August 5th, 2014

Noivern time

Sales! Prices lowered + PokeBox Lollipop Charm auctions! + take all my kids buy 2 get 1 free

Hello! Today I bring you a couple Lollipop PokeBox charms up for auction along with some other charms available for straight sale. I also Added a couple more plush and lowered some prices! Also help me get all my kids out! All are Buy 2 get 1 free!

Kids are all buy 2 get 1 free! Please click the image for kids! (LJ deemed my kids too big for this post)

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Florges [pokémon]

Very Very Overdue Collection Post!

I figured summer vacation was a good time to finally get my re-introduction-come-update finished. I keep starting, then ordering something and bam, my update is out of date. Do'h!

So hi! Anyone new around here (or old hands), I'm Doc (female or neutral pronouns, as I know that name doesn't give itself away!). I live in the south of the UK, pretty close to London, and I collect far too many things. Like really. Pokémon, Hulk/Bruce Banner, Levi, Peacocks, Horses, Fish... The list goes on! I need a bigger house, I swear, and a lottery win wouldn't go amiss...

Where Pokémon is concerned, I collect fairy pokémon (particularly Spritzee-line, Flabebe-line, Slurpuff-line and Xerneas), Omanyte/star, Keldeo, Happiny-line and Shieldon/Bastiodon. I've been mainly focusing on my Fairy pokémon collections lately, so I won't be including the others in my update, but I will be finishing my collection site with all my photos soon.
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Last things last, I have goodies for sale!

- I ship from the UK anywhere in the world. Shipping is pretty expensive though, feel free to ask for a quote before you commit.
- I was given sales permission by old mod lineaalba in December 2009. My feedback is largely under previous usernames carriesagun or dr_banner.
- PayPal only please
- I will hold for 24 hours!
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Pokemon - Rayquaza Flowers
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A Pokemon Tail

So not long ago I posted about this Rayquaza figure I got in a lot that I was waiting for a long time to arrive, and when it finally did it came without its tail...!
I was so bummed about it especially because I never thought there was a chance in the world that I could get its tail, but...!! Thanks to the comm and ivyaggron, it actually happened!!!!!!!

And it came today ahhhhhhh :D

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Thanks for reading and THANK YOU for being such a great help!
And so the hunts continue on hehehe~ trading for items in my wants list! I have a LOT of items for trade!
This shit is bananas.

Two plush and some slippers.

Just have three things I'd like to send elsewhere here. If you want better photos of something let me know.

Zorua Plush (bought before B/W came out so it's one of the first pieces of merch) - $20
Keldeo Plush - $10
Snorlax slippers (not official, origin unknown. There is a small light stain on the bottom and another on one of the 'nails'. I am size 9 1/2 US womans and they are slightly too small for me.) - $20

I accept Paypal. Please make payment within 24 hours of agreement to purchase. I'll be shipping them out Thursday if you buy before then otherwise Monday.

Sales permission granted by denkimouse Spring 2009. Feedback here.

Bootleg question

Hi there,
I wonder if my Salamence plush is legit. Maybe anybody who also owns this kind of plush can help me? :)


I got it quite a while ago from Ebay from a Spanish seller. He wasn't using a stock photo for the auction - or at least not the normal type of stock photos with just a plain white background behind the plush. The Salamence could be seen sitting on a chair instead. However, when the package arrived it came directly from China :/

You can see the stitching, but in most places it's done correctly. One exception is between the wings (see photos below.)
The body looks fine to me, firm stiffing, no deformities etc.
However, it doesn't have a string attached to its head like it is supposed to, I believe?
It came without a hang tag (which is fine with me).
But it has a tush tag: Banpresto 2010. There are photos included in the cut.

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Now, what do you think? :)

Anything here? (Just a little seeking post)

So a friend of mine invited me to Bangalore, and I was there any pokemon merchandise here? (specifically plush) btw Bangalore is in India if it helps. I'd like to buy something here but I'm pretty only interested in pokemon (and electronics, but I buy my electronics in the US)

if I'm not allowed to make a post about this tell me, I'm pretty sure I'm on topic but you never know. 
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klefki collection update

but i got my package from allinia today so i finally finished up my Klefki shelf!

Of course, being a movie special pokemon, Klefki got a lot of nice merch. I haven't got it all yet, and there's a few tiny things i'm waiting to find or waiting for them to come out but I wanted to show an update anyway *^*

here is a before picture....

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i really hope Klefki still continues to get merch. I know the pain of having 'movie special pokemon only' collections *cough*meloetta*cough* so that would be awfully disappointing. ;u;

I still need to update my site, i am still in the process of taking pics of my pumpkaboo and chesnaught/quilladin collection...which i hope to do soon. >w>

thanks for looking!

My package from Oyatsu Cafe!

Hello again everybody, today I received my package from oyatsu cafe and I will share it with you! ^^ I was so happy to finally get it (it took some weeks to arrive to me) Look under the cut what delicious candys and cool pokemon things I got and for a little photostory!
Thanks for looking and feel free to comment anything you want! :D

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Here I opened the package!

Only some small things I know xD (haven't had the money to buy more xD)

So here are all things together - the packages looks so delicious! Can't wait to taste them and see what pokemon stickers I get!

First the soup - I never had expected that theyre so small hahaha. And I got a cute sylveon sticker! The sticker is huge and looks very good I find. Also I found out that there is a card behind the sticker(?) (which is a littlebit odd): 20140805_182816

Maybe glue the sticker on the back of the card or on another piece of paper? o_o Both artworks looks great and adorable! Even though I'm not an eevee collector!

Pokemon soda bubblegums! I eat one and theyre delicious and taste very fresh. There are also cute little papers of pokemon...screenshots(?) from the x/y game?? Haha thats funny but theyre cool anyway!

Next one...I must try this neru neru nerune thing!! *-* To make this less boring, I take my ledyba plushie to help me with it! Because he can better japanese as me (it must not make sense why he can speak japanese - I mean...he is a pokemon xD)

He read the instruction for me...(yes it is so difficult for me to see from the pics, I could never do this by myself xD)

Now he start with the big package where is only a white pulver inside!

...then he take a littlebit water and mixed them together...and it turned in blue!!

Now ledyba let me throw in the last pack - also white pulver!

After mixing again - it turned in pink - OMG!

Now it looks veeery delicous!

At least here comes the green bag with the colorful sparkly candys!

Finished!! Looks so good and was a lot of fun! Tastes a littebit like very sweet grape and bubblegum flavoures!

Oh no, please stop eating all the candys!! Ahhhhhhhh! xO

A new kind of Poke Pan ?

Hello collectors !

So apparently, there's a new kind of packages for Poke Pan ? I found that on Tumblr, which was redirected from a japanese person's twitter. The text says :

" Big news! Banzai! Pokemon bread Nakagawa Shoko is released ! We have drawn illustrations from the package today! I drew a Weavile and Ninfia! I also wrote letters of Pokemon crepe steamed cake pineapple flavor. Please eat it! "

( ... I just remembered that Weavile was one of my favorite Pokemon when I was younger. ;^; )

Poke Pan wrappers are so rare on Ebay. A week ago or so, there was a Sylveon one for sale. People were bid-fighting over it ! Maybe one of you got it ! My father would think I'm crazy if I asked him to allow me to bid on an empty bread package, but...well.

Just wanted to spread the word ! This could be a neat item for Sylveon/Weavile collectors.

Thank you !
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