July 24th, 2014

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Quick Skarmory TOMY Moncolle question

So I have 3 Skarmory TOMY Moncolle I know are all legit (one I bought MIB which is on left and front) and the other 2 are from JP lots that had no fakes), but I just wonder if there were different versions of them because it's just hard to keep track of all the re-releases and whatnot...
For some reason, one of them has the red painted in the back of the wing ("anatomically" incorrect)... so I was wondering how that came to be, like if it's part of a certain set release (I remember seeing Skarmory in a set but I don't have a picture of it nor do I remember what the set was called), or if it's just pure official mispainting... xD Please enlighten me if you have any info :D

(man I feel like this comm should have a moncolle tag because it is important hahaha... there's the tomy tag but tomy does so many pokemon products in general now...)

Hope to be posting about this pretty thing I got after a longggg wait in my next post :D

ORAS hype!

Also my wants list has been updated again!! Looking for a certain Eevee plush that I'm not sure if anyone in the comm even has~ owo

Introduction of a Mightyena Fan

Hello all! I'm takara_kitsune, but most people just call me Takara. I tend to get a bit too detailed when I get on a roll, but I'll try to keep it short as to not bore anyone to death. I'm also pretty bad at introductions, so here goes!

I've been a big fan of Pokemon for about 15 years, I got into it in mid-1999, and haven't left since. I initially started with the cards, and then started with the games. Overall, the games persisted, and I've collected the cards on and off for the last 10 years.
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Sylveon Soon

~Auction and Sales Reminder with Battle Trozei Badges~

Screen shot 2014-07-21 at 12.40.15 AM
Quick reminder that my auction for my SYLVEON items and other miscellaneous items WILL END Thursday, July 24th @ 6pm PST
A lot of it is still at their starting bid, or not that high. I have a ton of I <3 raichu items, Eeveelutions, Pokecen Promo items and more! Get your final bids in.

I've also added these "Battle Trozei" Blind badges to my sales post.
Click either picture to be transported!

Again, I'm still looking for anything Sylveon or Hawlucha. Check out my updated want page for more details.


A crazy story of a grail get

This morning, I woke up to bid for Sleeping Pachirisu 1:1 plush on Y!J using Buyee.com, and at that time, it was like $60. So I was ok, I will bid $70 when it was 6 minutes left of the auction. I am a very last minute bidder because I don't like to raise the price of the item I am planning to bid on until the last few minutes of the auction. So I was going to enter 6,977 yen but somehow I added a 5 at the end, and because I wanted to bid before the 5 minutes mark that extends the auction, I just clicked OK. And then I realized my mistake and I was in PANIC. I bidded 69,775 yen instead of 6,977 yen!!!! I was in such a hurry to get my bid in that I made a stupid mistake. However, the listing ended at 18,500 yen because I am using Buyee.com, and someone bidded for 18,000 yen but since I place such a high bid, the system automatically bid the next highest bid, 18,500 yen to outbid the other person.

At first all the panic was because I thought I have to pay almost $7,000 for an item that isn't worth that much. But when the listing ended, it was 18,500, at that time because I just work up and all, and thought that I have to pay over $2,000 (cus the fees and all) for this. I went to the bank to stop payment of anything over $1,000. When I got home...I looked at my paypal and I can see that the payment already went through :( But then I realized something, isn't 18,500 yen around $185 (cus removing the 2 zeros)? I double checked with google lol, and yes, indeed it was just a bit over $200 for 20,550 yen total. And then I felt so stupid cus I made myself worry. I even called my bf and I was going crazy over the phone =.=; I am glad at least one person was calm in this situation.

Here's a picture of the item I won:

Not even sure if the price I paid for it is worth it...but apparently it is quite rare. The seller listed as used. I am not even sure if it has all tags. And not sure if it also comes with the pokemon on the right. Please let me know what you guys think to calm my nerves....>.<''
Animated, Trozei

Sales Update


Sales permission granted on 01 DEC 2013 by entirelycliched

- I ship from the U.S.
- I will ship worldwide
- paypal only
- It's first come first serve
- If you want an item please clearly state that you are going to commit!
- Asking for a quote does not guarantee you an item!
- If I don't receive a response for a quote within 24 hours, I will move to the next person who is interested in the item(s)

My Feedback:

Finally went through all of my stuff and got it sorted so there is a bunch of new stuff in my sales :)
Feel free to ask questions here.

Card Sales: http://yellow-fr3ak.livejournal.com/3241.html
Figures/Flats/Misc Sales: http://yellow-fr3ak.livejournal.com/3989.html
Plush Sales: http://yellow-fr3ak.livejournal.com/4333.html

Wants: http://yellow-fr3ak.livejournal.com/3635.html
For trade: coming soon
gentleman eevee, eevee

Intro + Collection

I've finally brought up the courage to join this community. I've been a Pokemon fan for as long as I can remember (my cousins introduced me back in 2000). I used to have a TON of  stuff as a kid, but I went through a stage in my tweens where I thought I outgrew it and gave a bunch of plush and almost ALL my cards away. Silly twelve-year-old me didn't understand that you're never too old for Pokemon.

Anyway I've recently started collecting again. It's difficult to find merch for a decent price in Canada so I'm hoping the comm will help with my search for goodies. I currently collect whatever tickles my fancy (mostly plush), but I'm debating about starting an Ampharos collection, as he's one of my favourite designs (along with Flaaffy). I also have a soft spot for Eevee and Umbreon.

Please let me know if I did the cut, and pictures correctly

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I'm looking forward to what this community has to offer, and making some new friends!
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Pokemon, Me, Kecleon

Small Collection Get And Random Rare Gets

Just A Little Update On Collection Gets And Some Extras For You Guys To Drool Over ;)
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I Also Managed To Pick Up Some Rare Items While Travelling!
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So Yeah Thats About It Really,

As Always Im After Any Of These Also!


Thanks For Reading Guys!

(P.S Whoever Did The Auction With The Gel Pens Please Get In Touch As I Haven't Received Starmie Yet =/)


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Feels like forever! collection update and wants

yeah, seriously does! Feels like forever since I've done an actual post on here ovo!
Some may know me, some may not. I collect eevees.. Allot of them.

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Okay so apart from showing off the vees and zoruas.. I've been slightly away for a bit because im 6 months pregnant and times been given to her! ;c; can I have a highfive from some mums here~!

But what I was wondering, as i've not been around for a while I know theres been a recent eevee lotto and I have been searching high and low on YJ for that laying down plush and shes been impossible to find! Does anyone have one for sale? ( Im in the UK just to let you know )

and secondly. I seriously cannot say no to an eevee, if anyone has any vees for sale ( pref in the UK due to shipping ) I'd love to see what you have... Don't be shy! ( I do NOT collect flats )

hope everyone is enjoying this heat <3 it's nice to be back

WTB J Franko Magikarp

This little figure has eluded me for too long. Dx Every time I see it pop up in the comm I just miss it by a few minutes. ;A; I'd be willing to pay around $10 for this little guy in excellent condition. If anyone's selling please let me know thanks~ <3

Just a quick reminder the J Franco figure is a water toy with four holes in the bottom of it.

by fluna_daiyunel

Lots of gets + Super and Mega Discounts o/ + PC Paris postcards auction !

Hi everyone!
So, first of all the PC Paris postcards auction
Sans titre-1
Click on the picture to be transported to the auction on ebay o/

I used pictures of my set in order to not damage the one I'm selling (the postcards are stuck to one another, you know) so it is unused :)
For the story I was keeping this set for someone, but as I have no news I thought other persons could be happy to own it. Also I decided to put it up for auction instead of simply selling it for two reasons: this gives everyone the same chance to own it and also because I need money and think that an auction may be more interesting for me.

By the way, some "Super" and "Mega" Discounts have been added to my sales ^^ Take a look o/

Click on the banner to be transported to my sales o/

And now let's see my July gets !!! (even if I'm still waiting for two packages lol)
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Thank you for reading :3

You can find more pictures on my collection website :

And I also have a Fb page for my collection (don't hesitate to like or comment ^^):

Long Time No See! - Updates and Special Search/Surprise (Please Help!)

Hi Everyone! Hope you all have been doing well - very busy on my end here. With wedding planning AND working through home buying, it has been quite crazy! Through it all my fiancee has been wonderful, and I come to you with a search today for some very special pokedolls I'm hoping to get (as a welcome home gift - we already picked out the area we will be creating our poke-collection :) ):

- Waillord pokedoll (does not have to have tag, would be great if it did, my fiancee just loves this little guy)
- Mega Charizard Y pokeplush
- Mega Charizard X pokeplush

and one for me..because it was just my birthday >>

- Sylveon Pokedoll

Any help would be great, I prefer shipping to have tracking (and I can pay via paypal if issued an invoice).

Thanks a bunch!

Noivern time

Reminder for Sylveon PokeBox auction

This is a reminder post for my auction for the Sylveon Lollipop PokeBox charm auction which ends tomorrow (7/24) at 11:59PM EST.

I lowered the starting price to less than what I paid for it so please get your bids in and give it a good home :) I also have a bunch of eeveelution items up for straight sales!

Click the image to be transported!

I'm currently out of town on a mini vacation until Saturday but I will get back to you guys as soon as I can :)

Sales again with new gets <3

Are you ready to see the new items I added into my collection?
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Click the image to be transported to my sales~

°˖ ✧◝(○ ヮ ○)◜✧˖ ° SALES: °˖ ✧◝(○ ヮ ○)◜✧˖ °
I was granted sales permission by: entirelycliched on 8/7/2013.
My feedback is located: HERE

I am open to haggling so let me know (:

Handmade Keychains: Mid May, June and July Collection! + Shipping Offer!

Hi there! Last month I presented a huge collection of the keychains I made last year but now how about the last three months? While I show every examples of the three variation of custom goods I have available, I'm accepting new orders with a new offer concerning shipping while I'm working in the last set! Please take a look!

I make keychains of ANY character of ANY franchise or even OCs of your own! Just name it and I take charge of the whole making!
These following keychains are past orders from the last 3 months, take them as examples for each variation!

Regular keychains:
- Cheapest variation!
- Simple and small design.
- The buyer can pick between 2 optional sketches as models.
- Those 2 original sketches of the keychain are a free offer, delivered within the package!
Price per keychain: 12 USD (plus 3 USD for shipping fees)
*NEW OFFER!* If you order 3 or more regular keychains, the shipping fee is reduced to 2 USD each!

Sturdy Keychains:
- Dynamic and creative poses!
- Sturdy wooden base, good for personal use!
- Slightly bigger model so allows more details!
- The buyer can pick between 3 optional sketches as models.
- Those 3 original sketches of the keychain are a free offer, delivered within the package!
Price per keychain:20.5 USD (plus 3 USD for shipping fees)
*NEW OFFER!* If you order 3 or more sturdy keychains, the shipping fee is reduced to 2 USD each!

Double Team Keychains:
- It includes 2 characters at once!
- Sturdy wooden base, good for personal use!
- Pretty detailed, even more than the sturdy keychains!
- The buyer can pick between 3 optional sketches as models, all very detailed!
- Those 3 original sketches of the keychain are a free offer, delivered within the package!
Price per keychain: 29.5 USD (plus 3 USD for shipping fees)
*NEW OFFER!* IF you order 2 or more double team keychains, the shipping fee IS ON THE HOUSE!

The buyer can choose between silver or golden chain!

I received sales permission on 12 January 2013 by entirelycliched
Feedback page goes here!

That's all! Feel free to order your unique keychain! Thank you!

Inkay/Malamar Wants

I'm looking for some cheapish Inkay/Malamar merch for my side collection. I already have the following:

Japanese PC Inkay plush
Attack Inkay and Malamar kids
American Tomy Inkay figure that comes with the Dive Ball

Show me what you got pkmncollectors!

New Member Looking For Eevee Plush + Other Plush!

Hello there, my name is Jay, and I am a new member to the community! I have always seen this community pop up on Google while looking for Pokemon plush for sale, so I figured that I might as well join and see if I can start with my collection. The only eevee item I currently have is a pokedoll, and I would love it if I could get some other plush. :)
I also love sylveon, espurr, and vulpix. I will post pictures of items I am looking for under the cut!

Currently, my budget is around $200. That's probably all my mom will let me spend on "useless plush" anyway. :p
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quick wants

Hello everyone! I've had a recent obsession with a new pokemon: Archen! I am looking for some archen and archeops merchandise! I don't have much money, but I would be willing to make plushies in return for some of the items listed below!

Archen Tomy Plush
Kids of both
MPCs of whichever they have them of?

I don't really know what there is of these guys, so just let me know what you have and we can try to work something out!