July 31st, 2014

Dewott - Happy
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First and only offers reminder! And searching for two specific charms!

Some super rare charms up for grabs here. I won't be listing them here again, so this could be your only chance!

These end on Friday! Click the photos to go see!


I am also searching for the Pokemon Center Unown "A" charm, and the Japanese Design Dewott charm, also from the Pokecenter! (Part of a set, I believe). Please let me know if you have these and feel like selling! :)

TCG Collection Update: Eevee, Houndour, Houndoom, Growlithe, Meowth, Persian, and Vulpix. Plus Wants

Hi, everyone!

Wow! It's been awhile since I've posted to the community. Most of my collection is in boxes since I just moved to a new house last month. I finally bought the last English Reverse Holo Growlithe and Eevee cards I needed to complete my English TCG collections of them, so I decided to pull out my binders and do my first ever collection update! :D

Probably a boring collection update since (I believe) there's few TCG collectors. ^^; lol. But I'm excited!

I believe I now have all the English regular and reverse holo TCG cards of Eevee, Houndour, Houndoom, Growlithe, Meowth, Persian, and Vulpix. You'll also see all my non-English cards of these Pokemon. ^^

I realized after I took these photos that a few cards are probably missing since a few are in a different binder. The one that comes to mind is the Radiant Collection Eevee (which I have in English, Japanese, and Korean).

WARNING:This post is VERY image heavy. I tried to keep the images small...maybe too small. Let me know if I need to fix that.

Here's one page as a preview. ^^ This page features Dragons Exalted Houndoom in all the languages it was released...except French, which I'm waiting to arrive. :D


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If you think you might have any cards I'd be interested in, please let me know. ^^ I collect WAY more than just these Pokmeon...this is just a tiny sample of my collection. I collect any language so if you have non-English cards, that might be especially interesting for me. I might also be interested in World Championship deck prints of these Pokemon lines that I don't already have in these photos.

I would love to find the alternate language prints of Vivillion. The only two I have are the English prints.

As always, I'm looking for any Houndoom and Houndour merchandise I don't already have, so please feel free to link me to any sales posts including them. ^^

I'm looking to trade for (or possibly purchase) Topps (from any set) and the old cardboard Burger King promotion cards that included the original 151 pokies. I'm also looking for Flipz. I think it's ones from Series 1. Oh! And I love Lamincards. :D

I just recently organized almost all of my duplicate TCG cards. If you'd like me to check for any you're looking for, let me know. It's easiest if you list them by set since that's how I organized my duplicates.

~ Risha
Miranda + Andrea // lasamy

small intro post

Hi everyone! I've been lurking for almost 2 months and it's so interesting just to see the sheer volume of pokemon goods that exist! It's super addicting to see what everyone has, wants and is selling (I admit, my wallet has suffered a little in that regard). I've been meaning to take a picture of my small pokemon collection but can never seem to find time with work and my weekends are always booked solid T_T.

Anyway, just wanted to say hi! I'm really looking forward to seeing the rest of everyone's collections.

Pokemon Time Raichu & Trade?

I just got my Pokemon Time Raichus from Sunyshore and they are all AWESOME! This series is way too adorable! Thanks again Gin!

I purchased 9 blind packaged tins. Here is what I found in them...

As you can see, not ONE of these is of Raichu! I come to the community today requesting help! If someone has a Raichu tin they would like to trade with one of these, or even sell me, I'd LOVE YOU FOREVER! After finding a way to get a Raichu tin, I will be selling off whichever of these I have left. If you're interested in trading or selling me a Raichu tin, please leave me a comment! I was hoping to have 2 Raichu tins in total so I will be willing to do 2 trades with 2 different people, so if you see someone has already commented requesting a trade, please let me know you're interested as well! I can never have enough of this electric mouse!

Follow the cut for a bigger picture of these tins:
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New gets + Is this Eevee a bootlegged?

HAha I guess I should of waited till today since more items arrived.
The main reason behind this is I got an Eevee pokedoll but I think its bootlegged.

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Asides from Eevee:
I am so exciting to share these 2 gets!
The Dragonite is beyond cute~
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Ahh this trade is amazing; I am so glad I didn't trade for the smaller version of this plush; the lifesize is even better!
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Anniversary update (sort of) + Re-intro

Hello community!! I’ts been three years since I joined here, (I  thought that my joining anniversary was today, but apparently was like a week ago adgfgsaf xD) And, because of this “special” occasion im going to make a quick re-intro thing along with a collection update…because I always said I would update soon, but I never did. Shame on me.

A little about me...Im Jess and Im from Mexico. Im a graphic designer technically, but what I enjoy the most is drawing. I’ve liked pokemon since the anime started being aired here…and I guess that it was when I started getting pokemon merch. But i started to actually try building a collection as such until I joined this community. Besides pokemon, I collect things from other games/anime, I focus mostly on my favorite characters.


I have a messy collage of merchandise, but I’ve always wanted to collect as much as I can of a line, and I’ve finally decided that in the future I will collect ursaring/teddiursa, because currently big bear is my favorite pokemon, and they don’t have an overwhelming amount of merch that could take a lot of space.  Some other favorites include piplup, zorua, riolu, shaymin, espurr, charizard and the eevee family. Oh, and Sinnoh is my favorite region!

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WANTS Zukans

Beautifly line, Team Rocket line,Noctowl line, Cacnea line, Yanmega line, Ekans piece


Slowly I'm getting the zukans of the team rocket pokemon

[Spoiler (click to open)]My collection of Tomys first generation grows, and I want to get myself all the Tomys the 6th generation

The finish on these plushies is amazing

And the keychains I've placed as figures

I need more space to best place my collection and I want to dedicate a portion of space only for the team rocket and pokemons

I've also got the initial zukans of the 6th generation and Snorlax zukan.. is so cute!! ^^

Thanks for reading!!

Collection Weeding Sales and More!

While updating my collection site, I decided that I needed to do some collection weeding.
I am open to haggling on most items, especially if you find another of the same item that was sold recently at a lower price. I've tried my best to look up the values though :]
I have some Eeveelution things, Tomy figures, and lots of random stuff!
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Universal CityWalk (Hollywood) Sighting

Just browsed around and saw a Tomy DX Jigglypuff on the floor, then I picked it up and saw an entire shelf of other Tomy DX figures. Pikachu, Eevee, Blastoise and Charmander for $14 each. They all had the usual Tomy imprint, but also had chinese tags, with the Tomy/Auldey branding. This means these are official China/Hong Kong distributions or really good bootlegs. These were found at the The Crow's Nest, a huge souvenir/gift shop with a wide selection. But also other bootleg figures (see the Mario section) and wide prices that would make Toys R Us look like Walmart.

I was unable to find out if they had anymore characters, since the store was kind of crowded.

They also stocked a new kind of toy for the XY Tomy brand. Launched/pull-back? battle racers, driven by action-posed figures. Also available with Pikachu, Chespin and Fennekin

LF Mega stones and Mega ring MOD

I recently got a Mega ring from HLJ with 2 random stones I got Garchompite and Charizardite Y but i kinda wanted Houndoomite so if anyone wants to sell/trade me it my stones are up for trade. Any way the ring itself is very cool it glow and makes sounds depending what stone you put on it and its good for cosplay, But it was make for kids so its on the small side so by removing the 2 screws from the strap holder and removing it completely it makes a lot more room for your wrist. I am a 24 year old male and it fits me comfortably now

pics under cut
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Looking for a can badge

Hi all,

I am lookin for a 'snivy with you' can badge.
Must be in original package...
If you have it for sale please let me know the price + shipping to Australia.
I am hoping it can be shipped as flat.

Image is from ebay if it belongs to you and you want me to take it down please let me know.

Thank you :)

Zukan XY03 photos - pick up payment + quick sale

Hi all!

I just went and picked up the latest zukan set, and as usual, time for photos :D
(I was supposed to go tomorrow but something came up so I had to go one day early xD;)

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Quick Sale + Pick up still available

Since I realized I will be going to the shop for some other stuffs next week, if you still want any zukan sets picked up, they are still available at $25 shipped anywhere per set. XY01 and XY02 are also available for the same price.

(Foongus kids for size reference only)
Charizard Nanoblock. I bought the pack just so I can try out nanoblock xD Now that I have finished building it, you can take it for the price that I bought it for ($13) + shipping/ fees = $16.6

If you are interested in other pokemon nano blocks, I can pick them up for you for shelf price ($13 if it is listed at 1200yen + tax, $11 if it is listed at 950 + tax), + $3 commission + shipping/ fees.
I will collect payment after picking them up.

Zukan XY03 gashaphon machine sheet - $5 shipped with bubble wrap + hard backing in document envelop.

These are the models ones I photographed in earlier part of this post, so they aren't "new" but aren't exactly "used" either.
I just wasn't planning on keeping them but I wanted to take photos nonetheless ^^;
Honedge and Litleo set are $8.6 shipped each
I also have one NIP Mega charizard X for $12.5 shipped

That's all for now, thanks for reading my post ^_^

Plush Sales

Hey pkmncollectors.
I haven't been very active lately due to job hunting!
Still haven't had any luck but I will keep my head held high.

I am doing some weeding sales just now, my little chihuahua is pregnant so I need the money to pay for vets etc.

Anyway onto the sales:
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Thank you!