August 8th, 2014


Quick Legendary Plush Auction!

hi guys, today I have some legendary pokemons put up for a quick auction.


[Spoiler (click to open)]- All PKMNCollectors Community Rules Apply!!

- My feedback can be found here :
- I am not selling to people who got banned.
- I ship from Thailand and I ship worldwide!
- All prices are in USD and do not include shipping or pp fees
- I accept Paypal only.
-Remember to pay for the paypal's fee!
-Payments are required within 24 hours of sales confirmation. If payment isn't received within 24 hours, the item will get relisted
- After that it will belong to another person who want the same item(s).
-Do not edit your comment or post and reply to the people who came before you if you want the same item(s).
-After I ship the item(s), I will take no longer responsibility for the item(s). If you want a statement to proof how I ship, how I pack item(s), feel free to ask!
-I am a fast shipper, don't worry I will try to send item(s) asap after got the payment.
-If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask :)

Noted: My english is my second language, so I am sorry if I did a wrong grammar or make you confused by reading my sentence!

here is the timer :

also here's my sale post, added more items and reduce price.


1.Latias pokemon center

2. Banpresto Arceus

3. Banpresto Giratina 9"

4. Dialga banpresto

5. Darkrai Pokemon center

6. Groudon Pokemon center

7. Regigigas Banpresto

8. Palkia Pokemon center

good luck ;)
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Dragonite Pokedoll Auction Reminder + Sales!

Hey everyone! Just wanted to post the first and only reminder about my Pile 'O Plush Sales & Auction post! The auctions are ending Saturday, August 9, at 11:59 PM PDT (California time)!

As of right this moment, my MWT Dragonite Pokedoll is still at its opening bid, the Pika In Love companion plush set and the rare Dragonite UFO Banpresto are still at low bids, and the Flareon TFG doesn't have any bids yet! So make sure you get those bids in while they're still low! Don't let these guys pass you by!!!

There's also still lots of Pokedolls for sale and a MWT Leafeon Canvas for direct sale as well! Click the banner below or the link above to go to the auctions/sales :3 Thanks everyone!

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Pokemon ORAS Discussion - August Edition (updated!)

Hello everyone!

It's that time again, time for Coro Coro leaks! Please keep all ORAS discussion within this sticky topic as there are some who wish to remain spoiler free. Also please remember that although leaks are pokemon related, this news is not merchandise related, so please wait for a mod to post a discussion thread since non-merchandise posts are considered off-topic!

Edit - Two new mega-evolutions were leaked via the Official Korean Pokemon Page. They have been added and the discussion thread is back to the top! I also added the official english announcement trailer for the other mega-evos from earlier this week.

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A little Politoed paradise photo story and my wonderful art trade

So, a few weeks ago, I found this little cutie on ebay with the help of another comm member:


The only problem was, the seller didn't ship to Germany :O
But luckily, I have my dear friend Rachel (latias_latios_7) :)
She got Politoed for me and then sent him to me!

And when my Poli arrived at her house, he met up with her Politoed and they spent some time together :>

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Thanks for reading and looking :)
Fennel&Juniper// <3

Mega collection update!

Hey guys :D I am very excited today, because I can finally do a collection update! My birthday was last month, and I used every bit of my birthday money on my main collection...Mega Charizard X. The timing couldn't have been better, so much stuff was released of it last month! <3

Less than a month ago, this was what my collection looked like

(lots of images under the cut)
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But thank you for looking ^_^ This collection means a lot to me because it got me excited about collecting again, and because Charizard was my first ever Pokemon when I played R/B (well, Charmander.) When I first saw Mega Charizard X in Origins, I was in love - I didn't know anything about it other than I definitely knew I'd be collecting him. Originally it was going to be a side collection, but he's moved up to my main collection :D

Have a great day!! :)

Figure clearout and other sales

I went through my boxes of extra stuff again and I'd really like to see them gone. Over 200 figures and a bunch of other things, nothing over $5! Everything must go! :D

- Sales permission granted on 03/02/11 by dakajojo
- I ship from Finland. Shipping starts from $1.3 for flats (packages up to 3cm thick). For anything thicker than that shipping starts from $8 to Europe and $12.3 outside Europe. Plus possibly $1-2 for a bubble mailer. Most of the items in this sales post can be shipped as flats but there may be a few exceptions.
- Feel free to haggle, especially on bigger purchases.
- Paypal only

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Pikachu Oops! Spin-Off

Fresh news I just got from Tumblr!

Pikachu Oops! Spin-Off

"A spin-off of the Pikachu Oops! series of goods will go on sale next month (September) at Pokemon Centers in Japan. Like the original Pikachu Oops! promo, merchandise will be based on comical situations featuring Dedenne, Hawlucha, Espurr, and Greninja.

Currently only Dedenne and Hawlucha’s stories are viewable, with Espurr and Greninja available next Friday. Check out the official site for animated versions."

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Anyone else super excited for this? I wonder what kind of merchandise we'll get!! I personally can't still believe my favorite Pokémon is getting something from this super cute promotion 'v'


Migration of Sylveon + looking for Sylveon stuffs

Since I'm traveling between two places at the moment, I decided to bring along a familiar, cheery, fang-showing face to help me feel at home.

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Lastly, I'm looking for some cheap Sylveon thing to buy at $5 shipped, if possible. I haven't bought from the community much lately, and I'd like to do so a little more, because the shop runners are great and I need the feedback.

Thanks for looking, and I hope you all have a good day!

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Hi Guys Just made a wants entry in my journal please comment if you guys have what I'm looking for
Thanks for looking! hope everyone's having a fantastic Friday!
by the way my friend joel made the art of the eevee :3
he even gave it the hair to the side like what my hair looks like
Pokemon - Eevee

TCG Guide? + gets + vast trade list update

Hi all~

I got some really nice JP TCG cards in a lot recently (as a side to the loads of other things in the lot lol), and it's been MANY years since I collected TCG... Anyone want to recommend good site/s to help me identify which sets these cards are from? I can read JP so JP wikis are fine too, naturally I'd like something with picture visuals :3

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I added my minky talking Sylveon plush and a BUNCH of other things to my tradeable list XD;



Miss you all! Got a lot of POKEMON BLOCKS the past few weeks, and finally had time to take pictures to post to you all!

STILL LOOKING FOR SOME POKEMON BLOCKS! So, if you have them, or know where to get them - it would be much appreciated :) !

- Jolteon **GRAIL**
- Mantye

- Wailord **GRAIL**
- Bidoof **GRAIL**
- Burmy
- Roserade
- Starly


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Check out my entire collection at:


Please help if you have any blocks I am looking for! And collect blocks with me too! BLOCK COLLECTORS UNITE!

First Gets Post: Reshiram Arrives! :3

I thought that it was about time I wrote a gets post, especially considering that I asked the community for advice about this one. :P

Our story begins a little over a week ago when I asked the community for advice about which Reshiram plush I should purchase: the Takara Tomy poseable plush or the Pokemon Center plush. The consensus was to go with the Takara Tomy poseable plush, so I searched Amazon and Ebay and found one for sale. :3 With my order placed, all I had to do was wait for it to arrive.

So a week later... Collapse )

Thanks for reading and have a great day~! :D

Quick Attack GA payment 2 + The story of the green grail!

Hi community! First of all, the Quick Attack GA has arrived to FromJapan so it's time to do the second payment! We didin't expect it would be so expensive but well, it's time to pay! AND it's time to claim all the extras that you want! It's open to all the community :)

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About the extras, you can see them here. Under the cut it's all the information and prices (we have cut their prices!!!).

  • It's open to all the community but the participants have priority for the first 24h

  • If you are not a participant but you want any you can ask and I'll let you know!

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And now... GETS TIME or more as... GRAIL TIME!!! >so excited<
*cof* Indeed I'll get another kind of grail/huge want the next week since I had to get it today but IT DIDN'T ARRIVE so I'll post another *fangirling mode* post pretty soon. It's an orange doggie and it's THE FIGURE <333333

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Btw, I have a Mewtwo Minicot for sale so if someone wants to buy it, let me know! He came mint in package with the flyer as my Charmander. It would be 10$ or best offer! ^^ (the second photo is from internet, if it yours and you want that I delete it, let me know!)

And that's all! I'll come back soon with my doggie, I promise! Thanks for reading <3

Awesome get!

I got an awesome item today that I didn't even know existed!
It is a 3D attack card featuring eevee from 2000! It looks blurry in the photo, but if you put on 3d glasses it pops out at you. He is trying to attack my face!
Apparently there are a whole mess of these! Has anyone ever heard of them?

It is mint condition. I am so glad to have it in my collection.
Does anyone else have this card or one like it? I went from never hearing of them before to wanting them all!

Sorry...I bite my nails. xD