July 17th, 2014

Robin and Batgirl

Ebay Lot, New Pokemon Center Online Items

If you have purchased from me, your package will go out tomorrow. :)

In the meantime, I've put the rest of my sales plush in a lot on Ebay. (Pretty much everything in the picture except Wooper. The auction contains a list of what is included.) There's a lot of rare and newer plush, so if you've been wanting them, it might be your chance to get them inexpensively. Everything's clearly visible, so it's perfect for a Group Auction if anyone is up for it!

I'm still selling the two Meowstic customs separately, so if you were interested in those, they are still available and NOT part of the Ebay lot.

In other news, new Pokemon Center Online items for this week:


It's promising seeing Pokedolls on there! :D I don't need Litleo, but he sure is cute. Has that Charizard mug been available elsewhere before?
Mareep pokedoll

Small Sales Post!

Hi guys! In need of money so selling the little that I have left of pokemon and some souveniers from my trip to Sendai PokeCen last year!
I also have Dialga Giant Megablock figure, Buruburu mareep, and some Japan exclusives of Eeveelutions in my sales!

I am also super super super open to offers!

 photo IMG_1793_zps3e7b1498.jpg photo IMG_1797_zpsd3787c59.jpg
 photo IMG_1798_zps3799625d.jpg photo IMG_1795_zpse404db7b.jpg

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Super mega ultra sales: mostly figures added

Here is a preview!

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toxicroak pokemon time

Tyranitar tomy pickups?

I've already picked up a few of these figures for members of this community, but they're starting to get scarce!

My local store still has THREE Tyranitar TOMY left, and a few Garchomps of the same series too. After they're gone, I don't think I'll be able to pick up any more as I haven't seen them anywhere else.

So this might be the last chance to pick up a Tyranitar (or Garchomp) from me!


Shelf price of these is pretty expensive to begin with (€12, which is over $16). So I would charge $20 + shipping for each figure. I am in Italy so shipping is about $6/$9 to other countries, depending if you want it with or without its original box/packaging.

Please comment here if you'd like one. I require payment before I pick up the figure but if the store is sold out of them you will of course be refunded immediately.
Alternatively, I as always have a wants list here if you'd rather trade: www.crowmonster.com/plasticclaws/wanted/official/

Sales permission grandafthered in 2007, feedback is here: feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/dokurog

This being said, my future posts will likely be under my new username, hawlucha, so don't be confused if you see that name around, as it will always be me!

Flash Sale!

Hey everyone! :) I just marked down some items on my site until midnight EST, and I thought that I would let the comm know about it too! I recently got a few more Sylveons in, and Manaphy pokedolls. :)

Click the picture below to be transported to the site:

(Sales permission granted on March 2nd, 2012 by entirelycliched. Feedback is here)

Sorry for the boring post. ;-;
Thank you!!

EDIT: I forgot! XD I have a 2009 Cyndaqil canvas that I'd like to sell! There was suspicion from the previous owner that it may be a bootleg, but from what I can tell, it looks legitimate. I will be selling it for $20 + shipping for anyone who's interested. :) I will post photos later on today, since I'm not home at the moment! Thanks <3

Updated Plush Sales!

Biodew28 sales policies:
-Granted sales permission by entirelycliched on 7/27/13
-Feedback http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/biodew28/
-I ship from UT, USA
-I am currently selling to ONLY USA BUYERS
-Prices are USD and do not include shipping or fees unless otherwise stated
-Paypal buyers only
-Feel free to haggle, but don’t be offended if I decline your offer
-Please pay within 24hrs of commitment
-If you ask for a quote you will be given priority on that item, however, if you do not respond to the quote offer within 24hrs I will move onto the next buyer
-Tag protection upon request
-My house does have cats. They don’t touch my collection, but those with severe allergies be warned.

THE ITEMS! (click for larger photos!)
I <3 Gothic DX Gengar $42
Mr. Mime UFO (slight hang tag flaw) $38

Samurott UFO $12
Politoed UFO (tush tag only) $28
Gallade UFO $26
Empoleon UFO $15

Tomy Froakie $11
PC Helioptile $15
MWT Play-by-Play Snivy $8
Snivy Key Ring (voice box does not work) $2 (or free if you purchase pbp Snivy!)

Jakks plush all MWT
Axew, Minccino $7
Deerling $6
Pansage, Drillbur $5

Charizard Cuddle Pillow $40 Shipped
Good condition, tush tag only, minor pilling (spent ~1 week on my bed when I first got him)

Thanks for your interest!

Help Identifying an item?

Hey, I haven't posted in a while, sorry about that-- Collection updates are coming soon! I've bought so much new stuff, including some of those resin cube figures, and a few of the new pokedolls (I can't help myself!)

Onto the question though, when browsing ebay I found these. I'll post the rest under a cut

$_57 (5)

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I'm drawing up a blank, but the description states it seems it's from Japan originally and I don't remember having seen them before, so some information would be great! If this is your item, sorry, please let me know if you'd like the pictures taken down.

cute noivern time

Main collection update :>

Hi everyone :> all the packages I've been waiting on have more or less arrived so I thought I'd do an update of my main collection ^^


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Also if anyone has any official Noibat/Noivern merch I don't have I would be veeeeeeeeery interested in them :> The only thing I'm aware of that I don't have are the trettas!
but yaass current wants :)

To end on a slightly sad note I'm going to be weeding out a large majority of my eeveelution and possibly fennekin collection (and MAAAAAYBE some Sylveons). I don't love them as much as my purple bats and zards ;_; Some Sylveon items that I will be letting go include the PokeBox Lollipop charm, DX plush, the movie Super DX plush, and possibly my custom plush by shuuichi_chan qwq So be on the lookout for my next post! Please give them good homes :)

Also, shameless sales plug: click me for most recent sales post :>
Fennel&amp;Juniper// &lt;3

Small group buy?

Hey guys, I was wondering if anyone would be interested in doing a group buy with me on these: (I was granted sales permission by entirelycliched on 1/30/12, and my feedback can be found here!)

I would be claiming the Mega Charizard X ones for $14.

Mega Lucario and Mega Blaziken would be $14 each (which includes shipping to me) and then another payment for shipping from me to you. I can link you to the sale if you'd like. This is NOT an auction, so the $14 is a set price for the first payment. I'll buy them once the other two are claimed. I will take claims for them until 7/20 (Sunday) at 5 pm. I am only buying one set, so there are only two things that need claimed!! Payment will be due on Sunday - if I don't get claims for both, I may decide not to purchase them, hence why I am not taking payment up front. If, in the case that they both get claimed quickly, I will gladly purchase it sooner and let you know that you can send payment, but if you can't pay until Sunday, that is okay! I will also let you know once they have arrived to me and when they will be shipped to you.

This is my first time doing a group buy, so please someone let me know if I did anything wrong ^^;

Thank you and have a nice day :)

Needle Felting Commission!


I have some free time on my hands, so I want to open up a needle felting commission slot! For now I'm only opening up one slot since needle felting is very time consuming and I don't want to stress out later about not having enough time to complete the project, and I'm still kind of new to taking commissions. Here are some examples of what I've done in the past:

Realistic octillery, the tentacles are poseable!

Beluga whale, has poseable fins!

I can do things other than pokemon, but no humans, sorry!

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HEY GUYS! Long time no see again. (I used to be breethezebra for those who know me by that name.)
Due to health constraints and surgery costs, I'm selling off the majority of my cherished Lapras and Bayleef collections.

Rare items include: a lapras tfg figure, lying pikachu rainbow collection plush, a wind-up lapras swimming toy, rare charms, DX & clear kids, MIB lapras bell plush, etc.

All auctions end 7/25/14. (Click for countdown!)

PREVIEWS: Click on one to be transported to the post!!

Hop on over if you like lapras/bayleef!