu cards from the TCG, as well as Raichu, Pichu, Plusle, Minun, Emolga, and soon to be Dedenne. This collection is such a pain. XD
Does anyone have any of these cards for sale/trade?
Basically any cards I'm missing from this collection. Clicky~

Jumped the gun from excitement, forgot to end my post. >.>; Haha...

Anywho! Thank you all for looking and I hope everyone's having a wonderful day. ^___^

** Oh!! I've not asked this, but does anyone here also collect sleeping Pikachu (or other Pokemon) merch? I'd LOVE to see your collections!
25 June 2014 @ 09:19 am
So I'm in Hawaii right now and I'm going to go thrift store hunting. However, I was wondering if there are any stores that sell any non-US Pokemon merch (there's a Walmart and Target that both have US TOMY stuff). Specifically in Kailua-Kona is where I'm hunting. Thanks for any help :)

Also, I got this figure in San Fran at a store full of bootlegs along with a bootleg Arceus plush and a Tropius TFG (They had so many; even a Suicune, but with the Arceus I didn't want to spend any more... :(). I have no idea what it is and searching Ebay yields nothing. It doesn't appear to be a bootleg and there wasn't anything similar to it at the store.

Arceus awaits...Collapse )

That's all for now!
25 June 2014 @ 10:32 am

Hello there, folks!
I regret to say that I have been so disgracefully inactive the past number of months. I am, however, happy to return at last!—And, of course, I have some happy things to share!

A preview!
IMG_0016 IMG_0013 IMG_0031

[insert witty comment here]Collapse )

Also, I hope to have some commission information up very soon! Let me draw your favourite Pokémon and people for you!
Thanks for looking! I can't wait to hear what you have to say. :3 I hope everyone has a fine day (or has had one)!

Hello !

I'm looking for this figure for a good price, because unfortunately, on Ebay, the shipping prices are crazy for France, and they're sold out everywhere else ! Thank you !

( I'll do a collection update when my exams will be finished. )
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25 June 2014 @ 11:14 am
Hi! Since I came to this community I had the feeling I didn't introduce myself very properly so perhaps it's never too late to do it now!
Alright, then my name is Ana, I'm 26 years old, self-employed as illustrator, designer and crafter. My goal is to produce merchandising with unusual or least explored material and techniques!
Here in pkmncollectors I'm mainly a crafter, recently in charge of handmade fully customized pokemon keychains as commissions! Though currently I do variation of keychains only I expect to introduce brand new goods in near future!

Regarding collecting, unfortunately I don't really collect anything, mainly because never had the chance even in my younger times since I always lived with the most essential. I don't hide the desire to buy something from you guys although, I always look at your collections and they never failed to amaze me! I really hope to be able, someday, to start collecting probably delphoxes and zoroarks, my favorite mons, once I will be to afford besides my own survival :)

Ah and I'm from Portugal so english is not my first language, just simply love it so much that I practiced my writing all my life and so still last year I took some classes to become more fluent.

That's all! Still this month I will make another sales post as it's allowed to make two by month particularly to show you my newest keychain variation as I didn't have any pictures, until now! See ya!
25 June 2014 @ 11:31 am
Hello everyone! Today I bring you a couple of projects I was working on on the side!
I call them treasure boxes! each one has a 5 inch diameter and a one of a kind PokePainting on the lid by me!
The left one is titled Hoenn Dreams
The Right one is called Old and New
They are painted in acrylics (the boxes are high quality cardboard)
Each box starts at $25
Auctions end July 2nd at 6:00 PM COUNTDOWN
Click the respective cuts for additional photos
Old and NewCollapse )
Hoenn DreamsCollapse )
Auction RulesCollapse )
All questions and comments are welcome!
Thanks everyone have an awesome day!
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25 June 2014 @ 12:00 pm
I got some totally adorable gets from dinos to poodles to ziggy raccoons!

So many cute things!Collapse )

And, before the auction reminder, does anyone else have dreams about Pokemon? I just had a really weird one about Tyrunt the other day, LOL. I'll copy/paste it from my FB account, but I'm putting it under the cut because... it was super long, lol.

Read more...Collapse )

Annnd now onto the auction reminder! These auctions end TONIGHT! Get your bids in! Quick, Quick! :P

Click here to be transported!
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25 June 2014 @ 12:10 pm

Hello everybody, hope you all are fine ~ :3

Because I have much spare time now, I'm beginning to make some pokemon arts again! I like to paint on small canvas I can buy here in a special store. They have many different sizes and also different forms, like round or square ones.

Here is my newest one I made ^^

Espeon with flowers! I really love flowered and nature themes ♥ Remembers me to a nice warm summer weather I don't have because its raining here EVERY day since the last week...wtf.

Sooo I will open commissions now so that I also can make a littlebit money to buy more pokemonstuff hihihi :333

More infos are under the cut ~ thanks for taking a look!

espeon used cut!Collapse )


- Sales permission granted by godudette on may '13
- My feedback link: http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/leave/?user=pikabulbachu
Paypal only
- Shipping is from germany worldwide
- Shipping is without insurance and I'm not responsible for lost shipments - please tell me if youre unsure!
- Shipping is 2$ worldwide
- I'm open for trades!

Commission info:

- Each commission is for a pokemon-themed small canvas. The sizes and formes are different and you can choose it of course. The prices will start at 5$ and varity to the size and complexity of the design/pokemon.
Please ask for a quote for the total before you are commited if youre unsure.

If you ask for a commission please tell me the following:

1. Which Pokemon you want (there can be more than one pokemon but maybe the price will go higher)
2. Which pose of the pokemon, theme or anything what you have in mind!
3. What size/form of canvas (I can buy them)
4. Maybe other wishes?

I will open 7 Slots!

Slot 1: clair2522 - espurr painting a skuntank
Slot 2: noibatcutie - a very creepy dusclops
Slot 3: 3kame - nidoking in egyptian setting
Slot 4: 3kame - torkoal and shuckle friends
Slot 5: 3kame - spooky torterra with graves on the back
Slot 6: hebilea - snivy princess with flowers on round canvas
Slot 7: hebilea - shiny noibat with yellow bow
2 extra slots:
Slot 8: creampuffoholic - noibat eating a pokepuff
Slot9: creampuffoholic - noivern flying in the night
SLOTS are full for now! Thanks for your interest ^^ ♥ I will open more slots when I'm finished with all I have to do now!
25 June 2014 @ 12:43 pm
I'm putting together a costume for Professor Birch for Sacanime in august, I was wondering if anyone could point me in the direction of any large sized mudkip plush? Preferably a 1:1 would be cool. If you have one for sale let me know. I won't be able to make a purchase till next month as I'm about to leave on a trip, so I'm mostly scouting at the moment.

25 June 2014 @ 02:26 pm

I will hopefully be posting an updates post soon :3
Lauren (Choppi)
25 June 2014 @ 03:21 pm
EDIT: So... I hit Storenvy's 500 item limit and will be closing the store.  It will be open until Monday and orders can be placed until Sunday night.  But don't worry, all orders have been shipped!  However, everything that was on the store will be available once again on a pkmncollectors sales post exclusively! Stay tuned, for the storm is coming... I decided to sell my entire collection and that's hundreds upon hundreds of rare plush!!

Hi, everyone!
After the success of my first sales post, I decided to make it into a store for easier shopping! It features 500 items so far, with another 300 to be added next month, so please check back often for new items and promotions! (or just watch for my posts on here, whatever works :D)
Anyway, click the picture to be transported!
(LOL I edited this banner in less than a minute, I will have a proper one next post!)

-I received sales permission from allinia on 6/11/14.
-Feedback is here: http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/choppii/
25 June 2014 @ 04:41 pm
I was just walking around the Tokyo Outlet in Glendale Galleria, CA. Then I pick up a box of bouncing Dragon balls. I look down and see this:


This is all they have. I also found a DX Serperior here too, but that was last month.
Bidding ends in about 8 hours, at 2 AM EST. I've decided to open the bidding to international buyers since I'll need to stop at the post office to get quotes anyway. We're just below how much we need for the initial bid so bid while you can! I don't mean to post again so soon but I wanted to update on my shipping change!

Click the above photo to go to the threads! 
25 June 2014 @ 06:20 pm
So the husband and I want to start collecting Pokemon kids, excluding the clear ones!

As a start, we only want the first 151 and any of our actual teams not in the first generation. Our teams can be seen in our icon! My husband is also looking for the Mega Charizard X and the Zoroak Kids.

We are still looking for Trading Figures as well. :D

Since we live in Canada (and International shipping is killer) we are looking for some good deals and looking to buy bulk.

Thanks everyone!
Nina Needless
25 June 2014 @ 06:40 pm
Im looking for some figures for my Absol collection. I know they are hard to get ^^
If anyone have this figures for a low price let me know.

[wants (click to open)]

Looking for the clear and shiny Absol Kid figure.

And this Kids figures

This TOMY figure

Thank you :3
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25 June 2014 @ 06:50 pm

(Isn't this banner just so symmetrical?? Another reason why I love to collect these guys! <3 )
Hello everyone! I'm here today to share an update of my current focus in Pokemon collecting: My Espurr/Meowstic collection! My other main and side collections (Snivy, Espeon, Treecko) haven't received many new editions, besides a few small bits and bobs, so this post is focused on my ever-growing psy kitties, plus a few new Pokedoll editions! :3 Let's begin!

I'm raising an Espurr army over here!Collapse )

Pokedolls!Collapse )

That was a long post! Hugs and cookies to anyone that attempted to read it all! <3 Now I'm off to California with my travel buddy Mikasa! x'D Thanks for looking, and have a great day/night!
25 June 2014 @ 06:59 pm
Getting a hold of a camera has been really hard for me lately. Sorry for not posting as much. Anyways, I got a few things recently that made my collection so much better. This is VERY image heavy.
GetsCollapse )
CollectionCollapse )

WantsCollapse )
25 June 2014 @ 07:38 pm
Hey everyone! I'm looking to buy 4 specific Kids figures. If you have any of the following to sell, please let me know. The figures I'm looking for are on the left.

Meowth - Brown coin on head
Jolteon - Back of mane not painted
Electrode - Darker red & white
Omastar - Darker shell


There's a bulbasaur model kit I really want, but it only ships to the U.S.:( Please contact me if you can help! I am not sure if the website newegg.com is trustworthy. Have anyone bought things from there before?
25 June 2014 @ 08:51 pm
So I have been having a lot of luck recently with finding some wants so I'm going to give some of the more elusive ones another bash. I'm looking a aggron pencil topper and the metal figures for solrock, seviper, and heracross.

pictures belowCollapse )