August 1st, 2014

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Wants post: Topps

Long time no see, community. I've been lurking casually, but I decided to post in order to see if anyone could help me fill some of the last gaps in my Topps collections. :)

I've compiled a few images to illustrate the cards I am still lacking. I will specifically mention which series, edition and card finish I require. The images show what the cards look like, but the finish of the foil cards I am after will obviously differ from that pictured. Please don't be offended if you offer me a card and I turn it down - if it does not fill all the set criteria, it is not a card I require.

No trades, please - at this time I am only looking to buy. Shipping is to Finland, in case international mailing is an issue.

Don't know what the difference between a silver foil and rainbow foil is? How can you tell the color of the Topps logo? Learn that and more from kyogres's wonderful Topps Series 1 Guide!

Series 2 - Silver foils

#94 Gengar, #96 Drowzee, #111 Rhyhorn, #113 Chansey, HV4 James, EP1 Pokémon - I Choose You!, EP2 Pokémon Emergency

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Thanks for looking!

Tcg wants and booster box opinions!!

hi :) :D

I have a question about booster boxes!
Is it worth getting one? I am wondering what is the probability of getting secret rare /rare cards on them?

I been on the look out for all the mega pokemon cards and charizards 11/106 - 12/ 106 (flashfire)

but no luck >_<

Also to my understanding booster box from japan are cheaper however i do not collect japanese cards but i was thinking i could get those to trade T_T idk...

let me know your opinions :)

my tcg want list:

<3 <3

A quick introduction!

Hi guys, my name is Katie, and I recently became a member of thus community. I just wanted to pop in and say hey! :-) I've been lurking here for a while and I can't wait to start buying all the awesome stuff I see on here. I collect mainly figures and plush, but I love pokemon center stuff as well. My favorite pokemon to collect are feraligatr line, gengar, pikachu, and sylveon. Next month, I'll be getting money back from school and will be posting a lot more wants, but right now there is one thing in particular I'm looking for. It's the feraligatr mini cot figure.

If you have that (or the totodile one) please let me know and I would love to work something out. I'm not quite sure of the value, but I've seen other mini cots fo from $2-$7 dollars usually, but just let me know what you think is fair. :) Thanks again and nice to meet you!!

Watercolor Chibi-Pokemon Commissions? ・ω・

Hello community! I've been doing some watercoloring lately for practice and have decided to try commissions for the first time in my life ever! I can make all sorts of stuff with watercolors if you're interested in asking me to try something out, I put a cut below for details!
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Also, still looking for a legitimate Eevee pokedoll xD Doesn't have to be MWT!
Robin and Batgirl

Rare Lottery Lugia and Ho-oh Zukan Auction

Hello all! So much for being a slow shipper. I got all US orders shipped out this morning from my sales post. :) Anything purchased after this morning, or International orders, however, will have to wait for next week. As I was going through my figures from the lots I'd purchased, though, I was able to identify that among the other zukan, I had the rare Lottery Lugia and Ho-oh zukans as well! (Of which, only 2000 were ever made!) Unfortunately they do not have their clear stands/base, and each of them have some scuffs and flaws, but thanks to Vick's Vapo Steam Oil and a magic eraser, I was able to freshen these beauties up well enough for sale. They will be auctioned off here on this post.

 photo 2014-08-01120011.jpg

If LJ is still hiding the "reply" to comment button, feel free to put your bid in a new thread. I will try to keep them organized. I'm not sure what's going on with that, seems to only affect some people?

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Updated Plush Sales! Now Accepting International Buyers!

Biodew28 sales policies:
-Granted sales permission by entirelycliched on 7/27/13
-I ship from UT, USA
-International Buyers: Prices include USA shipping and fees, you will have to pay the differential between USA and international shipping.
-Paypal buyers only
-Feel free to haggle, but don’t be offended if I decline your offer
-Please pay within 24hrs of commitment
-First person to commit has priority on the item
-Tag protection upon request
-I am not responsible for an item after it has left my hands at the post office
-My house does have cats. They don’t touch my collection, but those with severe allergies be warned.

THE ITEMS! (click for larger photos!)
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Thanks for your interest!

quick question and small want post

Hey, collectors.
Maybe a few months ago, I saw an upcoming figure line. I forgot from which company it was, but it included a really nice Gardevoir figure. I would love to get one once it comes out, so can anyone give me any information about it so I can keep on the lookout for it?

Also -- I really want the Pokemon Mate Hilbert charm to go along with my Hilda if anyone is selling or would want to part with. I could not find a picture online, so here's just a picture of my Hilda. Would 13-15 shipped be okay -- assuming it's a US seller.
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Thanks, collectors
pika cap2

quick sales

I have TCG binders and a pikachu shirt for a quick sale so come check em out

1.Paypal only
2.I ship from the US
3.I'll ship within a week or sooner

Sales perrmission granted by denkimouse

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thanks for viewing
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WTB croagunk plush

i'm looking to buy a croagunk plush for a friend as a birthday present ! most likely the I <3 Gothic plush, but i will look at others too. shipping will be to US and i wish to pay around $20 shipped ;w; but give me your price even if it's more or less.

i'm not buying from ebay etc. as it will be shipped to different address than my own !!

Auctions Ending in 24 hours + Mirage Grail Plush! + New MPCs!

If you are interested in owning a Canvas plush for eevee, jolteon, flareon, vaporeon, espeon, umbreon, leafeon, or glaceon, and you want to pay a lot less than $100, get yours bids in soon :D

Next up, my first ever mirage plush! A massive thank you to firevie!!! :D

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Lastly, the latest MPC's arrived and they are for sale starting at $5!
2014-08-01 16.06.15
I have added all these MPCs to my auctions page, they end tomorrow at 9PM EST along with everything else.

I did keep Hawlucha and Fletchinder
2014-08-01 14.54.522014-08-01 14.55.17

I updated my collection page again (again lol). If anyone wants to exchange links, just ask! :D

Arcanine Petit!

Hi all! I haven't seen anyone have a good look at this petit yet (or any of the others this set really?) so I thought i'd take a few photos now that mine is here :3

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Purchased from Sunyshore :D Sorry for being so inactive lately! Im hoping for news of new merch (please goodra-anything before gen3 remakes ;o; )
new eeveelutions

Collection Update and Cheap Sales From Japan!

Hey guys! I am super excited because some goodies of Vulpix/Ninetales came in for me the other day from "fromjapan" and I couldn't be happier!! I haven't posted a collection update in a month and a half so there are pics at my journal of that!

Vulpix/Ninetales/Persian/Delcatty/Skitty eeeeeeeee!!! CLEAR PERSIAN ZOMG!!!

See more of my collection at:

Now, I think I literally got maybe 5-6 items out of the lots I had to buy, which left me with like 100 things I do not want/need lol so I am offering it all to the community at super low prices!! ^_^

Sales permission was granted 11/28/10 by Denkimouse
Feedback is HERE:


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Auction Reminder :)

Just a reminder, my plush auctions end at Noon tomorrow and there are tons of things with no bids :D

Group auction anyone?

I noticed a few people looking for vs cards on here as of late. I found this nice lot and it would equal each card being around $2.
This lot includes 26 vs cards! I don't want to claim anything (might bid on flareon/houndour....can't decide if I need them or not! haha)
I'll do the spreadsheets and all that fun stuff if someone wants to do bidding/shipping? If not that is fine too! Just wasn't sure if anyone needed these for their collections <3 It ends in 3 days and 18 hours! Just let me know <3


Also, awesome new get on its way! I have never seen this before and am so glad to get it! It's a 3D eevee card and apparently if you look at it with the glasses it really jumps out at you! Can't wait to show it off :D
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Not just a grail! But a dream come true???

So I know many collector's have their own grails! And for a majority of them, those grails are pre-existing items that sit at the tippy top of their lists! But some of us have a sincere wish and desire for something totally out there and very different that we just can't see hitting the market!

But hey, wish upon a star long enough and dreams come true, right? Wana see what brought me tears of joy?

what could it be

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Search Continue (with petitie add-ons)

Hello Community! Hope you all had a great week! Hoping someone out there might be able to help me with the following wants:

Mega Charizard X PokeCenter Plush
Mega Charizard Y PokeCenter Plush

Waillord Pokedoll (does not have to have hang tag)

Gengar Petitie Plush
Eevee Petite Plush
Ampharos Petite Plush
2 x Arcanine Petite Plush (possibly 3 depending on overall price)
Marill Petite Plush (possibly 2 depending on overall price)
Dedenne Petite Plush (possibly 2 depending on overall price)

Looking to see if anyone can help possibly get a group of the above together to save on shipping/overall costs. Trying to get a surprise grouping together for someone special <3

I am in the US, like shipping to have tracking, and can issue payment promptly via paypal invoice (that would be sent to my email).

Thanks a bunch!


I was going through some of my old posts and I realized in the two years I've been on here I have not made a re-intoduction.

So hey. I'm Grace. 18. Virginia, USA. Heading to college later this month. But which plush to bring with me? I plan to major in business/marketing to go into theme park marketing. I am a huge theme park nerd even though I hate riding rides. Outside of collecting I really don't do much. Pretty laid back really. Have an amazing boyfriend of 3 years. He's a big World of Warcraft nerd- one of the best in the country actually. Might know him if you play.

I have been collecting for around 3ish years. I was of course into Pokemon when I was a kid when it came out, same ol story. I some how got back into it for some reason. And here I am.

Ahh my good ol bootie Mew! Was so excited to get him and my bootie Dragonite later. Umbreon was picked up by me in Nintendo World, thus sparking my true collecting.

PEWWW EXPLOSION. excuse the random items such as the air filter >.>
I mainly collect Pokedolls and the green birdie line as you can tell. Pikachu was an accidental collection of course. I also collect the American food line which includes the Nestle Wonderball, cereal, mac and cheese, Pop-Tarts and even vitamins. All of my Jakks, Hasbros and other non Pokecen plush are alllll from yard sales and flea markets and the occasional thrift store.

Close up of my dolls and birdies. I obviously still need a ton of birdie Time merch, but I have this thing where if I know I can buy it whenever I want, I don't buy it. Which is how I end up missing out on merch when it stops being sold at the Center xD But I only collect dolls I like, which I am pretty much down to a few including Oddish (ONE DAY) and Houndour. Some like Spheal and Smoochum I can only dream of owning lol.

My cute Honda Civic with pkmnluv plates! Plushies are no longer in there in fear of sun damage. Gengar is a bootie, long story with him. My bumper sticker is a sticker I designed for my job at the Halloween Haunt event at Cedar Fair Parks. I work as a monster at Kings Dominion during it. "Watch your back, I'm a monster at Halloween Haunt" :3

Thats really it :D

Many of you know, I am super active on instagram where I post collection updates and now mini pokedoll reviews. @mewisme700