July 2nd, 2014

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Hello! I'm searching for two items that are quite difficult to obtain. The main item I'm looking for is a Slowpoke tail charm that was sold in the pokemon centers last February? I had my 3DS LL stolen, and my previous tail was taken by the perpetrator! I also lost a Pikachu/Sylveon/Eevee case too, which I'm also searching for. If anybody is willing to part with either items, I'd be delighted to give them a new home! (I learned not to take my valuables outside my home too)

Also, I had a Syleveon charm attached to my system too. I'm not familiar with many pokemon items, but the Sylveon charm I had was attached to a light blue strap. Sylveon appeared to be smiling too. If anybody can identify the strap, please let me know! It was a gift from my friend in Japan, and he isn't familiar with pokemon merchandise either. Thank you!

Pokemon Mega Bloks WANTS!

Hello pkmncollectors!

Anyone know about these things? POKEMON MEGA BLOKS!
I recently started trying to collect them, because I am a major LEGO freak; but it seems very rare to find them anywhere.
If you have any pokemon mega bloks - please let me know where you got it, if you are selling, or how I can get my hands on some. THANKS!

(I do not own the mega bloks above; I found it from a google image search)

I really want: GENERATION 1&2 Pokemon; LEGENDARIES, STARTERS, and basically all of them! :)

Pikachu Jollibee toy want

Does anyone have a Pikachu Jollibee meal toy they are willing to sell? I am on the hunt for him :) He shoots electro balls from his tail! Doesn't have to be new in package....and I don't care if it has the electro balls to be honest. I just really want the figure itself in good condition. Thank you!



Hello all, hope everyone has been going well. Just wanted to post a wanted list.
I am currently looking for a treecko canvas plush and a bulbasaur patchwork keychain.
I live in Australia if you have them for sell please let me know price including shipping.
Mint with tag only please. Thanks.

Help with some new gets? And a quick collection update.

Hi again everyone!

My partner recently won a couple of keychains for me from Y!J and they arrived a couple of days ago. There's a Raikou and a Suicune (I'm assuming there must be an Entei out there somewhere?) and I believe they are Ichiban Kuji prizes, but if anyone could tell me a bit more about them, that'd be great!

Picture of the back of the box under the cut :)

Also some updated pictures of my collection since I spent a couple of hours last night making fabric covered shelf risers (I think that's the name??) to display my figures on since they were starting to pile up on each other! (That and I didn't fancy paying loads for acrylic ones) and a couple of nice TCG gets from a while back.
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Thanks for reading guys! :D

Sales Update + Price Drops!

Added a few more things and dropped a bunch of prices around the shop! Hoping to add even MORE eventually as I want to clear out some of my collection, but well, that'll be my next project :p Decided to limit myself to only collecting a few different sets, and need to make room for pokemoncenter.com goods^^

Anyhow, come take a peek^^

two years of collecting - a collection update and re intro

hello everyone!
It has now been two years since I joined the comm and started collecting seriously. my collection has grown and altered so much in that time, starting from a couple of hasbro plushes and beanie babies to the whopping room consuming plushie monster it is now.

So a little about me, I am 21 (22 in two weeks time!) and from the UK. This year has been full of changes for me, I left university with a english and creative writing degree, underwent an operation and then started at my current job at a jewellers. I even got my little kitten Kratos, who isn't so little anymore! I have also started wedding planning and am due to get married next April eeeek. In all that thought pokemon has remained a constant even if my collecting has slowed down a lot it is still a big part of my life.
I rediscovered pokemon with the release of diamond and pearl and took interest in collecting more when black and white was released. however the thing that made me decide to join the comm was when I found a talking lifesized mew on ebay, it was bought before I could purchase it but I was hooked and had to know where to get one. Through internet searching I found pkmncollectors and decided to join. Since then my collection has exploded and my humble mew collection is better than I ever thought it could be, I have has phases of having different side collections such as eevee and sandile but mew has always been in the forefront. Lately I have started collecting pokedolls and I now have over 100! my other collection is hoothoot and noctowl, I love owls so they were a must have for me. My partner Alex also collects but his collection is much more modest consisting of axew, charizard and absol.
Without further a do the pictures!!!
caution image heavy

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My growing collection

My Collection has been growing and it's all thanks to you guys. I started out with two pokedolls (when the pokemon center was open in new york) after that I never got any more. Until I was on youtube and saw people opening card packs and seeing how flipping awesome the new cards where. Ten min later I went to the mall and spent $200 just on cards. I later thought to my self "i wonder if they still make dolls?" AND THEY DID! so I did some googleing and found the site that shall not be named.
I took my chances and bought some and actually got them and that got me five new pokedolls and one blanket.

Then it went bad for that site and I could no longer trust or buy from it. I was no longer able to buy pokemon dolls or plushes. I googled and googled looking for a place I could buy and not pay to much or be afraid of being ripped off. That's when I found this site. I immediately signed up for LiveJournal and asked to be in this group. My collection now takes up two shelves on my book shelf. Thank you everyone I bought from


Sorry that this is long. Here are the pokemon dolls and plushes I have not posted about or think I have not posted about

Huge sales! Discounted amadas, items & other flats.

With a big move coming up, I really need to downsize! This includes things like sales, and little projects I've been working on (hence all the random customs lately!). I have a Sentret plush up for offers today! It is the first thing I started when I got my machine and I finally finished it (only a year late). :D

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Next, sales - I'm having a BIG sale right now!! As I've mentioned, I need to get ready for the move so I've slashed prices on EVERYTHING! That includes amadas, postcards, clearfiles, and other various flats and non-flats! This is everything I have a the moment, and I've put it all under this gigantic sales post - if you are looking to combine, now would definitely be the time! Come have a look - there are lots of fine cheap items up for grabs at 50% off or less. :D

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And onto the sales! Brace yourselves.

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Wanted: DX Lugia (1999)

Once again I come to you with my Lugia wants. <:

First of all, I am looking for a major grail of mine:

The large Tomy Lugia from 1999.

(Image taken from lugia.co.uk)

I have been watching the same listing get put up on ebay again and again for a ridiculous price of 140$.
I recently lost out on two auctions (one ended at 4am before my final exam and the other one DURING my final exam...) and now I am looking for it again.

The two Lugias I missed went for 26$ and 30$ while being in used condition. I would be perfectly happy with a used condition one, as long as the discolouration or marks are not horrible. Minor paint marks are fine, scratches too if they're not very noticeable.

Shipping would have to be to Germany, so I expect it to be around 10-15$ (that's what I paid for my big Electronic Lugias) or a little higher.

This item is one of the last I need for my collection to be in a state where I only have to add a few smaller figures to be happy with it (excluding plushes... I still need lots of those). c:

So, if you have a big Lugia and would like to give it to a very loving home, please let me know. c:

And while we are at it, a little progress to my Lugia shelf:

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Looking for Bulbasaur Merchandise!

Does anyone have May's Bulbasaur plush and willing to sell?

*image taken from ElectronicSheepFactory.com, if they want me to take it off. I can!

And also this adorable bulbasaur roller figure?

*image taken from ebay.

I would prefer that they are in Near Mint condition. If you have any of these items or other bulbasaur related items (but not flats), you are welcome to leave a message and I will take a look at what you have!!!

Thanks for looking! :D

Heya everyone! /Waves. Small sales

Hello everyone! I'm sorry I haven't posted in awhile~
But today I have a few new goodies that are up for sale!
So come and check them out? ^-^

/update: awake while packing items up and cleaning up room~
Sales 024
I was granted sales permission by: entirelycliched on 8/7/2013.
My feedback is located: HERE

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