July 15th, 2014

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The Fluff and Stuff Sales Post

Out of date as of 8/22/14.

Hihi!! The past month has been so busy for me, so I'm really excited that summer break starts in two weeks. I recently accepted a part time job and having finally signed the lease on my new place, I've been doing the insane task of moving (I feel like I've been moving forever, honestly. I never want to repeat the process again)! While I am still not completely moved from my old place, I've been unpacking in my new one and have been trying to get organized in such a way that things don't just get thrown in boxes and I don't open them for another year. Having so much space in my new place is making it very difficult, lol, because I have huuuuge closets now.

Here's a preview. I will also have a limited amount of slots for the newest kids figures pickups (5$ per kid).


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If I need to leave you feedback for a past sales transaction, please feel free to remind me here :3
Hawlucha anime!!!

Question about magazines

Hello collectors!
Today I have a question for those who are somehow experts of Japanese magazines/CoroCoro.

I have this picture that was taken from the April (I think) issue of CoroCoro:


I am really interested in owning the magazine or at least the page on the left in particular since there's Hawlucha in the picture!
So my question is, does anyone know where I can find this specific issue of CoroCoro?

I'd also be interested to know where these manga pages come from, and of course, owning them:

And while I'm at it, if any of you own any other Japanese magazines, could you tell me if any pages feature Hawlucha? Because as long as he's not in the stock Sugimori pose, I'm 100000% interested in knowing where he appears so I can add whatever magazine to my want list, thank you!

Finally, I have a question for the mods or whoever might know the answer/is in charge of the feedback system: I am thinking about switching accounts and start using my hawlucha account to post on here instead of the one I'm using now. Is there a way to move all the feedback I received with this older username to the new one?

Thanks for reading!

New gets and photographs!


I have some new additions to my main and side collections to show you today, including some very adorable plush (images are large and best viewed in a separate tab)...


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As our weather can never make up its mind, we enjoyed a bit of sun this past week and I used the opportunity to take some Pokedoll pics to show you all (it almost felt a bit like summer)!

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Thanks for looking!

Looking for a MWT Cresselia Pokedoll

Hi, guys! I'm looking for a MWT Cresselia pokedoll for my friend. The spending limit is absolutely no higher than $70 shipped. I'm pretty sure that they go for way less than that, but I'm just going by the limit my friend set, if that makes sense.
As a reference point, I'm located in the United States.

Lucario Mini Capsule Machine?


I just saw this and I can't seem to find an image of this fully put together. It looks to be one of those adorable mini capsule machines, but a Lucario version. It also seems to have a place for a little figure to be put on top that doesn't seem to be in the image.

Does anyone have one of these that they could show me what the final put-together product looks like?

Cute get, updated sales, and discussion~

First off I want to show off my new, daresay favorite plush I bought from gleameyesluxray ^.^
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I added a couple of things, my job hunt isn't going that well and want to make some money in time for the pokemon center website :D I think my prices are reasonable if I say so myself!

and speaking of! What do you think the website will have in stock? My best guess is recent pokedolls, some clothing items and the things they keep in them mini pokemon center vending machines in WA. So in other words, my expectations arn't SUPER high, but I'm still looking forward to getting pokedolls for shelf price ^^
Alola Vulpix

Poketopia Re-Open!

I'm very happy to announce that I've re-opened my little webstore after moving to Japan!!

Just like before, just about all items are in hand and ready to ship :)  I ended up bringing a whole lot of sales stock with me when I moved so I'll be adding items frequently over the coming weeks!!

I have a very small selection of items for Pokemon Center pickup that I haven't seen available anywhere else, but please keep in mind that I'm not really a pickup service and can't do major special requests right now ^^  That said, I'll probably be doing movie goods pickups and/or sales, so keep an eye out this week if that tickles your fancy (there are multiple blind packaged Fennekin things I need!!!)


On an unrelated note, I'm currently on hiatus from community moderating duties while I get more settled in Japan and start up my new job, but I believe everything that has been privately messaged to me has been forwarded & handled.  If you think you may have been missed, please don't hesitate to pop me a message and I'll look into it.  Thanks all ♡
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$5 Plush Auctions

Hey everyone! I've gotten some stuff I'd like to sell out! I think some of these plushes are pretty rare. Some are pretty loved but no heavy damage whatsoever. Please check them out! Oh and I'm not too familiar with plushes so I may not have identified them accurately. Your corrections are most welcome! Plush auctions start for as low as $2!!

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Princess Chika

Freaking out about Noppin

Hi all, I was wondering if anyone had an experience with this sort of thing? I recently won a nice lot on Noppin and was waiting for my shipping charge to come through. Well, I woke up to a message from Noppin saying that they accidentally shipped my lot to another client and they just realized it today as they were trying to prepare my shipment. Now they want my shipping address so the other client (lives in WA State, I live in CT) can mail my stuff to me directly. Has this sort of thing happened to you? I'm freaking out! What if the other person decides to keep some of my stuff, or all of it! It was one of those lots from toys_h1. Also, I am sort of hoping that maybe it was someone in the community that got my lot, so I can feel a little better about all this. Ugh I was waiting to do a collection update until this package came, now I don't know if it ever will. Here are the pictures of the missing lot :( Hopefully someone will recognize it.

Update: They were sent to another community member! All is good now! I cant believe my good luck!

missing lot
missing lot1
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Random gets and a custom get

Got some more plush toys today :3 Here they are!

I received the 4 plush toys I won from chain's auctions ^^

Ahh I love the turtwig pokedoll so much <3 ;-; he's my second pokedoll with litleo being my first. I expect I'll have a lot more in future XD
I'm also in love with Palkia and Zoroark, not gonna start falling in love with deoxys cause he's going to my sister for her birthday today :)

Aaaand my custom get! :)

Oooo who could it be?
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Where can I get me some Pokemon stuff in Seattle?


SO basically I'm off to Seattle tomorrow, unfortunately not for a relaxing time on the beach, but to sit in a sweaty hall watching the Dota 2 Internationals xD
I have a day or two extra booked for my own shenanigans, so heres my question;

Where can I pick me up some cool Pokemon stuff?!
Including TCG, I love the cards!
Or game related merchandise :U

If you've ever been to/live in the UK, you'd know it's not exactly thrilling for merch, are the US Toys R Us any good?
I am going to go to the Vending machine in Northgate, hopefully they might have some cool stuff in it...? :D

I'm a total noob, I've never been to Seattle before so any tips/help would be really awesome! Thanks! :3
Chii - Lol Tummy
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Plush cleaning help! + collection pics

Hey everyone~
I got this I Love Pikachu Winter plush from a lot recently~ He's SUPER adorable and I've never had a plush with this kind of material before (what is it even called?)... but unfortunately he came covered with a whole lot of dark lint that's really hard to get off!! I'm afraid if I pull at the lint too much, the plush material will get pulled too...

Any suggestions on how to clean this guy? Considering putting him through my clothes dryer since that usually takes out lint (while protecting the tag, although the tag is pretty beat up already), but I'd like some advice/other suggestions first ^^; I want to offer it up for trade too but I feel bad leaving it in this condition (unless the person who wants can give this the care it deserves!).

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And still trading for items in my wants list! ~

Has anyone heard from pastelkitty? :0

A little worried since I tried contacting them several times. I had won a few Sylveon things in their auction which ended on July 2. They said they would respond and have everything shipped by the 5th. I haven't gotten any response yet. From the looks of it doesn't look like anyone who bid in their thread got a reply. I hope everything is okay with them but wanted to see if anyone has heard anything/ been in contact with them. Auction thread is below:


Cheers & thx!
Robin and Batgirl

Plush Sales Still Ongoing

Still plenty left on my plush sales. I'm quite willing to haggle on almost everything except the custom plush, so throw me a best offer if you don't like the prices I have set. I have several rare items here, including a tufty Pichu, so please take a moment to check it out. :)

And in some more exciting news, don't you love finding something awesome in the middle of a lot where you can't quite see everything in the photo? I love mini models and was considering buying this lot on Y!J just on the off chance it might have one of the few Vulpixes I still need. And as I was debating, I suddenly spotted a red Vulpix at the top of the pile! (You have to squint to see, but it's there!)  :D I'm so excited.

What this means for you guys is, when I do get this lot, the rest of the mini models should be up for sale! So lookout for that in the coming weeks. ^_^ Is anyone else trying to put together a rainbow of their favorite Pokemon? Feel free to share your mini model collections in the comments!

Long Time No Collection Update

Yep, it's been a while. Over a year, in fact. I was another victim of the "just wait until x item comes in before updating" syndrome. In addition to that, my phone camera's quality isn't the most impressive. It was kind of demotivating to try and capture decent photos for sharing. Anyways, as aforementioned, it has been well over a year, and I seldom post on the community, so a brief re-introduction should refresh your memories.

Hi! I have been following the Pokémon fandom and buying its merchandise on and off since the very beginning. My favourite games/regions are GSC and RSE, and I am also very fond of the PMD series. Not a big fan of the more recent generations, I still play their games on occasion. My all-time favourite Pokémon are Grovyle and Lucario, whom I collect alongside Xatu and Flygon. My good friend xxlatiosxx invited me to pkmncollectors last year and this is when I decided to focus on collecting specific Pokémon rather than one or two items from a wide range of Pokémon like I'd done in the past. Thanks to this community and its resources, I have found many great additions to my collection!

For comparison purposes, this is my previous collection update: http://pkmncollectors.livejournal.com/15738674.html


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Getting closer to completing my Xatu, Grovyle, and Flygon collections. Perhaps you can help me acquire these items?
Wants: http://skydramon.livejournal.com/2622.html


I need to raise some money to pay for the rest of my cosplay too, thus...

Pokémon sales: http://skydramon.livejournal.com/2111.html
Non-Pokémon sales: http://skydramon.livejournal.com/4050.html
touko; sky
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Misty, Touko, & Touya Collection Update!

Hello everyone! I finally have a day off so I can show you all how much my collection has increased since my last update August 2013. For starters, I'm a collector of Misty along with Touko & Touya (BW protagonists). I've been pretty lucky Touko & Touya have a good amount of merchandise. I love these three very much! ♥ Quick warning: very image heavy.

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And that completes my collection update! Thank you for viewing this post! I'm hoping to make a collection website and do a photoshoot of some of the cute merch sometime. ;v;

Please view my Wants List!
Fennel&amp;Juniper// &lt;3

A Mega Collection and some questions :D

Hi everyone!

Recently I've..accidentally added a new 'main' collection. I loved Mega Charizard X from the second I saw him in Origins, and knew I'd definitely want at least a few things of this gorgeous Charizard, but it has become that Pokemon that as soon as I see something of it, I neeeeed it. I'm sure you know how the feeling, haha.

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Which brings me to my question...

I am a bit confused about the sinker figures that are coming out on the 19th. I've seen them for preorder and I am definitely going to get one..but the photos of them are a bit confusing?



Are these two different figures, or just the figure from a different angle? The wings, arms/legs/feet and head in the first one don't look at all like the stock image from the Pokemon Center site. He looks much bulkier in the stock image, but it could just be the photo/the angle. I know there is a different figure coming out of it soon, too, but that's not until the end of the month, and it looks much different (the flames are clear.) Are there two different sinker figures coming out and I'm just confused? ^^;

My birthday was just on the 10th, and I am eagerly awaiting for the 19th to spend all of my birthday money on all of the amazing new Mega Zard stuff coming out in a few days either way :DD

Thank you so much!! Have a great day everyone :)
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it's time for some serious collection weeding. updated sales & auctions!

Hello friends! Today, I'll be auctioning off a neat Pokemon XY colouring book I picked up in Japan! Please click the cut for auction details and more pictures of the inside!

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I've been on a bit of a collecting hiatus lately and I've made the decision to sell of a large portion of my Pokemon collection.  I will still be collecting, but at a very slow pace and I will *try to* limit my collections to things I reaaally want. I will be moving all of my sales onto storenvy for ease! Please check back frequently or 'watch' my store for new product updates as I plan on uploading new products every week or so!

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For all pkmncollectors members, there will be a small free gift in orders over $30! Please include 'myntiis30' and your LJ username in the notes to qualify!

Please click the image above or this link to be transported to my store!

New offers and sales!

Hello community! ^^

Other package arrived from Japan so I have a few more sales with FCS, chou gets and some more random figures and two Pikachu reversible plushies and the Dragon clearfile for offers!

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Like I said I have updated my sales post so please, take a look!
I want to show you some gets of my boyfriend with Lugia Pokedoll, Spinda zukan and a random Treecko plush that arrived on a lot :O
ss (2014-07-15 at 04.51.23)
Finally... Please, if someone has the Politoed Pokemon Time strap for sale let me know. I can pay really well for this :____ He's my main grail and I have lost it recently... (or other stuff of my wants post but Politoed is my grail...)

Small Sticker Sales~!

Hi guys! A wonderful package arrived to me today that contained a bunch of bunny goodness~! I got a bunch of Bunnelby stickers, but I don't need the rest so I'd like to spread the sticker love~! :D

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Hope you guys can find something you like! Also, here's a collection update pic! I've been working on a really long update post, but there are SO many pictures it's taking forever XD

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ALSO, THOSE FLAT FIGURES ARE HUGE!! You can see the blue one in front of my Pokecen Bunn! I thought they would be small! So happy with them! And looking for the other colors...I shall have them all...
And my Dusclops custom painting came in!! Look at the pretty! Look at it!! Thanks so much pikabulbachu~!

Good day everyone~! :D
Also, Rin Matsuoka is taking over my life. Just had to get that out.
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introduction post ^-^

Hello my fellow people!
After around 2 months of lurking around in pkmncollectors and looking at all these super sweet plushes and collectables I finally decided to join this community and it's already nice just to be a part of it! I always wanted to join but I thought that the procedure would be sooo hard so I always pushed it to another date. But finally I did it and I'm glad, hihi :3
First of all I'm sure that you wanna hear a bit about me, won't you?
My name is Razora, in real life Emilie, I'm 15 years old and living in Germany, especially in a little state called Saarland and it's mostly calm over here. (And I'm already sorry for my bad english, I'm still learning in school tho!) The reason I joined is of course the passion for Pokémon and collecting plushes. I got hooked on Pokémon when I first watched the anime in TV, it was when I was 7 years old so it was already 8 years ago (I'm feeling old now...). I always ran as fast as I could from school so I wouldn't miss the newest episode. When Diamond for the DS was released, my brother bought it and I always wanted to play it but he didn't allow me to. So when Platinum went out, I bought it for myself at day one and finally played my first Pokémon game - damn, I really enjoyed it! At this time, as a cute little girl, Shaymin was absolutly my favorite Pokémon. So this is why I also bought my first PokéDoll in 2010: a 2009 Skyform Shaymin. I still remember when the package arrived and I screamed because I was so happy, so cute! But it was nothing serious about collecting any dolls. After some time until this year in May, only a Oshawott PokéDoll and two Banpresto Dolls (Pansage and Scraggy), which I bought on two conventions in 2013, joined. But this year everything started to get serious. I vistited the German Video Game Championship (going to talk about that a bit later) where I got to meet my best friends which I got to know in one of the biggest Pokémon communities in Germany. When I arrived mandamaeh immediatly gave me a cute Aquana plush and I love it! (thanks again! ♥) Manda and her friend were selling some plushes and brought some. She told me a it about them and I really got interested what I missed after all the time. And damn, it's a lot! So after 2 weeks, I finally ordered 4 new plushes: Meowstic-M, Charmander, Pancham and a Substitute. I only have 9 plushes at the moment... but with Manda I ordered a new batch (Chespin PokéDoll, Meowstic-M and F PokéDolls, Espurr PokéDoll, 2014 Victini PokéDoll) and I bought my holy grail: A I ♥ Gothic Chandelure! Why? Because when GenV was released, my favorite changed from Shaymin to Chandelure and the Gothic is one of the rare plushes of it. It popped up at Storenvy at a really nice price and I can't for it to arrive! (When the seller Tenefix sees this, as (s)he stated that (s)he is a member of pkmncollectors, thanks again! ♥)
If anyone wants to know, I'll talk a bit about the Video Game Championship. Since I'm really interested in the Competitive Play (CP) of Pokémon, I participated in the Championship. In the CP, everything is about breeding the perfect Pokémon, finding out great strategies to beat your enemy and working out the best team as possible. My team for the VGC was: Charizard-Y, Ferrothorn, Scrafty, Garchomp, Rotom-Wash and Tyranitar. I played at the Seniors Devision (for little kids: Juniors, for huge kids: Masters), so I'm pretty much in the middle age, but this was my last year. In Masters, the really good players are playing so I'm fearing for next year. But this year, I ended with a score of 4-3 and the 23th place. I'm really happy about this after the 63th place last year with a score of 3-3.
I'm also a huge fan of League of Legends and I would love to see some Pokémon collecting summoners!
That was really a huge text, so now I invite you for a cup of tea while you can watch my current collection :3 Take a look!

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I know, not much pics, but I have so many things all over my room and I need some time to find them all and show them in a nice way. But I promise, until my next collection update, there will be new things!
Thanks for looking at this small collection and I hope I'll find some new friends here - humans and plushes!

EDIT: I totally forgot to write about some of my wants! But since I'm low on money and I'm saving a bit for GamesCom, I won't buy any of them at the moment:
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Gotta go sales! ALL FIGURES ARE BUY 2 get one free!!

Doing my first promotion! Buy 2 figures and get one free!! Cards are buy one get one free! excluding charizard ex! WIll ONLY DO US PEOPLE. Though on flats we can work something out.

Take a look!!

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IMG_3092 These shimmery figures are 7 dollars straight sale, and 4 dollars each for jirachi and entei because they have some flaws, and if you want pictures I can do that. ONES AVAILABLE= ,jirachi,entei,mewtwo, ,darkai,palkia,suciune,deoxys,manaphy,celebi.

EVerything in this first picture is 2.00! and anything that you are interested in, I will show you pictures to make sure you like what you are getting!

IMG_3138 This is a playing card mat that is cloth. Pretty great condition, 6 dollars obo.

IMG_3141These are 1.00 each, these are beat up figures, and any you are interested in, I will show you pictures of their smudges and what not. ONES AVAILABLE= taillow,loudred,pikachu,medchiam,groudon.

IMG_3143These are beat up figures as well, and you will be shown pictures on any your interested in. These are each 1 dollar. ONES AVAILABLE=abdipom,recalith.

IMG_3144 mint condition stickers, 2 dollars each obo

IMG_3145 each of these are 7 dollars obo. These guys are in pretty good condition but I will show you pictures if I see otherwise! all are available except the pikachus and lucario

Here are the links to my card sales!
http://pkmncollectors.livejournal.com/17195210.html this link has cards that are in good condition an have no writing.

http://pkmncollectors.livejournal.com/17347360.html this link has cards that have writing on the back.

Mew Close-Up

Psy-kitty gets and announcing: Pokéthon!

Hey guys, long time no post! I got some neat stuff awhile back I didn't get to show off!

When the Meowstic line was first announced, I instantly fell in love with the female psychic kitty! I eagerly awaited merchandise, and when the "Espurr Wanted!" promo was announced I was so stoked! A friend introduced me to a great vendor, and my package arrived on my birthday!

 photo DSC02701_zps076ad865.jpg
Follow the Espurr to see!
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So I've mentioned this a couple times, but I'd like to officially announce that this year, I will be running a series of Pokémon events and programming at a Canadian animé convention! May I introduce...

Pokethon v small photo PokethonLogoverysmall_zpsb1bc9e3b.png
Pokéthon will take place at Otakuthon in Montreal, Quebec, August 22-24! There will be video game tournaments and challenges, panels, a cosplay photo-shoot, a contest, and more! Like us on Facebook to get news and updates!

I will also be running a panel on collecting and buying Pokémon merchandise on Sunday afternoon with without_reason, and it would be awesome to see some fellow pkmncollectors there! Maybe we can arrange a small get-together!

Please help us spread the word, and let us know what you think! Thanks for reading!