July 6th, 2014

2014 Collection Update...now with more Kalos in your Diet!

Hey PKMNCollectors!

How was everyone's 4th? We got rained out so we had fireworks tonight instead of yesterday! Seriously, it was like the jungles of Africa with all the thunder, lightning, and flooding! But anyways, you're not here for water and thunder...you're here for POKEMON!>.<

I made some alterations to my collection and added some things as well. I've really embraced Kalos and all the Pokemon within. It's really becoming my favorite generation along with Johto. I have some close up photos for ya so here we gooooooo!...

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Venu Pokedoll

Custom Espeon/Umbreon Auction!

What is happening my beautiful nerds? Sorry, it's been awhile since I've last posted. Apparently university is hard work who woulda though aNYWAY. NOT THE POINT. Holidays are wonderful, and I've been working hard over the past few days on some cute new plush that I have no intention of keeping. I heard there's one or two eeveelution fans on here??? Is that right? A small handful? Well then have I ever got some good news for you.

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Both have a start price of $80 USD! No BiN prices for these guys. While I reserve the right to make more of these in the future, I have no plans to remake these for commission purposes (like my friend wants one and that's all I want to even think of considering), and since I have no current plans on taking commissions, this is the best way to get a plush of one of your favourites from me!

This auction ends 12pm, on the 10th of July, AEST (Melbourne Australia time). I also made a countdown clock so you know when this ends. Idk just make sure you know when this ends. I'm trusting you to do that.
I'll even make a reminder post a few hours before the auction ends, just because I like the cut of your jib. But I feel like that's all I need to say.. probably. Any questions? Just leave them in the query thread below!

Finally done school offers sales! AKA get this stuff out :)

So I'm finally done high school and now I'm going to put a lot of my stuff up for offers because I really want these things gone (mostly cards).
I also have a lot of other random things non-pokemon related. I'm setting those up now but if you're interested, when I'm done, I'll link them at the bottom.

Make offers on everything! And I put the lowest I'd accept (sorry, not really sure how offering things would work OTL)

Please check it out (lots of stuff so image heavy)
Stuff includes:
Mostly Japanese cards (more newer) and English cards (more newer)
Kids and Motion Gallery
Pokemon Prerelease stuff

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Onix/Steelix and Fossil Line Merch For Sale + Clearance Sale

Recieved sales permission: 19 October 2013 by entirelyclinched
My feedback is here: http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/kadabraluci/

#1. Ill ship around once a week.

#2. No international shipping.

#3. I ship from Florida!

#4. PayPal only!

#5. Will haggle if you purchase multiple things.

#6. May trade for: Abra line, Wobbuffet, Inkay line, and Tentacool line

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Snorlax love
  • leemax

Japanese design Pokemon pin trade

My feedback is here.
I was granted sales permission by former-mod lineaalba (now astralvulpes) on 07/01/2010.

I recently went to my closest Pokemon Center and played the Japanese design pin capsule machine a couple of times in the hopes of getting a Snorlax (can be seen in this post). Unsurprisingly, I was not successful. (I knew if I didn't quit after two tries I would never stop!)

I did, however, get a Buneary/Bunnelby and a Rayquaza.
Would anyone, by chance, be interested in trading a Snorlax pin for one or even both of the pins I got?
frontier village

Pokemon Japanese Design Metal Pins?

Are the Japanese Design Metal Pins still in stock anywhere? I'm in a bit of a gambling mood but it seems like I missed my chance at blind bag pick-ups... :(

Also, how often are Pokemon Center promos like the Japanese Design one made into an annual thing? The only one I can think of is Pokemon Time?

New collection? + recent gets + a couple of questions

It's been a while since I posted an update so I thought I should write another something~

First of all, I think I just started a mini-collection of the weather trio! (I'm blaming the remakes for this, haha) I'm not planning to make this a huge collection but something more like a tribute. Since I've got some figures already, I would like to get the rest of the trio from the same series. Right now I'm looking for the Rayquaza suction cup, and Rayquaza/Groudon TFG figures and straps. I'm also looking for another figures of the trio which will be shown at the bottom of this post~

(pictures are not mine)
If anybody happens to be selling any of these, please let me know!

My collecton updates are below the cut, so you can skip them if you want~

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As for my questions, my first one would be - how do you take the dust off your PokéDolls? I've always kept my Riolu on my table, shelf or bed so she's been exposed to dust, and when I compared her to my newest PokéDolls I felt that her "fur" is not as cuddly as it used to be. I've seen some tutorials for washing plushies here, but she's not stained and my only concern is to take the dust off her.

And my last question is - is there anybody who's got any of the Topps European Pokéball candy figures? I saw these until 2008-ish and since they were expensive and rare to find in my town I didn't have the chance to collect the ones I wanted. I've seen some community posts offering them but they were old so I wanted to know if anybody's still selling them, and for how much.
There's some of the few pictures I've found of them (pictures are not mine):

European Topps candy container Pokéballs 4
I'm mainly looking for the weather trio and Blaziken, but if you have more in which I'm interested (or something from my wants in general) I might get these too. My wants list is here!

I think that is all! I'm keeping two exciting news for my next post so see you next time c:

Show me your (moves) collections!

Hey ya'll~! So I'm leaving for college in just 4 weeks @ -@ I'm both super excited and super nervous (and OMG I STILL don't have a dorm...is that normal? They just won't open up any decent ones...)~! A big part that plays into my nervousness is that I don't know what I want to do with my collections D: My collection shelf has been getting super crowded and I worry that I won't have room in my dorm to display my babies :( I don't want to store them away D: I'm curious on this dilemma, so I'd be super thankful for any college collectors who could share some dorm collection pics~ ^ -^
Another thing I'm concerned with is theft...is it silly to worry that someone will steal my collections? As I know to most other students they would "just be toys"...

Thanks for reading~ ^ -^

Also, Tokyo Ghoul and Zankyou no Terror. I am ready.