June 26th, 2014


Updated Sales and Wants!

I have organised my wants and sales posts and added some more things for sale! Click the banners for the stuff~ I will also accept trades!

I also managed to get my hands on (caved and bought) a pokedoll keychain featuring venusaur, blastoise, mewtwo, and of course charizard, the one I was after :) So when I receive those I will be putting the 3 charms I don't need up for sale!
I am also getting another item on my wants list very soon after a lot of struggle, I can't wait for it to get here ^^


Hello all! My minicot and others auction ends this upcoming monday at 11pm ohio time!! No international people, sorry.
Come check it out! MOST ARE AT STARTING BIDS!!!


auction link- http://pkmncollectors.livejournal.com/17496114.html

My normal sales of cards and misc are located at these links- http://pkmncollectors.livejournal.com/17347360.html



thank you for looking!!
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Where is...? + Messy plush collection~

Has anyone heard from jen81489 recently? I paid for a couple plush from her sale earlier in the month and haven't heard from her even though she said she'd ship a week ago. :x This is the first time I've had such a communication gap from a seller, especially one who's been so on top with it before, so I'm not sure what to do x_x; I hope she's okay!!

Well, other than that, have some pics :D

Let's all love Groudon scene

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Japanese Design Pin Trades!

Hey guys! :D I got my package from prnzs today, which means I got a selection of pins and I'd like to put a few of them up for trade! I'm really happy I got the Greninja pin. ^^ I bought the charm too, but mostly in case I didn't get the pin, but now I have both! |D I also got the large-size teacup with the same designs, its so pretty! ;w; Even though it's so nice, I'm going to be using it, I've always wanted a Japanese style cup for my tea and this one seemed perfect!

Sales permission granted by dakajojo on 03/02/11
Feedback: http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/agkelikos/
Shipping from/to the UK

Anyway, I got an extra Blastoise pin, a Staryu (which I realised us upside-down oops) and some bunny butts up for trade. :3 I'd ideally like to trade Blastoise (or any of them really) for Venusaur because I got Charizard too, so it would be nice to have the set.

The others I'm interested in: Doublade, Ho-oh, Legendary birds, Fletchling, Ninetales, Snorlax (and obviously that special Joltik but I know it would be unfair to ask for that |D)

Next post will be a re-intro/collection update since I've nearly received everything I want to include. Thanks guys! :)

My First Collection Post Plus Charm Update Sale Plus Price reduce for some items

Hi Everyone I just start organize part of my collection and set them into my case XD They look great~~~~~~~

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I just update some charms in my sale post also have reduce the price for some clearfile and eevee HQ plush. Feel free to come visit my sale post ^^

You can click on the picture or the link here --> http://slatias.livejournal.com/5808.html

Thanks for reading 
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Totodile collection!

Thanks to the help of some friends helping me tidy up my room, I finally I have space to display all my totodiles! :D I'm still not completely happy with how I have it organized since a lot of the flats are being blocked off by plush, but this is good enough to post I think ^^


More pics under the cut!

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I'd love to see other totodile collections so if you collect them please show me! :D I'll also be posting my N collection soon, just have to neaten it a 'lil bit first ^u^

Also might as well mention it while I'm making a post, I'm still looking for 2 yvelatal exes, and also a small yveltal figure (no taller than 3"), and any pokemon hats! Let me know if anyone's selling any of these :o

NW Reminder + Goodbye Extras GA Payment 2 + Site Update/Reminder

Hello everyone! This is a reminder that I shall be picking up from Nintendo World tomorrow! Click the image below to go to the pickups post if you'd like to request something! <3

For everyone involved in the Goodbye Extras GA - your payment 2 totals have been posted here! Please pay within a week and let me know by commenting here once you have paid.
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And as for my site: just a reminder that I have free shipping within the US until July 1st, and I also have this Twitter giveaway for a free pokedoll or $20 gift card going on as well. Please remember that you have to follow my page to be entered as well as retweeting, since a few people aren't following but I can't run around reminding everyone individually. >.>;; I also just added a few new items to my stock, mostly Ichiban Kuji items. Click on the banner below to visit my store~

As for anyone who doesn't feel like browsing first, I added the following:

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That's all for today, and now I'm off to NY! XD Thanks everyone! <3

Updated Website

I just updated my website with my new Pokedolls along with updated pictures of every thing else. Check it out :D


And I got SUPER lucky on a Goodwill run yesturday. I found risers for my figures! Been wanting some forever, but they're so expensive! I paid $2 for them!


I keep my Jakks and Hasbros on this one along with Rumble guys.

This one holds my kids, TOMYs, mini figs, and other random figures :3 you can see my pokedoll charms too.

And quick question: Is anyone else waiting for Funko to make Pokemon Pop figures? They literally have everything BUT Pokemon- from Yu-gi-oh, to Wizard of Oz, to Star Trek, to Spongebob. Everything. I want to see Pokemon! If you don't know what they are, look at them under the cut, you'll want them too!!

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Updated Sales post: Mild haggling is allowed

I've cut LOTS of prices and added new things like Eeveelution Canvases and some of the Kid figues from the newest 2014 set, featuring Mega Charizard X. I have tons of Kid figures in general, actually.

You'll find that most items have their prices crossed out, with a lower price in red next to it. The red price is the new, reduced price.


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Giant Pokemon, Giant Price Tags

One question I have received many times is "How much are the Giant Tomy Pokémon Plush worth?" I had toyed around with the idea of making a price guide, but I really can't. I won't go into all the theory and arguments regarding price and supply and demand. The short version is plush are worth what someone is willing to pay, and that can change every day. Here is what I will do; over the past few weeks there have been a lot of Giant Tomy's for sale in Japan. Under the cut is the final sell price of the various pokemon. These prices are not meant to be a suggested value, but merely a reference to collectors who want to know what they have sold for before. If anyone has some ended auctions they would like to share (key word ENDED) I would be happy to add them. Also as you will see I have removed all buyer and seller info (as well as item numbers). This is done to protect the winners. If you share an auction screenshot, please do the same.

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