August 3rd, 2014

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want: I love pikachu raichu items

hi everyone, I'm looking to buy these raichu items from the I love pikachu promotion so if anyone is selling them or knows where I can buy them please let me know (the pictures are from, I can take them down if there are any issues with using them)


raichu charm


raichu towel

thanks in advance to anyone who can help!!
Alola Vulpix

Quick Weekend Sales

First, a quick reminder for drink figure pickups & trozei badge claims!!  My local 7-11 only has a very small selection of drink figures left and then the promotion will be over so please let me know ASAP if you'd like one!  And my shipment of trozei badges had been delayed but are on the way to me and should be arriving any minute now :)

Also a reminder for movie goods pickups on Poketopia --  my movie theater is starting to run low on popular items (particularly the Klefki keychain) and once they run out I'm pretty sure they are gone for good so please get your orders in now if you want special movie things.

Now for the main point of this post -- collection weeding sales!!!  Too many collections and not enough shelf space, so please give these things a nice new home.  You may of course combine anything here with the drink figures/badges or Poketopia orders.

Mostly Fennekin line and Eevee/Eeveelution things for sale!  Please take note that I'm selling many things pretty much at shelf price, just trying to clear out as much room as possible this weekend. So, consider it a special weekend sale!

Sales Information:
★ Sales permission granted back in 2008
★ My feedback is located here

Sales Conditions:
★ I ship from Japan and accept Paypal only.
★ Quotes/inquiries/questions/etc. will be given a 12 hour temporary hold before they pass to the next buyer in line.
★ Items will be shipped in a regular mailer by default unless a box is requested or required. I usually ship within one week but may take longer depending on my schedule. I will update the bottom of this post when packages have been shipped.
★ I will happily combine sales here with orders from Poketopia Toys. Please place your order on Poketopia as normal and I will work out any potential shipping discounts in the comments here.
★ For these items I cannot provide refunds for lost/damaged mail, but as a courtesy to the buyer I will try to replace lost/damaged items for shelf price if a replacement is available -- however often times this is not possible, so I recommend EMS (insured & tracked shipping) for any large orders. EMS starts at $15.

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Weekend Auctions!: New Sylveon, Megas merch Straight Sales: PC Snacks, plush, charms and misc!

Updates: All Non-auction orders have been shipped out via Air Mail on (the morning of) July 6th, 2014 and should arrive within 2 weeks time!

Any questions or concern regarding your order please email nazoliene[at]yahoo[dot]co[dot]jp or send me a message via LJ. If you've received your item safe and sound let me know by leaving feedback Here! Thanks once again for ordering and hope to see you in future sales! :]

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Hello all!
I found some new merchandise when I was at the Pokemon Center recently for the Pokemon Time release so today I bring you some new Sylveon merchandise as well as other exciting merch featuring the Eeveelutions up for auction! I've also got another item with Megas up for auction and some straight sales of other Pokemon Center merchandise! Check out the respective cuts below :D
Art by me, please don't use without permission.

Granted sales permission on June 10th, 2014 by allinia. My feedback page can be found ➭ Here
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Offers will end on 10pm EST on the 9th of August!
Countdown here!

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Please wait until all comment threads are up for auctions before bidding. Feel free to bid!

Also thanks to those who participated in my Pokedoll charm and PT Pick up! All items have been shipped out and you can check the shipment date on the respective Pick up pages found on my livejournal. It's also been brought to my attention that some folks who ordered Pokedoll charms from me are receiving late packages, no need to worry, it seems that they are arriving slowly but surely and if you have any questions or concerns regarding your package please message me or send me an email at nazoliene[at]yahoo[dot]co[dot]jp!

Have a great weekend!

Sales Update!

Hi all :)

Just here with a quick sales reminder, I've condensed items from my other various posts so it's now all up to date in one post! It's mostly TCG but there's still a few plush/kids/pins in there too :) Highlights include the Dragonite EX from the JP series :) Open to trading on the cards but priority goes to straight sales!

Clicky here for the sales! :D

I'll do a big overall collection update soon, I promise! I need to re-organize it all and I've just not had time recently :(

Sleeping fletchling

So a little while ago there was a post about some lottery prices, and this was one of them:

I was wondering if anyone has gotten the sleeping fletchling? I'd love to see more pics of it. (It seems to be a pencil cap of sorts?) and even better if anyone happens to be selling one? <3~
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Sales Sales Sales~

I was just accepted into grad school and realized I'm not going to have a whole lot of time over the next two years to get all my extra stuff sold... guess now's the time!

Priced to move, check out some awesome sales! Full of figures, plush, zukan and odds and ends! Come take a look!

Previews:// Click on any picture or cut for more!

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Gets, wants, updated sales.... Nyaaaa!!!

Ha idk why I put the "nyaaa" I guess bc I can XD anyway I got some really nice gets :)one I consider a personal grail \(^o^)/
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As for my wants, I'm always on the look out for  sycamore merch for a good price and am considering getting a pokemon strap to put on my 3ds, maybe a Charizard pokemon time or a meowstic? I may wait and see if the pokecenter website has any first but I'll look at links if sent :)  I reaaaaaly want a Persian charm so please tell me if you are selling one!  And finally, I want some more pokecenter flat art!

Sales! Added some plushies
I can ship as early as tomorrow ^^
Sigma Harmonics - Sigma tween~
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Moncolle and lots more for trade~

Hi all~ Just wanted to let you know I got quite a few extra TOMY Moncolle's in recently and I'm looking to trade for the things in my WANTS list for them :D Again I have a lot of stuff for trade in general (check the wants list~)

These are a very small portion, I have a whole lot more... XD;;;

Wants list is here!

My first buy! C:

Hey guys!!

I finally bought my first items on here from breekachoo
I got a Squirtle and a Eevee which both talk, but sadly eevee is suppose to move her head and tail and she doesn't now I have two of them that don't move ;-; I had one when i was a kid too, The Squirtle talks Japanese which is pretty cool! I got him for my Fiance and he was in the hopstail for 4 days sick so it cheered him up C:

anyways here's a picture

I can't wait to get more stuff on here ^_^ If anyone has Eevee in general, please let me know! i love collecting my eevee's <3

Little wants post.....again

Hi everyone! :D Been a little while since I've posted and I desperately need to do a collection update, but I'm waiting on a couple of parcels so I'll hold off until everything is here.

For now, I've got a couple of wants depending on price. My full wants list is here: if you have anything on that list, I'd love to hear about it, but I doubt I'll be able to afford any of the larger/more expensive items right now so please don't be offended if I decline!

Please also be aware that I'm in the UK :)

Tonight, I'm mostly looking for:

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Finally, might be a silly question, but is there such a thing as a charizard kid? I'm just looking for a small and fairly inexpensive little add on present for my friend and she is obsessed with Charizard :p

Thanks everyone! <3