August 9th, 2014

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My Introduction

Hello! My name is Lydia, but I'm going by Tinypepper on LJ. I am 24 years old and I have loved Pokemon ever since I was nine years old. I have been a loooong time lurker (since 2010!) of this community. I have been steadily collecting Pokemon merchandise since I was in college. Currently, I focus mostly on plush, but I collect a little bit of everything of my favorite Pokemon. As such, I have accumulated quite a few kids figures and Tomy figures. (As well as odd miscellaneous items from yard sales and thrift stores.) My favorite Pokemon of all time is Feraligatr. I recently got my grail, which was the UFO Feraligatr plush.

I have tons of pictures!

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Well, that's a good part of my collection. I have more random plush and kids figures in storage. I'm super excited to finally be joining the community and I'm looking forward to my time here!

In Search Of The Last Few Tomys To Complete My Collection.

I'm at the final stretch now. Only 13 figures separate me from having all the normal pose Tomy figures. If any of you have these 13 please let me know.


033: Nidorino


225: Delibird


267: Beautifly
270: Lotad
281: Kirlia
298: Azurill
307: Meditite
321: Wailord
333: Swablu
342: Crawdaunt
386: Deoxys (Attack Form)
386: Deoxys (Defense Form)
386: Deoxys (Speed Form)

And a replacement for Spheal as well as well I tried repainting it to match the Tomy's colors and well it went all wrong.

Pokemon TCG Wal-Mart News!-FURIOUS FISTS out early!

Hey everyone! Just got back from Wal-Mart (and a twenty minute line///bleh!) but the bright side is...FURIOUS FISTS IS OUT! I immediately snatched the nearest Mega Lucario Elite Trainer Box...there's also Mega Charizard X/Y sets out as well with awesome snatch em up while you can!>.< I saw it at my Wal-Mart so be sure to check around.


Furious Fists Gets from Last Night!

Hi everybody. So my good friend moonlightpkmn, her boyfriend, and I all went to Walmart last night and we were pleasantly surprised to discover they had stocked Furious Fists sets and boosters a whole 5 days early! So naturally, we bought a ton!

photo 1

So here are some of my gets from last night. Nothing amazing (like my friend pulling the alternate Mega Lucario EX on his first pack - so jealous), but I was still happy to get new cards for my collection!

photo 2

Some of the highlights (the Trevenant and Gogoat are actually XY Promos, not from Furious Fists, but they're still new to my collection, so yay):

photo 3

So yeah, if anybody has been itching to get their hands on some Furious Fists sets, Walmart has them all out early! They had the standard boosters, the two theme decks, the Mega Charizard Y box, a few promo packs (like the Trevenant and Gogoat), and the Mega Lucario collector's box (which none of us purchased ... yet). I'll definitely be getting more soon ;)


Just got back from Walmart again with 4 more boosters. Got mostly doubles, but I also got some really nice pulls I thought you might be interested in :)

photo 3 (1) photo 2 (1) photo 1 (1)

Lottery Kalos starters kid figures?

So, a while ago, I bought some kid figures that had advertizements inside them for these special Kalos starter kid figures. I followed the website written on the ad, and it took me to this site:


Unfortunately, the site is in Japanese, so I can't read any of it. Do you any of you know what it says? From what I gather, they've probably been released now, and it seems like there are 500 sets of them.
The thing is, I have not seen even one person selling one of these, nor have I seen anyone on the comm here talk about them or make a post saying that they exist.

I'm very curious, as I'd like to hunt these down! Any help would be appreciated!

Need help finding things


Since I'm pretty new to the whole collecting pokemon plushies and other merch, I'm not too pro yet and finding all the different sources that have all the good stuff, you might say.
I'm curious if any of you could help me find one or both of two things:

I'm looking for this pikachu clearfile. Haven't been able to find in on ebay or amazon and I'm not sure where else to look--->

Another thing I'm looking for but had no luck is Hey You, Pikachu merch. Does anyone know if they ever made any kind of promo merch for that game? It sounds silly, but I really loved that game growing up and always hoped there was a special plush or figure they made in a Hey You, Pikachu edition.

Thank you in advance for your help! ^_^

Backpack want

Hey guys! I've been away studying recently, and as per usual have seemingly missed out on another item I super want :p
It looks like these large Pokemon Petit backpacks sold out from the Pokemon Center super quickly. I was hoping to try and get some for me and a few of my friends but I would also (selfishly :p) settle for just one hehe.

Pokemon Petit Bag L

If anyone has one (or somehow, a couple) that they'd be willing to let go of, please let me know :D
Jynx loves you!~

Banpresto Postcard Auction + Type Focus Sales!

Hi everyone! It's your friendly neighborhood Jynx collector! Today I am bring you auctions from some rare Banpresto Attack Postcards! (I know some of these were already auctioned off earlier but now is your second chance if you missed out on em!):D I also have a bunch of Psychic type promotion items and an Ice type Weavile MPC for straight sales. Please check below the cuts for my sales policies, the auction details, and the type focus sales: (large images)
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Thank you all for taking the time to look at my auctions! Please wait until I have all the threads up before you bid. Threads are up! Bid away! :D
Kittay752~ <3

Multi-purpose post! Help identify this plush + How to get rid of odour from plush + Trades!!!

Hi guys! I found this plush few days ago, but I am not quite sure if this might be a mirage plush or it is just a bootleg. The pikachu has no mouth and no tail as you can see, and no tush tag to tell where it is made. The seller said he got it from a garage sale. This plush is 2 feet tall!!

Please help identify this plush! Here's how the chubby pika looks like:
Pikachu 3

I got one of my grails yesterday (not the pika above), however there was an ointment oil or incense smell from it. I am not quite sure how to get rid of the smell because it is quite unpleasant. I was thinking about leaving it into my dryer with my freshly washed clothes so that the hot air and the fresh smell from the freshly dried clothes will be able to get rid of the smell?? Do anyone have any recommendations of getting the smell off without washing? I already wiped the plush clean.

I have over 11 feedback now so I can trade!! Here's what I have to offer. I am looking for Chikorita, Bulbasaur, Shinx, Luxray, Pikachu, Marill, Lapras merchandise to trade for!! Let me know what you have to offer! Please ask for conditions for the plushes and the one figure, because some are used but I have already washed them clean (they smell fresh)! EDIT: I will consider everyone's offers and probably make a decision tonight or tomorrow. I am located in Canada, so shipping might cost a lot more than shipping within the U.S.

EDIT: I have this custom pikachu hoodie scarf from my own design that I might be willing to trade. If you are interested, let me know what you have to offer!

Thanks for looking everyone! Have a nice day!


Recieved sales permission: 19 October 2013 by entirelyclinched
My feedback is here:

New Cheap Stuff + Clearance Sale! Buy one, get everything else half off!
-Free Magnets w/ Purchase! (In the Clearance Link below)
-PLUSHIES ARE AROUND $3 (including ones in the Clearance Link!)

I REALLY have too much random merch and I'd like to lighten up.
FEEL FREE TO HAGGLE! I want this stuff gone!

I do not care if you buy to resell.

#1. Ill ship around once a week.

#2. No international shipping.

#3. I ship from Florida!

#4. PayPal only!

#5. Will haggle if buying more than one item

#6. May trade for: Abra line, Wobbuffet, Inkay line, Subway Bros, and Tentacool line

All books are $2 and the manga is $3

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Buy one item in this link and get every other item half off. This is just for that sale link.
The most expensive item will be considered full price and all lower priced items will be half off.

Asking for help!

All right so, I was wondering if anyone could give me some information on where to look for these items? I already look at ebay, yahoo japan and here. Though if anyone knows some certain keywords that I could try on yahoo japan, please tell me! I have been looking day and night and even in between for these guys. It is mostly just vaporeon flats but the one main thing I am looking for is this tomy absol kid and I am also looking for the absol petite plush that was just released but would like to have it for 19 shipped or less. I also have a few lots from japan coming in that are all flats, so I will be selling those but it may be awhile and it take a while for me to respond after august 18 because that is when school starts (shivers). ALSO IF ANYONE WANTS ME TO TAKE A PICTURE DOWN, just let me know.

Okay here are the pictures of what I would like to add to my treasured collection:3 the far right top and bottom stickers. The vaporeon shooting water! (MAJOR WANT) either of the stickers that have vaporeon lashing it's tail out (major want). the vaporeon attacking the horsea (SUPER WANT) and this one! I saw this when I first joined here and its like a mystery, I cant seem to find it.

Here are the absol stuff
This is the movie six tomy absol kid I am looking for!!! Super mega want.

and here is the absol petite plush
Found!! :D

Thank you for reading! And if you have any vaporeon flats for sale let me know because I love vaporeon flats!

Collection Update

Hello there! I has been quite a while since I last posted here, I am sorry. :'D I still have the habit to lurk... ^^;

Allow me to re-introduce myself; I'm Sapphire, a thirteen year-old living in the UK. I joined this community around January, (I believe?) and have been collecting since. I collect Absol and Mega Absol, though I do plan to side collect a few others, such as Leafeon. Since I don't have a job, my collection is pretty teeny.

Now, onto the fluffy goats of disaster! This will be a little image heavy.

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Tomy Figure Case Tutorial


Hi, everyone. I don't know if anyone has tried anything like this before, but if your a crafty type and don't like to throw things away, I've discovered a use for the bulky Tomy packaging you find at Toys R Us and other toy stores.

You can make a pretty neat little Display case out of them. The steps to make the image above are under the cut. There are a lot of images!

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Weekend Auctions!: Reminder (16 hours left)

Just a slightly late reminder that my auctions from last weekend will be ending in just over 16 hours. I've got some Sylveon items up for auction as well as some new goods from the PC and all the straight sale items that aren't crossed off are still available! Lots of Espeon plush and snacks still available, I don't allow haggling but I've lowered the prices on almost everything so feel free to check it out if you haven't yet!

Click the banner below to be transported to the auctions or click here!

Banner art by me, please don't use without permission.

Also just a note to anyone who purchased something last week - items have been shipped out and should be arriving within the next two weeks.
With that, those who participated in my Pokemon Time pick-up: All orders were shipped out on July 29th! Please make sure to check the Updates section at the top of the pick up page regarding shipping status before inquiring. If you haven't received a package and are nearing the 35-day mark please send me a message or email me at nazoliene[at]yahoo[dot]co[dot]jp please! I've been having some delayed packages these days but rest assured they seem to be arriving to their respected owners slowly but surely! Thanks for reading!

Furious Fist

Since I saw a few post about them being out at Walmart, I went as soon as I got off work! I grabbed 10 booster packs, and here is what I ended up with. (not including the doubles and trainer cards since I'm not interested in them, and just give them to a friend) I was hoping for a Leafeon or Glaceon, but I didn't. Might go get a few more packs in hope that I do lol

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rainbow tyranitar

Annual Wants Post

Admittedly this one is a bit shorter than some of my previous wants posts.
In fact, its fun to look at your old ones to see your progress.
I am offering a minimum of $400 for any plush under Category 1.
Also a $50 finder's fee, if you locate one of our grails, and we end up buying it, I'll pay you $50 for the help!
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rare pokemon coin pouch Snorlax?

i came to see if i could get a little help
im considering selling this fella, as far as i know he is quite rare as he was only released on Mexico/latin america?
with the earliest generation. he is in mint conditions, and yes, he is green o.O


but i think he is so rare that no one seems to know anything about it
any of you have hear of him?

On a side note ive been doing more pokemon plushies
check my deviant page to see more!
it will mean the world to me :)

Thanks for reading!