July 16th, 2014

Sinnoh Tomy Wants List

Now that I am 1 away each from completing Gens 1 & 2 and have completed Gen 5 I am now working on Gen 4. Here is my want list for Gen 4. The figures can either be MIP or opened, but in very good condition.

424: Ambipom
427: Buneary
429: Mismagius
431: Glameow
439: Mime Jr. (With Stand)
441: Chatot
443: Gible
446: Munchlax
449: Hippopotas
452: Drapion
454: Toxicroak
455: Carnivine
458: Mantyke
461: Weavile
462: Magnezone
466: Electivire
468: Togekiss
472: Gliscor
475: Gallade (With Stand)
476: Probopass
477: Dusknoir (With Stand)
480: Uxie
481: Mesprit
483: Dialga (New Version)
484: Palkia (New Version)
487: Giratina (Altered Form) (Old Version)
489: Phione
492: Shaymin (Sky Form)

A few gets and my first commissioned custom!

So something pretty amazing happened today! The power of the pandas overwhelms people sometimes, and after commissioning MissJennysCrochet just earlier today for a crocheted chibi Pangoro, I received an email late this evening saying she'd completed it! In 1 day! With pictures! How amazing is she?! For the first time commissioning someone for something like this, I think it's safe to say that it couldn't have gone better. I'm so happy :3 kinda freaked out a little.

I mean just look at this grumpy little guy. holy pokeballs.

DEFINITELY check out her store, her prices are so great, I was amazed, and as you can see she does beautiful, cute, quality work!

Can't wait 'till he arrives! :D

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Thank you for lookin'~ I have tons of stuff I'm planning on selling, so... I should be back here sometime soon to share that with you guys. Take care :3


still searching!

I've been looking for a buneary pokedoll for a VERY long time, but I still haven't found one! Tragically funny as it is, I have seen some for sale but I miss them cause I'm not online at the time it's posted (and I'm online a majority of the time too lmao).

That said, I'm still on the hunt for one.


I'm looking for one with the tush tag and hang tag still intact! I prefer jp but usa is fine. If anyone has one for sale please let me know!!
Alola Vulpix

Movie Goods Multi Post

First up, movie goods pickups have been listed on Poketopia!!  I listed the goods I thought would be most popular, but if anyone wants the notebooks, stickers, pens, etc. let me know and I can get those up too :)

Click here for the rest!!

I'm also taking reservation lists for the 7-11 Movie Drink Figures and Battle Trozei Can Badges.  Simply comment here to be put down for a reservation -- I will take unlimited slots!  I don't know what I'll be able to get beforehand so I can't promise everyone will get what they want but I'll try to get as many as I can!!!  They are released this weekend :)

Drink Figures ($5 each):

Trozei Can Badges ($5 each, Sylveon is $10):

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I won't be able to get your shipping totals under I have these things in hand but shipping will start at $3.  I'd also be happy to combine anything with Poketopia orders :D  Just mention in your comment if you also have an order!!  Thanks all!!!

New Sales!

Hello!! Long time no see!!
I have some stuff for sale today!

New Updates Include:
    Giant Wailord Pokemon Time Plush
Pokemon Time Umbreon and Espeon Pouch
Pokemon Grass Type Walky Wallet
Grass Type Focus Spa bag
Munna Pokedoll Pen
Coloring book, stickers, and toys
Price drops on older items, including Pikachu Monthly Pillow!

 photo mmsales_zps9cf714c9.png

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Price reduction on sales and wants :3

Hey guys, I really want to get rid of a few things so like the title said, prices are now lower xD

Here are the sales! <3 http://latias-latios-7.livejournal.com/3639.html

I also have a poketime Treecko clearfile that I haven't added yet, but if you're interested let me know! I'd like to sell it for ten shipped which is slightly less than what I got it for. It's mint condition and very cute~
Here's what it looks like (not my pics): http://pokevault.com/TreeckoPokemontimeClearFile

And lastly a few wants since I sold a few things and have money again xD

-Croconaw figure
-Azumarill figure
-Masquerain figure
-Shuppet figure
-custom artists willing to make humans and/or teams

Have a pic of Bruteroot to make this post more colorful:

Thanks for looking!

Seeking a couple of wants; lets trade? or I am willing to buy~

I was granted sales permission by: entirelycliched on 8/7/2013.
My feedback is located: HERE

Hello everyone! Hope you are all having a good day~ ^-^
So I am looking for a few small wants mostly figures:
-Houndour Battle Museum figure
-dragonite Battle Museum figure
-Ampharos Battle museum Figure

Other than that I am looking for Kid figures:
-Eevee (winking) sitting nicer looking eevee,
-Dragonite kids,
-Ampharos Kid,
-Togekiss (standing) kid

So if you have any of these items please let me know;
I would love to trade but if not then I can buy a few of these items; shipping will be in the US KY (:

Pictures of the wants~
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First Ever FromJapan! Gets post! Weeee! Also a few sales from it!

Hi everyone! Holy CRAP am I excited to be here today, IT'S GRAIL TIIIIIME.

I've been waiting to get this box shipped for weeks and weeks, I bought the graily grail around two months ago and I finally had a few things stacked up to ship, including something pointed out to me by a comm member so thank you! :D

There are a few things from the post that I'm selling on, a few Japanese TCG and a magazine (I've no idea what it is xD) so hit the end of the post for those!

Ooooh it's a boxybox! From Japanland you say?! Well now, we know it's going to be good! :D

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Pokemon, Me, Kecleon


Soooo I Went To My Local Anime Shop And Picket Up Some Pokemon Trading Figure Next Quest Packs!!!

I Also Received A Package In The Post :0!

Click The Cut To Reveal All....
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Thanks Again!


Noibat shiny

Quick reminder!

Hello there guys!
Just wanted to let you know that I have some auctions ending in less than 23 hours, includes a bunch of Kokeshi pins and also Pokemon Time bookmarks!


I also have still a looot of flats for sale, so come and see what I have available!

Please click on any of the pictures or CLICK HERE to go to the sales and auctions page!

I will be also making finally a huge collection update of my Honedge line, something I have been wanting to do for the longest time. While this line is not as popular, I am kind of surprised at the merch this line has received in the last couple of months. Well, you will see it all, should be sometime next week :D

Introducing Nico and His Collection!

Hey friends!

I'm so excited to have found this magnificent group!!!!

  I am 24 years old and from Kansas City, MO. I have been a barista since i was 16, and i love making coffee for people! I also make a lot of art. I paint, draw, sculpt, and craft. My favorite medium is oil paint or porcelain clay when sculpting. You can check some of my art out on tumblr

on to the pokemon!

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Some gets and first want post ^w^

Hi there :3

I started working two jobs this past week and I'm sorta lovin' the extra cash, so I decided to treat myself to a couple of gets :D

I also have a few wants I wanna throw out there incase anyone from the comm can tell me how I can get my hands on them!

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Thanks for looking everyone! If anyone knows where I can get my hands on any of the wants, let me know! :D
(I got all my pics from google, so let me know if they're yours and you want me to take em down!)