August 6th, 2014

Metal Wants :O

Thought I'd make a list of all the metal things I'm looking for to see if anyone's got any of them. Fingers crossed! (images borrowed from Google search)

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Any help with any of these would make me want to high five you at least a hundred times :D
Shiny, Mega Gardevoir

Quick collection update!

Hey everyone!
Mega Gardevoir here again with a quick & short collection update!

The big thing I can't wait to show you all is this!

A custom Gardevoir My Little Pony figure!
I love this so much, it's so beautiful <3
I bought it from chibisilverwings on Etsy.
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I have more stuff ordered and coming soon!
I'll have a separate post up for those things, I just wanted to give this beauty it's own post uvu

Thank you for reading everyone! 8D

- Mega Gardevoir

Casual Shoto

Is this plush real or not?

Hi everyone!
Today I need your help to identify a plush that one of my friend have. She bought 2 Pichu plush from the same seller on eBay. The seller is from Japan according to eBay.They are both Banpresto plushies. I know that Banpresto plushies normaly have a sho pro blue sticker, but one of them don't have that sticker :/ We are both very confuse. The second Pichu have the sticker, but not the first one??

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Thanks! ^^

Are these tomy figures bootleg?

Hey guys, I found these noctowl and aipom figures at a garage sale. However, I have no idea if they are bootleg. They have the tomy stamp but they look kinda off to me, so I thought I would ask you!. also, I am still on the lookout for feraligatr line zukan and a feraligatr mini cot, so let me know if you have those Collapse ) Thanks for your help!
Rattata happy

Collection Update!

Well, summer is drawing to a close, and I have all my summer gets in! I figured it was about time I did a collection update. Last time I did a video and it was so much fun I wanted to do it again!

My collection has grown a fair bit! I have several of my grails now ^_^

I wanted to sort of showcase my newest gets, as well as answer any potential "where did that custom come from?" questions! So, under the cut, I have pictures of everything I've gotten since my last collection update! (and yes, those are my k-pop albums in the background: it's a perfect place to take pictures, my coaster is like a little platform!)

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That's all for now! Thank's so much for looking; if you have any questions/comments feel free to ask! 

JUST PAY SHIPPING Sales and Eeveelution Print Offers

Hiii guys. After months of debating, I decided to finally offer away my super pretty eeveelution print <3

I just have no where to put it, and it doesn't match the forest color scheme of my room ;w; Plus I need to hang up my Buffy and Walking Dead Game prints ahhh

Offers will start at 35 (I bought it for 30)
They will end 24 hours after no one has commented
Rules are here:

And now for the free/just pay shipping sales~

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That's pretty much it! I apologize for being a slow shipper lately, I've been getting really bad migranes and that has kinda preoccupied my time ;w; Also, if you're waiting for pics of your perler sprites, I got a new camera so I'll upload those later today <3
Hawlucha Come and Get It

~Mini Auction, Sylveons, Mini Sale, Wants~

Screen Shot 2014-08-05 at 11.14.37 AM
Hey all! I'm still trying to sale the remaining items left in my guest room. I'd really love to find these items new homes. I've got some new Sylveon auctions including a promotional banner! As well as some Diancie movie blind bag metal charms! I also decided to do a small sale on my Poke-Time pouch sets! I have so many and I need to make room in the future. I'm getting ready for a new collection post but I just need two more parcels before I can showcase any. *U* They're a doozy. You'll see.

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For this post round, I'll be having a sale. All my Poke-Time Pouches are only $20!!! If you'd like to get a hold of one please click on the link below and browse. Then come back to this post and comment what you want if you're committed. The sale will only work if you reply on this thread. There are still a plethora of XY Kalos Pokemon lines still available.
~Click this link to be redirected!~
I also have a few Pokemon Lots available over on my ebay account. It's the last bit I need to make room for before my guest room is cleaned out!

Please give it a look, they're good prices for how much your getting. :3

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Give me any new Hawlucha's! Even flats! Hand em' over! Check out my Hawlucha collection to see what I already have.

Currently looking for someone to middleman me those new Sylveon/Weavile and Hawlucha pan breads. Or if someone has them for sale or pick up please let me know.  I'd be willing to pay a lot to get a hold of them with or without the bread. Whatever is easier. :3


And Sylveon hunting has slowed down lately but I'm always after any and all Sylveons I may not have:

Here's my Sylveon and Hawlucha WANTS~

Thanks, guys!


UPDATE: I bought them. So I will update everyone with my findings. My curiosity got the best of me. *crosses fingers they are different designs*

Has anyone purchased this item yet? I think their description is misleading and for $30 after shipping and fees, I want to make sure!

It says 10 different designs. Is that correct? I have a feeling it would just be 10 of the same card. And the official pokemon seals....are those anything special? I am assuming stickers. There are no pictures. This site is upsetting. The prices are high and shipping/taxes really hits hard as well :(

  • 10 notecards plus 10 seals and envelopes

  • 10 different designs measuring 4.25" x 6.25" each

  • Includes Special Delivery Pikachu!

  • No text inside makes them easy to personalize

Their description is confusing. If it's different designs I'll get it, if not I will wait or something D:


Does anyone know anything about these backpacks?

The L sized is about 100 bucks in Ebay, and I wanted to know if there is any other place I can get them. Mostly because I wanted to ask one for my birthday and it seems I won't be able to ask for one in October. They disappear quick!


Legendary Treasures Cards Up For Sale/Trade!

Hey guys. I have posted for so long as I have been very busy with school. Anyways, I still have some legendary treasures cards that I am selling or willing to trade for some x and y cards that I'm interested in. Just let me know what you're looking for! :)
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I'm interested in the following x and y cards: (NOTE: I would like the following cards to be either holo or reverse holo)
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Thanks guys!
  • zommie

[Mega Hype Intensifies]

asiudhjasifhdsjf I got my Mega bracelet today!! I've been so hyped about this because the Mega Gengar stone came with it! @_@ YISSS, MY PRECIOUS. Ahem! ゚▽゚;
It's so cool and the stone is gorgeous. And it fits! I know a lot of people have been having trouble getting the bracelet to fit but while it's a snug fit, I can wear it without having to cut circulation to my hand. Yay. Except I don't plan to wear it, so I guess that's a wasted plus.
I took some pictures in case anyone was interested in seeing how some of the newer stones look like up close without the plastic packaging getting in the way.
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I have no need for the rest of the stones, so they are up for sale. Gengarite and Mawilite are not available.
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Best girl

Intro post~

Hi, I have been interested into joining this community for a while now after lurking here forever and now I have decided it is time to join. Right now, aside from the games of course, my Pokémon merch collection only consists of some old Pokémon tgc cards from around gen 1/2 which I inherited from my older brother. (can't take pics right now as they are hidden away somewhere) but I intend to in the near future to expand into other things, mainly plushes, keychains and figures as those are what interest me the most. I hope to enjoy this community greatly and make some friends too. Thanks for reading amd have a nice day :D
Pokemon - Growlithe/Arcanine Love
  • growly

PUPPIES PUPPIES PUPPIES - a collection update

Hi, if you don’t remember me or are a newer member, I’m Growly!
Growlithe and Arcanine have been my absolute favorites since I first got into Pokémon when I was 12. I’m 27 now, and my collection has grown a lot over the years. :) It’s one of my pride n’ joys. I may not have time to scour Y!J and eBay all night like I used to, but I do keep up to date with any new puppy stuff coming out, and I’m always looking to fill in the gaps in my collection.

I haven’t posted a collection update in a long time, but I’ve been keeping all my new additions in a stash, just waiting for a time when I would feel motivated to actually document this stuff. Well, my petite Arcanine plushies arrived from Sunyshore today and it seemed like the perfect opportunity to finally show off a little. :D


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