July 3rd, 2014

Flat Sales

Hey everyone :) This entry is to let everyone know about my updated sales post. I can trade for other cards as well, just let me know!

Market Lol
- Sales permission granted by entirelycliched on 07 AUG 2013.
- PKMNCollectors Feedback: http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/urahameshi/
- All PKMNCollectors Rules apply.
- Serious buyers only please.
- A minimal purchase of $1 is required but if I have to go to the Postal Office either way I'll accept your order. Just ask!
- My house is dog friendly, smoke FREE.
- I ship from Puerto Rico with the US Postal Office services.
- I ship as soon as I can but my shipping day is Friday's.
- I'm not responsible if your package gets lost/damaged. I protect the items as best as I can and I attach your address on the item just in case it gets lost. That way they can send it either way to your house. I will have all the receipts of the shipments with me and will take pictures/scans if needed.
- All items are either good condition or even near mint. If you're picky about cards condition please let me know, I can take close up pictures of the card if you want. I try to be as specific and detailed as possible but take in mind I'm not a card specialist and I don't pay attention to super small details.
- When asking for a quote let me know your zipcode (If US) or where you live (if Australia, Germany etc). That way I can give you a total faster.
- Try to be specific with what cards you want, ex. You can right click on the picture and select "Copy Image URL" and paste it in the comments section, then telling me the pokemon card you want from that link.
- Yes I do trades! But you will need to have 10 feedback or more so I can accept to do so. If you have less you will need to send first. I trade for any card from all sets. I have a list of all the cards I need, if you need it let me know and I'll give you the link.

You can go to the sales post here:

Tiny flats sale~

I don't know about you guys, but when we were offered up a coupon code for oyatsu cafe via classypersian, I sure bought a few things~

I bought 2 packs of the pineapple chewy stuff (which is delicious *3*), some gummies and a notepad.

Unfortunately I didn't get a Pancham wrapper thingy in my pineapple candies. I'd love to trade with someone or buy it from you, if you happened to order that candy and got Pancham!

Given sales permission by allinia, 3/24/14.
☀ Feedback: feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/opossumpanda
I ship internationally from Canada, and will let you know when your things have been shipped.

Shipping is $1 to anywhere :)

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Thanks for looking!
Oh, I also discovered the magical place of storenvy yesterday (slowpoke much) and picked up some Pancham stuff that I've been searching for forever.... so I'm super excited about that ;w; it's gonna be a magical moment when I see the can badges in person. I've wanted them badly for months.

Bookmark Want!

I've been searching around for these Charizard pokemon time bookmarks that came in the 2012 pokemon time charm packages.
edit: I'm only looking for the top full art bookmark now :)

(if these are your photos and you want me to remove them, please let me know)

If you have any charms from this series still in packaging, it would be awesome if you could have a peek inside at the containing bookmark! If you have one with charizard but don't want to separate it from the charm I am desperate enough to buy the entire charm just to get the bookmark!
THESE are the charms in the set that may have the charizard, for reference!
I can also TRADE for the dragonair full art bookmark if you would prefer.

Celebi Plush 2001

Hey pkmncollectors, just wanted to show the new Celebi plush I received in the mail. It is made by Tomy and dates to 2001. Eyes are made of plastic and wings are made of a shiny material. Let me know your opinions, thank you


♥Wailord Pokedoll for Sale!♥

Hi all, I decided to selling my cute wailord pokedoll!! Because I don't collect wailord and I need the money more. Please look under the cut where you can find more detailed pics and a description!!
PRICE: 80.00$ OBO

- sales permission granted by godudette on may 2013
- shipping is from germany worldwide
- paypal only
- no trades atm sry^^

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Thanks for looking :3


First off, THANK YOU pkmncollectors community! I am new here, but everyone has already made this place so welcoming.
Second, I LOVE learning about all the different types of collections and "GRAILS"! It really is a community when you have LINGOS and others that get you.

Finally; you all have helped so much with my MEGA BLOKS collection!

STILL LOOKING FOR MORE MEGA BLOKS! If you have any, or know where to get them, PLEASE LET ME KNOW! :)

Are there any other MEGA BLOK collectors out there? May I see your collection? I am not quite sure which pokes are out there. I have a few doubles and extras if you all want to trade as well!



P.S. Really want the GEN 1 STARTERS (only have Bulbasaur), GEN 1 EEVEE EVOLUTIONS, LEGENDARIES, and Pokes from GEN 1 and GEN 2!
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A little bird, a little ghost and a little poll

I made a figure of my favorite birdie yesterday :>
A Natu Pokemon Time figure!
He is a bit derpy xD And he is very tiny, smaller than the Kid figure :>


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And this cutie joined my Pokedoll flock a few days ago <3


He was on Noppin for only 1800 Yen! Apparently nobody wanted him since the picture was very dark and thus kinda looked weird. But I jumped on him :) He still has his tag too, it's a little damaged though but not much. ^^
I absolutely love Duskull, he is one of the best ghosties <3

And now on to my tiny poll concerning the Pokemon Time line :)
1. What is your favorite Pokemon Time plush and why? Post a photo! :>
2. What is your favorite Pokemon Time merch other than plush?
3. What Pokemon would you like to see get a Pokemon Time plush in the future?
John cutely confused

Pitapoke problems?

I have one Pitapoke, so I'm not sure if all of them do this or if it's just mine, but does anyone have trouble getting the pieces to stay on the base? No matter what I do: put them on gently, cram them on violently, wet the suction cup first before putting it on (that seems to work the best but only for a little while) they always, after anywhere from a few hours to a day or two, pop off again.

Do all Pitapoke's do this? How did you fix the problem? Is there a fix to the problem?

Thank you! 
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New sales, old sales discounted, new stickers & coupon code

Yay, new items for sale, and old items discounted! Here's a preview of some of the stuff (there's lots more!)

Also updated the sticker shop. Here's some of the newly added stickers. Click the pic to go to the shop :)
Here is a coupon code for 25% off orders over $10! Code: july4
(you enter the code at the Pokemonpanya.com site when you check out.)
It is not combinable with free shipping. Ends midnight on July 4th, Eastern Time (UTC -5)
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Wants+sales plug

Hi guys I am looking for a Spriritomb pokedoll to finally collect all 4th gen pokedolls. If any of you have one for sale, or know where to get one please let me know. I am also looking for a pokewalker

Also I am going to the post office in the next few hours so feel free to look at my sales, yiu can click on the pic, or here, to directed to the sales.


Some kids for sale and 1:1 vee auction

Hi there

Its been a while since I've posted sales, so I decided to post some kid figures, as well as my 1:1 Eevee plush. Before we start, let me post a couple of pics for you, and the rules and permission info

All those kids, and that cute and friendly eevee smile <3

I has both tags!!

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Thanks for watching, and please if you have a chance, check my newly re-designed store. I'll be adding new items every week if I can =)

Your oldest pokemon toy?

I thought about this yesterday while I was rearranging things. There's two plush I have that stuck with me through my childhood-


Pikachu from ???, had him since I was 6. He's survived my dog, chilhood, and various other things. He's patchy and permanently dirty in some spots, but I adore him and hope he'll continue to last a long time. <3


Umbreon pokedoll- ordered him from the PokeCen site in '07 and he was a gift from my mom during a really low point in my life. He's survived multiple trips and a move, and reminds me of my second kitty.

So! Do you guys have any old pokemon toys you cherish greatly? :D

Shiny Collection Mew Card?


I am looking for this adorable Mew Ex card, tired of buying random packs and getting poop lol.
I'll buy Japanese or English doesn't matter to me! Please let me know prices and shipping if anyone has one.
Though it must be Mint or Near Mint condition.


Thank you so much samo22

quick question about a figure

So I saw the mega mawile sp figure on amazon today.

Does anyone know if it is out now? It didn't say it was released or a preorder on the description so im wondering if it is released yet.


As always looking for these

Jakks umbreon figure
jakks espeon figure
jakks vaporeon figure
jakks eevee figure.

Thanks for looking