July 19th, 2014

Still looking for holy grail: Jakks Winter Deerling Plush + Quick Question about bootlegs

Hey guys,
Still lookin' for this little guy!

(Not my pic, if it's yours and you want me to take it down, just say the word.)
Any help would be greatly appreciated. :)

Secondly, I have a quick question about Jakks pokemon plush. Sometime back I got a Shieldon plush, but one of its tush tags was cut off, leaving only the one with Pikachu on it ... is this a sign that the plush is a bootleg? I've seen a few other plush on ebay with this same thing done to the tushtags, but I'm not entirely certain what it means!! Could anyone enlighten me?

Fang Love

Reminder for my Fluff and Stuff auction and pickups


This is the first and only reminder post for my Fluff and Stuff auctions ending Monday. Flareon is still very low and the machine adverts don't even have bids yet, either!


If I had you down for a slot for the drink figures I picked up your figures already and they are shipped. I still have a couple slots open and an extra Klefki on hand. The drink figures are 5.50$ and include shipping. I'm actually really impressed with the detail on the drink figures! (I was packing on the train, so sorry about the blue background, lol).

Trozei Can Badges are 4$ each. I opened my can badges today and I did not get a Sylveon ;w;

All this can be found here.

(I'm also looking for an older post! I agreed to do a trade with another comm member for a flareon jakks for my laying leafeon, but I can't find the original post any more and searching my inbox is bringing up nothing. If someone remembers this post, or this is you! Could you please drop me a PM or a comment so I can find our original post? I was unpacking and I found Leafeon and I have pictures and we still need to exchange addresses ;___;)

A wild mandameah appears!

Hi there!

After lurking around here for months I finally decided to join pkmncollectors to find some guys I can share my passion of collecting plushies with. So here I am!
My name is Amanda and I'm from Germany. I started collecting pokemon plushies in 2012 when my boyfriend gave me the My Pokemon Collection Swoobat. From that day on, my collection grew to an amount of about 90 cuties and every single one has it's own character (yeah, call me crazy, but they even got names :D). I'm sorry I've got no pictures with all of them now, but I'll show you my little friends soon when the package I ordered with raz0ra arrives! <3
Speaking of her I remember she mentioned the Video Game Championships in Germany this year. So I think, I can talk about that, too. The VGC this year was my first one in the master division and well, some of you may know it's where the best of the best are competing against each other. As a senior I never had that great results, mostly because of anti-luck and inability to think, haha. So I didn't want to participate this year to prevent things like embarrassing bad results - until I found Roserade, a niche in the metagame I thought it would be fun to play! :D So my team this year was: Roserade, Aegislash, Rotom Heat, Garchomp, Azumarill and Mega Manectric. I didn't even wanted to train with this team, I made it the evening before the event started and went really well with it. My end result was 6 wins and 2 losses after starting 4-0 and I'm pretty proud of it, haha. I landed on #15 out of about 340 in my division and nearly missed the topcut, sigh.

That's enough of self-emphasizing :D I wanted to tell you about my little wants, before I come to an end. So here they are:
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Well, I think that's enough for now. If you have any question don't hesistate to ask!
Oh, and I'm really sorry if there are problems to understand me... It's just school-English :/
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New Cheap Stuff + Clearance Sale! Buy one, get everything else half off!

Recieved sales permission: 19 October 2013 by entirelyclinched
My feedback is here: http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/kadabraluci/

New Cheap Stuff + Clearance Sale! Buy one, get everything else half off!
-Free Magnets w/ Purchase! (In the Clearance Link below)
-PLUSHIES ARE AROUND $3 (I forgot to mark them down when I started the sale!)

I REALLY have too much random merch and I'd like to lighten up. So everything is going super cheap! I think I'm going to start collecting Charlie Chaplin reels and some of his other merch! Feel free to haggle!
I want this stuff gone!

#1. Ill ship around once a week.

#2. No international shipping.

#3. I ship from Florida!

#4. PayPal only!

#5. Will haggle!

#6. May trade for: Abra line, Wobbuffet, Inkay line, Subway Bros, and Tentacool line

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Also, anyone have any idea to purchase mini shelves or something to properly display figures and such?

~2 Year Plush Collection Update~

Hi guys <333
So my two year anniversary is coming up on the comm and I decided to make a plush collection update to celebrate xD When I first joined here I had a large collection already, but thanks to all you wonderful people I think it must have doubled at the very least!

Quick background- I started collecting when I was six and got most of my plushies from local stores. I did order things from ebay and amazon but it was normally only for special occasions like my birthday. My dad started going to NYC on business trips when I was in elementary school and since his office was right across from Nintendo World, he brought me back a whole ton of pokedollls. Once I reached middle school I started buying more and more online, and during the summer of 8th grade I came across this comm. After that happened, my passion for collecting only grew <3 I remember the first sales post I saw was __sasami__'s, and after I bought some kids from there I was hooked XD My love for Pokemon never waivered even once and this coming September will be my tenth year of Pokemon collecting!

I've made a ton of new great friends here and I'd just like to thank you all for being so awesome :DDD

Anyway, here's my plush collection! I have hundreds of figures too... but I didn't photograph them ^^;; This will proooobably be my last or second to last post this month but in August I'll show off my flats and all the custom plush and figures I have too!

Teaser Pic:


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Have any questions about the plush or anything else? Feel free to ask! I know the brand and everything of 98% of these guys <3

And this is off-topic but if anyone is selling a Shuppet, Masquerain, or Croconaw figure please let me know!

Birthday Wants! C:

Hello everyone! I haven't made a post in a while, but i will likely make a small collection update tomorrow!
Today is my birthday! I come to you all with two very special wants!

* First is the I Love Eevee Laying Plush! I saw them at Anime Boston a short time ago for about 40-45 dollars, and was a dummy and didn't buy one! I would really like to make up for my mistake now and use some bday money to get one. I would like it in close to mint condition, but no tag is necessary! C:
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* My second want is the Sylveon Sitting Kid Figure! It is so cute and even though i am not a figure collector; i need this little pink precious little one in my collection! I do not need the box if you dont have it. C:
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Thank you so much everyone for your help! I will post an update soon! :D <3

Also a very Happy Birthday to abbeymew and growly who also share this day of birth with me! :D
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Unown need a Home!


Went to Metrocon here in Florida last weekend, got some cute stuff, also wore a quick but cute cosplay. A pokemon paleontologist! Archen and Unown included. But now that the con is over, these little Unown need homes <3 See under the cut for pics and details, and other goodies.

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Sale Update

A sale post update for pokemon center bag. Also there are still have lot of good brand new items such as pokedoll, clearfile, charms etc.


Thanks for looking ^___^

Post con gets and craziness

Hey guys! Sorry I've been less active, I'm not dead! But I did go to a convention and it was mega fun. I have lots of gets to share from the con and other things and I'm gonna share why I was so busy before the con too :) <3 Come see!

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Also I have a TON of trozei stickers all for a dollar! :)
So check out my sales, and I have a bunch of other nice cheap things for sale too <3


Note! I will be gone for the rest of the night but I will reply to all sales inquiries tommorow ASAP <3

Looking for stuff !

Hello everyone !

I was away for quite a lot of time, lately. I had an exam ( It's called " Brevet des collèges " and is in France only. You have to pass it in order to go to " Lycée " . ) in the end of june and had to go to a summer camp a week after. I couldn't find any time to show you all the stuff I got in Paris, and since I'm at my grandmother's place... I still can't. I won't be home until september, but since my father allowed me to order stuff from there, I'll do a big collection update !

Anyway, since we're moving to another home, I'll get a brand new room. It's tiny, but I really like it, and I decided that my collection will be a big part, if not all the decoration of my room. I got a bit of pocket money for doing well in my exam and I'm not looking to seriously expand my Sylveon collection.

The main things I'm looking for are :

- Sylveon Poke Pan wrapper
- Sylveon Apple Juice can
- Sitting Sylveon kid figure
- Any kind of candy featuring Sylveon or Eevee.

Could you tell me where I could get them for not too much, please ? I'm still not allowed to buy on the community...

Also, is buying stuff on Noppin easy ? It looks great ! Thank you !

( EDIT : Damn, my brain hates me. I was reading stuff on a website called Starmen.net. It was a topic about inspiration from writers, and they personified inspiration into " your muse ". My best friend wrote about how his muse was a like a little animal, and how he would cuddle it. And the guy posting above had an Eevee on his avatar. AND NOW, ALL I WANT IS AN EEVEE PLUSH TO CUDDLE TOO ! )
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