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18 July 2014 @ 12:45 am
Hey everyone~ I added a thing to my wants list-- the Umbreon Kyun figure!!

I'm absolutely fine not to have the box, because I'd like to pay no more than $18 shipped (I live in California US) for this little figure. Would be even better if I can trade for it! I'll go up to $25 shipped value of stuff from my trade list! (on the wants list)

Thanks for reading~
18 July 2014 @ 01:52 am
Hi everyone

Its been a while that I havent done a weeding sale. The last few have been mostly boxed kids and TCG packs, so it really doesnt count as weeding xD

Anyways, im interested on re-homing some of my figures, specially given the fact that im more of a plush collector than figure


TL;DR rules that need to be read please =)Collapse )

The goods are inside =)Collapse )
Thanks for checking, and plz dont forget to check my shop by clicking here!

Thanks again!! =)
18 July 2014 @ 12:51 pm
I added some items in my sale post! :D

Sale here: http://miniterasu.livejournal.com/2436.html

Tiny preview :)

18 July 2014 @ 12:52 pm
Was wondering if anyone in the community is selling or know someone who is selling any of these pieces that are probably too rare to get anymore anyway :D

All the things!Collapse )
18 July 2014 @ 01:32 pm
Hello everyone! Finally got the courage to join this awesome community, yes I'm a little bit shy and I didn't write in english since high school XD
My name is Patrick, I'm 25 Years old and I live in the north east of Italy.
I'm a geeky guy, gaymer, Pokemon fanatic and a Toyphotographer. Someone may know me as @snortypatrick on instagram, on my toyphotography account. These are some examples:

My picsCollapse )

I started to collect Pokemon stuffs (especially figures and trading cards) 2 years ago only, after losing all my Pokemon goods in a move...sad story... But now I'm here again with my priceless collection and I'm so proud of it! I know that my collection isn't too big but it's just only the beginning!
Also recently I discovered the love for the Johto legendary beasts, and I decided to collect some of their figures and stuffs because they are soo breathtaking!

Before starting to bore you it should be better to show some pics of my collection.

My figure collectionCollapse )

And these are my Legendary BesatsRaikou - Entei - SuicuneCollapse )

And here is my TCG collection, I have all the cards of the first ten sets, from Base Set to Neo Destiny, excluding some shinings

CardsCollapse )

And this is all! I hope we will be a good friends during this "journey" :D
Thanks a lot for adding me and greetings everyone!
Mr. Tsuchigumo
Heyyyyyyyy everyone! :D How is everybody doing today? I hope everybody's collections are going well and that you all have found some really great stuff. Today I bring you a very large "Gets Post" which includes my latest Noppin gets, A HOLY GRAIL, and a Sales Plug to my Flats sales! So lets get started, click the cut below to see everything: SUPER IMAGE HEAVY! BEWARE!

Jynx used Slash?Collapse )
So here is a link to my flat's sales post:
Scan 102
It's all old stuff but I really wanna try and get a lot of this stuff out before I update my sales with all the new stuff I have for sale. Please help me get this stuff out of my house! XD

Alright everyone, that you SO much for reading my post, I hope you all enjoyed looking at everything! In about a month I will have a massive sales post up with Flats, Figures, Plush, and everything else you could possibly think of! :D I hope everyone has a great day!
so, ebay wouldn't let me post more than 12 pictures on my phone.
anyways, I'm finally selling all of the stuff I've acquired the past few months while I've been trying to get my grails!  I've been successful, however, that leaves ME with tons of stuff I don't need.   I'm hoping it can be GA'd here.  PLEASE NOTE THAT THESE PICTURES AREN'T THE ONLY ITEMS IN THE AUCTION!  THERE ARE TONS MORE ITEMS. ;)
edit:  I lowered the reserve price!


I received sales permission from entirelycliched in January of this year.
feedback can be found here
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18 July 2014 @ 04:30 pm
I have a mega big update at my SALE Post *.* Help to get this nice guys a new home :) you fine alle !!!here!!!

Some preview pictures....;)

Hello everybody! Some exciting things happened to my collection the past weeks!!

After learning about FromJapan I looked around at Yahoo!Japan Auctions and I found out that it had tons of stuff that I wanted... so I did some (a lot of) research about the way it worked, and one day agui_chan found something that I wanted to get so I thought that was my chance to start using FJ! I ended up buying more than one thing, and I had no problem with anything - I got my package in just two weeks since I won the bids, which is impressive!! And since it wasn't hard to use, expensive or slow, I can definitely tell that I will use it again in the future.

This is what I saw when I opened my package:

2014-07-09 14.01.262014-07-09 14.04.45

Are these three pink-snouted, curly-tailed adorable Pokémon?!

2014-07-09 14.29.48IMG_4960

So! I bought a MIP clear Kid small lot that had a clear Grumpig in it, which I didn't even know that existed - this means that now I've got all of the official Grumpig figures! I'm so glad I got it, the clear parts look so cool <3
The other Grumpig is a MIP Kid that came with its sticker, since the one I bought from eBay not long ago had paint rubs... It also costed three times more than FJ's one ╥ ╥ I'm never buying there again without visiting Y!J before...
And finally, I got a Swoobat My Pokémon Collection plush! These might not be too big or detailed, but they're so soft and cute <3  I wish he had a bigger plush though!

As for the other news, an Ikea shop opened recently around my city so a friend and I went to check it out and I ended up getting a net tube and two shelves to put my stuff on, meaning my figures will no longer have to be piled in a drawer getting paint rubs from each other!! ;;

2014-07-07 13.30.04

(I also got a new lamp and a new chair. The lamp is a curled pink tube and the chair is purple. What do you mean these remind you of a certain Pokémon.)

Setting these up took about an hour but what took me the most was to put everything on them... I spent the whole morning/afternoon working on that and by the time the sun set down I was exhausted, and I got bruises the day after ´^` However, I'm pleased with how everything looks when displayed, so let me show you some pictures:

Click for Pokémon-covered furniture!Collapse )

I also got some more stuff from agui_chan this morning~
2014-07-18 13.54.39

Four Kid figures (including the green Deoxys Kid that I've wanted for a while!!) and two suction cups - Groudon and Kyogre! Now I'm looking for a Rayquaza, which is in my wants list together with other stuff I want :D

That is all, thank you for reading! See you~
Bye bye Grumpig
Hello community! I have received a lot of packages these days *^* Some super wonderful from the community so I'm preparing a cool collection update with a lot of new blue lions, doggies, foxes, frogs and more!

The Crystal Clear GA is here so it's time for the final payment with the international shipping and the shipping of me to you! All the info is under the cut and you can see photos of them ^^ If someone wants to combine anything with my sales post, let me know.

PicturesCollapse )
Also, i've received clear Hitmonchan, Ralts and Breloom (maybe I keep Breloom, I guess it would depend of the offer, sorry ^^') and I've to receive other clear kids. Just in case you are interested in these clear kids and you want to wait and combine shipping or make an offer for them.

And a reminder that I'll close the offers soon and there aren't any offer yet on Dittochu and Pikachu reversible and the dragon clearfile. I have reduced the start for them so if someone wants them, let me know :) You can click on the photos or HERE to see the post. And to make it less boring, I just want to show you a fast drawing I made the other day with watercolours (ecks, my scaner really sucks :____)


18 July 2014 @ 11:53 pm
Production of the handmade keychains was been steady and I can't thank you enough for them! I'm a few days to make a new sales post here with a promotion this time, but meanwhile I would like to show the examples of the newest kind of keychain I have available for custom orders: the double team variation!
I swear, they are just so fun to make! Well I love to make all orders, but since this one is the most challenging, I just can't help it but love crafting those most!!!
Anyway, I still have quite a few orders left, between others double team like sceptile/treecko, plusle/minun, weezing/vulpix, fennekin/mega sableye and of course regular and sturdy keychains so it's gonna take a few more days to cover those before I can present the next sales post. But I'm always here to hear your opinions or questions ;)

See ya!