June 29th, 2014


Lapras Cooler Bag

Hi everyone!

I've been waiting for the ice type promotion from Banpresto with the Lapras cooler bag to come up, but I still haven't been able to find anything. It said June for the release date, does anyone know anything about it? I'd really like one and my searches on Yahoo!Japan auctions haven't turned anything up.


Quick Get and a Poll!

So my booboo keys finally arrived :D
2014-06-29 12.10.01

I really want to hold them, but the new tomy's come strapped to the box :X
Which leads me to ask you the community:
Poll #1973586 Poll: pokemon plush in boxes, what do you do?
This poll is closed.

Would you take a new pokemon plush out of the box?

Yes! I wana hold it.
No! Keep it MINTY.
I don't know what to do!!
I don't care either way.

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I updated my collection page and if anyone wants to exchange links, just ask! :D

Sylveon auctions + clearance sales (nothing over $3)!

Hey everyone, long time no see! I've decided to weed out a bit of my collection and do a clearance sale to make more room. c:

I was given permission by allinia on 8/8/12.
My feedback is on feedback.pkmncollectors.com/pastelkittyy
All pkmncollectors rules apply to my sales.
I use the USPS postcalc calculator to figure out shipping cost. I will ship anywhere.
Auctions end on Wednesday, July 2nd. I will ship ALL orders out on Saturday, July 5th.

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Looking for art commissions :3

Hello all,

this is just a reminder for my canvas paintings ~ I still have 5 slots open for commissions!

I would LOVE to make more pokemon paintings of other great unique ideas you can see below!
(the espeon is for sale now if anyone want it)
Only 5$ for a small canvas ~ and for bigger sizes 6$-10$ (before shipping&fees)

Here is a link to the original post with all infos & rules:



Thanks for looking! :D

I don't have a pokecollection yeeeeeet but

I really love looking at everyone's collections. They're friggin beautiful. I could go there and stare for hours to see every single detail! Specially delphoxes and zoroarks, I love those derps most ahaha! But I don't have a collection myself. Yet. Someday! But I do have a collection...of photos of the handmade keychains I made for this community! Errr...almost all of them, there was a time or another I couldn't take photos for forgetting the camera in someone's house or stuff so there's missing quite some, but anyway, shall we take a look? :)

Starting with this Yveltal's mini sculpture, we always remember our first shoot :3


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Now I realized there's quite some I missed taking a photo...oh well, next time I will show the ones I made this year, which only started in end of May until the current set I'm working now!

That's all!
  • samo22

Swirlix wants!

I'm looking to buy a whole bunch of Swirlix items!

Click here or on this cute lil' guy to see my list.

My list is pretty comprehensive but if you have anything that isn't on it, please let me know! My collection website that the list is on is still under construction (so please no judging -cough-), but my Swirlix section is complete so you can see if I already own it there. :3

Thank you for any help finding these things!

(Credit for picture goes to my best friend.)
  • prnzs

Quick mint plush sales: MWT Japanese Litwick Pokedoll, Pumpkaboo MPC, DX Leafeon/Meowth

Hello all~ Just a few quick plush sales here today since I need to make more room!
Since these need to go to a new home hopefully by next week, I am open to haggling, but please be reasonable.
Picture 3
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Also a thanks to everyone who participated in my Pokedoll charm pick up and just a friendly update: Everything has been picked up and will be shipped out on July 1st and 2nd of next week. Shipping updates can be found on the original post.

Thanks for looking!

Derpchus - love or hate? xD

So recently, I've adopted a few derpchus and I was wondering what the community felt about them?
I'm putting it as I adopted them because I didn't pay lots of money for them and I usually get them from people who didn't want them anymore.
So here are my derpchus! xD

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I'm pretty sure they're both bootlegs (especially the large one) and not mirage plush because they do not have tush tags and the pattern seems pretty common. That being said, I DO NOT encourage anyone to buy these pikachu off retailer shops but I think adopting from second hand sellers for cheap is fine.

So here's a question for you guys!
Do you love or hate derp pokemon?
If you do have derp pokemon, how many do you have and which is your favourite? xD
It can be bootlegged or official. (: