August 10th, 2014

Awesome 1$ eevee&sylveon auctions!

Hello comm, I decided to make an auction for all eevee and sylveon collectors here! ^^ Only a few stuff, but cute and hard to find!


So use the chance to get my walky eevee pouch, a meiji sylveon sticker and a rare eevee sticker for very cheap!

Everything starts@1$ + free shipping to anywhere! The winners will also get an eeveelution drawing by me for free!

The auction will start now for 1 week and ends on 17 august on midnight (middle-european time)

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- sales permission granted by godudette on may 2012
- my feedback:
shipping is from germany to everywhere
- paypal only
- all prices in USD
- please bid in increments of 1$ or more!
- shipping is free, but without insurance - please tell me if you prefer want insurance. Otherwise I'm not responsible for lost items!
- payment must be done within 72h
- please do not back out of a bid
- all comes from a smokeless home!

2014080917273900 Front
2014081016121400 Back

♥Walky eevee pouch/purse♥ This wonderful pouch is in used, but very good condition! The fabric is like new and has no dirt. Only very small marks of wear! It has its tushtag and the walky eevee charm in very good condition.

☆Eevee sticker card☆
It comes from a set of many stickercards themed some pokemon at the orange islands
♡Sylveon sticker♡
It comes from a pokemon wakame soup from japan!

The stickers are both in mint condition.

~ Good luck & happy bidding! ~ :3 ^-^


Hey there! My name is Vanessa, And I've been collecting Pokemon for as long as I remember. Originally, I mainly collected the Eevee evolutions and Raichu, but nowadays I'm focused on the Heliolisk line. I collect Jolteon and Raichu as side collections, and I also plan on trying to get all merchandise of Sharpedo. Some of you might have known me as Glacer999 back in 09', but after a quick discussion with razeasha, I've been given permission to come back.

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Trade and Small Sales

Helloooo com! I haven't been around as much lately because of school, but I am still looking for this certain trade and would like to sell off some things I really don't want!

Again, I would love to find a mint, with or without tag, UFO Vaporeon 2013 Movie Banpresto plush for a trade. He looks like this:

In exchange, I would love to trade my European tagged tomy sylveon - EDIT: I have sold the plush I currently own, but I may be able to pick one up. If you would definitely be interested in that trade, I can find out next Saturday whether my home town has any stock left (It is a small town where I got my last plush so it's easier to get harder to find stuff).
I also have a mini pokemon center vaporeon AND sylveon mwt I can trade you in exchange.
Shipping plush for me is very expensive so if you feel you would like more added on to the trade I might only accept very small add-ons.
If Sylveon isn't your thing, I also have other items in my trade list here:

I am also looking to sell my remaining pokedoll charms, Blastoise and Mewtwo. They will be $17 each and include shipping anywhere. In brand new condition.

New Pokedoll Gets

New Pokedoll Gets

Hi Everyone!

I got two new Pokedolls in the mail the other day! I could not be more impressed with the quality!

collection update aug1014 New Gets

With the exception of Greninja needing pants, I love these little guys. Diancie's material on her crystal parts seem harder than the usual minky material, and yet still soft enough to be plush. If anyone has a name for that cool material, I'd like to know it.

A couple more pics under the cut!

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The last cut is for fans of South Park!
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Thanks for reading everyone, take care and happy collecting!

re-intro/gets/collection update! :)

Hey guys! Figured I'd do a re-introduction since I haven't been around the comm a lot lately (or at least not as much as usual) plus I have some new gets/collection update to share with you guys!

I'm accio_pond, but you can just call me Ali. I've been apart of the comm for a year and a couple months, which is crazy to think about! I mainly collect Raichu/Pikachu, Pokedolls, and TCG! But I do have a lot of other random stuff in my collection haha. I've gotten more into the competitive side of the Pokemon VGC recently, so if anyone wants to battle/exchange FCs let me know! Also I'm really into Kpop if you couldn't tell by my icon/s... anyway enough about me, and onto the story/pics under the cut! :D

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Modpost - Rule Reminder

Hello everyone! I hope you're having a wonderful summer. I'm here to give a reminder to all of you about some of our more commonly broken rules (and I made it all pretty to help you guys remember). Even veteran members make mistakes, don't feel worried if you're contacted by a mod about something! We don't bite, I promise.

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Long-overdue bio!

Hello everyone! I'm Holly, a 20 year old nursing student. I have been slowly building up a collection of Pokemon items since I was 7, and am now beginning to collect Pokedolls. I have been playing the games for years, and am always looking for a battle. I have found lots of long-time wants on this community, but my collection has a long way to go! This community is just so friendly and welcoming; I'm glad I stopped lurking and joined! ^^;

Also- has anyone heard from tortoises? I made a purchase in her shop over two weeks ago and she hasn't responded since I paid. ;-;
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I'm a TCG Collector, here some new gets & wants

So, I have become a Pokemon TCG collector (Pokemon Trading Card Game Collector) And I been buying a lot of different lots and boxes I can get my hands on here where we live. Since I been searching around and I haven't seen a lot of TCG sellers I decided to make a Want post along with some of my gets to see if anyone has some cards around to sell :)

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Hi everyone! My name is Kayla and I'm a brand new Pokemon collector! I started a few months ago because of all the cute plushies of Pokemon I kept seeing on tumblr. I decided I wanted some of my own then I realized how many great offical Pokemon merch there is, so I decided to start collecting!! I've always liked Pokemon, I can't remember when exactly I started liking it (my brother pushed it onto me from the moment I was born which was the year it came out I'm pretty sure.) I've played every generation of games and watched all the generations of the anime. As you can probably tell from my username I'm really, really obsessed with Sylveon. It's my ultimate fav Pokemon and its going to be my main collection. Other favourite poke's I'm going to collect are Minccino, Celebi, and Pichu. At the moment I'm looking for Sylveon plushies mostly~

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Hoenn Hype

What is very hot now is hoenn merchandise due to the new Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire games coming out. I have been collecting hoenn pokedolls recently and I have Treecko, Mudkip, Torchic, Latios, Deoxys, Groudon, Kyogre, Skitty, Sceptile, Blaziken, and Swampert
Alola Vulpix
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Offers and Sales Multipost

EDIT: Sorry for all the broken images!!  They should be back to normal once my bandwidth resets in a few days.

I have a few items for sale today, fresh from the Pokemon Center:


(Yes, the backpack is the elusive large size!)

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And finally, I have the special Shokotan Sylveon & Weavile Pokemon Pan for offers!  I've never taken offers for this sort of item before so I will consider anything (I guess that makes the minimum offer $1).  I will leave it up to the highest offerer whether they would like me to ship with the bread included or if they trust me to carefully remove it before shipping :3  (Either way the bread should NOT be eaten, these have an incredibly short shelf life and expire after a day or two).

Offers will end once interest dies down (a day passes without any offers).


EDIT:  I have also started a pickup reservation list for Large Pokemon Petit Backpacks!!  The stock for these has been very, very random, so please only commit to be on this list if you have the ability to pay at an unspecified time.  Backpacks are large, adult size (17 inches/45 cm tall) and will be $76 shipped anywhere.  I will take unlimited slots and try to get as many as possible but cannot guarantee anything in advance.

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