July 10th, 2014


Anyone Know A Lot About Card Errors?

Sorry I have been quiet for a while... a lot of not so great things have been going on at home so I might not be here much.

Anyway, I was looking at my cards today and I noticed my reverse holo Ratatta card from DP Secret Wonders and noticed that the holo on the card looks funny. I went on the wiki but didn't see anything about it on their error page so I wanted to ask if anyone knows if this is an error or not. And if it is, does anyone else have this error on this card or any other card?


And here is it compared to another reverse holo from the same set.


Thanks a bunch.

real or fake?

So about a year ago, my friend went to Nintendo World and she bought some of my first pokedolls for me (what a sweetie) except when I asked her to pick up a lucario pokedoll for me she got a riolu instead! It wasn't a big deal, I like riolu too, but I also wanted that lucario. So I bought one on eBay, and I've always been fishy about it since I got it but my anti-bootleg hatred only started up awhile ago aha.

I'm fairly sure it is fake, but a bit on confirmation would be nice!
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Looking for a Sceptile Pokedoll!

Hey collectors! :D I'm still looking for a sceptile pokedoll...
I will buy one in ANY condition! It's my grail right now :3
If you have one you would be willing to part with please throw me an amount you would like for it <3
I'll be bothering you guys with a collection update later, thank you for reading!
Robin and Batgirl

The time has come ... VHS tapes

My sister is going through all the stuff in my closet back at my parents' house, and apparently I have a large box full of Pokemon video tapes that she'd like to get rid of. They're all in very good (either like-new or gently used) condition, and all play. I bought them back in high school when I was trying to re-watch the show, and I guess the tapes were cheaper than the DVDs. Now I have the boxset for the episodes anyway, so they're all but obsolete.

I doubt anyone is interested in them, but I thought I'd put the feeler out on here before we made a decision. I also have 2 very cute carrying cases (they can hold up to 4 tapes each) that are in good condition. The only tape I'll be keeping is Fashion Victims with Vulpix on the cover, but the others (all of the Indigo series, and a smattering of Gold and Silver clamshell tapes) need to go.

If anyone would like them, I'd only ask that you pay for shipping, which will undoubtedly be pricey. I'm in the Charlotte/Concord area of North Carolina if anyone would rather do a pickup.

Again, I'm pretty sure there isn't much interest here. But thought I'd ask before ditching the collection. :( It makes me sad, but it's really not practical to keep them around anymore.

Pictures of the boxes are under the cut. I didn't ask her to take photos of the videos, but I think everyone can figure out what those will look like, haha. They all have their cardboard/clamshell boxes.

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Also, may as well put up my wants list again!


Always actively looking for these Vulpix items. :)




Hi hi!
Collecting is awesome!
You know what sucks though? When you feel like you have collected so much, but there's still so many more to collect. It's like running a marathon - at some point you think you are almost done, but you barely made it pass the halfway point. Haha.
Well, it's been fun finding other MEGA BLOK collectors; I hope to meet more!!!
There isn't like a master list or archive of which mega blok pokemon were made - so collecting has been kind of a shot in the dark... but here it is, after collecting so many already, my current wants and HOLY GRAIL!
PLEASE, if you have mega bloks, know anyone, or know where to get them - LET ME KNOW :)

Shaymin (Land Form) / Wailord / Relicanth / Jolteon
(Not my pictures; found via google and other photo albums)

Other wants:
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Here's some of the MEGA BLOKS I have so far:


Pokedoll collection

Hi Everyone,

Long time no post, but I haven't had much in the way of "gets" lately.

I recently decided to start collecting Pokedolls! There is a really nice variety of them out there to collect and I love the style of them.

My newest ones are Sylveon, Froakie and Litleo, they are awesome!

Does anyone know of any websites that provide full lists of Pokedolls that have been released? I'd be curious to see it so I can pick and choose targets to look for.

Thanks a ton!

Pokedoll collection 1

Recent Gets, Individual Pokedoll Charms and GA Payment 2 Reminder

Hello everyone! <3 I wanted to share some new gets, along with a sale for individual pokedoll charms and a GA reminder. If this post seems rushed, sorry, my computer already deleted this twice. 8'D

Lets start with gets:

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And now, onto the charm sales! I will be selling individual charms for $6 each plus shipping in your choice of bubble wrap + polymailer or envelope. Please note that my polymailers are rather large for one charm. XDD I will only be splitting a set once all charms have been claimed, and the ring + tag will be $1. If you want to buy a full set, I will have one of each available on my webstore tomorrow.

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Also, for the Goodbye Extras GA: Payment 2 has been due since June 26th. I didn't have much time to post a reminder, but it has been past the due date by a week now. I am giving another 48 hours from the time of this post, or I'll have to start contacting mods about payments. ^^;

Tagging users that have yet to pay:
astron loveespeon lucario myprettysoldier nasija

So far loveespeon and lucario are the only ones to get into contact with me about the GA, so please contact me ASAP other participants. The details for payment are on this post.

If you have already paid, either your package has already been shipped, or I will be shipping the rest tomorrow and Saturday. Ones that have already been shipped are marked on the spreadsheet. PayPal has been giving me horrendous issues with printing labels and is usually only letting me do 2-3 a day before giving me errors. :\

Sorry for such a lengthy post! I will have a much more fun post in the next day or two, with a big collection update. <3 Thanks everyone!


THIS IS A REMINDER THAT THESE AUCTIONS WILL END THIS MONDAY!!! Bid away!! All start at 7 dollars and the ones with major imperfections are straight sale of 6 :3
plus my others sales, i have tons of stuff tht need to go!!!!!

Hello all, I bring you shimmery figures for auction, pikachu will start at 7NO INTERNATIONAL PEOPLE. Sorry. suicune has tiny blue scratchs on his white nose and entei and jiarchi are for straight sale because they have some prominent imperfections (They are 6 dollars each and if you want pictures just ask!) Also I have a lot of absol and vaporeon stuff and I am willing to trade it for the movie edition absol kid!! like I would trade you three things just for it.
absollll not my photo, its eldoras. I can take it down.

My rules and such are on this page with my card sales, please check them out and make offers!!!! want them gone!! as well as my misc sales!! I have a mewtwo figure as well as a card mat!! card sales - http://pkmncollectors.livejournal.com/17195210.html and here- http://pkmncollectors.livejournal.com/17347360.html
misc sales- http://pkmncollectors.livejournal.com/17201949.html
random figures (has third generation figures and more!!!)- http://pkmncollectors.livejournal.com/17560056.html

Please read everything in this post. The conditions of figures are listed in the begining. IF YOU WANT PICTURES JUST ASK!!
auctions will end next monday 14th!!

sales rules....

> Given sales permission by (allinia, (4/5/14)
Only selling to pkmncollector members that have less than 3 negative feedback
> Feedback: http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/12mermaid/

> I have 2 cats but they don't get to my pokemon stuff, smoke free home
> I ship from ohio, and will let you know when your things have been shipped. Will NOT ship internationally at the moment
> If a package is believed to be lost in the mail, I cannot be held responsible. I can offer insurance if you would like it (though i am new at this so i may consult ballerbandgeek)
If you think your things may have been lost, please be patient and feel free to PM me and we can work something out. Before you leave any feedback, if it is not good then please contact me so we can work it out! I am new to this so please have PATIENCE.

> All prices in USD
> Prices do not include shipping costs or fees
> I only accept payment through Paypal
> Since I am new at this I will not accept haggling at the moment.
> No payment plans.
> After I give a quote, I will only wait 24 hours for a response. If I get no response it will go back up for sale or go to the next person interested
Please notify me when you have sent payment and I will confirm the payment.
> I MAY hold items, depends case by case.
> When sending payment, please include your LJ username and won items in the Message field, not the Subject field
all PAYMENTS made to morgan.swoger at gmail dot com
Please include your address when paying on paypal
I can refuse to sell to anyone if needed
don't delete comments
bid in increments of one dollar
sniper no snipping!

I can consider all offers though I am only looking for vaporeon stickers, absol movie edition kid!

timer at this place...


this should be counting down to july 14 at 11pm..


LOOKING FOR: 3ds cover

Hi all, I'm looking for a cover/skin to protect my 3ds (regular, not xl)! I've looked at other places online but would prefer to buy something from here! Any kind of cover will do, and I'm looking for something $20 shipped or less. If you have anything like this, please let me know! Thank you!
new eeveelutions

Some Quick Wants!

Hey guys! Thanks to everyone that has sold to me lately! You guys are awesome! My collection grows every day because of you! ^_^
Now to spend more money as I get it tomorrow... lol I have a few wants.


-VULPIX ITEMS!! Looking for mainly figures, keychains, and the cheaper plush (I own the KFC only currently)
-Ninetales items! These are super hard to find! Anyone? lol (figures only)
-Persian Items!! I really really have been lucky lately finding these! lol I need more!! ^_^
-Sylveons of course... only keychains/figures I do not have (you can see what I have at my page- just clicky on my username)
-Glameow figures I don't have/plush ( I believe I only need the laying down curled up plush of her)
-Espeons!! I need the Trump Motif plush still! Looking for a cheap canvas as well, but probably not wanting to by that right now.
-Leafeons (figures only)
-Absols (figures, keychains for now)

ummmm... and cheap skitty/delcatty items as well!

Please and thank you! ^_^ I will post a collection update this weekend probably! :D