August 2nd, 2014

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Hey everyone! I hope you all are doing well and that you had a great Friday! I'm just posting to get some opinions! I'm extremely excited for the reopening of and I know a lot of others are too. The thing is, a lot of people prefer Japanese merchandise to U.S merchandise.( pokedolls for example) I'm just wondering if people will use it because they sell mostly U.S stuff. I know I'll be using it. Thanks for reading!


Recieved sales permission: 19 October 2013 by entirelyclinched
My feedback is here:

New Cheap Stuff + Clearance Sale! Buy one, get everything else half off!
-Free Magnets w/ Purchase! (In the Clearance Link below)
-PLUSHIES ARE AROUND $3 (including ones in the Clearance Link!)

I REALLY have too much random merch and I'd like to lighten up.
FEEL FREE TO HAGGLE! I want this stuff gone!

I do not care if you buy to resell.

#1. Ill ship around once a week.

#2. No international shipping.

#3. I ship from Florida!

#4. PayPal only!

#5. Will haggle if buying more than one item

#6. May trade for: Abra line, Wobbuffet, Inkay line, Subway Bros, and Tentacool line

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Buy one item in this link and get every other item half off. This is just for that sale link.
The most expensive item will be considered full price and all lower priced items will be half off.

Also, I'm thinking about selling this Charizard:
 photo IMG_03751.jpg

How much is he worth? He still works and lights up. He's in decent condition but has some stuff on his belly. I'm sure with a gentle cleaning it will come off though. :) Maybe I should Auction him?

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Porygon-Z by trainer_irene

XY03 Zukan Singles/Set Sales!

Hi everyone! The XY03 zukan that I ordered just arrived, and I have plenty to go around. Please feel free to either order single zukan or the whole set of four—or anything in between! (Sales permission granted by denkimouse in 2009.) I currently have the following available (I will update as needed/if one is sold out):

Mega Charizard X Zukan
Mega Venusaur Zukan
Honedge/Doublade/Aegislash (Both Formes) Zukan
Litleo/Pyroar (Female) Zukan

Screen Shot 2014-08-02 at 10.52.14 AM

I can offer the following deals in terms of price/quantity breaks:

1 Zukan Line - $6.80 plus shipping
2 Zukan Line - $12 plus shipping
3 Zukan Line - $17 plus shipping
4 Zukan Line (i.e., Full Set) - $22 plus shipping

I ask that payment only be made by PayPal, with no eCheck! I will ship the Zukan in bubble mailers, and all shipping includes either a tracking no. (within USA) or a customs number (international, still trackable). All zukan come with original paper insert, inside their Gashapon balls! I ship on Saturdays, so my next shipping date is August 9th; I ship from California, USA. Please comment below with your ZIP/country for a shipping quote! Thanks for looking!


Hello everyone! My name is Aaron. I've always heard things about this community and I thought that I needed to check it out for myself, so now I'm here!
I've been a huge fan of Pokemon since it's emergence in America. I play the games, collect and play the card game, and have a growing collection of plushies! I came here mainly to look for plushies that are hard to find, such as the ones out of production, so I'll be browsing all of your posts and I'll be updating you all with what I have from time to time.
I'm not sure what else to tell you all, but I'm sure you'll learn more about me as time goes on. I'm including my wants list and pictures of my plushie collection down in the cuts!

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Quick wants and collecting question

Haven't had too much luck with my plush wants recently, so thought I'd focus on trying to knock out some of my Pokemon Time strap wants :)

My grail is the Gengar Pokemon Time strap!

I'm also looking for these:

Also, is it just me or does anyone else struggle with balancing the drive to "catch'em all" with just getting things that you like? Like for Pokemon Time straps, I try to not get any straps where I don't really like the design, but sometimes it's tough because then I end up with 1 or 2 missing from having a "complete set". X(

Looking for Hawlucha and Blaziken things

So, these card sleeves just came out. I've seen a few sets of them on Yahoo Auctions but I really have no use for the whole set of 60! I only need one or two to display in my collection, that's it. Is anyone going to sell them as singles? Or maybe someone else interested in Hawlucha or the other Pokémon featured would like to split the cost of a set with me?


A similar want is for this Ichiban Kuji Mega Blaziken figure:


Again, I don't need the whole set, so if anyone is doing a group buy or is planning to sell the single figures for this set, please keep me in mind, thank you!

And as always, I have more items in my wishlist here; even if right now I can't afford to buy many things I'll still consider everything you might have!

Updated wants! Ditto-transformed figures: Dittosaur, Dittochu, Dittopuff, Dittosparce!!! + Shinx

Please contact me if you have the following figures! These are my highest wants right now!
Full Color Stadium Dittosaurs in clear and normal:
Visual Pokémon Encyclopedia Ditto and Dittosaur:
Full Colour Stadium Dittochu and Dittopuff:
Pokémon Battle Museum Dittosparce:
**All pictures are taken from

EDIT:Shinx Bobble Head Figure:
Does anyone have these figures? Mostly want the Shinx one!

:D Thanks for looking and have a great day everyone!!

Pokebox 2014 Eeveelution Pins GB

This is for claiming one of the latest 2014 Eeveelution pins by Pokebox which you can see here: \

They will be available in 1-2 days in their store and I want to make sure I get them fast before they happen to sell out so once they're up payment is expected to be received within 2 days! Payment will not be received until they are ready so this is only for just the claims for now and all need to be claimed in order to get it.

Sales permission granted by entirelycliched on July 27th 2013


Flareon lone-enigma
Jolteon Chaos_21
Umbreon moonlightPkmn
Glaceon TdotAkichan
Sylveon Chaos_21

Each pin will be $11.45 each(including shipping from them to me) shipping within the US will be $2.43 for 1-2 pins and $7 outside the US for me to you. Paypal fees will be calculated after I give you the okay to send payment.

VS Cards Group Auction!

Sorry everyone, but we lost :( We only raised $39 out of $55.
Better luck next time. Thanks for all your participation. If anyone really wants a card I can link you to their store. They sold me a single card out of a lot so maybe they will you as well :)

Hello everyone!
Today, the lovely tdotakichan and I bring you this awesome vs card lot! They are from 2002. The post says they are all in new condition!
So lets get this started.
There will be 2 payments!
Shipping should be cheap. They can be shipped in a regular envelope (unless you buy a huge bulk of them)
It ends in 2 days and 15 hours! Tuesday, August 5th @ 11AM. Countdown is here:

I am going to be doing spreadsheets, answering questions, making threads, etc. I am not claiming anything. I may bid on one or two cards tho.
My feedback:
My sales permission:from Lineaalba 2010

Tdotakichan will be doing the bidding/shipping. They are claiming Vulpix vs Ariados for $3. She ships from the USA!
Their feedback:
Their sales permission: entirelycliched on July 27th 2013

Bigger pics under the cut!

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Each card starts at $1
You can bid when the appropriate thread is up. I am working on it now. ALL THREADS ARE UP!  Good luck everyone!

Updated sales! ^-^

I was granted sales permission by: entirelycliched on 8/7/2013.
My feedback is located: HERE

The rules:
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The items for sale:
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If you are interested in trading I am in need of these items:
For my ultra grail: Eevee Pitatto Magnet Hands Plush (Clapping Eevee)
I can offer all the items in my sales post for this item or name me a price <3

-Pokemon HeartGold. It can be the game cartilage but I want it to be in great condition and be able to save.
-Old Eevee pillow plush; Great condition, no holes.
-Togekiss pokedoll (No tags)
-Kid figures: Eevee, Dragonite, (Old Houndour and Houndoom), Ampharos, Attack Togekiss. <3
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Rare TOMY legitimacy check?

I know these kinds of posts are a dime a dozen nowadays, but I've owned these tomy figures for a little over a year now and I'm really curious to find out if they're all the real deal.

My friend's older brother went off to college last year, and out of nowhere asked me if I wanted all his pokemon. I gladly said yes, expecting some hasbro plush or something, but when I saw there were half a dozen totes full of pokemon toys in their garage, I was beyond excited. Unfortunately though there were lots of bootlegs, so I'm not sure!

(please ignore the cat fur in some photos haha)

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Hello everyone! I would like to thank everyone who purchased a custom bag in my last round of commissions, They are mostly done and ready to post!

I am opening up for another round now, so if you are interested, come on in!


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Bank auctions, Jolteon and customs reminder!

Hello community, just a quick reminder that the bank coins, Jolteon glow in the dark and custom auctions are going to finish on a day so don't miss that chance! Almost all of them are at their start price! You can click HERE or on the photos to go to the post!

A few more gets! I love the DX Vinyl Figures <3 And I bought the Lanturn and Ampharos customs from rikufied. Thanks they are super cute!

And finally, I'm searching for these zukans as a present for a friend so if someone has any for sale, it would be really helpful! (I took the photos from google so if they are yours I'll delete them!)