July 7th, 2014

new sales post

Because I like starting new and fresh~

My sales permission was granted on the 8th of June 2013 by entirelycliched

My feedback: http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/xxstarcassxx/

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(I really need to make a new banner oh my glob)

I'm sorry this post is so short, it's nearly 12 am and I really need to get some sleep @ ___ @

note: I will not be able to reply to comment's until late tomorrow, even than I may not log on at all (I'm sorry about this :C)


So Grump.

Acrylic charms!

So yeah, just advertising my custom charms, they got a little overlooked on my other post, overshadowed by charizard and growlithe.

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In other news, the Chars and Growlithes from my last post are all bundled up and ready to ship! I meant to ship them last week but I FORGOT IT WAS JULY 4TH woops. Yeah, military post offices still operate as if they were 'Merica. They will be shipped out first thing tomorrow morning, after which I'm off in search of more flat figures! I didn't think those would be so popular.

I have found a couple of starters in there from some packs I bought nearby, and I've confirmed that there are 6 colors: Pink, Purple, Blue (a light, azure color), Indigo, Green, and Black. Sadly they are blind boxes so it's hard to pick out pokemon.

Winter is coming ... (I hope.) The grail to complete my collection

Hey guys,
I am hoping that someone here can help me out. I'll be brief: I am desperately after a Jakks Pacific Winter Deerling plushie, which will complete my deerling set as well as my plushie collection as a whole. I am so close, yet so far!!

If anyone can help me out, I will be sooooo unimaginably grateful! (And I will hug him and feed him and take him for walks every day!!)
Bar that, does anyone know how often he comes up on the community's sales? Is there really any likelihood that I'll find one??
Thanks for your time!

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New merch at the Pokemon Center and a Pokémon Time pick-up!

Hello all~
Here are some new items up on the PC website!: Cute smart phone draw-string bags featuring some unloved pokes as well as many other cuties (phantump and pumpkaboo!) and more Mega evo/stone merch :D Check the pics under the cut and click any pictures to be transported to the Pokemon JP website :]
Collapse )I know it's a little late (I've been so busy these days!), but I'll also be doing a pick up for the Pokemon Time merch this weekend! Click the banner below, or here to be transported! :D
Granted sales permission on June 10th, 2014 by allinia.
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GETS! And a CHARMING Auction :D

The other day I decided to go into Kmart and decided to take a look at the pokemon cards they had in stock. I said to myself I would try to save some money by holding off a heliolisk collection buuut...
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And I got 2 other items today! One of which came in this huge mystery box o_o

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And finally! I decided to give ShoppingMallJapan a go, first purchase no commission fee sounds great, I thought. But I still ended up paying 3x the amount of the actual item siiighhhh. I don't think I will be using deputy services in the future if I can help it, ebay's rip off sellers don't sound so bad after looking through the fees.

Finally got my charizard pokedoll charm :) And since I don't need the others and I'm down on some money I am going to be auctioning off the other 3 charms. They are all in EXCELLENT condition, just like new :D
Click the image to go to the auction page :)

Hello Everyone!

I recently joined LiveJournal just so I could participate in this super fun-looking community! I'm really excited to participate and collect and meet a bunch of fun new people!

I'm a 24 year old university student from Canada.
I've been collecting Pokemon stuff off and on since it first came out in the 90s, but just recently decided to get more serious about it.
Things I collect are small figures and metal trinkets.
Pokemon I collect are Absol, Lucario, Zoroark, Honedge, Espurr, and Umbreon.

You can take a look at my currently sad-looking collection here. I have tons more stuff coming, though, and I can't wait to add it in :3

Anyway, I'll be around and I can't wait to have fun collecting with everyone ^^

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quick question

I was wondering if anyone know anything information about these figures Pokemon Mega Mega sinker figures, charizard x, charizard y, mega lucario. i can't find to much information on them. i know there supposed to be big 5 to 7 inch's and item will be released on July 19, 2014. Thanks for the help:)

Southcenter Pokémon Center Kiosk Pickups

Pokémon Center Kiosk Pickups! Lots of Older Plush!

Hello, everyone! I've been quite busy at work lately, but I made it over to the Southcenter Mall to check out the Pokémon Center kiosk stock. I'm not sure what will happen to this kiosk after PokemonCenter.com reopens in August, but I will keep an eye on it. I kind of wonder of TPCi is clearing out its excess plush stock right now, based on the current selection...

Treecko! <3 Litwick! :D Glaceon?! :O WOOOOOBBBUFFFET! (>w<)7 and MUCH MORE!

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Bootleg seller...?

Hi community! I was wondering if there were any bootlegs commonly made of the Pokemon with english tags from Nintendo World in NY? I'm not sure how to describe it but it should be yellow with blue and silver ends of the tags. The seller has 99.6% positive feedback but they seem to ship from both USA AND China. :o Can anybody please take a quick looksee and tell me if these look sketchy?

Also a very small want under the cut.
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Thank you! nAn


Hi! ^^
I got two packages more so I guess I'll do some gets and sales before the collection post because there are way too many things!
I'll start with the gets! ^^ LOTS OF POKEMON TIME, some zukans, figures and plushies!

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And well, with my clearfiles package I got some extras so it's time for selling some of them! Milotic, Sneasel or Altaria are here! ^^
Is someone want to trade for anything or has the water clearfile (with Politoed) let me know! You can combine with my main sales post as always!

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Also if someone is selling amadas or Vs cards of Poochyena or Politoed let me know! Thanks for reading as always!


Material for these Plushes?

Hey Everyone!

I was wondering if anyone who owns these two Banpresto UFO plushes could tell me what material they are made of... Minky? Polyester? Velboa?

Unfortunately, it's hard for me to tell just by looking at it. (Photos do not belong to me. I found them while searching Google Images. If you are the owner and would like me to take the images down, let me know and I will do so.)

I've been debating whether or not to buy them, but I'd only want them if they're made of soft Minky.

Thank you! :D
Pokefarm Bat

An amazing find

So I was off visiting a friend recently, and we were walking down the local highstreet, bare in mind they live like in the middle of freakin' nowhere...

(right click and view for bigger res)

I was SO surprised to find this... of all the places and shops in the world I could have walked in to, it was in a little local shop that sold like MTG cards and Warhammer LOL. It was almost kinda a really freaky out moment, the only 1 in the whole world AND I HELD IT AWYIS.

For anyone who doesn't know what it is, it was the 1st prize trophy given out in Japan for the first TCG tournament, must have been like somewhen in the 90's.

I expected it to be really heavy it looks like real brass/gold. But its made of a resin. I can't tell you how beautiful it was in person, the lady was kind enough to let me hold it and take photos.

I for one had never seen it, apparently there was a Blastoise one for runner up but no one knows where it is. The lady who ran the shop personally was there and bought it off the winner, and if I was £13,500 richer i could have bought it LOL.

But I thought it would be cool to show on the comm, I for one didn't even know it existed, I'm sure it would be a grail for a TCG or Charizard collector! :O I for one would love it brb going to earn 13k bye.