August 11th, 2014

Collection update! Updated sales & looking for TCG trades! Personal question for older collectors..

Hello all! Here with a multi-post today, yay!

As promised I've finally got around to re-organizing my shelves yesterday so now I have my collection all laid out properly! I will eventually get around to taking a picture of my desk at work as it's covered in figures too xD

Group shot! :D

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I've also updated my sales post and added Plush, Tomy figures and other figures too! Prices have also been dropped and haggling is encouraged!

I'm also looking to get more TCG trades going! I collect lots of tcg for different monz, so see the list below the cut and show me whatcha got!I'm also interested in trading for Pokedolls, everything I have to offer is in my post. I'm happy to ship internationally but be aware that I'm in Ireland :)

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Can someone help me find my miniGrail??

Hi everyone!
So I've been searching furiously for a certain plush and I can't seem to find one at a decent price anywhere D:

I'm looking for the 2013 Pokemon Center Charizard Plush:

I'd be willing to pay up to $60 shipped for this guy. EDIT: any price range under 100 shipped would be awesome actually xD. If anyone is looking to sell theirs or knows where I can find one, that would be just amazing!!

Thanks in advance for the help C:
  • syminka

Grand opening gets, auctions and sales!

I have a lot to update today! My order arrived today. I bought the note cards and the binder.
For everyone wondering the binder has a 2" spine. (I think princess_snivy was the one asking??)
Also, the rings in the middle are not entirely circular. They are flat on one side and circular on the other. Which is fine with me. The binder is really nice and fairly priced!
Also, the note cards are all the same design :( The envelopes have nothing on them either. The cards, however, are very thick/high quality. The back of each card features one of the pokemon on front (see photos) and those are all different on each one. The stickers are also just pictures from the cards. All in all it's a nice set, but not for $27 after shipping/taxes. SO! I am going to keep one of the cards for my collection (eevee!) and sell the others!

New grand opening cards-$4 each (x8)

I also received an item today. I saw a picture of it and thought oh that's cute...I'll buy it. I won it for 300 yen. I don't know what I just got into.....
I DIDN'T KNOW IT WAS THIS BIG! I have no idea what to do with it! And now I know why shipping was EMS only and so expensive ;_____;
It's bigger than my shelf. I just.....can I ride it to work? It has to be 2-3 feet tall when standing. It's bigger than my 1:1 pikachu.
Also got some mega merch <3 <3

I have up for auction an eeveelution clearfile with many other featured pokemon on it like haunter, sneasel, politoed, steelix, etc. It is new. It also has more poke silhouettes on the back! It starts at $25
Next is a wall scroll featuring Charizard/Pikachu/Bulbasaur/Squirtle. It is new and comes with a string to hang it. It's 22" by 18."  Starts at $20. The colors are more vibrant. My camera stinks :(

All community rules apply. Any questions please ask! I ship from USA.
Auctions will end August 16th at 10pm. Countdown is here:

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I also have some very reasonably priced sales (like $4 charms!) and some of the new furious fists cards for sale

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Garage sale gets, a couple of questions and some wants!

Hey guys, I went to a garage sale today and found some awesome pokemon stuff! I had a few questions about some of the merchandise and thought I would ask you. Below the cut are the pics and the merch I had questions about. Any help is greatly appreciated! also, I am still on my quest for feraligatr line zukan and feraligatr mini cot figure, so let me know if you have those :)

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Sorry for all of the pics and questions, but I really appreciate the help. :)

New sales and New prices!

I have added some new stuff to my sales and here is a small preview! The rest are under the cuts!
Also all cards pictured below are all Name your price! I would like this stuff gone so I am willing to haggle with you on any of my sales items!
also I will be busy later tonight so it may take me a bit to respond to you but do not worry! I get emails and see every single persons comments! :)
Please ask for pictures if your concerned about the condition, I will gladly take pictures for you.

Also no international people
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Thank you for looking!!
And I know it as been a while since I had an collection update, I think at the end of the year I will show one. Also does anyone know where I can get cheap cube like display cases?

If you want any of this stuff, please dont be afraid to make an offer, would love to give these to loving homes!
fire types
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Anyone get their AnimeRaro XY03 zukan set preorders yet?

Hi, just a quick question for those that preordered the XY03 Zukan set at, has anyone been contacted yet about their order being shipped?

It isnt the first time i've ordered from the site before and they are good and usually fast, i'm just getting a little worried as the zukan have been out since July and figured they would have gotten them in by now.

What's the usual timeframe for preordered zukan sets for to ship from Anime Raro?

Anyways, i can't wait to post a collections update, especially for my zukan SoulSilver team collection.

Southcenter Pokémon Center Kiosk Stock Update & Pickups

Hello, everyone! I just stopped by the Southcenter Mall and noticed the Pokémon Center kiosk stock has changed in a great way!

The Meowstic, Gogoat, and Pancham Poké Dolls, in addition to the Amaura Standard Plush, are all new additions this time!

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At Pokemon Centers and Nintendo World in New York, they sell exclusive pokedolls. I have many of them from my last 3 trips to Nintendo World. Some of them are a little bigger than the others such as the fully evolved Unova starters and Zekrom and Reshiram. I have them separated into 3 different sets, Legendary Pokemon, Starter Pokemon, and miscellaneous.  Some pokedolls that I also want are:  Jigglypuff, Natu, Butterfree and Altaria.  Please send me a message if you have any of these and are interested in selling them or if you see one for sale somewhere.  Thanks!