July 25th, 2014

Newbie here... small collection and a quick want!

Hey everyone! My name is Robert and I'm an old time Pokémon fan based out of south Florida, United States. I'm mid Gen Y, so I'm an older fan (26, going on 27 this time next month) and even though I'm not as actively obsessed with it as I was when I was a kid in the late 90's, I still play the games. I also collect merchandise from time to time... mostly plushes, but I'll also collect figures as I see fit. I have a tendency to collect merchandise almost exclusively of the Pokémon I use on my team in the games.

Here's a pic of some of the Pokémon on my team that I own plushes of (I don't use Joltik, but he's so cute!):

As you can see, my collection is by no means massive, though there is some rare fabric in there. That's a Rayquaza DX Pokédoll, that Metagross Pokédoll is pretty rare too, and the Leafeon is the original release with the star shaped tag (2007). What's amazing, though, is that I got these plushes when they were first released (Metagross from overseas, and Rayquaza when he was available at the old US Pokémon Center website), so I'm the original owner of these plushes; just to give an idea about how long I've been into buying them. I still have the original hang tags of all the plushes pictured in perfect condition (except for Typhlosion and Joltik, because they are factory rejects I got from Chinese sellers). They all have their tush tags too.

Anyway, I'm here to collect some merch' I've been wanting for awhile and even seek custom work. My favorite Pokémon of all time is Rayquaza, so I might seek something rare of him from time to time.

In fact...

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Gel Pen GA! <3 shipping to you time <3

hey guys! i know is been a little bit since this GA had an issue with the seller but it is all cleared up now you can view the spreadsheet here:


also tiny sales plug <3 lol


that was really all i had to say lol... here have a bulbasaur<3


this post involves

and with that im going to bed <3 night all :)
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Small sales update!

I dug out some more things and added them to my sales! More clearfiles and a stack of individual diecut Pokemon Time stickers are now available :D I also still have tons of plush (over 100), piles upon piles of clearfiles, stacks of charms, Pokedoll and Pokemon Time merch, stickers and stationery, Poke Box items and heaps more available (way more than what's in the preview pic)! Click below to check everything out:

Also just a little reminder of my huge weeding auctions going on, featuring over 50 plush, a bunch of zukan and rare Pokemon Time and Pokedoll items among other items - most things still either have no bids or are at the starting bid! Items include a DX Wailord Pokedoll, Airgurumi Drifloon plush, fuzzy DX Raichu UFO, rare Pokedolls like Corphish, Budew, Marill and Altaria, Wailord Pokemon Time earphones, and more :D

And here's a bonus collection picture, because I haven't done a collection update in literally years:

(I have more, I promise! I'm just lazy with photos/some are in storage.)

Partial Collection Update- and Latios/Latias Zukan pieces/Pikachu Toaster for offers!

Hi all,

So I keep postponing collection updates because stuff keeps trickling in, but I decided to to a partial one anyway.

I collect Bulbasaur, Charmander, and Squirtle line plush (and random flats that I like here and there), so here are my Bulbasaurs and Squirtles.

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I'm also taking offers for zukan pieces of Latios and Latias, offers start at $25 for the set (seems reasonable?), and a Pikachu Toaster that toasts your bread with a Pikachu head shape~!

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And my sales are still open for another week or so: http://cinivala.livejournal.com/788.html

and you can combine shipping with my non-Pokemon sales (Digimon, Vanguard, and others): http://cinivala.livejournal.com/1056.html

thanks for looking! :)
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Dirt cheap $1 Commissions Limited Offer(Closed)

Commissions are closed for now and will be finishing these. Has been updated as of October 17th

I'm taking sketch commissions that are only a $1(orignal price $2-$4) since I'm really in the mood today to draw. You pay only after I'm done and slots are unlimited until I can no longer draw.

For examples please see my DA acc. here: xEternal-Dreamx.deviantart.com and also please be aware that there are certain things I can't draw like gore(some blood is fine), nudity, etc. and complicated characters.

I can only do sketches right now since I can finish those faster and it's also for practice. I also planned on making keychains in the future, so this is also to see how many people like my style and see how it goes. I actually already made the designs too if someone would like to see it I can show the rough draft of 'em all.

Sales permission granted by entirelycliched on July 27th 2013
My feedback link http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/tdotakichan/

If you'd like one please comment and give details on how you want the drawing to be, references added, and whatever is needed. You can also have as many as you want. If you get 2 or more then it'll only be .50 cents each after. EX: 1 drawing $1, 2 drawings $1.50, 3 drawings $2, and so on.

And rest assured I'll be putting the contest up next soon since I can only post once a day. I just didn't expect to be in such a mood to draw and even was up all night drawing. >.>

Edit: Forgot to add this too if you have a DA account yourself and have pts. I can also take donations of a minimum of 10 points or more but can only do 3 people since I don't really use them.
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Peeling off price stickers?

Does anybody have any advice for peeling off price stickers cleanly, I found a BUNCH of old unopened packs last night and I want to put them up for sale but first I'd like to get those stickers out!


I read that using a hair dryer on high for about 45 seconds works well, but I'm kind of nervous about the heat causing damage? I don't know if it actually would, so I was hoping someone who has experience with this could let me know! Any help is appreciated, thank you!

Searching for Items!

Hi guys!
As I said before I'm having a Pokemon Wedding, So my searches the most will be Figures of any types of pokemon Because I'm making a Bug, Fire, Grass, ghost, fighting, ground, dragon, electric, ice, water, psychic, rock, fairy tables, and if anyone's wonder what i'm going to make it look like here's a picture

please let me know if your selling your figures so i can purchase them ^^

also i'm on the search for these two eevee's!


Thank you guys!

Questions for european collectors.

Hello !

I went to a big store with my father, and remembered how he used to buy me kid figures when I was little... So, I decided to look at the toys aisle to see if there was some good stuff. All I could find was a Chespin plushie and some cards.

Are kid figures still produced and sold in Europe...? The last I saw were from the Black and White extension...

Also, are American plushies sold in Europe too ? The Chespin had the same tag as them. Maybe I have a chance to find a standing Sylveon plush ?

Thank you !

New Shirts At Nintendo World Store (Adult Size!!!!)

Hi all! I dropped by Nintendo World today and they have some cool shirts for sale. I was surprised to see that these came in adult (since Pokemon only caters to kids whenever they sell shirts). They retail for $21+tax. I can sell them for $35 shipped US if anyone is interested. I can get back to you with international shipping quotes as well.

Granted sales permission by denkimouse 6/7/2011
Sales Plug

espurr pls


Hey guys! It's been awhile since I posted, but I just have a couple of questions and frustrations under the cut for Australian TCG collectors, especially those from NSW or the ACT. I also have a want that is not under the cut, from anyone pls

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As for my want, does anybody have the McDonalds Pikachu plush they would like to sell? It can be in any condition, since he will not go un-hugged and I would rather pay less to receive a tagless plush. Please include pictures if you can! Because the ones I'm actually looking for are the ones with the half-hidden noses (or just straight up noseless lol if that's all you have)
Shipping would be to Australia and I don't actually know how much these things go for so please hit me up with prices. I've seen a loved one being sold on the comm for as little as $3 dollars in an old sales post, which would be AMAZING, but I'm going to be more realistic obviously when I consider your suggestions/offers :P

Thanks fellas! xx