July 4th, 2014

Small Collection Update + Quick Wants: Jakks Pansear Plush and Jakks Winter Deerling Plush

Hey guys, I'm just quickly looking for these two this Jakks Pacific plushies.  I understand that the Jakks company was shut down and that's why distribution for the black and white series 6 plushies were so bad, but being in Australia I didn't really realise what was going on until obtaining these guys became near impossible.

I'm looking for Pansear and Deerling (Winter) in order to complete my Jakks monkey trio and Jakks deerling quartet, and it's horribly frustrating missing the last one of each!! :(

Any help at all in obtaining either or both of these guys this guy would be absolutely amazing! (My OCD is driving me up the wall like you wouldn't believe T_T)
-Thank you firevie for helping me with Pansear! :D

(These pics aren't mine, if it's yours and you want me to take it down let me know.)

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Washing your pokemon plushies?

Hey guys, have a bit of a dilemma, i'm not sure how to go about washing some plushies. I recently moved from Canada to Australia and all my plushies came over in boxes off a cargo ship, some of the boxes had slight water damage and the plushies all have an 'old' wet smell to them, but otherwise look fine and no mold seems to be present. I want to wash these as well as some non-pokemon related plushies. Some have beans in em, some are too big for a washing machine, i'm just not sure which way to go about this as i've never washed a plush before, how do you guys do it? I don't want to wreck any of them as some are old/rare/collectable, but I just can't display them or take them out of bags smelling the way they do!

My first instinct is to get a big bucket fill it with some kind of washing liquid and let em soak then hang to dry, or blowdry, but i haven't seen this suggested anywhere im assuming this is wrong, what should I do?

Thanks everyone!

Zukan XY03 Pre-order/ Pick up

Hi all! I know it's a earlier than usual, but I just want to get this organised a little bit early this time.
Pre-order/ Pick up rules and information can be found under the cuts.

Update: After 2 weeks' delay, the sets have been released and details have been finalized, thank you very much for all your understanding and patience (:

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Price for full set of 4, inserts included:
$25 including shipping and fees to anywhere, i will upgrade to registered mail for free if you purchase 2 sets or more. I am picking up sets only.

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That's all for now, thank you very much (:
Mega Absol

Quest for Blastoise/Mega Blastoise~

Hi guys!

I'm on a quest after the mighty Blastoise/Mega Blastoise plush for someone very dear to me.
It would be so great if some of you guys had one, maybe a lil' bit cheap(I'm from EU, FYI) ;)
I'm thinking, something like this:


(Pictures were found on Google -w-)

Really hope you guys will be able to help me, it will be MUCH appreciated! <3


I have tons of figures that I got from a japan lot, I am only posting the ones in pretty good condition for now. any figure in the 2 top pictures is just 2.00! If you would like more photos just let me know! The last picture figures are just 7.00 each . Also below I have my card and misc sales. Sorry but no international people! :(

THE ones that are tagged are the figures that are left!! feel free to make offers on the third pictures figures.
and here are some new stickers I added as well!
they are just 3.00 each!

Here are my card and misc sales, which have my sales rules and when I was given sales permission.

Thank you so much for looking!

Also any vaporeon stickers you may have, I wouldn't mind checking out! Thank you:)

Crystal Clear update + Suction cups sales + wants

Hello community!

First of all! About the Crystal Clear GA (I updated the other post but maybe you didn't see it!)
NOTE REGARDING PAYMENT 2: Since the domestic shipping was really low (200 JPY), the bank fees were really low (around 180 JPY) and I combined the international shipping with other lots I also won, both payment 2 and payment 3 will be merged in the same one. I did this because splitting something 600 JPY between between 12 kids would make around 0.5$/kid so it's not worthy to pay the fees for that little quantity. The lot was shipped july 1st, so I expect it to arrive by the second half of the month.

Secondly, I have received another package from Japan so it's time to do a few sales with suction cups and chess pieces! As usual you can combine anything with my main sales post that I have a lot of stuff on there ^^


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Finally, I also got some awesome stuff *cof*ZUKAN*cof* with my package but I guess I'll wait until I get the packages of some GA to do a proper re-intro and collection post.

About wants,  I'm still searching for some items for my main collections: retsudens of Poochyena and Politoed, grabby-miniclips of Vulpix, Vulpix and Growlithe megablocks, Quilava figures, Mightyena figures, Politoed Pokemon Time things, Pokemon Time bookmarks or some cute flats of Poochyena, Politoed and Ninetales please let me know! I have some other wishies on my wants post if you want to give it a look (even some regular kids I'm missing >.<). But if you ever seen one of these photos, let me know! They are some grails I'm missing for my Politoed collection (so hard to find them!) and I could pay pretty well for them :________


Wants and other stuff

Hey guys ^^

First off, I hope all you American's are having a fun Fourth of July <3

This is a multipurpose post... With a weird request xD
Would anyone be willing to send me 10 dollars today, and have me send back the money tomorrow? I'll add on three dollars as a "thanks" kind of thing. I know it's a weird thing to ask, but banks are closed today for the holiday and I ran into a bit of a bind with an eBay item for a GA... I need to cover someone's payment but I don't have enough money on my paypal currently. Usually it wouldn't be a problem but the seller had opened an unpaid item case and today is my last chance to send payment. So yeah, if anyone could help me out there I'd really really appreciate it ;A;
I have no idea if asking something like this is allowed... I rechecked all the rules but couldn't find anything xD But if it's not allowed I'll gladly delete it!
Thank you aki199257 <333

Next I have a quick sale- a poketime Treecko clearfile. I'm looking for 12 shipped~


It can be combined with my other sales here: http://latias-latios-7.livejournal.com/3639.html

Images aren't mine, but since I'm at a friends I can't take my own pics atm. Mine is in mint condition though!

As for my wants, would anyone send me ten random kid figures for 12 shipped? Obviously I would only be able to pay tomorrow after I go to the bank.
They can be any figures, but they must be in decent condition (they don't have to be mint), they must be from a variety of regions, and there can't be any doubles. I'll post a list of what I already have in a sec! (And if one of those figures is a Masquerain, that'd be awesome xD)

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And last but not least, I have a few polls for you guys, just for fun xD

Poll #1974274 Age question one!

How old were you when you started collecting?

6 or younger
10 or younger
15 or younger
20 or younger
25 or younger
Older than 25

Poll #1974275 Age question two

How old are you now?

Over 27
Under 10

Gets post and question!

Earlier this week i went to epcot for the first time! I finally got to see the pokemon stuff at the japan pavilion in person and while i know some people complain its not as stocked as it use to be im very happy i got to see it and see kids happy about pokemon too :) I bought a Gengar faceshirt, funny though i was wearing "almost" the exact same shirt i bought. i got mine at a con before i knew about bootlegs and later found out it was a bootleg shirt (the spikes on the back are different) so im really happy to actually own the official shirt now especially since my old one is wearing out because i wear it all the time lol. I also got the best present from coiffwaff in the mail! I had been looking for the Swirlix pokedex card and they bought a bunch of blind bag packs looking for Furfrou and the happened to get swirlix too and sent it to me! Im just so happy and cannot thank them enough!
Pictures under cut!

and my question, going through the swilix stuff on ebay recently ive been seeing the pokedoll for super cheap. did they already make a bootleg of it? that fast? i already have mine and got it from a reliable source when it came out so im positive its not a bootleg but it just seems theyre making them faster and faster xp

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Seif 2011 Onward

Display questions regarding Poke Dolls

It's been quite some time since I've posted here, but I just had a general question to any Poke Doll collectors; I'm looking into expanding my Pokemon Collection to focus more on Poke Dolls. I've seen pictures of "stair displays" that can support figures, but I wonder if there's any displays like this that can support the size of Poke Dolls.

To be more precise, I'm talking about displays similar to this:


Any information that can be given, as well as a referal to any specific online shops (or even nation retailers) would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance!


Quick question!

I'm just wondering how people figure out which plushies have bootlegs or not, has anyone ever seen a spot on bootleg before? And if so,  are there still ways to tell?
Hope all my American pals had a great 4th!! Mine was alright, my cousins bailed but
the fireworks made up for it though :)

edit: I noticed the PPP hasn't been updated in awhile, will anyone be working on it soon?

Ive been watching recently posted pokecenter tours and see what looks like shiny pikachu plushies, are these a new line??