July 21st, 2014

In Search of a Shiny Suicune Pokedoll!

Hello again!

I'm only looking for one item today and have many items to trade for it if possible!

Im looking for the shiny suicune pokedoll and I know these can fetch upwards of $400 so I'm prepared to trade a bunch of plush for him.
I would like if his tush tag is attached. Hang tag optional but if it's detached I would like it.

I have all of these to trade:

I also have a 2009 shiny gyarados plush I can trade. It's tush tag only but in great condition.
I just don't have a picture of him as he hasn't come in yet but can provide the seller's pics and my own once he arrives.
I am willing to trade most of these but not everything so throw me an offer of what you would like and we can go from there!
Those without hang tags do have tush tags.
Im perfectly fine if you get these just to sell or keep or whatever but I really want a suicune in my life :3
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Massive collection weeding sales and auctions!

Shipping status update as of August 18

I have experienced some shipping delays past my standard 2 week shipping time due to illness (I was laid up with a fever for a few days and am still recovering - combined with my work and study commitments this meant I couldn't package up things as quickly as I had planned). I have now posted out all but a handful of parcels - the last few were delayed due to me running out of customs forms and packaging materials and being unable to get more as it was a weekend. The remaining parcels will be mailed on Wednesday morning. This applies to the following users:
heroponriki, ayao92, baconscreation, kaffeina, namelessfate1, cardwhale, blubified, yellowmudkip, aki199257

I apologise for the delay. If you are in this group and concerned about Paypal dispute timeframes, I am happy to refund you the payment and have you resend it so you get another 45 days :)

For the first time in over a year (sorry to people who commented on my sales while they were inactive) I've had time to go through my stuff (thank you based pannsie and sugar0coated for coming over and helping), and I'm doing a huge collection weed, which means lots of sales and auctions, including some of my collection treasures! I have almost 200 plush for sale or auction, as well as close to 100 clearfiles, tons of charms, zukan, and all kinds of miscellany! I've split things up into auctions in this post and sales on my sales journal, so things don't all get too massive in one place...

Items for auction include a DX Wailord Pokedoll, Airgurumi Drifloon, fuzzy DX Raichu UFO, Pokedolls and other plush, my Pokemotion, rare Pokemon Time items, and more!

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(Fake cut to sales! Please read all of the rules, I will ignore your comment if you clearly haven't read my rules.)

(and it is now 5:30am and I've been up since 10am getting all this stuff together so I'm going to bed, please be patient for quotes :'D)
Noivern time

Sylveon PokeBox Lollipop charm auction + Collection weeding sales

Today I bring you some (mostly) eeveelution collection weeding sales and an auction for the rare Sylveon Lollipop PokeBox charm and a custom Sylveon plush made by shuuichi_chan. I hope these can go to a collection where they will be more appreciated :') I also have some of my other Sylveon items from my personal collection for straight sale so please check those out as well.I have updated my sales policy on asking for quotes/committing so please be sure to read that :)

Also all items can be combined with items from my previous sales post http://pkmncollectors.livejournal.com/17559461.html

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Inazuma Eleven - Fubuki Eyes
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Wanted - Xerneas Pokedoll

Hey everyone~ Another change to my my wants list-- Now looking for Xerneas Oversize Pokedoll!!

Prefer one with the JP tag. Would like a nice deal on this one, $35 shipped (I live in California US). Would be even better if I can trade for it! I'll go up to $35 shipped value of stuff from my trade list! (on the wants list)

Additionally, it'd be neat if I could trade the Yveltal Pokedoll I have (JP tag is detached, pictured here), I would be willing to trade one with also the JP tag detached for it, or trade and I pay off a $3 difference for an attached tag. I have a whole ton of other plushies that would work for the trade too!! (Like Charizard pokedoll, Sylveon etc) We can work things out!

Thanks for reading~

New gets

Hi everyone, I just thought I'd share my recent gets with you :)
Nothing special really, but I love all of these items very much!

The stuff in the first picture is from a local flea market and a gachapon machine.
The Pikachu & the Misdreavus are presents from my boyfriend :D
P1180452.1 P1180455.1

These are big old plastic bags in very good condition.
P1180456.1         P1180457.1

Now, on to the community gets!

Last but not least, I'm still looking for the stickers I posted here: http://pkmncollectors.livejournal.com/17529884.html
Please let me know if you have any of them.

That's all from me today. Have a good week!
Hawlucha Faint

~Mini Update, Gets, Hawlucha, Sylveon Auctions and Sales~

I got a ton of packages lately! I have completed my Poke-Time Furret and Raichu merch items! Here's my haul! I can't believe two major pokemon I collect were featured this time around! I decided to have two of each plush but I didn't realize how big these were! The plush are just….amazing. I'm so satisfied with the fabric, design and pattern. I totally recommend them if you're thinking about getting one! I ordered from multiple people so I accidentally ended up with duplicates. XoX Oops. I have added them in my direct sales section it includes pens, notebooks and tins!

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Screen shot 2014-07-21 at 12.40.15 AM

I also have tons of rare Sylveon items, along with XY promo cards, Eeveelutions and I <3 Pikachu Raichu Items! Please give it a look.

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I'm looking for anything HAWLUCHA now! Be it flats, stickers, movie merch, pokecen ANYTHING! I want my Hawlucha!

Here's everything I own so far, here:

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And Sylveon hunting has slowed down lately but I'm always after any and all Sylveons I may not have:
Here's my Sylveon WANTS~

Thanks, guys!


My Birthday Is Coming Up!

Hey guys my birthday is in the next couple of weeks. August 13th. Yey! I get to get a Mega Absol Plushie from the Pokemon Center (Cant wait til I get her) And two Booster Boxes of the new set Furious Fists, but I wanna get somethings from you guys too.

What Absol/Mega Absol things do you have for sale? Im highly interested in seeing what you have.

So far I have gotten an awsome stamp and a beautiful piece of art from two of you on here and a friend of mine also sent me an FCBM of a custom card he made for me^^

But I am interested in what you have of Absol/Mega Absol and also if you make Custom things as well. So please show me what you have. ^^
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updated & discounted sales!! and animeraro problems??

hello friends! all orders received pre-saturday have been shipped out! you should have received notification from paypal and storenvy. please let me know if you did not! I've updated my storenvy with a bunch of new items like a fairy type focus scrunchie, trozei stickers, tomy figures and more! i've also discounted prices on some of my previous stock. please take a look! i have lots for sale!

Please click the above picture or this link to be transported to my shop!

all pkmncollectors orders of $25 or more before shipping will come with a free gift!! just include your pkmncollector's username in the notes!

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next off, i know animeraro is a trusted seller and i've purchased from both their site and ebay store multiple times, but i've been having trouble lately... it's kind of my fault for not realizing before the 45 days for paypal dispute was over, but I haven't been able to contact them at all!! so in march, i placed a pre-order for an item to be released in april. later, i decided to add some items they had in stock on both their website and ebay store, so i emailed them and asked if i could combine shipping for them. they said that it would be fine, sent me an invoice, i paid. come april, i got my pre-order items and did NOT get my other items. i emailed them, and then they responded saying that they were sorry and would send over my other items. shortly after that, i left for japan/san diego so i've been away. recently, i realized that i did not receive any packages or shipping notifications. i emailed them on july 8th to ask about my order. after a week, I still hadn't received a response to my email, so i emailed them again. i have yet to hear back from anybody... has anybody been in contact with animeraro recently/made purchases? is there anything i can do since my 45 days is up? it wasn't a large amount of money, but i'm just bummed I never got my things...

New Storenvy Shop opened!

Hello all! I have been spending the past week setting up my new storenvy store and it is finally ready for business!
This is the first time I use storenvy, so if anything looks off, just let me know!

I have added the items in different categories so hopefully it should be much easier to browse than on my LJ journal.
I still haven't done the banner/ etc yet since I haven't come up with a design, but it will be up when I do... xD

未命名 -1

Please click the preview above or this sentence to go the my store!

I will be slowly phasing out the SALES on my LJ journal, but right now, there's still quite a number of items there. So if there's anything you want to combine with my storenvy, just leave a comment on my sales page.

Thanks as always :D

New Pokemon Center Website Products!

Not sure if this has been posted anywhere, but I saw this on Reddit and figured it would belong here.

"I ordered the Litleo off the upcoming Pokemon Center website and got links in my confirmation page to some pages of products that I don't think we're supposed to see yet."

Links & pics under the cut!

EDIT: Links no longer work and redirect to pokemoncenter.com
Screenshots are still below. If you're wondering, all the plush were Gen 6 plush. (Even though the banner used for the Plush page was a picture belonging to a comm member... the picture included older Pokedolls which is very misleading ;_;) Also apparently PC is using bootleg stock images for plush... literal facepalm.

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Yoshi! :)

July update and small sales

Hello everyone,

First of all, I've actually been meaning to post this here since Saturday. But then I got lazy as usual. Sorry. XD

Anyways, I think I mentioned back in my last post in June that I was thinking about doing an update since I have gotten a few things in recent time (As well as waiting for some things to arrive). Well, I finally got around to taking a few photos over the weekend to share what I got with you all (It's not that much though).

Here's both the Yveltal Pokedoll (Thank you dtrain4eva for Yveltal) & PokeCen Ho-Oh plush I've mentioned in my last post (Received both back in March).

And here's a Mega Stone (Charizardite X) I've ordered from Sunyshore that came in last week, and some Black & White Kyurem Trozei stickers from back in June (Thank you denkimouse & remderosier). Hoping to get the PokeCen Mega Charizard X plush to go along with the stone soon. :)

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Small Sales Post!

Hey everyone, I'm doing a bit of collection weeding today. I'm running out of space over here for other collections. (And I also got a new betta fish. He needs a heater and some fun decorations!)

I have mostly plush up for sale today! So come check it out!

And just a reminder, I am still unable to ship internationally, so these sales are for US addresses only. Sorry for any inconvenience. D:



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Kid Figure Sets Release Question

How often are new sets released? I've tried searching for the answer but can only find images and offers of the figures being sold and not when they were released. I'm VERY happy to have my little Pumpkaboo but I'm still chomping at the bit for Gourgeist and Phantump XD
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Tiny PokePaintings!

Hello Pkmncollectors! I'm here to offer to you my Tiny PokePainting commissions!!

Click the Banner to go!

What are Tiny PokePaintings, you may ask? You can find out all the details in the link above, but here are a couple examples of some work I've done for others' collections!

Check it out! You can either nab a spot on the waiting list or take an active slot! Thanks everyone! :)

Small quick sales!

Howdy howdy everybody!
A small grail of mine popped up and I need to liquidate a little to for sure get it...so it's time for a small clearance sale!!!
Everything is absolutely 100% negotiable, so if something interests you just shoot me a number!
Anything purchased and paid for in the next 15 hours will be shipped TOMORROW MORNING!

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