August 7th, 2014


Sales and Raichu Clip Plush Auction!

After not finding a trade partner for a Raichu Pokemon Time tin, it is time for me to begrudgingly sell these tins so I can purchase a Raichu one elsewhere for whatever crazy price I find it for. >.< I also have a few other things to sell, so come check it all out!

I'm also auctioning my Raichu Clip Plush! It's a very rare plush made by Play-by-Play and sold in Canada during the early 2000's!

Follow the cut to see all items for sale and bigger pictures and descriptions!

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Trades? :D

Hi guys :D So I've just reached my 10th feedback (hooray!) which means I can now trade!
(I'm pretty sure I've done everything right here, if not, let me know and Ill fix it ASAP)

My wants list is here:

I'm also looking for:

  • Pumpkaboo can badge

  • Pumpkaboo 'We Are Team Rocket' keychain

  • Quilava kid

  • Typhlosion kid (both)

  • Any Eevee's Lollipop charm (except Vaporeon)

  • Minicots of some pokemon

Please note that my wants list is much bigger than this, so if you have something you think I might like, that isn't on my wants list, please show me anyway.
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  • k1yuu

customs sales, looking for user

Firstly, I am looking for the user parsnippie! She commissioned me an ampharos sculpt which has since been completed, but I have not been able to contact her for awhile and I would very much like to get this ampharos home to her.


I've asked several times on the comm every couple months, and I will probably keep at it 'till I can find her.

Today I'm offering some of my own scultpures for sale to the comm!

They are made with oven-bake Super Sculpey clay, contain wire-armature, and are painted with acryllics. (Arcanine does have a decorative chain around his neck.) Other than the initial pictures, all sculptures have been stored behind glass.
Please look through the cut for more photos with different angles!

Chibi Excadrill is made out of colored sculpey only, and contains no wire or paint.

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~ I'd like to start auctions for these at 10$, ending in 10 days, Sunday, August 17th, at 3PM PST.
** Excadrill is straight sale, you can take him home for just $10 shipped (in US)! It'll be slightly more out of country.
~ I received permission from lineaalba, and my sales policies can be found first post of my journal.
~ In addition, I'd like to offer 50% off shipping for these! I will ship them in a box for maximum protection.
~ Please note that I may take up to a week to ship, since my work schedule makes it such that it's hard to get to the post office before it closes.

~ No reserve price on Raichu or Pidgeot, but Arcanine is special to me, and one of my favorites, so reserve on him is at least 30$.

Please feel free to ask any other questions!
(Except about commissions, I'm going ahead and answering here. I usually sell these for about 40$-60$ per custom sculpt. The chibi ones can be 10$-20$ depending on complexity! Feel free to request more pictures. However, keep in mind that I am NOT taking commissions right now.)

Thanks, guys!

wants: klefki keyring

i had meant to pick one up awhile ago, but now i cant find them for sale anywhere!! D:

if you or anyone you know of is selling them for or under $20, please let me know! thank you!
(shipping would be to canada, by the way)
new eeveelutions

Selling Buneary Collection and I Made a Store!

Hey everyone! So I decided that I really am not interested in collecting Buneary as much as I thought I was, so all these wonderful items plus a few more not seen in the picture are for sale at my new storenvy store!


All my items from my sales post have been transferred to the new store, so come check it out! Everyone that has purchased from me since Friday,your items are going out tomorrow :) So be on the look out next week for your items to arrive! Thanks so much guys!

To Eeveelu's Treasure Chest!! (Sorry I have no idea how to link a picture to a site) ^_^
Xerneas Yveltal

Pokemon World Championships 2014 Meet-up!

Just in case you weren't already aware, two of the biggest Pokemon events of the year is happening next week in Washington DC: The Pokemon World Championships and the first two concerts of the Pokemon Symphonic Evolutions!  I'm sure many of you on this community will be in the area for at least one of these events, so let's try to do a meet-up. :D (You can get more information on either event by clicking on the images below!)

Where: "Eat at National Place" Food Court
When: Friday, August 15th, 6:00 PM

Given that we don't want to interrupt those of you who will be actually competing in the World Championships, I figured it would be best to schedule the meetup on Friday, August 15th, the night before the championship battles really start.  It's also convenient because it's a few hours before the concert, pretty much right next to the concert hall, close to the Metro Center subway station, and has hopefully a large enough variety of food to satisfy those who are looking for dinner!  So bring a plush Pokemon friend (makes it easier for us to find and identify each other ;D) and your 3DS, and we (toda, denkimouse, and possibly puyro will be there as well) hope to see you there!  If you have any questions, just comment here and I'll do my best to answer it!

Ninetales has been lost! (Help me find her owner!)

Hey everyone! So after the whole Glacidea thread blew up a while back, the other day I got a package in the mail from her. I was so excited, until.. I got the wrong Ninetales.
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Mine (the one I commissioned) looks very similar, except it has a PURPLE TAILBOW.
This one has a pink bow near her ear.
Would someone please let me know if they got my plush, and if so, where this other Ninetales should go to?

PS: I was thinking it was haybuddyy's, but I don't know if she goes on LJ anymore.
Fang Love

Quick Lottery 2014 Extras sales

I have extra lottery goods from this year up for sale =3

I am also ISO of the big bath towel with Sylveon and Flareon on it (I think Vaporeon and Jolteon are also on it, and I may be mixing Sylveon with Eevee, but it's very much like the HPT towel). I need it in my life and I cannot find it whatsoever any more. If you have one for sale, let's talk prices =3 Or if you know where I can buy one! Pretty please.

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[Happy Sylveon]

Looking for Sylveon/Weavile Pan ! & Wallet

Hehe well like a few other people I am also looking for the Sylveon/Weavile Pan, I was hoping if anyone who is planning to do a purchase them or do a pickup or something could please let me know? I'd be willing to pay quite a bit for a couple of them <3 Thank you for the help !

Also, I'm looking for an extra of this wallet

I already have one but I'd like to have a second to use, I have a wallet I've been using since the 3rd grade and its falling apart LOL thank you!

Also long time no collection post, I've admittedly been a bit lazy lately to make a post or update my collection site but I have gotten a few lovely things <3 When I get the chance I'll make a big post, til then have a great day everyone !

Pokebox quick sales

Hey guys, sorry for posting two days in a row >w<

I just have some very quick pokebox sales here-


Click on the pics for larger images!

Rules are here:
two changes though- payment for these is due within 12 hours rather than 48, and in this case no trades please~

Umbreon (which is sold out on the site) is 25 shipped Sold
All the others are 12 shipped Sold

Again, sorry for the two close posts! These can be combined with perler sales, regular sales, or the print I have up for offers right now. Thanks~

Collection Update

I finally got a chance to update here with my collection, I've gotten an amada sticker and a custom shiny Mareep plush not too long ago! I also got a playing card with Mareep on it in the mail today so that's not in the group picture but it is up on my website. Pictures below!
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Individual pictures, descriptions and information on each item can be found on my website c:

Thanks for looking! For those waiting on commissions I am working on them right now, and they will be done as soon as possible.

Three Little Pokes left

Hi everyone! I still have three blind bag Pokes, and since I haven't gotten any nibbles from Tumblr (why don't people buy things from tumblr?) I thought I'd just go ahead and let y'all have 'em for straight sale.
Here's who I have left please give them loving new homes <3
they are still $10 each before shipping and fees.
Sorry about the bad pic it's to hot to turn on lights =~=
Collapse )Also if you were wanting to trade the plush you got feel free to use this post to do so :D or just show off which Poke you got :)

Thanks everyone
- Vulpes

Overdue gets post!

Hi everybody! I haven't posted in a looong time so you probably don't remember me. I'm relatively new still but despite not posting much I have been expanding my collection. No worries!

I was planning to make a gets post when some more stuff came in the mail to make it more exciting but I noticed I haven't posted in months almost, despite not being busy. It felt like a waste, so here's a small update!
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Thanks for reading! ^_^ I have some more stuff coming in the mail, including an Ivysaur to keep Bulbasaur company, and possibly A GRAIL GEEET! I'm so excited! So I'll be back much sooner than I usually post, haha.
And as always I'm looking for more items. Top priority for Heracross right now is Combat Figure Heracross. He has a button that makes his horn move. If you have one for sale please shoot me an offer! For Bulbasaur I'm looking for large plushes of him. Let me know if you have any of him as well. Thanks again!
Happy Leaf

A Couple of Wants!

Hellooooooooo, it's me again, your friendly neighborhood lurker!

I have come to you all in the past seeking goodies, and I have come asking your help again in locating a few things!

(I'm borrowing pictures, so if you see yours here and would like it taken down, just let me know!)

FIRST OFF! Like literally everyone else, I am after this pan bread wrapper (ideally 2 of them, actually)! My best friend's favorite Pokemon is Sylveon and mine is Weavile. I know it's a hassle to import food items, so I would be mucho happy with just the wrapper!

Sylveon and weavile

SECONDLY! I am after Pokemon Center pencil case binder inserts! I know there are a lot of pencil cases, but I am after the ones that can fit into binders! I'm going to start grad school soon, and I swear if they're not clipped into my binder, I lose them! It doesn't have to be this particular one; I'm looking for any!

pencil case

Thirdly! Just a few odds and ends! I'm always after Pokemon Time bookmarks! And there's a Sylveon bathsalt/bath bomb figure floating around that my friend would love! And finally I am in the market for the following Pokemon Kids: Sandslash, Togekiss, Sylveon, Absol, Dewott, Mawile, MegaMawile.

If any of you guys have this stuff and are willing to sell, or know where I can get it, please let me know! :D
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How to de-pill your Pokedolls!

Hello guys! Today I come with a fresh new guide!

I was introduced by a friend a new easy way to get rid of pilling on Pokedolls. It works amazing! And the tool used is a everyday house hold item. Today's guide is starred by my Squirtle! Let's get started! It is image heavy :3


(This picture isn't the best because I'm using my phone for a camera, but I promise the difference is insane)

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ALSO: I did make a quick guide on my website on the difference between a knock off plush and an unofficial plush. Please feel free to check it out! Until next time!~

Flat Trading Post

Feel like trading so Trading Post! :D

Rules and Important Stuff
-Granted sales permission by allinia on 10/6/14
-Flats only
-Shipping from Australia worldwide
-I won't trade with anyone with one or more negative feedback
-Don't be offended if I decline
-I'm a slow shipper so don't trade if you want stuff ASAP
(lemme know if I missed anything)

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Also (not really related to pokemon collecting so if it's not allowed please tell me!)I need these pokemon to complete my pokedex in pokemon xy
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Thanks for looking!

Custom Umbreon, Spinarak, and Dugtrio Sculpture Auction


Edit: The auction is now over. I have this up for straight sale on my regular sales post now if anyone is still interested.
I am leaving this post up so I can link to the pictures from my sales post and not clutter it up with them. If you want to inquire about buying it, please visit my sales post by clicking the link above. Thank you :)

Sales permission given by entirelycliched on Dec 1 2013
My Feedback:

This is a custom sculpture made by me with Sculpey and painted with acrylic paint. more info and pictures under the cuts!

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